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politics the entire country champion of free insurance for the last sixty years. for mines. this is the deadly news live from berlin turkish voters living in germany head to the polls that are having their say on the future of the country's controversial president turkey itself votes in a fortnight for one point four million ex-pats could have a significant impact also on the program. afghanistan proposes an unconditional weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to mark the festival. so how will the taliban respond to the latest from kabul. and with russia and the spotlight
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ahead of the football world cup moscow's critics called attention to the price of alleged political prisoners one of them is ukrainian filmmaker. sentenced to twenty years in prison after criticizing russia's annexation of crimea. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. one point four million turkish citizens living in germany have begun early voting in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections turkey itself goes to the polls on the twenty fourth of june and with six presidential candidates who wants future is far from certain. aerator one supporters and opponents stand side by side in front of the turkish general consulate in berlin up to sixty thousand turkish citizens are expected to vote at this polling station alone votes from turks living abroad could swing the
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election it's likely to be a close one as you can see members of the turkish community are eager to cast their votes here in berlin they want to decide in which direction the country is heading but where too many different opinions. six candidates have entered the presidential election and eight parties hope to win votes in the parliamentary election you know it but but most people here will be voting for or against one of. the same government should stay everything should remain as is which party of the k.p. . everything bothers me what he did for us for sixteen years was not right he worked for himself you have. or any child you had it one is the best because he's built roads and hospitals for that one even proper roads in turkey or of the union. the first day of the election has run smoothly each party has sent
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election monitors they aren't decisively countering accusations of vote rigging the turkish authorities carefully displaying openness. we're here for a good knob every evening these ballot boxes a sealed without having been opened my physique every evening kept under three looks i can only be open to all three parties a present. they will then be transported unopened to turkey on june twentieth. that you took i for fatah even the opposition pro kurdish h d p is not afraid of vote rigging in germany but they complain that no one from the h.d. is permitted to accompany the ballot boxes in turkey. once they've arrived it will be peace before they're counted. the slim is that what's bad is that the vote banks will be locked up for three or four days in storage rooms and we don't know what will happen there a lack of trust between the various political camps also in berlin.
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the turkish government meanwhile has announced that it is suspending its migrant to deal with greece that means athens will no longer be able to send the people whose asylum claims are rejected back to turkey foreign minister metho cover solo made the announcement after greece refused to extradite eight officers accused of taking pot into the failed military clue in two thousand and sixteen comes over and said that his migrant deal with the european union would not be affected. so with the heat out with a hot office and the latest on the country's economic uncertainty that's right the turkish central bank actually has raised interest rates to seventeen point seven five percent today that provoked a sharp jump in the value of the turkish currency the interest rate hike of over one percentage point had been widely expected because inflation had hit
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a six month high last month president versatile out of announced his intention to exert more control over konami policy if he wins the election driven losses in the new year and put pressure on the turkish central bank to raise rates. and today's meeting of the central bank can only to exhaust or another emergency interest rate hike clear indication that these are difficult economic times in turkey a growing number of foreign investors are pulling their capital out of the country since the beginning of the year the lira has shed twenty percent of its value against the u.s. dollar and some major foreign companies have increasing reservations against investing in turkey so it has firms of foreign currency debt of more than two hundred twenty billion dollars we clear around makes it more difficult to repay those loans earlier we spoke to economist at all yelchin he thinks everyone here in europe should be very worried about what happens in turkey because the euro zone's
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most in stable country is heavily exposed in turkey. this is a very important aspect in italy spain and these are exactly the countries which have been going through a very difficult financial period and the central bank in europe had an eye on this long positions with respect to turkey but italy in particular you mentioned it this country is in a political on a stable situation and link it to turkey will force european politicians to think about the potential bailout of turkey fire italy but i'm afraid that german politicians in particular are not going to be happy about these kind of linkages and dependencies just remember the discussions in germany that bailouts basically why should germans pay for mismanagement in other countries and given the rhetoric between germany and turkey over the past years that will be
