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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is the wus coming to you live from by the end of gone a song announces a reconquered ceasefire with the donavon president i've got a shotgun is full of unconditional offer to the band it's going to side with the first are going to eve which marks the end of ramadan when will the family bond accept we get the latest from kabul and also coming up. as one of them on the morning it's dead time is running off to find survivors of sunday's massive volcanic eruption and there are warnings to vote kiddo might erupt again in the
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coming days. also coming up in the next sixty minutes of football match like no other fifteen in germany members of parliament travel to moscow this friday to free itself against a team of russian counterparts we're told to want them head off the big game. and it's the latest gender flipping film to cap the big screen it's back to exhaust but when this screen stealing talent enough to make the heist movie ok. or. any. other in a very warm welcome to you i'm on the. the government in afghanistan has announced a weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to coincide with the festival which marks the end of ramadan president made the surprise announcement after
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a meeting of islamic clerics this week who declared a fatah or a ruling against suicide bombings. first unconditional offer to the taliban for a cessation of hostilities so far there's been no comment from the group. let me now join journalist france marty he joins me from the afghan capital kabul francis how significant is this declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by the government. thanks for having me at the moment it is hard to tell how significant it is as you said this fire unilaterally is limited to one week beginning on the twelfth of july to the nineteenth of june but it is also limited in certain other parts president when he said that it only affects offensive operations against a problem and operations offensive operation against islamic stage groups or
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what he calls for the terrorists will continue so there is a bit the problem how this will be solved what will be continuing what. this plus you also state that troops will nonetheless you're ready to defend and hostilities from insertions side so one question is how much it will affect if they decrease violence and all the question of course is if the taliban will also react to this as you said there is no official reaction so far and piling on spokesman's couldn't contact it now when i tried a few minutes ago by telephone but it is interesting that this often unconditional ceasefire has only been made for the taliban and not the other militant groups rich operating in afghanistan why do you think that's the case and as you said a valid one has not even responded to this offer as yet. it is not that surprising if one follows the situation the year all forces fired was hard of
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a broader piece all for the president on the mates to the college ball at the end of february this year so this comes as a confidence building said and to guard the peace negotiation to at the government has been always very clear that the party are asking ends and which then they want to find a peace that all the terrorist groups and. their own states let me state bronchi not going to stop is a foreign phenomenon that kong. the swift that has to be defeated so that this is only the top this is a surprising again it is a confidence building measure so given the polygon reactions to the broader peace all through which was it is official statement all the time very belligerent as he is on light that is on condition as he is fired will turn to complete the but he could be a confidence building step that
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a third approach says but how far this is possible or not is difficult to say at the moment franz monti in kabul thank you very much for that assessment. now if the ceasefire does come into effect to bring some relief the country of gonna stun is blighted by fifteen attacks that have been mainly on the taliban and the silk or islamic states earlier this week seven people were killed in the capital kabul and outside of the capital henman to province is one of the most volatile regions in the country the harrowing story of a woman from that middle as the fate of phoenician caught up between tradition and wall. eighteen year old khadija can barely remember her first husband they were engaged when he joined the taliban and was killed by u.s. troops as is customary or was then forced to marry his younger brother. we had
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a daughter and when she turned one my husband was killed i was fourteen afterwards i had to marry the youngest by the. mother in law shows us a photo of her most recently killed son he and another brother became policeman for the new government both lost their lives in an attack by the taliban. the. taliban killed two of my sons that's another one died at the hands of the americans i hate them both. so we. could each as now married to nineteen year old chums the last surviving brother he's thinking about joining the police force for financial reasons but khadija is against it so. i would rather live in poverty and stuff than that to join the police he would probably get killed two of the ten of with. five dollars
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a day as a rickshaw driver with which he has to support his whole family he used to work as an interpreter for the u.s. forces until they withdrew and left him to face the taliban's wrath. i live in fear. threatened to kill me but anything could happen there are so many attacks and shootings are nothing new to us. near the provincial capital lashkar gah the taliban have raised the flag on the roadside they cultivate opium poppies on these fields to finance their weapons their fighters haven't yet managed to get past the tight security checks bordering the city but morale among local security forces. it's sinking. so many of our policemen are being killed because we have in effect of weapons and too little ammunition. the taliban are much better armed than us. but some of the city's inhabitants are hoping for a taliban victory the militia draws its strength from the government's weakness.
