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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2018 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from time is running out to find survivors of those massive volcanic eruption the death toll is close to a hundred many others are still missing and there are warnings of the volcano. in the days ahead also coming up today one point four million turkish citizens living here in germany begin casting their ballots in turkey stuff the election could swing the election in president favor. also coming up the mystery of the japanese
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citizens abducted by north korea we meet the mother of one man who disappeared when he was thirteen years old she tells you how she found out what happened more than two decades ago. and take a look at this summer's must have football in nigeria our correspondents in lagos trying to track down one of the sought after super eagles for world cup. hello i'm terry march and thanks for joining us time is running out to find more survivors of guatemala's volcano of fire with warnings of imminent new eruptions the death toll following sunday's eruption has risen to at least ninety nine now with close to two hundred people still missing criticism is mounting the early warnings of the deadly eruption and offers of international aid were ignored
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meanwhile rescuers continue just scour the devastated towns and villages. up above more ash and molten mud. down below the grim work of searching for survivors and trying to save anything worth saving time is running short for those who didn't make it out rescuers say the chances of finding anyone alive in this moonscape of obliterated villages and farms is slim to none and survivors have little to go back to once the work is done this man from the village of sami gadol slow tace says the town is done for. this is just going to be a cemetery because san miguel lotus is gone so those souls those victims stay right there they buried. as rescuers
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toiled they had a high profile visitor who out of malice president jimmy moore alice who praised their work. became people it's people like you who make up a nation we want to thank you because you always step forward when lives must be saved you are true heroes. even as hopes fade of finding survivors from the last blast rescuers must prepare for the next one. guatemala seismology institute is warning that forgo mayor up to get him in the coming days. he doesn't use ofili harms a routine is in guatemala and such as this. authorities say after seventy two hours and with the heat in the area it's almost impossible to find anyone alive anymore and the smell of dead bodies is becoming even more evident the president visited the area but refused talking to the press as his government is experiencing much pressure because of the late response he has shown during this catastrophe now the
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most important thing will be to help those who have lost it all people that fled their homes what they were worrying only and may never be able to return to where they lived their entire lives. sketch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today an explosion at a weapons depot in the iraqi capital baghdad has children least sixteen people officials say the blast destroyed a nearby mosque in the mostly shiite district and severely damaged other homes and buildings the government says it's launched an investigation to determine the cause . spain is preparing to swear in a new government today the largest number of women members in modern history the new e.u. executive under prime minister petra sanchez will include eleven women and six men socialist sanchez took over after ousting conservative mariano rajoy in a no confidence vote last friday. and in the us a sixty three year old great
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grandmother has been pardoned and released from prison after serving more than twenty years for a first time drug offense. johnson was freed after t.v. reality star kim carr his petition present. at the white house last week. turkish voters living here in germany can start casting their ballots today for turkey's stop general election later this month holding stations open this morning in turkey's consulates and other locations around the country voters in germany have two weeks to choose a president and a new turkey's parliament voting day in turkey itself is on june twenty fourth. well us overseas votes could decide turkey's election around four million people of turkish descent live here in germany and one point four million of those are registered voters president russia type one and his a.k.p. party are favorites to win everyone was enraged that he was banned from campaigning
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in germany and other countries in europe only majority muslim bosnia allowed him to hold a rally turkey's last election three years ago in that election about three years ago about sixty percent of turkish voters from germany supported the a k p that's a much higher percentage than in turkey itself w.'s negates was out in berlin to test the political temperature. ticky electing campaigning in the german capital is good advice and its friends are canvassing for two key is pro kurdish h d p party this is for you but this is for the election in turkey were against another one if you are not all against erda one ok i'll take one. is your left because of president add on he's very concerned about politics in his home country. i've been in germany for six years.
