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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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the news coming to you from above end of a gun has gone on for the region almost since the pentagon its president a shotgun is foster unconditional push the town of bonds and it's going sides of the festival of which marks the end of ramadan and will not donavon except to get the latest from kabul coming up. as one of them on the morn's it's day time is running out to find survivors of sunday's massive volcanic eruption and their warnings have been kiddo rate is dropped again in the days ahead. and campaigning
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in berlin for and against the turkish president texture citizens and living in germany have begun to come to the bonnets in the country snap election what impact of their votes have on the alex cup. player. hello and welcome i'm. the government in afghanistan has announced a recall on ceasefire to coincide with the festival of eve which marks the end. of the ceasefire has been offered to the president of gandhi made a surprise announcement after a meeting of islamic clerics this week who declared a fatwa or a ruling against suicide bombings on the. unconditional offer to the taliban for a cessation of hostilities so far there's been no comment from the group.
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let me now join general france marty he joins me from the afghan capital kabul francis how significant is this declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by the government. thanks for having me at the moment it is hard to tell how significant that is as you said this fire unilaterally is limited to one week nor the twelve to nineteen. it is also limited in certain other parts president when he said that it only affects offensive operations against a problem bone and operations offensive operation against islamic state groups or other what he calls for the terrorists will continue so there is a big a problem how this will be solved what will be continuing what. this
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plus you also say that troops will nonetheless you're ready to defend and hostilities from insertions side so one question is how much it will affect if they decrease violence and all the question of course is if the taliban will also react to this as you said there is no official reaction so far and the polling on spokesman's couldn't contact it now when i tried a few minutes ago by telephone but it is interesting that this often unconditional ceasefire has only been made for the taliban and not the other militant groups rich operating in afghanistan why do you think that's the case and as you said that one has not even responded to this offer as yet. it is not that surprising if one follows the situation the year all forces fight was hard often brought up she's also the president on the mates to the college ball at the end of february this year so this comes as a confidence building stat and the garden peace negotiation the afghan government
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has been always very key to tony bosch are afghans and withstand they want to find a peace but that all the terrorist groups as well as schroen states let me state bronchi not going to stop is a foreign phenomenon that kong is the swift that has to be defeated so that this is only the top this isn't surprising again it is a confidence building measure so i'm getting to play ball reactions to the broader piece all through which was in this official statement all the time very belligerent as he is on like this on condition just as he's fired we'll turn to complete the but he could be a confidence building step that a third of a process called but in how far this is possible or not is very difficult to say at the moment franz monti in kabul thank you very much for that assessment
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turning to quantum on a nine time is running out in the search for survivors of sunday's massive volcanic eruption vaine is hindering the rescue efforts and the a warnings off imminent options the death toll has risen dec east ninety nine now with kills to two hundred people still missing and this drawing criticism the early warnings of the deadly eruption and office of international aid what ignored. clearing the rubble after disaster struck. the biggest priority for crews is to find and remove bodies buried under volcanic ash. it's a grim task and dangerous the volcano could erupt again at any time. yes. we're motivated to do our job with everything we have been assuming that whatever it takes no matter how difficult the conditions even if it means risking
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our lives something we're very aware of of consent and this will. in safer parts of us emergency shelters have been set up for the evacuees. those who made it here are the lucky ones. who has had little we have to leave we couldn't take anything with us the ashes were coming after us but the people who stayed behind were buried underneath in my own nancy minus a battlefield we had on body of music of that on that house full of the more we know that the lava came and took everything with it. which many people who were killed at. the scales we have nothing left nothing at all on the side of the most. but the community has come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help fill of water moland who've lost their homes. a makeshift memorial has been set up to
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remember loved ones who are unable to flee the volcano's deadly reach. and who isn't bottom allah for us we'll see you in the region where the volcano is opted on more eruptions expected any time soon. well the maximum alert is still on this volcano is very active very aggressive and it could as they say explode any time again we only have a few moments ago so so two fumaroles that came out of the volcano but still the rescue workers are continuing today they had said yesterday that after those seventy two hours where there is an expectancy of finding people left they would stop them especially because they could be there could be some. some some it could be dangerous for the rescue workers to bury out the bodies that are being discomposed for so long but as you can see behind me there are many people still
