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the date of newsnight from. living in germany has to the poles are having their say on the future of the country's controversial president not to itself votes in a fortnight but the one point four million ex-pats could have a significant impact also on the program. proposes a weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to mark the festival of need but will the taliban accept we'll bring you the latest from kabul. somalia suspends search and rescue efforts in the wake of sometimes photonic eruption official site climate
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conditions and. making it impossible for survivors. welcome to the program one point four million turkish citizens living in germany have begun early voting in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections turkey itself goes to the polls on june twenty fourth and with five presidential candidates. to one's position is far from so. one supporters and opponents stand side by side in front of the turkish general consulate in berlin up to sixty thousand turkish citizens are expected to vote at this polling station alone votes from turks living abroad could swing the election it's likely to be a close one. as you can see members of the turkish community are eager to cast their votes here in berlin they want to decide in which direction the country is
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heading but where too many different opinions. six candidates have entered the presidential election. and a party's hope to win votes in the parliamentary election. but most people here will be voting for or against and who want. to commit the same government should stay everything should remain as is which party other than back a p. s everything bothers me what he did for us for sixteen years was not right he worked for himself. or any one is the best because he's built roads and hospitals for they want to have a proper roads in turkey all of the units. the first day of the election has run smoothly each party has sent election monitors they are decisively countering accuse ations of poll drinking the turkish authorities carefully display openness.
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with reporters did not every evening these ballot boxes a sealed without having been opened my physique every evening kept under three locks and can only be open to all three parties are present. when they will then be transported and open to turkey on june twentieth. that you took i for part of even the oppositional pro kurdish h.t.t.p. is not afraid of bold breaking in germany but they complain that no one from the h.t.t.p. is committed to accompany the ballot boxes to turkey and once they feel rife. it will be days before they are counted. the slim is that what's bad is that the vote banks will be locked up for three or four days in storage rooms and we don't know what will happen after the length of trust between the various political camps still in berlin. and the government in afghanistan has announced a weeklong safe file with the taliban to coincide with the festival of aid which
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marks the end of ramadan president ashraf ghani made the surprise announcement after a meeting of islamic clerics this week declared a fatwa over ruling against suicide bombings this is the first time president to god he has off the top of not an unconditional cessation of hostilities the taliban has made no response. from a swiss freelance journalist to france amati who joins us from the afghan the capital kabul welcome to g.w. what's behind this offer and why is it just for a week and it's what i mean you have already said. marks the end of. president those go on. my sister readiness of the ethical government. to the will of the people for a peaceful reconciliation so it is for the hope that it will this violence and that it will get the response from the told that might more so when this ends it
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is a confidence building measure that is. more in force and peace negotiations but it's hard to tell it will have right now so this is just a a generous offer what happens if the taliban ignores dr gandhi's off and start shooting. the whole truth itself was unconditional so it wasn't like i wrote. get a reply from the only ball there is no threats that for example if i don't reply kannan also declares he's fired that the peace process will be over so there is nothing to disregard again it is like a confidence building measure present gone he also said it should give the college ball like time to reflect. all their site and there might be something else that's been chief of army stuff also said that in case it's fired cold and also
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from that search site there's a possibility to prolong this but this is all quite speculative and it should also be kept in mind that the top ball i'm a lead in the last few months since said hans with the piece offered by the elf but as the government at the end of february has issued several quite in the church and statements and they also for example. the cleric these fatwa that he mentioned in wisconsin so so far they haven't shown any sign that it would move to time or that they were bigger change so it remains to see if it's more but so far it's just confidence building measure with no concrete consequences if the call don't shoot. now the taliban is not the only insurgent group fighting the afghan government why has the ceasefire only been offered to them. this.
