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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news a lot from turkey's rosa's living in germany had to the polls are having their say on the future of the country's controversial president such itself votes in a fortnight but the one point four million ex-pats could have a significant impact on the election also on the program. afghanistan proposes a weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to mop the festival of eat so how will the
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taliban respond we'll bring you the latest from kabul. plus the countdown to america's talks with north korea japanese prime minister shinzo ave puts japan some of which best to donald trump america's major regional ally once and to pyongyang's nuclear program on the rich of japanese prisoners. across them on a suspended search and rescue efforts following sunday's volcanic eruption the official site right as well as hot ash and mud making it impossible to dig for survivors. i'm full gale welcome to the program. one point four million citizens living in germany have begun early voting in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections turkey itself goes to the polls may twenty fourth of june with six presidential candidates and one's future is far from certain. aerator one
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supporters and opponents stand side by side in front of the turkish general consulate in berlin up to sixty thousand turkish citizens are expected to vote at this polling station alone votes from turks living abroad could swing the election it's likely to be a close one. as you can see members of the turkish community are eager to cast their votes here in berlin they want to decide in which direction the country is heading but where too many different opinions. six candidates have entered the presidential election and eight parties hope to win votes in the parliamentary election but most people here will be voting for or against heir to one. of the same government should stay everything should remain as is which party k.p. . that is everything i bothers me what he did to us for sixteen years was not
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right he worked for himself. or any challenge at one is the best because he's built roads and hospitals for that one even proper roads into. or out of the union. the first day of the election has run smoothly each party has sent election monitors there it decisively countering accusations of vote rigging the turkish authorities carefully displaying openness. every evening these ballot boxes a sealed without having been opened my physique every evening kept under three locks i can only be opened if all three parties are present. they will then be transported unopened to turkey on june twentieth. that if you took i for fatah even the opposition pro kurdish h.t.t.p. is not afraid of vote rigging in germany but they complain that no one from the
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h.t.t.p. is permitted to accompany the ballot boxes to turkey and once. they've arrived it will be days before they're counted. the slim is that what's bad is that the vote banks will be a lot different three or four days in storage rooms and we don't know what will happen there. a lack of trust between the various political camps also in berlin. let's get the view from turkey that from dorian jones tombo welcome door and tell us about the importance of ex-pat votes to the outcome which is about three million voters of which germany accounts for just under a half of that and these three million votes is about seven percent of the total electorate going forward given the fact that this general and presidential elections are proving to be increasingly competitive the vote could be critical to turning outcome and that's why i heard one will be looking for a very high turnout given that in the polls overseas voters have predominately
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supported the president and his ruling party. turkish politicians were banned from campaigning here in germany and indeed in many other parts of europe have tensions with the played any role in campaigning. well if you recall in last year's referendum to extend the country's presidential powers similar restrictions world potong campaigning overseas by european union countries and president urged one did use that in his campaign provoking up crisis several e.u. member states including germany and with the announcement of similar restrictions urged one does not appear to be using the same card to do it but this time he doesn't appear to be getting any traction and the reason why is the election is being dominated by the economy last month heavy falls in the euro provoking fears that an economic and financial crises could be looming is dominating the current political agenda and going forward it is expected the economy more than any other factor will continue to dominate the ongoing campaign so i think
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a more competitive presidential campaign lot of people are saying that turkey's democracy is at stake depending on the outcome. well that's right whoever wins the presidential election this month will inherit sweeping new powers that were passed in last year's referendum that effectively turns turkey into an executive presidency with virtually massive powers of the judiciary allowing to rules like of cre it also diminishes parliament the post of prime ministers will be abolished and that's why opposition parties are saying that is democracy itself that is at stake in this election going forward and they vote for the opposition parties and the rival presidential candidates have placed a rose versus the presidential reforms the president or the one is robustly defending this he says that these reforms on necessary to deal with the economic problems facing thirty the kurds a kurdish insurgency that the turkey is currently fighting and he says that these
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policies are needed and in many ways the election is settling on this cold question of whether turkey has an executive presidency on the earth one all turkey or reverts back to a parliamentary system that's why opposition parties say them ocracy itself is at stake in this election dorian jones in istanbul thank you. the turkish government meanwhile has announced that it is suspending its migrant deal with greece that means that athens will no longer be able to send failed asylum seekers back to turkey foreign minister never look coming so who made the announcement time to greece refused to extradite eight officers accused of taking part in turkey's failed military coup in twenty sixty cover so we've said that is my current deal with the european union would not be affected other than. japan's prime minister shinzo abbate is in washington ahead of next week's summit between the united states and north korea president trump welcomed him to the oval office