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a very very difficult situation also for the european banks and european politicians i might marry if you want. and that's it for now for me have more business a bit later in the show including a look at the business of european football and the billions and billions that are being made first speck to fill in the glimmer of hope in afghanistan thank you as afghanistan's government has announced a weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to come inside for the festival of aid which marks the end of ramadan president ashraf ghani made a surprise announcement after a meeting of his nomic clerics this week declared a fatwa a ruling against suicide bombings this is the first time president gandhi has offered the taliban unconditional cessation of hostilities the taliban has made no response. to move from a freelance journalist to france a martyr who joins us from the afghan capital kabul welcome to g.w. what's behind this offer and why is it just for a week. thanks fred you have told us you said eight marks
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the end of i want the. president those go need tweeted that he it's my sister readiness to ask a government. to the will of the people for peaceful reconciliation so it is for one week into hope that it will this could be some violence and that it will get the response from the party boat that might tweet more so in this sense it is a confidence building measure that is hold more in peace negotiations but it's hard to tell a lot fact it will have right now so this is just a generous offer what happens if the taliban ignores dr gandhi's offer i'm stop shooting. the whole truth itself was unconditional so it wasn't like i wrote. to get
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a reply from the only ball there is no threat that for example is the entry plight kannan also will declare ceasefire that the peace process will be over so there's nothing to disregard again it is like a confidence building measure present gone he also said it should give the college ball like time to reflect. all their site then there might be something else that's going chief of army stuff also said that in case it's fired cold and also from that search site there's a possibility to prolong this but this is all quite speculative and it should also be kept in mind that the top ball i'm a lead in the last few months since said hans when the piece offered by the elf but as the government at the end those february has issued several quite in the church and statements and they also for example. the cleric these fatwa that he mentioned as a conspiracy so so far they haven't shown any sign that it would
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move to tie or that they were bigger change so it remains to see if it's more of a so far it's just confidence building measure with no concrete consequences if the call going should. not the taliban is not their only insurgent group fighting the afghan government why has the ceasefire only been offered to them. this. corresponds to do it all send you off to ask a government that the ball on this side education said they were supported by special office or nest and. that they were asked can see these things and that there are considerations which then has to be found whereas with all the groups like this landscape or on she was gone or all copied all or all so small the groups like islamic movement. they had always been seen as for governments and as
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you were terrorists pure were true with whom no peace can ever be found that has to fall so this correspondence to the two did you know that you have to have peace with paul ball but by the authors that are more extreme and no math again so it did dozens of the government's position on the taliban is changing us at a hospice and no longer looking to to conquer but the conciliate yes but this is not something that happens again with announcement of a cease fire as i mentioned before the president of the army has made a very nice offer at the end of february that included the proposed office use fire that included the proposal fled the bunker piece of paper in the kurd after the motor city so this is just like a further step and again like it is to reach out call a bomb or show that the afghan government is ready to take certain steps which
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might lead to more good talking to friends in kabul thank you. if a cease fire does come into effect it will bring some relief to a country blighted by frequent attacks blamed mainly on the taliban and the islamic state militant group earlier this week seven people were killed in kabul and outside the capital helmand province is one of the most vile volatile regions and that report brings you the story of one woman whose fate mirrors that of a country caught between tradition and war. eighteen year old khadija can barely remember her fast husband they were engaged when he joined the taliban and was killed by u.s. troops as is customary or was then forced to marry his younger brother. we had a daughter and when she turned one my husband was killed i was fourteen afterwards i had to marry the youngest brother. mother in law shows us
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a photo of her most recently killed son he and another brother became policeman for the new government both lost their lives in an attack by the taliban. the. taliban killed two of my sons that's another one died at the hands of the americans i hate them both. so we. could teach as now married to nineteen year old chums the last surviving brother he's thinking about joining the police force for financial reasons but khadija is against it so what the nurse says i would rather live in poverty and stuff than that to join the police he would probably get killed too that they did a little. five dollars a day as a rickshaw driver with which he has to support his whole family he used to work as an entire protest of the u.s.