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corresponds to the long standing you off the afghan government that paul evolved on this bike allegations that they were supported by especially or the next and. that there ethen see these things and that there is a nation which then has to be found whereas with all the groups like this land state branch you know it's going to stall or all all or all so small the groups like islamic movement will. they have always been seen as for governments and as you were terrorists pure were true with whom no peace can ever be found that has to be for sold this correspondence to the to give you that you have to have peace with paul paul not fight the authors that are more extreme and noam afghan so it doesn't deserve the government's position of the taliban is changing us that he has faced and no longer looking to put the happy conciliate yes but this is not something
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that happened today with announcement of a cease fire as i mentioned before the president of army has made a very nice offer at the end of february that included the proposal the office use fire that included a proposal fled to the bunker to see paid in the kurds after the motor city so well this is just like a further step and again like it is no end to reach out call in baltimore to show that that the afghan government is ready to take certain steps which might lead to more got good talking to friends in kabul thank you thank you very much. through some of the other stories making news around the world to jordan's incoming prime minister. says he will drop proposals to raise income taxes the decision made seche demands of protesters the government's austerity austerity policies have
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sparked a week of massive angry demonstrations earlier this week king of jordan replace the country's prime minister in an attempt to calm the unrest. back man who drove a truck into a crowd that last year has been jailed for life iraq not ask you know if said he wanted to punish sweden for joining a coalition of countries fighting against so-called islamic state five people were killed in the attack and four wounded. russia's president vladimir putin hauser in a holding his i knew well nationwide q. and a session taking questions from the public live on t.v. past events have been criticized as being stage managed this year the studio audience has been replaced by text messages and video questions. trick for a playoff spot has sworn in a new government with the largest number of female that ministers in the country's modern history the new pro e.u. cabinet under prime minister petro sanchez into its eleventh limits and six man socialist sanchez took over after ousting conservative. in
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a no confidence vote last friday. about a mile and sources of suspended search and rescue efforts in the wake of sunday's volcanic eruption and say weather conditions as well as the dangerously hot ash blanketing the area make it impossible to keep up the search for survivors at least one hundred people dead with close to two hundred still missing despite the efforts of emergency workers. clearing the rubble after disaster struck. the biggest priority for crews is to find and remove bodies buried under volcanic ash. it's a grim task and dangerous the volcano could erupt again at any time. yes. we're motivated to do our job with everything we have been assuming that whatever it takes no matter how difficult the conditions even if it means risking our lives something we're very aware of. harms is on the scene and
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says there is growing anger as hopes diminish of finding survivors authorities say after seventy two hours and with the heat in the area it's almost impossible to find anyone alive anymore and the smell of dead bodies is becoming even more evident the president visited the area but refused talking to the press as his government is experiencing much pressure because of the late response he has shown during this catastrophe now the most important thing will be to help those who have lost it all people that fled their homes with what they were worrying only and may never be able to return to where they lived their entire lives. in safer parts of us emergency shelters have been set up for the evacuees. those who made it here are the lucky ones. who has had little if it was we have to leave we couldn't take anything with us. the ashes were coming after us but the people
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who stayed behind were buried underneath in my own hands in mine also the battles we had on body of music of that on their else it was the more we know that the love of came and took everything with it. which many people were killed. with. we have nothing left nothing at all a little bit better than most. but the community has come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help who've lost their homes. a makeshift memorial has been set up to remember loved ones who were unable to flee the volcano's deadly reach. japan's prime minister shinzo is in washington ahead of next week's on again off again summit between the united states and north korea but to our base expected to use these last minute talks to discuss japan's regional concerns with pyongyang's
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nuclear weapons program top of the list. a man on a mission. it shinzo off a second visit to washington in less than two months with the fate of the asia pacific region in the balance he wants to make sure japan's voice is heard. ahead of the historic u.s. north korea summit i will meet president trump to coordinate in order to advance progress on the nuclear issue missiles and most importantly the issue of the abductees. last year and met with the families of japanese citizens who have ducted by pyongyang decades ago. wants trump to use the upcoming north korea summit to push for the average turn. and he hopes the u.s. will prove its friendship to japan when it comes to the key question on the table. the u.s.
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has said any peace deal coming out of the summit would be dependent on the north giving up its nuclear arsenal but tokyo fee is a compromise deal that would protect u.s. cities in japan vulnerable to shorter range missiles. and with sized korea holding its own talks with the north japan feel as being left edge of the equation. in washington is to make sure that doesn't happen. it's time to remind your top stories at this hour all the million turkish citizens in africa in turkey election june the twenty fourth overseas voters could swing issues results and president are the ones favored in the last election three years ago most ex-pats banks. and afghanistan's president ashraf ghani. unconditional ceasefire with the taliban coincides with the end of ramadan the taliban has made no comment on the offer.
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