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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2018 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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more than a million turkish citizens living in germany began early voting in the country's snap presidential and parliamentary election polls say that they could swing the election in air to once favor but how could they vote for a politician whose consolidation of power has been criticized as undemocratic while living freely in germany i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. or any other one is the best because he's built roads and hospitals are for that one even proper roads in turkey well to me sure i did everything around me what he did for us for sixteen years was not right he worked for himself you have.
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to give these internally is our real homeland our families live there and we're doing this work here for them with god's help. if you don't have an identity problem right because they've heard a lot of bad experiences. that's why they want to vote for turkey and why so many support the a k p p if it does this but not everybody dogs got to go to the at the election center kiev tensions are running high here ambulance german take his community people are divided by one simple question are you for or against riddick type two on. one point four million turkish citizens living in germany have begun early voting in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections turkey itself goes to the polls on june the twenty fourth and with six. as eventually candidates to tie affair to one's
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position is uncertain but his domain and someone turks abroad is more clear within germany he and his party have a double digit lead according to recent polls a lead that could prove decisive germany for its part has banned turkish politicians from campaigning in the country a decision that has enraged erda want his critics say that his post coup crackdown has made a mockery of democracy and if he wins that power consolidation is likely to continue our coverage of the turkish vote begins with this report. after one supporters and opponents stand side by side in front of the turkish general consulate in berlin up to sixty thousand turkish citizens are expected to vote at this polling station alone votes from turks living abroad could swing the election it's likely to be a close one. as you can see members of the turkish community are eager to cast their votes here in berlin they want to decide in which direction the country is
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heading but where too many different opinions. six candidates have entered the presidential election and eight parties hope to win votes in the parliamentary election but most people here will be voting for or against heir to one. of the same government should stay everything should remain as is which party k.p. . that is everything i bothers me what he did to us for sixteen years was not right he worked for himself. or any had it one is the best because he's built roads and hospitals for that one even proper roads and. all of the union. the first day of the election has run smoothly each party has sent election monitors there it decisively countering accusations of vote rigging the
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turkish authorities carefully displaying openness. every evening these ballot boxes a sealed without having been opened my physique every evening kept under three looks and can only be open to all three parties a present. they will then be transported and open to turkey on june twentieth. that if you took. even the opposition pro kurdish h.t.t.p. is not afraid of vote rigging in germany but they complain that no one from the h.t.t.p. is permitted to accompany the ballot boxes to turkey and once they've arrived. it will be days before they're counted. the slim is that which that is that the vote banks will be locked up for three or four days in storage rooms and we don't know what will happen there. a lack of trust between the various political camps also in berlin. and while it's going to turkey and our correspondent dorian jones who is standing by with the latest from istanbul so dorian we know that this snap election
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is currently underway how crucial were these will these overseas votes be particularly those from germany. well it's about three million overseas voters of weak germany account for just on the whole of that now about seven percent of the electorate now those vote could be key because the presidential and general election all true close to cool and president will be looking for a very high turnout movies he's both has given the fact that in the polls they have strongly backed him and his ruling a party in previous elections. tell us a little bit more though about the validity of this election just going into it because we have for example the united nations and others they have cast doubt on turkey's ability to hold a free and fair election given the state from urgency that's in place and you mentioned the h d p we know that their leader for example is behind bars and they have also raised those questions. well certainly in the fairness of the
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vote is a key concern of all the opposition parties last year's referendum to extend the country's presidential powers was marred in allegations of voter fraud in that referendum only narrowly passed an uneven international observers raise concerns over the way the votes were counted and the way the election was carried out and those concerns exist today but it has to be said the opposition parties are aware of this and interim president the move they have united to work together to ensure a fair vote everyone is aware of the dangers and it does appear that opposition parties are taking steps to ensure a fair vote of the concerns still remain and there is so much at stake especially in this election because it is likely to be a big structural changes to turkey's democracy if everyone is reelected right well that's right now these powers that were passed to extend the president's powers in last year's referendum come into effect with this election the new
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president will have on president of powers will turn into a very powerful executive presidency and give the president the power to. also extend controls over the judiciary on top of that the parliament itself its role will be significantly diminished role of prime minister will be polish opposition party say that amount to an elected dictatorship are present one insists the powers of crucial to address key challenges facing the country the economy trouble also the ongoing war against kurdish insurgent positions parties have said they have pledged to reverse these reforms and that's what they say that this election is as much about the future of turkish democracy. and you know that's especially the view of critics of international observers story but do you have the sense that that is also the view of the turkish people do they see this as a referendum on their democracy. well certainly in from
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the opposition's perspective there is this undoubted concern about what the future will hold for turkey there is fears of what the future will be with the one having that extended powers and many don't many people feel this really is the last chance of the opposition to challenge it on affectively but earth one supporters equally are wrestling they see this as a way of consolidating the power of the presidency given the fact that this country is facing so many challenges so like so much else this country is split down the middle and that's why these polls are seen as extremely closely contested and the outcome is increasingly hard to predict for dorian let's do a little projecting of our own here i know that it's difficult as you mentioned there but who has the best chance of challenging him. well the key challengers a merge to one is more him in jail he's see a candidate of the main opposition c.h.p. party and he's performance has really taken even his own supporters by surprise he really has managed to reach out beyond the traditional secular base of the c.h.b.