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and many of my friends and my entire family are still there free then and they're dissatisfied and we have to change it or topple this government. and that's why we're working from germany how to support those who stand for democracy in turkey. that are quiet. but not everyone here is against anyone these women are complaining for the turkish president and his a.k.p. party they don't like speaking to the gym impress me and initially brush me off as we are campaigning for the a.k.p. if you want we can take it or vote by card on the. party colleagues from the eighty pct of presents us to take a piece of porthos as a provocation they shout added one is that terrorist agha one is a murderer. a heated answer comes right back a passer by says you are the real murderous she's doing the right thing with you
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you did sue if it i'm happy that type aggro on exists. is good tries to defuse deceit tuition he doesn't like these public disputes with the a.k.p. supporters he's not a good look shouldn't insult them but did you hear what they said if you decide that you. want all this i know they are insulting. you try to stay cool don't do the same thing as they do. as d.l. next instant. tensions are running high here ambulance german take his community people are divided by one simple question are you for or against riddick type add on. they live in germany but damn more fired up about politics in turkey to take a piece of pork to say it's only natural this is the turkey is our real homeland our families live there and we're doing this work here for them with guns help.
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here is convinced there's more to it than that. if they have an identity problem because they've heard a lot of bad experiences. yeah that's why they want to vote for turkey and why so many support the a.k.p. . but not everybody does. and it still is who don't support edwin that is hoping to mobilize by canvassing for the h d p campaigning in berlin against the president but. he's just reporting there from berlin well let's cross over to the w.'s chief political editor mckay there standing by our parliamentary studios michela as we just saw in the last election around sixty percent of turkish voters here in germany cast their ballots for everyone's a.k.p. can we expect a similar result. well who am i to predict election results but certainly
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added one is seen as the representation also of turkish identity here in germany and this is really what differentiates the electorate spock home in turkey itself from those of one point four million turks here in germany who can vote and it seems to be part of this ex-pat syndrome that you then vote for your own country add one very much last time try to make that referendum that we saw here on the constitution certainly about whether you are on the side of turkey or whether you're on the side of germany so it became almost a vote on national identity is well and we would expect the campaigning to also go along those lines this time around having said that out of one is by no means as sure as he was last time to get elected it appears that there seems to be a march more united front amongst opposition parties so in effect this will
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probably mean that those voters have brought some three million will matter even more than last time so do you have any idea how influential turkish voters are in germany there and what any idea what impact they might have on this election what they could potentially tip the balance i mean in back in turkey the economic data is going slightly downhill we saw a twenty percent for in the value of the turkish lira there in recent months so a lot more of a case to answer for on the side of. the on and if this becomes very narrow if it becomes a very narrow question whether this will go into the second round really versus the border could certainly tip the balance that germany has not allowed turkish politicians to campaign in this country has that perhaps worked against.
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well this seems to be the narrative here one says either you're with me you're with turkey or you're against me the whole question of appearances of turkish politicians here and became hugely controversial also during that referendum that was is now a ban ahead of an election and just a couple of weeks ago we saw turkey's foreign minister here for a commemoration ceremony for the victims of a neo nazi attacks who were of turkish descent here and many that this was a message of reconciliation he must to keep politics in the domestic politics out of this now we don't expect there to be any such appearances but we've already seen an election campaign event also for german voters take place in bosnia interestingly enough so certainly that campaign is in full swing for those potentially influential votes also here and. the killer thank you w.'s chief
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political editor mckenna cup now that. japanese prime minister shinzo has arrived in washington on his way to the g. seven summit in canada is in the u.s. capital to have talks with president donald trump meeting comes less than a week before the u.s. north korea summit is to happen in singapore or trump is due to meet with kim jong un for the first time before leaving for washington said he wanted to marry hope to coordinate with trump on how to approach pyongyang. well one issue the president has promised he will bring up at the summit with kim is the kidnapping of japanese nationals by north korea in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's has admitted to a ducting thirteen japanese citizens japan says many more are unaccounted for in this next report we meet the mother of a japanese man who disappeared and how she found answers to what happened decades
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later. it was here after pan's west coast the thirteen year old to care she disappeared from a fishing boat he'd gone out with both his uncles they intended to return the next morning but the authorities declared them officially dead soon afterwards. i never believed they were dead but because the boat was damaged in the front many thought there'd been an accident but. she then tells us her incredible story twenty four years later she received a message from north korea that has a son was a life. she says i traveled there i have pictures of it i could hardly take him in my arms because he was such a stranger to me it long since started a family of as own.