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and help you immediately when you have a problem that's why they have so much support. the authorities take long or don't do anything to help it will come up behind you that will come out of it with. hopes there will be peace one day she and her husband have registered to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections it would be a red taste of freedom and her life. that's a lot less than i would have liked to go to school but it's too late for me to stay at home and make sure my children have a better future. i don't know what it means to be happy. all my life i've only known suffering. still mourning her second husband. misses the woman he loved before he was forced to marry khadija they've been brought together by a war that weren't and. to guatemala now where time is running out in
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the search for survivors of sunday's massive volcanic eruption the death toll has risen to at least one hundred people now with close to two hundred still missing rescue workers a search into the ash and maad that the volcano on least as authorities warn new eruptions need be imminent. clearing the rubble after disaster struck. the biggest priority for crews is to find and remove bodies buried under volcanic ash. it's a grim task and dangerous the volcano could erupt again at any time. we're motivated to do our job with everything we have been assuming that whatever it takes no matter how difficult the conditions even if it means risking our lives something we're very aware of. harms is on the scene and says there is
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growing anger as hopes diminish in finding survivors. authorities say after seventy two hours and with the heat in the area it's almost impossible to find anyone alive anymore and the smell of dead bodies is becoming even more evident the president visited the area but refused talking to the press as his government is experiencing much pressure because of the late response he has shown during this catastrophe now the most important thing will be to help those who have lost it all people that fled their homes with what they were worrying only and may never be able to return to where they lived their entire lives. in safer parts of us emergency shelters have been set up for the evacuees. those who made it here are the lucky ones. who has had little as he was we had to leave we couldn't take anything with us. the ashes were coming after us but the people who stayed behind were buried underneath
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my own nancy minus a bed a few we had on body of music of that on the floor of the moving the lava came and took everything with it. which many people were killed. but. we have nothing left nothing at all. but the community has come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help fellow guatemalans who've lost their homes. a makeshift memorial has been set up to remember loved ones were unable to flee the volcanoes deadly reach. you're watching the news coming up ahead germany and russia limber up for a bruising encounter a football team made up of lawmakers from berlin head off to moscow to face a team from the duma. but first it's over to get the largest ever foreign acquisition by a german company that's right its chemical by
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a that is just sealed its takeover of u.s. seeds may come on some so it's worth sixty three billion dollars and makes buying even bigger global player and then monsanto will disappear but its products remain including the controversial weed killer round up which contains the chemical glad to say. it took almost two years but it's finally done with its purchase of month center via becomes the largest agra chemical company in the world. it holds just over thirty percent of the global market that's ahead of the chinese swiss firm kim china syngenta which has just over twenty eight percent then its the u.s. business down dupont with seventeen and a half percent b.s.f. controls about thirteen and a half percent of the global market you know other words just five corporate entities will determine the direction of global agriculture and the nutrition of humanity while the world population grows ten billion people by twenty fifty
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according to current estimates because farmland isn't increasing it's up to these five firms to figure out how to coax more out of the ground that's already under the plough. now many are worried by this takeover and fear that big chemical corporations like by may soon own the intellectual property rights to genetically modified versions of almost basic foodstuffs i spoke to have. and i would counsel economists and i asked him if those worries were justified the steel as well as the other deals dupont and since that are going to come to china all these deals had to be approved by the company and competition or authorities and they have been approved i don't see any problem right now with too much market power as the competition agencies. another big factor in this takeover it is a glaive to say that is a chemical that is controversial to say the least what. everyone is afraid of it is
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that justified. life as it was initially patted the by monsanto the patent has long had. as long and it now they are about one hundred companies in the world to produce life was there fifty of them incidentally in china life was a greatly facilitates weed control in production in so far it is of big is a big advantage in addition it reduces the energy needed to. have a crop because you can. avoid tilling the soil which requires a lot of horsepower is that a lot of diesel very briefly is it dangerous or is it not it is not thank you very much how because of the economist joining us from one of. the central bank in