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and told reporters that the june twelfth summit is ready to go i will be more of a photo op with the abbaye is expected to use the last minute talks to discuss japan's regional concerns with for the summit with pyongyang's the nuclear weapons program top of the list. straight to washington then where we find the deadly correspondent costs and from nominal welcome cost i'm. likely get to influence donald trump's negotiating position on north korea. well i'm quite sure. the japanese prime minister will get some assurances at least from them and trump that the united states will take japan security interests into account in any negotiations with the north koreans japan for instance is very concerned that the americans for instance could agree to a compromise that takes away the long range intercontinental ballistic missiles that they have which could threaten the united states but they are allowed to keep
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their medium range missiles which of course could reach japan that is one issue another issue is the fate of japanese citizens who were abducted by the north koreans sions obvious one stone and trying to raise this issue in his meeting with kim and the president trump has previously promised that he would do so now if donald trump remembers that when he sits down with came is the big question on the trump is someone who likes to follow his gut feeling he's also someone who is famous or infamous for in the meeting say anything that could please his counterpart just to create a good atmosphere only to walk back whatever he promised later on and he is also quiet infamous for not being well prepared not being interested in details even today he said he is well prepared but he doesn't need a lot of preparation it's not about preparations he said today it's all about
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attitudes and so we'll see whether he will stick to whatever he is going to promise of it today and so along with many other countries japan is also hoping to get back to trade terms with america is he likely to be disappointed. i'm afraid so from what we hear from the white house what we've heard in the last few days president trump seems to be determined to play hardball with america's allies at the upcoming g. seven summit in canada and that also includes japan of course it might always be the president will be trying to play one country against the other so he might offer japan some relief. not give that to others or play the game the other way around but in the end it seems that donald trump is very much determined to not back down and he wants concessions from america's trading partners including its allies cousin phenomena in washington thank you. the
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government of afghanistan has announced an unconditional weeklong ceasefire with the taliban to coincide with the festival of aid which marks the end of ramadan president gandhi made the surprise announcement time for meetings based on the clerics this week declared a fatwa ruling against suicide bombings this is the first time president gandhi has of the taliban an unconditional cessation of hostilities the taliban has not responded to move from a swiss freelance journalist affronts martin who joins us from the afghan capital kabul welcome to d.w. what's behind this offer and why is it just for a week. thanks for having me you have told us you said eight marks and if i want to. present those go on he tweeted that he edits my sister reading this off to ask a government. to the will of the people for a peaceful reconciliation so it is for one week into hope that it will this could
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be some violence and that it will get the response from the toilet bowl that might tweet more so in this sense it is a confidence building measure that this whole morning pulls the peace negotiations but it's hard to tell life it will have right now so this is just a generous offer what happens if the taliban ignores dr gandhi's offer i'm stuck shooting. the whole truth itself was unconditional so it wasn't like i wrote. get a reply from the only ball there is no threats that for example if you don't reply kannan also declares he's fired that the peace process will be over so there's nothing to disregard it again it is like a confidence building measure present gone he also said it should give the college ball life time to reflect. all their site then there might be something else
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that's going to she farm stuff also said that in case it's fires cold and also from that search site there's a possibility to prolong this but this is all quite speculative and it should also be kept in mind that the top ball i'm leaving the last few moments since said hans with the piece offered by the elf but as the government at the end of february has issued several quite in the church and statements and they also for example. the cleric these folks that you mentioned as a conspiracy so so far they haven't shown any sign that it would move to tie or that they would get bigger change so it remains to see if it's more but so far it's just confidence building measure with no concrete consequences if the clothes on should. not the taliban is not their only insurgent group fighting
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the afghan government why has the ceasefire only been offered to them. this. corresponds to google sending you off the ethnic government that the ball on this site again she said they were supported by especially the song or the next and. thereafter to see these things and that there is a nation which then has to be found where as with all the groups like a slang state branch you know is going to stall or all go all so small the groups like islamic movement will be so they have always been seen as for governments and as you were terrorists pure were true. no peace can ever be found that has to fall so this correspondence between the two did you that you have to have peace with paul ball but fight the holders that are more extreme and no mask and so it