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forces until they withdrew and left him to face the taliban's wrath. i live in fear. threaten to kill me but anything could happen there are so many attacks in shootings nothing gets you know. near the provincial capital lashkar gah the taliban have raised the flag on the roadside they cultivate opium poppies on these fields to finance their weapons their fighters haven't yet managed to get past the tight security checks bordering the city but morale among local security forces. it's sinking but. so many of our policemen are being killed because we have an effective weapons into little ammunition. the taliban are much better armed than us. some of the city's inhabitants hoping for a taliban victory the militia jools its strength from the government's weakness. and help you immediately when you have
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a problem that's why they have so much support. the authorities take long or don't do anything to help. calm. hopes there will be peace one day she and her husband have registered to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections it would be a wreck taste of freedom and her life. that's i would have liked to go to school but it's too late for me i'll stay italian and make sure my children have a better future. i don't know what it means to be happy. all my life i've only known suffering. still mourning her second husband and she misses the woman he loved before he was forced to marry khadija they've been brought together by a war that won't and. japan's prime minister shinzo is in washington ahead of next week's on again off again summit between the united
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states and north korea there's always expected to use these last minute talks to discuss japan's rings no concerns with pyongyang's nuclear weapons program top of the list. a man on a mission. is shinzo off a second visit to washington in less than two months. with the fate of the asia pacific region in the balance he wants to make sure japan's voice is heard. ahead of the historic u.s. north korea summit i will meet president trump to coordinate in order to advance progress on the nuclear issue missiles and most importantly the issue of the abductees. last year and met with the families of japanese citizens who have ducted by pyongyang decades ago. wants trump to use the upcoming north korea summit to push for the ever turn and he hopes the u.s.
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will prove its friendship to japan when it comes to the key question on the table. nuclear weapons the us has said any peace deal coming out of the summit would be dependent on the north giving up its nuclear arsenal but tokyo fears a compromise deal that would protect u.s. cities while leaving japan vulnerable to shorter range missiles. and with size korea holding its own talks with the north japan fears being left out of the equation. in washington is to make sure that doesn't happen. well as russia has to host the world cup a ukrainian activist is trying to turn the world's attention to the plight of political prisoners in the country or like stance off was detained in crimea in twenty fourteen after criticizing russia's annexation of the peninsula ukrainian filmmakers now serving twenty years in a high security penal colony after being convicted on terrorism charges but clear
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has condemned the case as politically motivated sense of has not been on hunger strike for more than three weeks is calling on moscow this morning still more than sixty four block radius being held in check what artists and journalists around the world have joined the campaign demanding his release t w a correspondent zone and i'm sober has spoken with sense officer cousin the tally kaplan she told us about the conditions he's facing in prison as he continues his hunger strike but it's and so for him to put it mildly only like sense of is not in good health in one of his letters he wrote that his hair was falling out his teeth were crumbling now he is receiving injections of it him and b. and glucose every day that that's it he doesn't eat he drinks only warm water you should understand these four years of let's be frank of prison camps are destroying his health that he was born in the size and he's serving his present term in a penal colony located in the russian arctic he is not used to this climate to tour he has also suffered a heart disorder and joint pain since childhood. but you should understand that in
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the last four years the situation of ukrainian practical prisoners hasn't changed we have seen no progress moreover the number of ukrainian political prisoners has risen and it keeps going up oh like is aware of the problem i'm guess when it comes to him personally people are fighting for him but without success. it seems he could not see any other option at this point quote. yes kelly terminate the hunger strike if he's released we are watching and i really hope that he will go that he'll find some other ways of fighting if he is relieved to be able to give speeches and campaign proactively to make. more business news and get us now with news of a corporate tug of war between china and the united states exactly that seems to be overfilled the us government has finally reached a deal with chinese phone makers that c.e. now the firm and once again buy american components crucial to its business in
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exchange for hefty one billion dollars fine the announcement comes two months after washington accused the company of breaching a settlement related to an earlier violation of sanctions against iran and north korea it requires the company to change its board of directors in thirty days and embed a team of american compliance officers loss of access to american parts threatened to shutter the issue and the. issue was told into the trade dispute between the two countries. german life sciences company bio on thursday completed its sixty three billion dollar takeover of u.s. seed and crop monsanto it's the biggest takeover in german history once synonymous with global average capitalist greed the monsanto brand now the name will now disappear from the market by a will continue to make the us giants herbicides glyphosate which only narrowly
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escaped the e.u. recently by some to cause cancer but studies are contradictory and for now the jury's still out. if only by itself and as a correspondent is in frankfurt what are the prospects for the new company. well they have some major challenges ahead financing doesn't seem to be one of them up when you talk to observers they say it's a solidly finance company and there is a challenge though in degrading the company that may sound trite when you bring two together but big mergers have failed before time there chrysler is one such example which was hailed as a marriage in heaven by the participants when it was formed it turned out to be exactly the opposite it's just difficult to get two cultures together and to make something like this work on a grand scale basically from from one moment to the next and the other challenge is you mentioned the word accurate capital that's the connection with monsanto while