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turkey has raised interest rates to seventeen point seven five percent that provoked a sharp jump in the value of the turkish currency and comes less than three weeks ahead of the country's presidential and parliamentary elections the interest rate hike of over one percentage point was widely expected inflation is had a six month high last month's president's recipe along the bank to raise rates a little earlier we spoke to economist at all yeltsin he thinks everyone in here in europe should be very worried about what happens in turkey right now because the euro zone's most in stable country is heavily exposed in turkey. this is a very important aspect in italy it's spain and these are exactly the countries which have been going through a very difficult financial period and the central bank in europe had an eye on this loan positions with respect to turkey but in particular you mention it this country is in a political on a stable situation and the link it should turkey will force european politicians to
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think about the potential bailout off turkey but i'm afraid that the german politicians in particular are not going to be happy about these kind of interlinked dependencies just remember the discussions in germany that bailouts basically why should germans pay for mismanagement in other countries and given the rhetoric between germany and turkey over the postes years that will be a very very difficult situation also for the european banks and european politicians i might marry if you want. those turkish lections have already started for some a brutal that's right thank you very much we start for turkey as of bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world turkish voters living in germany can start casting their ballots today for turkey general election polling stations open this morning in turkish consulates and other locations across germany voters here have two weeks to choose a president and
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a new turkish parliament. votes on june twenty fourth. and big man who drove a truck into a crowd in stockholm last year has been jailed for life. said he wanted to punish speedin for joining a coalition of countries fighting the support islamic state five people were killed in the attack and fourteen wounded. jordan's incoming prime minister. says he will drop proposal to raise income taxes the decision meets a key demand of protesters the government was totally policies that after a week of massive angry demonstrations earlier this week jordan's king replaced the country's prime minister in an attempt to calm the i'm dressed. and we just one weeks ago before the world cup fifteen german lawmakers will be traveling to moscow on friday to meet their russian counterparts on the football
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pitch the german officials have actually been training in berlin ahead of the match when they get to moscow both teams will be leaving the suits and ties in the locker room as well as we hope the political differences the goal is to use football as an informant improving by our natural relations. now one of the soccer players heading off to moscow is tomas obama is the vice president of the german parliament welcome mr awful man great to have you here are you feeling fit in prepared to take on the russian lawmakers. well we have professional law makers but in the area of football we are nonprofessional so we have spare time footballs but we play it once a week and. i'm looking forward to meet the russian colleagues tomorrow night in moscow and you will be playing in the us i gather not really i mean i do have
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the. traditional outfit of the german national team of course we represent germany in a way. and i think it's a great opportunity to to overcome an atmosphere of hostility and distance russia is not our n.e.v. and the germans believe that there should be no enemy ship between germans and russians but we have severe political differences and we have to work on overcoming these differences so the exit notice game is not just for fun but also to discuss some serious political issues of course i mean we will have. a meeting afterwards and the next morning we'll talk about politics also. we know that we have to solve problems in the eastern ukraine russia must help to keep up a cease fire in that region and we want to establish. un mission
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and blue helmet soldiers u.n. soldiers should keep up the cease fire we also have to talk about things like involvement of russians in cyber attacks in germany or western europe as well as the financing of the right wing extreme right wing parties in europe we don't like that at all but russia is important for solving international problems i mean we need russia to establish some sort of order after war. in syria and the russians are also needed when it comes to helping israel. would have saved what us and keep the way if you're a million troops and iranian militia from the israeli border so huge a range of issues to talk about and you're using this football game perhaps to break the ice so to speak but russia and jenny disagree on