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did dozens of the government's position on the taliban is changing was that the hostages and no longer looking to to call but the haps conciliate yes but this is not something that happened today with announcement of a cease fire as i mentioned before the president of long has made a very offer at the end of february that included the proposal the office use fire that included the proposal fled the bunker dissipates in the kurd asked the motorists so what this is just like a further step and again like it is to reach out call in baltimore to show that the afghan government is ready to take certain steps which might lead to more good talking to friends in kabul thank you. business here is i would have alligators i'm news is the biggest and a foreign acquisition by a german company that's right phil it's a highly anticipated merger and it's finally completed german chemicals group buyer
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has sealed its takeover of u.s. seeds maker monsanto it's worth sixty three billion dollars buyer is already a giant and will become an even bigger global player the name on santo will disappear but it's brands remain including the weed killer round up which contains the controversial chemical glyphosate. it took almost two years but it's finally done with its purchase of months on to buy a becomes the largest agra chemical company in the world. it holds just over thirty percent of the global market that's ahead of the chinese swiss firm kim china syngenta which has just over twenty eight percent then it's the u.s. business dow dupont with seventeen and a half percent b.s.f. controls about thirteen and a half percent of the global market you know other words just five corporate entities will determine the direction of global agriculture and the nutrition of
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humanity while the world population grows ten billion people by twenty fifty according to current estimates because farmland isn't increasing it's up to these five firms to figure out how to coax more out of the ground that's already under the plough. and earlier we spoke to our financial correspondent in frankfurt all the spots where buyers listed and asked him what the prospects are for the combined company. well that's some major challenges ahead financing doesn't seem to be one of them when you talk to observers they say it's a solidly finance company and there is a challenge though in degrading the company that may sound trite when you bring two together but big mergers have failed before time there chrysler is one such example which was hailed as a marriage in heaven by the participants when it was formed it turned out to be exactly the opposite it's just difficult to get two cultures together and to make something like this work on
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a grand scale basically from from one moment to the next and the other challenges you mentioned the word accurate capital that's the connection with monsanto while the monsanto name will disappear the reputation of the activities of course is still within by and by has to find a good way between making the company still profitable as it was that was the main reason why i took it over and making it ethically uncontestable for the public of shareholders and the world at large. that was in frankfurt. the turkish central bank has raised interest rates to seventeen point seven five percent the turkish currency the lira surged on the move comes less than three weeks ahead of the country's presidential and parliamentary elections the rate hike of a one percentage point had been widely expected and was quite urgent inflation has hit a six month high last month president range of type of the one announced his intention to exert more control over economic policy if he wins the election that's driven
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losses in the lira and put pressure on the turkish central bank to raise rates earlier we spoke to economist added that he thinks everyone in europe should be worried about what happens in turkey especially as italy a potential eurozone problem child is heavily exposed to the turkish economy. this is a very important aspect in italy it's spain and these are exactly the countries which have been going through a very difficult financial period and the central bank in europe had an eye on this loan positions with respect to turkey but in italy in particular you mention it this country is in a political on a stable situation and the link it should turkey will force european politicians to think about the potential bailout off turkey fire italy but i'm afraid that the german politicians in particular are not going to be happy about these kind of interlinked dependencies just remember the discussions in germany that
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bailouts basically why should germans pay for mismanagement in other countries and given the rhetoric between germany and turkey over the postes years that will be a very very difficult situation also for the european banks and european politicians i might marry if you want. to nigeria now where corruption costs the economy tens of millions of dollars every year the president is now trying to recover some of the money that has illegally flowed out of the country with reasonable success but critics say the government is not disclosing enough details of what has been recuperated sparking fears of further corruption cases and again as a story. this villa once owned by a high ranking military official was confiscated by the economic and financial crimes commission the f.c.c. authorities have also marked many homes throughout the capital. they do so when
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there are suspicions about the origins of the money used to buy them. as soon as he took office nigerian president mohamed do bihari said he would return stolen money to the country's cash strapped coffers even money taken out of the country illegally unfortunately. it is. a little over the. proceeds is very tedious. costly. to swallow than just. this should not to be the case nigeria is currently negotiating with washington for the return of a half a billion dollars worth of stolen stane assets seized in the u.s. after long discussions switzerland agreed to transfer three hundred twenty two million dollars back to nigeria in april civil society groups praised the two governments for agreeing to use the funds to fight poverty and that hasn't always
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been the case in the past the nigerian government's lack of transparency has caused delays. improve on this i formation puts we come put in public domain by the way you keep it secret then yes i want to get that out think that's what the suspicion is that the government is not completely open about it there's definitely more information coming disclosed that is yet to be disclosed in town so exactly how much the. how much is we have. possibly not to be used to be used the nigerian government has been slow to release details it's figures show authorities recovered a total of two point nine billion dollars worth of embezzled assets between made twenty fifteen and october twenty seventeen most of that money was still in nigeria . and news just in bank of america is reportedly looking to move more jobs than originally envisaged from london to its new paris office it's shaping up