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the monsanto name will disappear the reputation of the activities of course is still within by and by has to find a good way between making the company still profitable as it was that was the main reason why i took it over and making it ethically uncontestable for the public of shareholders and the world at large only bonds and friends and thank you. it seems the grass has never been greener for european soccer a new study by deloitte says the european football market is now worth twenty five and a half billion euros more than half of it generated by only five leagues france's top league is the lowest revenue generator of the big five at one point six billion euros last season italy's sciri ogg grew so revenue grow by eight percent to more than two billion euros the bulk of that growth came from in the midlands arc was
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ition by china's soon incorporation germany's business leader is in third place clubs like shocked by and showed strong revenue growth up fifteen percent across all teams to two point eight billion euros by the way the bundesliga is number one for match attendance with an average of more than forty four thousand loyal fans cheering each game can't beat the german fans in revenue terms spain's top league has now overtaken the bundesliga to be the world's second highest revenue generating leak though it's still devolved by europe's under spew to number one the english premier league with total revenues above five billion euros as all its twenty clubs have set annual records just ten years ago more than half of premier league clubs were making an operating loss. and the author of that study is now here with us stefan thick head of the sport business group at dillard welcome to
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the to the show stefan european football it seems to be on a roll with incomes are going by nearly ten percent last year according to your study what is behind this growth. it's been always like that i would like to to say the biggest growth comes from the big five leaks which you just mentioned the total market of twenty five billion grew by approximately four percent the key driver are these big five leagues from the big five countries most important for them. constant growth in media rights generation england spain and france just started a new contract period with the t.v. and media broadcasters germany will start next hour this season in seventeen eighteen and will actually overtake spain again with that new broadcast revenues so in addition to that it's also commercial rights what's the big picture significance
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of soccer in europe is it economically useful is it generating more jobs or income for other sectors definitely it has an enormous economic impact if you just take the bonus league there are fourteen thousand people employed by the eighteen bundesliga clubs if you take related businesses and services around a football match such as catering services security and other areas it adds up to thirty five thousand people who are employed in the area around football matches and the football business. briefly if you can one of the trends that you are sporting right now. what we see is a change in consumer behavior and media consumption so it will be very interesting if the the new players on the field in the media business which also come from the
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online and digital sector will continue to drive the revenue growth in the next couple of years there is still an enormous interest by broadcasters and sponsorship companies this has also been a key driver in the past years and i'm sure it will continue to be a driver stefan ludes a head of the sports business group at dillard's thank you very much for joining us tonight. well in the. growing economic role of football in europe amazon has announced it secured the rights to broadcast premier league matches football matches another sign of the online giant's financer reach and the latest disruption to the traditional broadcasting landscape the english football league is the world's most lucrative watered the return of the rights to twenty matches the season for the next three years but only to amazon prime subscribers in the u.k. amazon has been broadcasting more sporting events including n.f.l.
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games and professional tennis tournaments. staying with phil has not died on the world's most famous athlete. that will have to wait until the top of the next half hour to hate just time to bring your our top stories at this hour more than a million a turkish citizens in germany begun early voting and took in action calls for june twenty fourth overseas voters could swing this year's results in president obama's favor in the last election three years ago most that stopped is a case. and afghanistan's president ashraf ghani has announced a weeklong unconditional ceasefire with the taliban that coincides with the end of ramadan the taliban has made no comment on the off. switch your upstate small of the top layer of it.
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i'd like to lose weight but put it diet. do i have to exercise to slim down. or tighten it what should i avoid. and how can i cook healthy meals we're focusing on how to numerous weight and how to cook and eat healthy. eating good shooting next on. your dream go
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international talk show for journal. because the topic of the week some of the world's most powerful leaders assemble in canada the g seven looks to be at risk of devolving into what she's six plus one truck goes it alone europe at a loss that's our topic on country join us. sixteen. w. . you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the future worthless for the rich but for many people it offers their only chance of survival. and i could be lunch for today just like. the reporters travel to nairobi. and to meet people who know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving economy the book i want to see in this movement economic inequality
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around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we are starting class want. the rich to the trash an exclusive brooklyn story and journalists on t.w. . welcome to in good shape coming up. metabolic rate how much energy does the body need. yoyo affect what happens after a diet.


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