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a lot of these issues some think this game will head to head to hama nice you know different points of view it's only a soccer game it's not the olympic games about to look at the olympic games in korea there was a reapproach meant of south korea north korea and it was you know an opportunity to talk and sports in general or football in particular is a way off you know getting in touch and meeting as people not as politicians and by that i mean you can maybe you can create understanding on the other side and it might have on what issues in particular do you think you might be able to kind of make some progress we will not negotiate political questions we will just have an exchange of opinions we would share views and we were confront our colleagues and so they can see what what the differences are and how deep
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the the gap is between russia and germany and what we have to do to overcome this gap and to to reestablish friendly ties again i mean russia is. a country that you know china is building up the. the wrote. this approach to again europe must look for potential partners to enlarge the european union with other mark. it's. to establish maybe that economic region between lisboa and. bigger issues mr obama but now the most important question who's going to win the match well last time we. met the russians we lost have and i think it was by ten then goes ten goes yes that was do more than ten years ago in berlin
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we'll give our best we'll try hard. but we are not the top team not the favorites but another favorite was good to have a draw that would be more diplomatic but mr open mind you know you have a reputation to keep germans are defending champions in this world cup you have to we were give our best kit well really rich you all the best. from the social democrats and the vice president of the german parliament thank you very much for coming into us to india's thank you to. ok so everyone is gearing up as you can here for the word cup and of course for fans it's essential to have the right to get to support their teams in nigeria so many fans have snapped up the team striking the official jesse there's now a shortage in the shops the parents have been sporting the farrah sent kit in what cup warm up matches leaving fans graeme going to get their hands on what is said to be whopped
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a standout jerseys of the tournament in russia and correspondence in lagos needed their mission to try and track down the must have kit have a look. the beginning of the world cup is coming but people here are saying it is not possible anymore to get a jersey of the nigerian national team flourished a thing that is true well one time i headed back to the official store to see if i can get one myself all right then i'll go to lagos island to the market and see who of us will be the lucky one. i must one of the big malls. i'm going to see. to get a ship today. oh it looks like we still have a ship and it feels really nice. looks good soon. i do
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see any on the shelves i think you have the old ones. like. my wooden. chairs but unfortunately the wood on the front page says he just told you the so called one day and. he goes for one hundred dollars one. hundred this is not the best on hundreds of miles away on the stock so don't believe. this is lego i love the boxing business how. can i make capital lagos and i'm pretty sure that i have a good chance to find a jersey here. looking for the jersey the nigerian jersey why are people so crazy about it. i love to see new kids very nice of course i'm not i'm not my. degree went green i love it
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i love it is easy. to eat. thank you for all right here we go who said they're sold out it's plenty of nigerian shirts. i can see you're selling t. shirts how is the sales going we're making ourselves. i mean i just love these shirts very very well. and as the greats. how many of the jerseys have you sold already. i i couldn't comment i couldn't conduct many . many more demand. flourish where your jersey says. well unfortunately i wasn't able to get a new also from the store. that for you but i'll give you one because i got plenty
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. of the real ones because they sold them for three thousand meron the market which is about a two year is only but anyways the most important question is do you think that syria has a good chance to perform well during the walk up well over. any. possible we i think we do have a chance and i'm sure you know the nigerian team is here also terry on the team we've got we've got jersey where we're looking forward to. hopefully be in the right without without jerseys so let's hope for the best. news coming up ahead the mystery of the japanese citizens of duck to north korea beneath the mother of one man who disappeared when he was just thirteen. and. has joined ripping soon. the big screen it's. enough to make
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the prime keep a. fire . further and further dirtier and dirtier. professionals behind the scenes for truth. manipulation exploitation. corruption mafia style a business worth millions but just how murky is the world of sports and reality. in the front took. what keeps us in shape what makes us see and how do we stand up to. my name is dr.
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i talk to medical experts. and i discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's all try to stay in good shape. the t.w. . the germans came together in one nation from showing the money to chancellor also from bismarck who. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers and i swear always to bring my royal politics as to protect christendom and spread divine truth the good ali to feel good the enemy. steered by courageous decisions showed your master we have received the crown of the realm from god i. took the book we must peaceably.
