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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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smart structure under jim you should find no means miss out on it and bring precisely dangerous times to make sure. this isn't g w news live from berlin turkish voters living in germany had to the polls they're having their say on the future of the country's controversial president turkey itself both in just over two weeks but the one point four million ex-pats in germany could have a significant impact on the election. also coming up japan's shinzo abbate and u.s.
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president donald trump talked about the prospects for the forthcoming north korea summit both leaders say that they could normalize ties with pyongyang if those talks go well and guatemala suspends its search and rescue efforts following sunday's volcanic eruption officials say that brain as well as hot action are making it impossible to dig for survivors. of sara kelly welcome to the program one point four million turkish citizens living in germany have begun early voting in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections turkey itself goes to the polls on june twenty fourth and with six presidential candidates wretch of type to wants future is far from certain. after one supporters and opponents stand side by side in front of the turkish general consulate in berlin up to sixty thousand turkish citizens are expected to vote at
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this polling station alone votes from turks living abroad could swing the election it's likely to be a close one. as you can see members of the turkish community are eager to cast their votes here in berlin they want to decide in which direction the country is heading but where to the many different opinions. six candidates have entered the presidential election and eight parties hope to win votes in the parliamentary election but most people here will be voting for or against heir to one. of the same government should stay everything should remain as is which party k.p. . that is everything i bothers me what he did to us for sixteen years was not right he worked for himself. or any child you had it one is the best
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because he's built roads and hospitals for that one even proper roads into. or out of the union. the first day of the election has run smoothly each party has sent election monitors there it decisively countering accusations of vote rigging the turkish authorities carefully displaying openness. every evening these ballot boxes a sealed without having been opened my physique every evening kept under three looks i can only be open to all three parties a present. they will then be transported unopened to turkey on june twentieth. that if you took. even the opposition pro kurdish h.t.t.p. is not afraid of vote rigging in germany but they complain that no one from the h.t.t.p. is permitted to accompany the ballot boxes to turkey and once they've arrived. it will be days before they're counted. the slim is that because that is that the vote
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bank will be a lot different three or four days in storage rooms and we don't know what will happen there was this him on the. the lack of trust between the various political camps also in berlin. and for more let's go now to turkey and our correspondent dorian jones who is standing by with the latest from istanbul and dorian as we saw there early voting in the snap election now currently under way give us a sense of how crucial these overseas votes will be particularly those from germany . what it's about three million overseas voters of which germany accounts for about a hof of those votes now that's about seven percent of the fifty five million electorate and now those votes could be key to the outcome of the june polls because the presidential and parliamentary elections are becoming increasingly too close to call the president will be looking for a very high turnout among overseas voters because in the past they have strongly backed him and his ruling a k party. but turkish politicians for their part as that you know they have been
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campaigning they were actually banned from doing so in germany and in other parts of europe have tensions with the e.u. played a role in the campaigning there where you are in the country. what if your last year's referendum to extend the country's presidential powers similar restrictions were put on campaigning now president one use that in his campaign provoking a crisis with several european countries including germany and playing the nationalists card now that was widely seen as a factor in him securing a narrow victory in the referendum now appears to be using the same tactics in these elections but this time it doesn't seem to be gaining much traction and the reason is the economy is dominating this election last month in the euro provoked fears of a financial crisis the repercussions of that are still being felt we feared that turkey could still face a financial and economic crisis going forward and that is dominating the election
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and that is a big barrier to the turkish president who is trying to consolidate his power we know that the u.n. for example and others that they have cast doubt on turkey's ability to hold a free and fair election given the state of emergency that is part of that power consolidation it's currently in place and these elections there are also likely to mean big structural changes to turkey's democracy as well right well that's right the powers that were passed in the referendum come into effect with this election that are growing power through the new president making the country an executive presidency giving him power to also use greater powers over the three and it reduces the role of parliament even abolishing the role of prime minister now president that is necessary to deal with the challenges facing. problems ongoing war against kurdish insurgents but opposition parties say this is tantamount to an elected dictatorship they have these reforms and that's why
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a good selection is seen as much in many ways as a vote on the future of democracy in turkey story and jones in istanbul thank you. u.s. president donald trump says that he hopes that washington will be able to normalize ties with north korea in the future trump made the comments following talks with japan's prime minister shinzo upping their meeting was focused on preparations for the june twelfth summit between the u.s. and north korea said that he could still walk away from the whole thing if those talks to knuckle well but that he hopes that the summit with lead to a new era for all koreans. i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea. and indeed a bright new future for the world the deed nuclearization of the korean peninsula would assure in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans north and south