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i could hardly speak my lips were trembling so hard my knees went weak he was also shy and hardly moved a muscle the whole encounter was so surreal i said you had a small scar on your forehead and he showed it to me and then i knew it was him one hundred. after the meeting to crush his mother found out that has on had only just told his new family about his japanese origins. what kind of badges of those we ask can work as metal she tells us and goes on to say that the young ticket she had learned korean very quickly and that he'd been told he'd been saved from the sea but he lived in a large apartment in pyongyang where she'd visit him many times but she had to promise her son that she would never say that he'd been abducted by north korea former japanese prime minister junichiro koizumi persuaded north korea to admit
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there had been cases of abductions but very few of those taken were able to return to japan. today there are still signs on the japanese coast urging people to report suspicious boats. once i asked a question if it's hard heard when he withheld something from me he said we'll talk about that moamar in the grave. and i thought that now aged eighty seven to casey's mother received a lesser offense from her son's korean family she'd set a final goodbye to them the last time she saw them. i think your thought on i've made sacrifices all my life japan negotiated the return of a few who'd been abducted take a she protected himself in his own way of course i helped him because we could never be sure that anyone else would not even now as north korea and the us discuss peace but for. how can we talk when we're in the grave she asked him you'll be lying alongside your wife no mother he said that's just my life
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in death you and i will be reunited. you're watching d.w. news still to come w. goes on the hunt for one of the sought after super eagles world cup jersey is in the shops and market stalls of lagos nigeria. the international trade tensions are putting a damper on german industry monica yeah and the figures absolutely confirm that terry german industry is beginning to slowdown in may demand for industrial products dropped for the fourth months in a row germany's federal economic ministry figures show that germany recorded two point five percent less factory orders in the month before due to declining demand from within the euro zone economist expected growth of north point eight percent the reason given for the receding orders is the general insecurity caused by in international trade disputes so definitely something for us to discuss with our
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frankfurt correspondent ali bads who joins us now in order to give us the view from germany's financial hub which of course is frankfurt so well what do you make of those declining factory orders reason to worry about. i think so you know normally economists see some sort of silver lining they have in the past months when the factory orders were already declining and putting this up to vacation time unusual vacation times or flu epidemics things like that but now one person says ouch certs you can't explain it with extraneous factors like that anymore and there's a reason to be worried about the strength of future growth and he points out that the last time the factory orders declined four months in a row was late twenty twelve and remember back that was when the euro debt crisis was really very well and it was choking off sentiment and growth and so
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people are lots more worried today still there's cautious positivism because people do point out that the order books are still relatively well filled and production is still going along at a good clip but of course factory orders today or tomorrow as business they decline . but i mean we do have a lot of uncertainties around us no doubt but twenty eighteen isn't the same situation as twenty twelve is there a silver lining on the horizon maybe c n n upswing rather. i think it's too early to say you're right twenty eighteen is totally different in the economy until these declining early indicators was going along at a good clip and people still project healthy german growth but the eurozone is weakening and those trade disputes are getting worse rather than better and remember within the euro area you also have reason for maybe some businessmen
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holding back on investment consumers holding back on their spending the brics at one factor and italy's government forming with problematical policy another factor just one just two of factors that can cause problems a lot to to handle right now no doubt in frankfurt thank you so much. it is the largest ever foreign occupation by a german company german chemicals group bya is finishing its takeover of us seeds giant monsanto today the deal is with sixty three billion dollars and it turns buy into the industry giant the name on some toll will disappear but its products remain by insists that months on tills crop protection technology and genetically modified seeds a vital to feeding a growing global population. it took almost two years but it's finally done with its purchase of monsanto by a becomes the largest agra chemical company in the world. it holds
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just over thirty percent of the global market that's ahead of the chinese swiss firm kim china syngenta which has just over twenty eight percent then it's the u.s. business dow dupont with seventeen and a half percent b.s.f. controls about thirteen and a half percent of the global market you know other words just five corporate entities will determine the direction of global agriculture and the nutrition of humanity while the world population grows ten billion people by twenty fifty according to current estimates because farmland isn't increasing it's up to these five firms to figure out how to coax more out of the ground that's already under the plough. denmark has had its driest may in one hundred sets years with barely a rainfall anywhere and while most danes frolic in the sunshine the country's fama celeste watching their crops with in the fields total losses for the agricultural sector could run as much as a billion euros and that's a lot in a country with