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the germans every week long d.w. . play. this is good news coming from but i'm thought you must thank you very much for the company. of ghana sounds president announced of economic unconditional cease fire with. it coincides with the festival of which marks the. end of ramadan the taliban has not yet commented on the. japanese prime minister shinzo abhi has arrived in washington on his way to the g. seven summit to canada now abby is in the u.s. capital to have talks with president donald trump the meeting comes less than a week before the u.s. north korea summit in singapore where trump is due to meet with kim jong un for the
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first time before leaving for washington obvious said he hoped originated with trump on how to approach young young. one issue president trump has promised he will bring up at the summit with kim is a kidnapping of japanese nationals by north korea in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's beyond young has admitted to abducting thirteen japanese citizens japan's many many unaccounted for in this next report we meet the mother of a japanese man who disappeared and now she's found what happened decades later. it was here after pan's west coast the thirteen year old to kill she disappeared from a fishing boat he'd gone out with both his uncles they intended to return the next morning but the authorities declared them officially dead soon afterwards. i never believed they were dead but because the boat was damaged in the front many thought
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there'd been an accident. she then tells us her incredible story twenty four years later she received a message from north korea that has some of the life. she says i travelled i have pictures of it i could hardly take him in my arms because he was such a stranger to me it long since started a family. i could hardly speak my lips were trembling so hard my knees went weak he was also shy and hardly moved a muscle the whole encounter was so surreal i said you had a small scar on your forehead and he showed it to me and then i knew it was him one hundred. after the meeting takeshi's mother found out that her son had only just
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told his new family about his japanese origins. what kind of badges of those we ask cruise workers metal she tells us and goes on to say that the young turkish she had learned korean very quickly and that he'd been told he'd been saved from the sea but he lived in a large apartment and pyongyang where she visited him many times but she had to promise her son that she would never say that he'd been abducted by north korea former japanese prime minister junichiro koizumi persuaded north korea to admit there had been cases of abductions but very few of those taken were able to return to japan. today there are still signs on the japanese coast urging people to report suspicious boats once i asked a question if it's hard heard when he withheld something from me he said we'll talk about that no more in the grave. and i thought that now aged eighty seven to casey's mother received a lesser offense from her son's korean family she'd said
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a final goodbye to them the last time she saw them. that is your thought on i've made sacrifices all my life or japan to go she had the return of a few who'd been abducted tech as she protected himself in his own way of course i helped him because we could never be sure that anyone else would not even now as north korea and the us discuss peace. or go. how can we talk when we're in the grave she asked him you'll be lying alongside your wife no mother he said that's just my life and death you and i will be reunited. now for some sport and with one week to go on to the official start of the world cup fans on their way to russia might want to think twice about packing their slot foreign governments have been warning about the possibility of digital devices being hacked in the studio with me i have not. media editor and along with him i
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have one of the moody who is covering the was in russia sports you lucky man and welcome to both of you now let me start with you thank you for them to russia you should leave your phone behind in this kind of unthinkable these days right we always have a phone with us but that's what a lot of these security experts are recommending now in fact here in germany the state of north rhine-westphalia as issued a warning for its officials if they are traveling to the world cup and here's a bit of what that advice says it says it should be noted that even private i.t. can be a target of spying it's therefore recommended not to take private internet enabled devices and smartphones with you we should note though on a federal level these in germany no national warnings have been issued yet you know it's journalists also that are very concerned about what could be happening in terms of their devices maybe being spied on or hacked into the committee to protect journalists has also issued several guidelines for data safety during and even
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after they return from russia sports teams they're also worried england's of football association they told us players and staff not to use public why fly in russia not even in their hotel rooms they're taking precautions so they're actually encrypting their passwords and they've also issued some strict guidelines in terms of posting on social media so this is a big deal all the way from politicians to football players but is this just bad i am a what is the body here exactly what i can understand especially called mention that the england team i can understand with them what the worry is because less than a year ago last august the english football association was hacked they believe by the fancy back in group. confidential e-mails were released along. antidoping records so with the fancy big groups link to believed linked to the russian military you can understand why they are a little bit worried that the hacks could take place when they're in russia and they also have been past incidents in russia where travelers have their phone taken