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and for people everywhere prime minister. chopstick in short while ago let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world jordan's incoming prime minister omar says that he will trump proposals to raise income taxes this needs a key demand of protesters it was their weeklong mass demonstrations against the government austerity measures that led the king to replace the previous prime minister. and it is that man who drove a truck into a crowd in stockholm last year has been jailed for life rockmart. said that he wanted to punish sweden for joining a coalition of countries fighting against the so-called islamic state five people were killed in that attack fourteen wounded. what tamal in authorities have today suspended search and rescue efforts in the wake of sunday's volcanic eruption they say that rainy weather and the hot fall cannick material blanking in the area are
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making it impossible to keep up the search for survivors at least one hundred people are dead with close to two hundred still missing the efforts of emergency workers up until now. clearing the rubble after disaster struck for days crews worked tirelessly to find and remove bodies buried under volcanic ash it's been a grim task and dangerous too dangerous the official search has now been suspended . unsafe for parts of a squint emergency shelters have been set up for the evacuees those who made it here are the lucky ones. of the more we know a lot of came and took everything with it. with lenny floor were killed. but. we have nothing left nothing at all that will. lead us it was we had to leave we couldn't take anything with us the ashes were coming after us but the people who
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stayed behind were buried underneath my own hands in mine of those barrels we had on body of music of that on that else but the community has come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help fellow guatemalans who've lost their homes. and makeshift memorial. to remember loved ones who were unable to flee the volcano's deadly rage. t w correspondent ophelia hong so hooty is in guatemala for us she joins us now from an area where survivors are being sheltered tell us a feel you know where are you exactly right now and how are these evacuees holding up at this hour. i'm in a church that has been ability for people to stay here it's about four hundred people who are saying here and they some of them are very desperate they don't know
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if they will ever be able to return to their homes some don't know how long they will have to stay in these conditions and they they are also worried about their places some of the areas are so devastated that they will probably not be inhabitable after did this sastre but the good news is that there's a lot of aid coming in we have seen aid coming from all over the country people driving up to twelve hours to get here and bring food and medical supplies and now the international help is also arriving there was a problem before yesterday some buses were stopped in the different frontiers but now they are coming in and so people will probably not have to worry at least for a while and speaking about the help of failure because of course we heard there a bit earlier that the rescuers that they suspended the search for the victims today how was that news affecting to mullins many of whom may not know where their loved ones are at this hour and will the search resume.
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many people here are sad that that news came in this morning and obviously some were shocked because they still remain with the hope that their loved ones will be fine and found the rescue workers who are stuck as you mentioned because of the climate conditions and the hard material that is still in the area as we saw the rescuers which who smelled whose roots were melting. they might resume further on what they were already saying is that there is. a monetary system that will be. a rule volcanic activity and if it's safe to go back they will you must remember that guatemalans are very religious and burying their bodies of their loved ones is very important to them so they want the bodies to be rescued from the areas you just briefly before we go accusations that authorities failed to warn people early enough is that a fair assessment. people do blame the elf
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already they say that one say knew about the disaster it's because they had ashes above their heads already and thirty's blame each other the ones that are in charge of monitoring the kind of activity said they had been giving during the whole weekend and evacuation was only ordered forty five minutes after the explosion now the opposition leaders in parliament have said that they will investigate the government for probable probable what they say could be negligence. harms a rooty with the latest from guatemala this hour thank you. the environmental activist group greenpeace has warns that micro plastics are polluting one of the earth's most sensitive ecosystems greenpeace found that tiny plastic particles and other toxins and water samples taken from the antarctic aside they say that pollution is reaching even the most remote corners of our world
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and arctica the earth's southernmost continent is a highly sensitive ecosystem. at hope bay home to this penguin colony the environmental organization greenpeace took snow and water samples earlier this year to measure the extent of pollution here. most of us imagine the antarctic as a pristine place of untouched wilderness but our findings show that sadly not the case anymore plastic was discovered plastics and other pollutants which means that they have made their way here to the forty's and. the team examined remote areas at the tip of the antarctic peninsula the researchers found micro plastic fibers and toxins that are used by the packaging industry and found in sportswear greenpeace experts fear that plastic could get logged in the tissues of marine creatures such as blue whales through the krill an algae they ingest micro plastics
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in the food chain represent a global threat was. this is comparable to the empire of climate change or overfishing it's a massive problem eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year such i took a moment and it's getting bigger all the time. and with that now you're up to date on i'm sara kelley in berlin thanks for watching. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people just. a flick of.


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