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to be one of the biggest shifts ahead of brics it a first wave of four hundred staff will move early next year the banks refurbishing enough office space to create a european trading hub once britain leaves that you and of course will follow this story for you that's all for business for now it's back to phil now who seems to be in very good company. thank you so much now with the official start of the world cup just a week away fans on their way to russia might want to think twice about packing smartphones governments of the warning about the possibility of digital devices being hacked t w social media editor called nasr is here to sports all of the movie as well will be part of our world cup team welcome both coalesce and we'll start with you so should fans believe in this moment well it wouldn't be so unthinkable i mean usually travel with your smartphone to take pictures you know you maybe post something on instagram but we're seeing lots of different security experts advising
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exactly that in fact here in germany officials with the state of north rhine-westphalia have issued a warning for its officials and here's what that warning says ahead now of the world cup it says it should be noted that even private eye can be a target of spying it is therefore recommended not to take private internet enabled devices and smartphones with you we should note look on the federal level in germany no national warnings have been issued yet it's not just politicians that are worried about this journalists are also concerned about being targeted there in russia the committee to protect journalists as issued several guidelines or data safety during and even after they come back from russia sports teams they're also concerned about this england's football association as all its players and staff not to use public life i in russia even in their hotel room don't use it there either and the team is taking other precautions there. including the encrypted passwords now and they have strict guidelines for posting on social media so lots
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of people concerned about this from politicians all the way down to athletes ahead of the world cup really sounds like the sort of normal sensible things that you should should or should not do whether you're using public. is paranoid or is there a real worry here no i think there is a real worry i had to take calls example of the england same the english football association last august was hacked i believe by the hacking group so you had e-mails like confidential e-mails between the f.b.i. and being published you also had anti doping records so it's understand go obviously with. their supposedly to the russian military why the england team in particular and other teams too would worry about being hacked in russia and the been previous incidents in russia where travelers they were had their phone that was actually confiscated from them and when it was given back it was clear that it is going to have gone through by russian officials and when they got it back contents have been looked at so it's not just paranoia these things happen for. being with so you have to worry about whether the press never mind russian spies so
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what precautions are you going to so if you're going to come into too much detail have been told not to by the security experts that we run but i can say that we're taking more precautions that we have done in other sports events that i've covered forty w. when i think about the rio olympics a couple of years ago we were much more focused than on physical security rather than data security so certainly it's a change of approach and and we are taking the digital data issue more seriously this time but i will say that the security experts here also said that there are a lot of the recommendations actually and not specific to russia a lot of them do apply to other countries too so i think it's also partly that we're just more aware more switched on to the threat from russia are not necessarily that the threat doesn't exist elsewhere and families have also had to hand over some of the data that's right yeah this is all fine idea here the need to get. into the stadium ticket alone will not be enough basically we're going to go through now exactly what fans have to do to get one of these fan i.d.'s and what
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the point is as well so the russian government say that the idea is to give visa free travel to supporters coming to it which will obviously simplify the process for a lot of funds a lot of information does have to be handed over for their style in parts and take information or maybe a ticket request number when you buy tickets in part is because fee for is trying to stamp out tickets counting trying to stop sort of second hand sellers there are third party sellers but a lot of other information possible information especially saw a photo similar to a passport photo along with dates of birth and so on and so forth and also contact information has to be handed over so it is a lot of data and information it's almost like sensible stuff it's less than a laser as well so there are pros and cons definitely for fans so you have to give more information try to get into a burly nightclub. worker for the most part it seems it is a means really trying to crack down on those bad actors the people that might be violent at games but there have been some cases where fans have had this idea
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revoked without without any good reason and that's just one of them was found in poland shared his story on twitter and he says he bought three tickets he'd already received his fan i.d. then he got word from russia that his id had been cancelled and he actually even been barred from entering the country altogether he was given no reason for this several australian fans have the same thing happened so there's some good and bad just like thank you both so the last of course is just to be careful this year watching the d.w. more in just a moment. that remains is rubble. in the syrian city of russia. it was liberated from the islamic state and to pick. seventeen now the city's former residents are slow be coming back. to the city they once called home. turning.