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he has won the first move he did was to visit the imprisoned leader of the pro kurdish party selected and then the terrorist who is also standing but campaigning from jail that was seen as a very important move to reach out to the potential kurdish vote that would be key if the vote went to a second round or maybe even beyond that he's also managed to reach out to the pious folk he's the parents are very religious and conservative and he himself regularly prays and that is seen as unprecedented in the past for this c.h.p. party which has been betrayed is in the lead secular party he has broken down that barrier and in many ways he's really is taking this election by storm by his performances which have drawn massive crowds dorian jones in istanbul thank you. well president called this snap election eighteen months early a decision that is likely down to a fast approaching economic crisis that could throw a wrench into his plan to transition the country from
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a parliamentary democracy to an executive presidential system javi are a good us has that side of the story thanks very much sarah indeed those possible scenarios of an economic crisis are an important factor and we are seeing immediate actions by the government the turkish central bank has raised interest rates to seventeen point seven five percent that provoked a sharp jump in the value of the turkish currency less than three weeks ahead of the elections as we heard the interest rate hike of over one percentage point had been widely expected and was quite urgent inflation has hit a six month high in higher prices for turks best month the president. of the on announced his intention to exert more control over economic policy if he wins the election that's driven losses in the lira and put pressure on the turkish central bank to raise rates. and today's meeting of the turkish central bank comes only two weeks after a first emergency interest rate that we saw a clear indication that these are difficult economic types
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a growing number of foreign investors are pulling their capital out of the country since the beginning of the year the lira has shed twenty percent of its value against the u.s. dollar some major foreign companies have increasing reservations against investing in turkey turkish firms have foreign currency debt of over two hundred twenty billion dollars the weak lira makes it more difficult to repay loans and sara that is one of the reasons why it's very important to watch the economy on this election because it has major implications as we of course know and the question i mean we look at the numbers here we digest them we analyze them but at the end of the day javier our average check citizens are they feeling the pinch they definitely are let's not forget that of course economy is very dependent on imports the country imports far more than it exports and that trade deficits it has been increasing that fifty percent or even more at the beginning of this year compared to last year that means of course all those imported products are getting more expensive and on top of that we have the problem of the inflation in general which is
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a twelve percent that means turks are paying twelve percent higher prices and that is always a source of discomfort for the voters which is of course very important just comfort outlets talk about an economic crisis here we cannot talk about in a comic crisis yet but the problem is how sustainable the economic situation in turkey is if you take a look at the economic growth it is at four point five percent that is very high compared to about six percent in china which is considered a crazy growth if you will so it's difficult to talk about an economic crisis if growth is so strong but most of that growth comes from very important infrastructure projects major airports bridges and projects that are not necessarily financed with the country's own money but to external debt so that is the problem here how long can it be sustained and how sustainable is the whole economic system. many say that one of the reasons why the snapper actions came as we just said was because there is a looming economic crisis in the future and which is quite interesting because generally speaking has been seen by a lot of people there in turkey as
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a bit of an economic savior and in the past years do you think that he could now get the blame for the downturn how big a factor could the economy be in the election it is certainly going to be a very important factor because as you said he has campaigned on his economic performance for many many years he has praised himself for his economic performance in last fifteen years so it's one of his key points the question is how will he manage to influence the opinion of voters because he doesn't say that turkey has an economic problem he says that there is rather sort of a concentration against turkey and that's causing the problems not his performance or your projection for after the election well that will depend on how much he is going to meddle with the activities of the turkish central bank if he lets the turkish central bank do its job without interfering then we will have confidence by investors to get that money back into turkey if he starts meddling with the activities of the central bank we will continue to see these exact same problems
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after the election ok so not a lot of trust there this is basically what it boils down to our get us breaking down the numbers for us giving us the economic situation within turkey thank you so much. authorities in guatemala have today suspended search and rescue efforts in the wake of sunday's all chemical reaction they say that rainy weather and the hot volcanic material blanketing the area are making it impossible to keep up the search for survivors at least one hundred people are dead with close to two hundred still missing despite the efforts of emergency workers up until now. clearing the rubble after disaster struck for days crews worked tirelessly to find and remove bodies buried under volcanic ash it's been a grim task and dangerous too dangerous the official search has now been suspended . inside for parts of
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a squint emergency shelters have been set up for the evacuees those who made it here are the lucky ones. of the moving the larger came and took everything with it. with any floor were killed. but. we have nothing left nothing at all that will. leave us it was we had to leave we couldn't take anything with us the ashes were coming after us but the people who stayed behind were buried underneath in my own hands in my last article. on body of music of that on their shelves but the community has come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help fellow guatemalans who've lost their homes. and makeshift memorial has also been set up to remember loved ones who were unable to flee the volcano's dead leverage. and