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away from them with no warning it was given back it was pretty clear that that phone had been at least in part read by officials so this is happened before it's not just paranoia now do you on going to russia for the web you think you. would get it because those of you taking well i can't go into too much detail of what our security experts have said but i can say the we are taking the cautions did of us take precautions and in my experience more precautions than we've taken previous sporting events when i think back to the rio olympics a couple of years ago the worries were more about physical security than about data security so it's definitely something that has gone up a notch in the last couple of years i'm with the children being in russia but i have to say as well i think i can say this from a security expert we were told that a lot of the recommendations are not specific to russia they apply actually to a lot of countries so i think this is about be more a way of the threat from not it's not that the threat only exists from russia and it seems is don't just jun there's something fans of it also had to give over their data that's right you have got this fan id with me here this is something that you
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need to get into stadiums on match days you can just sign up with you take it now we're going to go over some of the details of the fan id some of what it's about you can see the registration page now the russian government says this is mostly about giving fans these free travel it's about simplifying process and certainly will simplify the process for a lot of fans and make it a lot easier for them to get into russia in the first place but there's a lot of info you need to give now he can see at ticket information that you actually have to put in on your fan id application this is in part so that fee for can stamp out ticket touting and second degree sales also you have to give that photo much like a possible fighter and a lot of the info that will go in your passport as well. dates of birth and so on contact information too so there is a lot of information that supports is normal supporters have to give to be able to actually go to the tournament but i think it's a lot less than with a visa and is this will a booking it seems like it is working for the most part i mean this is really meant
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to keep those bad actors out of there but it seems like there are some cases where fan i.d.'s have been cancelled pretty much without any warning and some fans are voicing their frustration on social media this is a fan in poland he shared a story he says he bought three tickets he'd already received his fan id the word from russia that his idea had been cancelled he'd even been barred from entering the country altogether we've heard other stories from australian fans they have similar things where this was just cancelled russia does say you know they reserve the right to cancel it for security purposes or if they get word that there's been violations of sporting events not only in russia but outside of russia that could be one idea but these fans say they did nothing wrong so some frustration there with this new system but overall it does seem to be working right and that's obviously security a big issue at the world cup in russia from a social media disc well i have to get that idea again this is going to get to the lead cup thank you very much split for coming in and shedding light shedding light
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on this very important issue. and we stay with russia as it prepares to host the world cup or ukrainian activist is trying to turn the world's attention to the plight of political prisoners in the country or leg sense of was detained in crimea in two thousand and fourteen after criticizing russia's annexation of the peninsula the ukrainian filmmaker is now serving twenty years in a high security penal connelly our colony after being convicted on charges of terrorism has condemned the case as politically motivated send some of those that have been on hunger strike for over tree of eeks he's calling on calling on moscow to release over sixty four ukrainians being held in jail artists and journalists around the world have joined a camping demanding sense of release. how do you have a correspondent john m. to a has spoken with sense of natalia copland she told us about the conditions he's facing in prison as it continues with his hunger strike have
4:41 pm
a listen. to put it mildly only like sense of is not in good health in one of his letters he wrote that his hair was falling out his teeth were crumbling now he is receiving injections of vitamin b. and glucose every day that that's it he doesn't eat he drinks only warm water you should understand these four years of let's be frank of prison camps are destroying his health that he was born in the site and he's serving his prison term in a penal colony located in the russian arctic he is not used to this climate at all he has also suffered a heart disorder and joint pain since childhood. but you should understand that in the last four years the situation of ukrainian practical prisoners hasn't changed we have seen no progress moreover the number of ukrainian political prisoners has risen and it keeps going up oh like is aware of the problem i'm jess when it comes to him personally people are fighting for him but without success. it seems he
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could not see any other option at this point. terminate the hunger strike if he's released. i really hope that he will find some other ways of fighting if he is released he'll be able to give speeches and campaign proactively. that was. speaking to us about her cousin the jail you create in filmmaker all accent's of who's a hunger strike in russia and joining me in the studio now is a modern during she is the director of the european film academy which is behind the open letter to free all eight cents of which has been signed by directors and friends make us around the one welcome my enduring tell us more about your initiative and what kind of reaction you had to it in the very beginning we started in two thousand and fourteen writing to lead to letters to president putin and to the general state attorney of russia and to the minister of culture and we didn't receive a response from put in but from the minister of car show declared himself not in