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forty five minutes. and i think one day this will be considered a cruel and unjust war where. and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child will be friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is the. level against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. birth. home to humans of species. worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. ideas that protect
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the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. results of people you cannot protect the force to create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and were determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas for the fireman series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is data we use live from seoul gale coming up in the next fifteen minutes a matter of killed his parents and brother with an axe sentenced to life in prison we'll bring you the details. now with just a week until the start of the world cup a football storm has kicked off in ghana the country failed to qualify for this
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year's tournament but an undercover investigation into football corruption is generating huge controversy a documentary by journalist. and us parts to show referees and executives a mcgovern a football association accepting money to influence players elections and to rig matches the film also claims to show this man crazy at the end yet president of the ghana football association accepting a bribe of sixty five thousand dollars from undercover reporters as part of a made up sponsorship deal more than one hundred football officials have been implicated in this investigation here are a few clips from the documentary which is said to show more officials accepting bribes.
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well. the moment. data. has been following developments from the. welcome back tell us about this under investigation and how it came about well. let's. play nice and i gave a corruption in football in ghana but he was mean. to shout down as all these investigative journalist unless i really are nice at
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just that way and he spent two years on days only to be able to back all get a gauge that i mean you can please all i've been meet in the past about corruption in their football sector in ghana and how much we're talking about how big all these bribe cetera. well interestingly you how some of the bribes. one hundred dollars and high as sixty five thousand dollars that's for example they had of their going out for the. i was seen in a video actually talking to. amount of money that's looking about and it is widespread across the country across all the region. associations and as how widespread is. the reaction then to these allegations. well any gun is not really shocked and the only shot by the way why spray. of this whole corruption issue by the house head of these reports several times so
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they are listening and many of them i call in full they got a football association to be dissolved we have just some information breaking news from the government of the dea indicating they just taking steps to dissolve the gun effable association so you know you ought to have a new set of officials running the association this isn't the first time the presence of a gun and football association has under the microscope as it should know really in the past in two thousand and fourteen i'm sure many of you. in the world who everyone had about gun out and the shaba money being a major problem in comp if in the fall then we know that the telegraph in breaks in and also channel four television collaborate in to have some undercover investigation where their football cheve that she was actually caught on video actually trying to i arrange full fix
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a love affair ended much so he has been in the news actually seen or alleged to be corrupt and this latest video by anonymous was only just a confirmation of that and to bring him to his new means. talking to your isaac isaac or cannot say and and. of course in south africa a sentence a twenty three year old man to life in prison for killing his family members with an axe and rape on predator killed his parents and brother pastor and housing estate near cape town and twenty fifteen have received an additional fifteen year sentence for entering his sister and attack on predator has maintained his innocence throughout. this was henry found radar in court last yet he was demonstrating how he allegedly forth with an axe wielding intruder in his family home. he's opening up the radar said he
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overpower with the attacker who fled on foot but the prosecution argued he was the assailant that mercilessly bludgeoned his family members to did. last month he was found guilty of killing his father mother and older brother and attempting to kill his sister. from bridge asked emotionless as he received his sentence the judge said he showed no remorse it was a call. these the deaths displayed a high level of cruelty. and an almost unprecedented degree of disregard for the welfare of one's own family. one's parents and siblings. in the courtroom balcony finally some closure for fun but does uncle andre to toy he system was among those killed that night.