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a small area of farmland some areas of the country are on the verge of a catastrophe the danish farmers trade organization so something like a quarter of the country's harvest has already been lost and things are far worse than the last time a serious water shortage hit back in one nine hundred ninety two when danish farm output slumped by over twenty percent. deals with the you're talking it's because the drought came as a as it did it's the driest may we've had in the one hundred thirty years since the government's been monitoring the weather. plants are supposed to be ripening the seeds now and they can't without water and can do what i can with. pharma pairing god says that his crops are hardly bearing any seeds which will also affect next year any of them may this one is completely with it everything's gone there's nothing left on this one. and goddess to make his own financial loss but over one
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hundred thousand euros and climbing with every sunny day with no break in the weather on the horizon yet. well terry fashion and spy it's a big sports events because athletes want to look cool to all athletes and fans you have to be dressed right to cheer on your team monica seems that way anyway with the world cup just over a week away fans around the world are gearing up to support their teams in nigeria so many fans have snapped up the team striking new official jersey there is now a shortage in the shops the players have been sporting the fluorescent kit in world cup warm up matches leaving plans scrambling to get their hands on what is said to be one of the standout sure is the use of the tournaments in russia the w.'s correspondence in lagos made it their mission to try to track down the must have kept. the beginning of the world cup is coming but people here are saying it is
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not possible anymore to get a jersey of the nigerian national team flourish do you think that is true well why don't i head over to the official store to see if i can get one myself all right then i'll go to lagos island to the market and see who of us will be the lucky one . i must one of the big malls. i'm going to see. to get a shot today. oh it looks like to have. an excuse really nice. soon. i don't see any on the shelves i think you only have the old ones. like. my wooden. chairs but unfortunately the wood on the front page says he just told me
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he sold four hundred shit. he goes from one hundred thousand. on figure it's not the best on how he's now selling the stock so don't believe. this is lego i love the boxing business how. can i make capital lagos and i'm pretty sure that i have a good chance to find a jersey here. looking for the jerseys the nigerian jersey why are people so crazy about it. i love it. very nice of course i'm not i'm not my. degree went green i love it i love it is easy. either. thank you. all right.
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i can see you're selling t. shirts how is the sales going we're making a lot of sounds. i mean i just love these shirts very very well loved the greats. how many of the jerseys have you sold already. i couldn't comment i couldn't. hold many. many more do. british where you jerseys. it's all so. that for you but i'll give you one because i got plenty. of the real ones because they have a sold them for three thousand meron the market which is about eight euros only but anyways the most important question is do you think that syria has
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a good chance to perform well during the walk up well. and. i think we do have a chance i'm sure you know the nigerian team. that seem. to . be in the right without without jerseys so let's hope for the best. just for go under the top story we're following for you here on news time is running out. with warnings of imminent new eruptions the death toll. has risen to at least. two hundred people are still missing. joining us from the thanks for watching. acclaimed.
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entered the conflict zone. marcus this week here in tel aviv is the former israeli prime minister whose home much fuel to the invasion of gaza in two thousand and eight what do you suppose about the recent violence along the border line of the first for an israeli prime minister given to jail for corruption how is it fair he has no regrets conflicts so far. on.
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where to store germany's nuclear waste experts are searching for any disposal site that will be safe for a million years such a place even exist. how much it all small then we can sure there's a technical problem of. exposing the myth of sage disposal place the nuclear waste line. in forty five minutes d w. you accidentally shed some coaching to get. into trouble. time in the field. how can you get out. with him because oh a serious. shift this week on d w a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by bray's p. . i want justice. and then she didn't mention was taken in bumpy you know speech in
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an exercise book but i don't find many other faith changes including the usual rate among women. two one one two children. born winning documentary starting june fourteenth. my guest this week here in tel aviv is the former israeli prime minister ehud olmert he ordered an invasion of gaza in two thousand and eight what are his thoughts now about the recent violence along the border and a first for an israeli prime minister he went to jail for corruption how is it that he has no regrets.


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