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charge and from the general tony of the state of russia who said everything is fine so. we have them continue writing open letters and. gathering lots of signatures from filmmakers around the world and also other people from cultural and we haven't stop in for years and we also have. established a bank account to support all expense off and just so we are very very active in supporting my now since zero has been on hunger strike now for three weeks the things could be getting critical with his head what kind of additional pressure needs to be put because it's so far you had little reaction from russian officials i think for us are a long time and what we always felt is we have to be active and with three main actors because what the responsible in russia may hope for is just that after
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a while we will get silent and we were forget but that's what we want to show we will never forget we're not stop raising our voices and we have been joined by so many people around the world what is important now is that the politicians will get involved because. there have been for example these past days people thousands of people in seventy cities and thirty countries in the streets supporting all extents of that's very important this public attention but now it has to be solved on the highest level of the highest political level so you think now is a good time to actually raise the pressure given that the world cup is due to start there the whole spotlight is on russia that is now people start talking about this case you might get a more favorable response from russia well that we cannot predict we can only hope but there is the g. seven summit this coming weekend which is very important and only yesterday the president of the european council tasks supported us in in our public appeal and he
4:45 pm
appeared to the g seven and to european union to support the europe interim academy in in our in the appeal so it's a go good moment politically because of g. seven summit there's also another summit hopefully taking place between russia and . ukraine in a couple of days and the words so it is a good moment but time is short because he is already on hunger strikes and so that's right an all expense of his of course also calling for the other people have been detained to be released as they important to keep up the pressure and for what you're saying political pressure at this point is very important martin during the director of the european film academy it is a great pleasure to have you with us on the w u k. he watching the news coming up ahead ocean's eight is the latest gender flipping film about to hit the big screen when this all started to make the crime caper fun like.
4:46 pm
the first it's a corporate talk of war between china and the u.s. get on with the details on that tug of wars seems to be over because the u.s. government has finally reached a deal with chinese phone maker that t e now the firm can once again buy american components crucial to its business in exchange for a hefty one billion dollar fine the announcement comes two months after washington accused the company of breaching a settlement related to an earlier violation of sanctions against iran and north korea it requires the company to change its board of directors of thirty days and embed a team of american compliance officers loss of access to american parts threaten to shut of the business the issue was hauled into the trade dispute between china and the united states. and india economic growth could soon outpace that of china global comic has seen huge potential in a country with one point two billion people rising incomes have also fueled the
4:47 pm
country's appetite for a particular slice of the six luxury cars last year of the three million cars sold in india forty thousand were luxuries the dons s.u.v.s and sports cars the potential for growth in india is enormous but remain. for deepak sharma this shiny roadster is a dream come true. the fashion designer has been a fan of mercedes ever since he was a young boy he graduated from business school a year ago. and that's when his grandfather a farmer gave in the sports coupe. my grandfather throwing the thing and this is where their weak and vegetable fields used to be but now it's prime real estate with india's economic growth there's a demand for land and soaring property prices have transformed the outskirts of delhi farming families like de perhaps have become millionaires youngsters like me
4:48 pm
. thinking that all of this is the most. it may look good but driving a luxury car on india's rough roads is anything but easy. on these guys because they don't need. to be shows off playing with anything that awards. after they get it carefully today. because those stories coming out from the towards it can really damage or. it's an expensive passion day packs car cost about four point five million rupees or about fifty six thousand euros that's a hefty price tag for a fancy ride showrooms like this one are thriving here the used cars sell for about forty percent less than when they're bought new it's a big draw for customers. in
4:49 pm
india very few people can afford new the three cars. that's because they're more expensive here than in most other countries but buyers like deepak are already dreaming of bigger things he now wants to buy a luxury sports utility vehicle to better navigate the bumpy roads in remote areas . he stays connected to his roots here in this village in the northern state of hari ana. his family still owns farmland here it's a place where no rolls royce or mercedes will ever dare to venture. and that's all from the business this gets back to our robin now in the film reboot picking up on one of hollywood's hottest trends. as you know a privilege to mistake. happened and
4:50 pm