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can refund radar was twenty years old when he murdered his family members why he did it remains a mystery. a speck of a point with correspondent of the who had joined us from cape town welcomed us so three years after they said matters were committed why is the motive still a mystery. well because up until the day she was on a report he basically did nice responsible from the very beginning he said it was an intruder he actually had some words himself but later became clear to these for self-inflicted wounds and to please a small one off here of investigation before he actually arrested him for this and what we know about him all to have nothing actually came out in the trial it took us almost did speak to the south african media while the trial was going on and they said that he was a drug addict that he was suffering from addiction and crystal meth for and
8:38 pm
basically his father had threatened to cut them off from the family allowance so that was never proved as well as i said because he never testified and the one person that might have been able to shed some light on this case it is his younger sister that got brutally attacked as well but actually survived this attack. but she's so traumatized that he's got no recollection at all of what happened there in that house while he was very much as the black sheep of his family. well yeah that's hard to that's what also didn't really come out in the trial and there we did see an emotionless in the company that and he he testified and sell they are again saying that that wasn't true into and basically even when we spoke about gruesome details of his mother laying on top of a scarce staircase and bleeding and we didn't see any emotion no sadness at all so
8:39 pm
there's been a lot of speculation about he may have a mental illness that as well some stories about that as you said he was the black sheep of the family and he was in a gap year and it was a was a young guy that didn't really know what he wanted to do in life it seems and his father was successful his older brother was successful so there's been speculation that maybe that was part of why he committed this crime but there's that no definite answer and tell us about the sentence at three life terms that does life mean life there in south africa how long is he likely to spend behind baum's no it's not going to be to be life and they're going to run at the same time these three life sentences so. might be out in about twenty years it's a bit of speculation that's that's all up onto the judges and on his behavior as well and from also his lawyer has said that they are going to appeal so
8:40 pm
a day they're going to appeal both the conviction and a sentencing and that in three weeks' time the judge here is actually going to decide if they're going to hear that appeal lots of us on the cape town thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world jordan's incoming prime minister says he will not drop throws also to raise income taxes now this meets a key demand of protesters weeklong mass demonstrations against government austerity measures let the king to replace the old prime minister. and it was back a man who drove a truck into a crowd in stockholm last year has been jailed for life at accu love said he wanted to punish sweden for joining a coalition of countries fighting against the islamic state militant group five people were killed in the attack and fourteen wounded. russian president vladimir
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putin has been holding his ideal nationwide q. and a session taking questions from the public live on t.v. past events of pre-christian science stage managed theatre this year in the studio audience has been replaced by text messages and video questions. authorities in guatemala have today suspended search and rescue efforts in the wake of sunday's volcanic eruption they say rainy weather on the volcanic material blanketing the area make it impossible to keep up the search for survivors at least one hundred people are dead with close to two hundred still missing despite the efforts of emergency workers. clearing the rubble after disaster struck for days crews worked tirelessly to find and remove bodies buried under volcanic ash it's been a grim task and dangerous too dangerous the official search has now been suspended . encipher parts of a squint emergency shelters have been set up for the evacuees those who made it
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here are the lucky ones. of the more we know the lava came and took everything with it. with lenny floor were killed. we have nothing left nothing at all that will. lead us it was we had to leave we couldn't take anything with us. the ashes were coming off dross but the people who stayed behind were buried underneath in iowa nancy michael said that a few we had on body of music and i don't know but the community has come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help fellow guatemalans have lost their hinds. a makeshift memorial has been set up to remember loved ones who were unable to flee the volcano deadly rage.