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correspondent of a routine is joining us from guatemala she is in an area where the those survivors are being sheltered welcome to you ophelia describe to us where you are right now and how those evacuees have been holding up. while many people here are desperate they have lusted and they don't even know if they will be able to return to a once lived the areas are covered in ash is and some of the places will be inhabitable after this emergency is over and people here don't know if they will have to move somewhere else but the good news is as you can see there are many volunteers behind me young people coming over we see aid coming from all over the country people driving up to twelve hours to get here just to bring some food and medical supplies and we also see that international help is finally arriving there were some problems yesterday with some buses being blocked at the border of what
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the mob but now they are finally entering and we also see that the red cross has been. starting a big donation over the world for people here ok so a lot of efforts to get these people back on track but we know in the meantime but rescuers suspended the search for victims on thursday how is that news affecting guatemalans many of whom do not know the fate of loved ones who might be missing at this hour and will that search resume. well those news hit the people here very hard this morning they are still hoping for their relatives and loved ones to be found you have to remember that this country is very catholic and it's very important for them to at least bury the rest of their loved ones properly. the rescue search the search has been temporarily stopped they might resume further on they have installed the morning tourist monitoring system which which which will help to see how the activity of
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the volcano is coming on and we will see if it continues to rain but they might go back and search for the people we have to say they stopped after those seventy two hours that are established as a deadline to find or to or hoping to find people alive and authorities there there are accusations that they failed to warn people are early enough is that a fair assessment and what are the people that you have been speaking with say. some people here do blame vo thirty's they did actually only know about the emergency when they had actions over their heads and now authorities blame each other the ones who are in charge of monitoring the volcano said they had been releasing information all weekend long and then the ones who were supposed to evacuate people did only give advice forty five minutes after the explosion
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occurred. the opposition in parliament is now saying that they will investigate the government in order to see if there was any negligence from the authorities. a failure harms our road to joining us with the latest from guatemala where as you mentioned authorities on thursday suspended the search and rescue efforts in the wake of sunday's volcanic eruption ophelia we thank you so much for your reporting there from that shelter where survivors are currently being housed. everyone is gearing up for the world cup and of course for fans it is essential to have all of the right gear to support their teams in nigeria so many fans have snapped up the team's striking new official jersey that there is now a shortage in the shops the players have been sporting the florescent kids in the world cup warm up matches leaving fans scrambling to get their hands on what is
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said to be one of the standout jerseys of the tournament in russia and news correspondents in lagos state they made their mission basically to try and track down one of these must have kits here's their experience. the beginning of the world cup is coming closer but people here are saying it is not possible anymore to get a jersey of the nigerian national team flourish to think that history well one time i had the officials to see if i can get one myself all right then i'll go to lagos island to the market and see who of us will be the lucky one. one of the big malls in the. i'm going to see. a chef today. oh it looks like nice to have. and it feels really nice. move soon.
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i don't see any on the shelves i think you only have the old ones. like. i wouldn't be here but unfortunately the wood on the front page is still you just told me he sold four hundred shares. he goes for one hundred thousand five hundred this is not the first time he's miles away in the stock so. this is lego i love the business how. can i make capital lagos and i'm pretty sure that i have a good chance to find a jersey here. like you're looking for the jerseys the nigerian jersey why are people so crazy about it . i love. very nice of course i'm not i'm not.
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degree white green i'm not i love it's easy. to eat. well. we're going to the world all right here we go who says they're sold out it's nigerian shirts. i can see you're selling world cup two shirts how is the sales going we're making a lot of so as. customers are coming in i mean i just love these shirts very very well. and does the greats. do much for it's how many of the jerseys have you sold already oh i couldn't count i couldn't convert many i've sold maybe i'm just more demand a stick for its. membership where you are jerseys. well unfortunately i wasn't able to get there also would all
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be off the show store well certainly that for you but i'll give you one because i got plenty i doubt though that they're the real ones because they sold them for three thousand meron the market which is about eighty euros only but it was the most important question is do you think that syria has a good chance to perform well during the walk up well. anything can happen if this boss who i think we do have a chance and i'm sure you know the nigerian team is here also tearing down the team we've got we've got the jersey where we're looking forward to all performance and hope for the week it's been great without without jerseys so let's hope all the best when i say. he bought a pirated jersey you should not do that shame on you major well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either at news my handle is at sarah kelly and don't forget you can use the hash
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tag the day. well now finally thursday would have been the birthday of the artist formally known as prince it would have been since his sixtieth birthday and his record company has announced today that they will be releasing. previously on hard material from his purple ness later on this year the new album dates all the way back to nine hundred eighty three and it was a private rehearsal recording the artist was just fifty seven when he died from an accidental fentanyl overdose in his paisley park complex so here finally today is a kiss for prince thanks for watching. you
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