if i were to be released i would. sound a bit starring in ocean's eight which is the latest in the ocean's eleven franchise and this time when it comes to women including kate blanchett and athlete helena bonham carter and rianna. gosh what they talk about these wonderful women is a real been met really does well and i know you're a bit of a fan of disfranchise yes i am and i'm really looking forward to this as i love a good. as you mention it's got a great a very interesting. we've got three oscar winners that including sandra bullock who's going to playing debbie ocean to the sister of danny ocean was played by george clooney and the other three. you mention cate blanchett diane hathaway
4:51 pm
there's also pop star riata playing a sort of weed smoking hakka. are you said she's is this wacky fashion designer i mean it looks like big great fall in the center of what i want let's have a look at some more of it. now convicted felon her brother danny ocean mall convicted felon she was present on the night of the incident. so. i think you want to get a. dime in money yes that's exactly right. what . makes him that way because he's saying you'll fall and we're going to rob a. sixteen point five million dollars meet your bank account weeks from now that's a lot. to live but every inch of his place. this is the most sophisticated security
4:52 pm
you know moral. claim how does he think. five years. into a bank why do you need to do this this is what i'm kind. of getting everybody let's get started. it really. to. play you all. she's in. here because that was exactly. to be as it's we prepared for this we will not be the suspects. will be completely has it all but it looks like fun but is this going depiction in
4:53 pm
keeping with what's happening in hollywood at the moment and you know i did see eight women i think is a bit disappointing that they couldn't think of a completely original idea to cause such a wonderful bunch of actresses in a movie together this is the full in the franchise so. maybe the best scripts have been used in the the first and the second have franchises and sort of go down in but i think the hollywood moguls have thought what are we going to do you know we've done the old let's change the genders that's popular and it'll make has look good in the current climate in hollywood you know. i mean they did it with the ghostbusters movie a couple of years ago which actually did ok at the box office it was actually quite a good script and it wasn't groundbreaking really despite the fact they had again wonderful people in it by kristin way given this much coffee and then we have
4:54 pm
wonder woman last year which was a huge success but how long did it take them to get around to that first superman movie was made one hundred eighty seven they've made count the superman movies sometimes including batman since then and they finally get round to make you wonder woman movie and now. right here it is now up to twenty four james bond movies and nine different male james bond there's talk of should we have a female james notion of a completely different story line and that indeed rachel weiss the the what the wife of daniel craig who is james bond says no you shouldn't have a will we have completely different story lines anyway let's see what some of the cost of oceans i think about this gender representation discussion starting with cate blanchett i think it's just lazy entrenched thinking i mean you know if my friday is a studio system is a little tired it's because it's got the same white you know all the you know it's
4:55 pm
men making the same season so they're into a conspiracy and i'm really excited for the moment when this doesn't get special anymore except for the fact that it is always special then really talented people are given opportunities to do their jobs one of the things that we're celebrating not just the commonality but the differences these aren't. the distinct women from a distinct backgrounds and that wolf we will side with the world looks like not just what hollywood has made the world look like. some food for thought there one of the critics saying briefly thumbs up thumbs down here mixed at the moment they don't like gary ross the direct direction much for they love the actresses. robbing them for michael to death thank you very much. that's it for me under such human government from a desk more news coming out for you short of the book
4:56 pm
. the book. the book. on. the book. from. the book. the book. to the be.
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the best. ally out further and further proof and. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes. manipulation exploitation kumari mafioso style move the business wars and millions but just how murky world of sports in reality the business small detail the big. fighting for the case to be taken seriously. in the words of what here's what's coming up. on t.w. co they do the still super hero on a mission to chapters smart women smart talks smart station
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a legend isn't by no means missed out on brink recently dangerous stunt. double made. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by bray's people who want justice a flea come with attention this picture was taken in donkey and now sits in an exercise book i don't find many of the photos of people who were in the news to rape women in the dumps in east does to one wanted children. a flick of the award winning documentary starting june fourteenth on d w. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the future merciless for the rich look on many poor people it offers their chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like that. our reporters travel to nairobi and ends meet people who
4:59 pm
know the true value of courage. it has created a surprising paralleling coloring book what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to let's walk here because we're tired. and actually disrupt and you go to. play the bridge to play the truth susan report starting june eleventh on d w.
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it. was a date of newsnight from voters living in germany had to the polls are having their say on the future of the country's controversial president took itself oats in a fortnight but the one point four million ex-pats could have a significant impact also on the program. afghanistan proposes a weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to mark the festival of need but will the taliban accept.


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