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good afternoon as you know a privilege so mistake. when it happened and if i were to be released i would. sandra bullock starring in the oceans eight the latest in the ocean's eleven franchise this side the old star cast is completely female and includes a cape to punch at how the way in pop star reality which will rub an american from culture desk is here with more welcome robert i know you like this franchise so are you excited about this film i mean i love a good caper movie and there's a great cast as you mentioned. cate blanchett and halfway across the sandra three there are three members of the costs who are oscar winners saundra starring is debbie ocean who is the sister of danny ocean was played by george clooney in the
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other movies then you've got pop star as a weed smoking. there's also a bottle of carter sort of playing with wonderful fashion design and also said to be a great night at the movies in my opinion sorry let's see some more of that you know this one. now convicted felon her brother danny ocean more convicted felon she was . present on the night of the incident. so. i think you want to get in here with. diving money yes taking right. what. the next. three weeks remember because he is you know paul you know we're going to rob a. sixteen point five million dollars meet your bank account five weeks from now that's
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a lot. to live but every interest place. this is the most sophisticated security in the world. who didn't think you could get. five years eight months into a bank why do you need to do this this is what i'm going to. get everybody let's get started. it really. to. keep you all. here because that was exactly. the agent's we prepare for because we will not be. such that. i think so we see the system is doing it for themselves is this is this indicative
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of the end hollywood of the movie well eighty's obviously i mean i think is a bit disappointing maybe because as you know this is i couldn't think of a completely original idea for these these great eight actresses i mean it's the full in the franchise that most probably exhausted the best scripts in the first three and i. it's a bit tired to do this to be honest and they're most probably thinking about what we're going to do now oh let's change the gender of everybody and it will be popular and make has look good maybe i'm being an old cynic about for i think i mean they did it with ghostbusters a couple of years ago that were which did ok so it was actually quite a good script but it wasn't groundbreaking relief despite again having great actresses like christine we're getting melissa mccarthy. then we have to wonder what last year huge success how long did it take them to do that i mean their first
8:47 pm
superman movie was back in one thousand nine hundred seventy this being i don't know how many since then some of them an evening polluting batman in them and it takes some sort of long to get around the idea of doing a super of a wonderful movie and now we get the told to twenty the biggest franchise of all james bone up to twenty four james bond movies and knowing james holmes a male james bonds that we have a female james bond knows you shouldn't that is also the words of rachel weiss is married to the chap playing james bond the of course that daniel craig she says no to find something new for a woman super age and that's the point anyway let's see what some of the cost of ocean eight think of this whole gender representation discussion starting with cate blanchett i think it's just lazy and french thinking in
8:48 pm
a way you know if my friday is if the studio system is a little tired it's because it's got the same wife you know although you know it's a man making the same decision so there it will be interesting and i'm really excited for the moment when this doesn't get special any more except for the fact that it is always special when really talented people are given opportunities to do their jobs one of the things that we're celebrating not just the commonality but the difference is these are distinct women this think that grounds and that hopefully looks like what the world looks like not just what hollywood has made the world look like. yeah that's a political it was the third will be why. i'm afraid the critics have been very good so far but they've i mean basically it's mixed but so far they're saying great acting actresses but the scripts not cry and. they're not very pleased with the director i mean to quote one review says i left oceans more convinced than ever that no amount of fierce fantastic female and souls can overcome the mediocrity of
8:49 pm
adult male director and the guardian newspaper in britain said stephen diamond necklace is bad but waste you know if you think this is the give of votes that doesn't look good the whole reboot was done by steven soderbergh but he's not the director i mean he's a director i think who can pay scenes of build the tension and it does seem that this isn't so good but i would still recommend it to pay because i personally like a good type of the. rope in metal show on the show i stand well i will do it so if you like the sort of films that you like this is what it is that's thank you mary. here's a story of a happy ending despite the odds a south korean backpacker missing for six nights in the australian wilderness has been found alive and well forty five year old joe we had disappeared in a national park in the state of queensland after telling friends she was going for a walk and thereby not types and officials said six days was
8:50 pm
a long time to be lost in the book that any push survival skills too is rescued by the police and soldiers who cut through the dense forest to reach. a rank whether. so that's always he is a sister greatly in giving a warm. favorable water ribbon always she is both and she's been bashed for six days or so of all because it is a miracle of inter. sport starting with tariffs on the french open where we are reaching the business end of the clay grand slam and the women's strong america sloane stephens knocked out compadre madison keys in straight sets to reach the final she's looking to claim her second career grand slam after winning the us open last year so it will face the in-form simona halep who breezed past spain's i got got got bina. it will be french open french open final for five years but she's yet to win the men's quarter finals