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here waiting to find the rest of their loved ones. because a very difficult situation for the people that authorities have been criticized for failing to warn people early enough is that a fair criticism well yes apparently there were problems with communication one else already said that the eruption was going to happen and they're out already that was supposed to evacuate people didn't do it in time apparently the information to evacuate came out forty five minutes after the eruption and that made it all so deadly because people weren't able to leave their homes jimmy more or less has been criticised especially by the opposition in parliament who said he will be invested in his government will be investigated for negligence after this catastrophe is over what i can tell you is that experts say the measurements of this volcano are very rudimentary compared to what is being
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done in other parts of the world already and how our rescue efforts proceeding there because we've heard there's been rain on the affecting operations. yeah the rain yesterday was really heavy they say that some rivers were flooded with some of the rest of the ashes here but apparently that also washed away some of the ashes people are preparing the area behind me that's where many of the bodies still are buried underneath the ashes we haven't been able to pass but in the next couple of hours they will continue the works and find probably some more bodies while we were here yesterday they found at least twelve bodies i can tell you that tonight one more person died in the hospital due to the burning injuries that she had so amount of official death has rights and one hundred
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right. thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that volcanic eruption in guatemala. some other stories making news around the was an explosion at a weapons depo in the iraqi capital has killed at least sixteen people officials say the last destroyed a nearby mosque in the mostly shia district and severely damaged other homes and buildings the government says it's launched an investigation into what caused the explosion. in phillippi of spain has sworn in a new government with the largest number of female ministers in the country's modern history the new cabinet under prime minister peres sanches includes eleven women and six men the socialist party leader took over after the conservative incumbent martin or the horse was ousted in
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a vote of no confidence. britain supreme court has said that northern ireland's strict abortion law is incompatible with human rights it says it does not have the powers to challenge it and enforce a change the ruling comes after a constitutional ban on abortion was overturned by a referendum in the republic of ireland gnostic turkish which is living abroad have started casting their ballots in the country snap elections in june on june twenty fourth here in germany polling stations open this morning across the country of the more than three million turkish overseas vote is the hof live in germany and they could stay or influence the outcome of the election in the last election three years ago some sixty percent of votes cast in germany went to president of egypt. and his party the somites higher percentage than turkey itself did the obvious is a lead guess was out in berlin to test the political temperature. ticket electing
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campaigning in a german capital is good advice and his friends are canvassing for turkey is pro kurdish parties this is the word this is for the election in turkey were against terror one they didn't believe that was against terror one ok i'll take one of those. is your left turkey because of president are gone he's very concerned about politics in his home country. he's been. indicted and been in germany for six years and. many of my friends and my entire family are still there three then and they're dissatisfied and we have to change it or topple this government. and that's why we're working from germany to support those who stand for democracy in turkey. but not everyone here is against anyone
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these women are complaining for the turkish president and his a.k.p. party they don't like speaking to the german press and initially brushed me off because we are campaigning for the a.k.p. if you want we can take a vote by card on the. party colleagues from the age c.p.c. to present after take a piece of porter's as a provocation changed out added one is that terrorist agha one is a murderer. a heated answer comes right back a passer by says you are the real murderous she's doing the right thing with you you don't sue if it i'm happy that type aggro on exists oh. this who tries to diffuse deceit to a certain he doesn't like these public disputes with the a.k.p. supporters he's not a good look shouldn't insult them but did you hear what they said if you decide to do. all this i know they are insulting you. you could try to stay cool don't do the
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same thing as they do. as the elections in turkey up tensions are running high here in violence german take his community people are divided by one simple question are you for or against riddick type actor on. they live in germany but they are more fired up about politics in turkey to take a piece of poor to say it's only natural this is internally is our real home land our families live there and we're doing this work here for them with god's help. here is convinced there's more to it than that they have been in if you don't they suppose they have an identity problem because they've heard a lot of bad experiences. yeah that's why they want to vote for turkey and why so many support the a k p. duchesse but not everybody does. and it
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still is who don't support adirondack is hoping to mobilize by canvassing for the h d p campaigning in berlin against a turkish president but. jeff has been with you shortly to stay with us i think that. the school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people want justice. africa. now this picture was taken in. the photo was shot through what's going on in the central african republic.


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