8:51 pm
continued after rain delayed play yesterday rafa nadal progressed to the final four after defeating the diego shots and will face arjun time juan martin del potro who are mad and gillett in five sets. the vegas golden knights ice hockey team faces the last roll the dice tonight in the show's us in the sports showpiece series the stanley cup finals if they lose a remarkable sporting fairytale will be over for the team have overcome so many obstacles in their debut season and perfectly capable of springing yet another surprise. they are the youngest attraction in the city the vegas cold nights they arrived in the gamblers paradise and were immediately adopted by fans in a city that has never had a team in the top u.s. ports leagues not in basketball american football baseball or ice hockey. yet every home game is
8:52 pm
a sellout. las vegas didn't have any players to start with so in the preseason draft they picked up some from their opponents not their top players of course but those who had their best years behind them were one team good enough by other teams marked under flurry who won the stanley cup with pittsburgh three times was among them. he and his teammates grew into a tight unit and with this special bond they produced the sporting fairy tale against all odds. the gold knights were the best team in the pacific division and then thrived in the playoffs to reach the stanley cup finals they trailed the final series against the washington capitals three two one thursday's home game is a must win when you're losing in the playoffs you want to win the next one that's normal process where there are hockey club and that and we've had an outstanding record if. you took the face with.
8:53 pm
should the washington capitals triumph and win the stanley cup they would also have an extra good reason to celebrate it would be their first n.h.l. title since the club's founding in one thousand seven hundred four. jamaican sprinter usain bolt is trying to kick start a new career in professional football after practicing with dortmund this year he's not played a friendly in norway for club side a strong he's got set. up a nine point five that's his world record. the thirty one year old. game against no one is under twenty squad despite his best efforts and some decent touches of the ball his team ended up losing one. now we all know that frustrating feeling when the traffic lights change too quickly i'll just imagine how an elderly person trying to cross a seven lane highway must fail security cameras in southwest china captured the
8:54 pm
agonizing slow journey of a senior citizen across a busy road. his family stepped onto the crossing on the traffic starts to flow. but just when he looks like he's going to be stranded a policeman comes to the rescue. restores your faith in humanity now just time to remind you the top stories at this hour more than a million turkish citizens in germany have begun early voting in turkey elections june the twenty fourth overseas voters could swing the raciest results in president wants a fight in the last election three years ago most ex-pats but he's posse he take
8:55 pm
a pay cut. and afghanistan's president ashraf ghani has announced a weeklong ceasefire with the taliban and coincides with the end of the taliban has made no comment on the often. gets you can always get news on the go. in there get the license you can get access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news and also use it to send us your photos on things it's just downloaded from google play. store. and that's it for you all up to date coming up. because priests are trying to go to church you can get hold of these use information if you don't have to copy the sculpture i can get it on the web site the studio. i'm going to. try. to. recoup. from the.
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most. from. the movie. for. the summer. before. i'm going to move. from.
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the. city. to. the. field. all that remains is rubble her now in the syrian city of wroclaw. it was liberated from the islamic state in october twenty seventeen now the city's former residents are slowly coming back. to the city they once called home. turning
8:58 pm
to the a. w. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come with the finished picture was taken in bunky in auschwitz in an exercise book i don't find many other french areas of england who were abusing the rape of women and girls who is goes to one wanted children. could feel worn winning documentary starting june fourteenth on d. w. . global inequality. what qualities mean in a global he connected well. when differences become a disadvantage as. companies in the cities right. close to
8:59 pm
the media. join a discussion and have your say. joint have ls claim a media forum twenty eighteen complete speech tonight. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news to go out africa people and projects that are changing our own farm and for the best earth it's up to us to make a difference or listen to each other. we couldn't cook on the farm in a magazine. long d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every living creature the first word has been called the cohesive germany to learn german the. most useless why not learn a little in her crib. in simple online on your mobile phone and her. soft
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. d.w.b. learning course. german made easy. player. playing. players to play. this is the deputy news a lot from bergland turkish voters living in germany head to the polls they are having their say on the future of the country's controversial president turkey itself votes in a fortnight but the one point four million ex-pats could have a significant impact on the election. also coming up on what's.


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