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bridge. exclusive report starting to moment on t w. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a war of words sets the tone for a combative she seven some of the french president warns washington it could face isolation over trade terms as america's closest allies bracing for a showdown with donald trump. but things are more friendly the white house where the u.s. and japanese leaders say they could normalize times with pyongyang if next week's
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u.s. north korea summit is successful president even says he might invite kim jong un to the white house. and the hunt for a killer german police are searching for an asylum seeker suspected of raping and murdering portsea fourteen year old girl but it's believed the suspect has already fled to iran. and in sports germany's germany faces their final warm up match before the world cup begins but they've run into problems already with an injury had seen their plans for the saudi arabia clash. with. hello i'm terry marchant thanks for joining us the group of seven industrialized nations starts its meeting in canada today but tensions over trade routes. atlanta
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overshadow the two day summit u.s. president donald trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum imports have antagonized many of the g seven leaders and the trade war has spilled over into the twitter sphere president mccall of france fired the opening salvo saying the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be trump fired back accusing canada and france of imposing massive tariffs and putting up non monetary barriers against u.s. exports to their countries. well for more now let's bring in our brussels correspondent bound who's following the story beth help us out here what is trump referring to there what's he talking about when he says massive trade tariffs and non monetary barriers against the u.s. . maybe he's referring to two things canada mexico and china already have
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retarded three measures in place against the steel and other million tariffs trump has imposed and you with a follow suit in july but he might also referred to the deal about terrorists which is in place for many years already with the european union that terrorism car imports those ways and they are also some measure as concerning cultural products so that is a tariff regime and maybe now the brands this unfair and of course the e.u. is open to renegotiate these things but that has to be both thought of to poach and so father has no offer from the from the americans and they also stopped all talks about teach hip this famous tariff and tariff agreement that was negotiated between the e.u. and the obama administration ok so there are a lot of issues on the table that now the french president manuel mccall he seems
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to started this this twitter dispute anyway suggesting that the u.s. to be left out of signing any agreement between the summiteers could this summit end up being dominated by disputes with the us. but i would say this summit could be the last g. seven summit as we know it in this form and it does make sense from a european standpoint point of view to negotiate with somebody or to to meet with somebody who says no to almost everything which is on the table of the g. seven b. a trade to be had foreign policy be it the environment so this is what micro is referring to they can act as a g six and maybe's go if you shop for other allies around the world of trump is not willing to do that so this is a very very severe spat in the g seven b. never have seen that before last year in italy trump was a kind of rehearsing this g. seven summit he just listened but this time it seems that is this is the beginning
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of the end what about germany chancellor merkel has so far managed to stay above the fray what role is germany likely to play at this summit. but the chancellor herself has not issued a tweet or something like that just not test daya but i guess she's also somewhat upset or angry it was drummed and you can see that from the economy minister he was doing interviews this mon he says. it was never so open if we achieve anything at the g. seven summit so he's also you know referring to the possible end of this film it doesn't make sense if the west and as i'm not standing together ben thank you so much to badly get that in brussels. well it's not just america's closest allies who are bracing for a showdown at the g. seven g. seven summit in quebec today left wing protesters have been gathering in quebec
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city the provincial capital a two hour drive from the resort where the g seven leaders will meet now their anger is directed at political leaders globalization and a lack of action on climate change. as world leaders gather in a luxury resort town this new woman wants them to remember the indigenous people who lived in canada first. the sixty two year old says they should be focusing on how to stop ravaging the mountains and cutting down trees on the reserve where she lives. i want the leaders to stop selling our lands because we still need to go into our forests and practice our incest all rights to go fishing to go hunting to go pick wild fruits. she's joining protesters in the first demonstration against the summit taking place in quebec. this is a march bringing together
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a wide range of interests but all believe the g seven leaders are wasting time and money without making any real progress and putting on a show that distracts from the biggest problems facing society today. and burial is smoke that goes and it's not democratic what they're doing in actual fact they are doing the same to protect the environment i would like the g seven and all the other countries of the world to do more against plastic with a stop start cleaning the sea for starters. but they're not optimistic that any of these goals will be achieved. the protesters here come from diverse groups and backgrounds but they are united by one common grievance they think that the leaders at the g. seven summit are not qualified to speak about the issues on the agenda and if they don't have the credibility to discuss things like gender equality and climate
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change. hosting the summit is also costing canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. and this year it looks set to be more dysfunctional than ever before as the traditional allies struggle to find common footing with u.s. president donald trump on even the most basic of issues. well the u.s. the u.s. president has a couple of summits on his agenda donald trump says he would consider inviting north korean leader kim jong un to the white house if next week's summit between those two leaders goes well trump also said attitude is more important than preparation as he gets set to negotiate the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the u.s. president made the comments after a meeting at the white house with japan's prime minister a part of a flurry of diplomatic activity in the run up to the summit donald trump welcome to washington with the news that he's on off relationship with north korea looks to
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be very much back on having canceled the singapore summit two weeks ago he appears now to believe that it could be the start of an unprecedented era of peace in northeast asia i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world the deed nuclearization of the korean peninsula would assure in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans in north and south and for people everywhere trump also left the door open for more talks with the north korean leader even on home soil if the summit does go well will you mean inviting north korean leader kim jong il to the united states well the answer is yes to the second part of your question but certainly if it goes well and i think it would be well received i think he would look at it very favorably so i think that could happen. all i can say is i am totally prepared to walk away i did it
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once before much thank you but before the singapore summit trump faces more tough diplomacy when he heads to the g seven meeting in canada so what does japan want out of the singapore summit we put that question to michael penn he's president of the shin get sued news agency in tokyo. well. obvious basically probably pushing trump for two specific points one is that he wants to make sure that the issue of the abductees the japanese abductees to north korea is brought up and that kim is pushed to resolve the issue how much resolution is actually needed on that is a matter of debate but from the japanese point of view it's an important issue and the other has to do a short range missiles you know the united states is homeland security is not threatened at all by kim's short range missiles and so
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a deal might be made that leaves them in place from the perspective that's not a good thing because those short range missile missiles short range missiles can still reach japan quite easily so this is something he's probably also pushing trump about the personal chemistry always plays a role in these things what is the personal relationship between shinzo the japanese prime minister and president trump there in the u.s. can they work together on global issues do they see. in a way that will allow them to work out their differences over trade. and get together on north korea. right well you know there's probably no world leader who has worked harder to make a relationship with trump that than ave has in fact he was the first world leader to meet with trump even before he was even or before he became president while he's president elect so you know are they basically from the beginning made
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a calculation that making a very strong personal relationship with trump was the way to best advance japan's interests and he's been very very harshly say flattering to the president and doing everything he can to to keep keep on his good side now this policy seems to have worked for the first year but now it's beginning to slide on policy issues now we're seeing a trend make decisions and to move in directions that abbay doesn't want so we're seeing the limits of that personal relationship as far as obvious concerned at this point in time michael thank you so much for your insights michael penn there president of the shing at sioux newsagency he was talking to us from tokyo thanks. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making news around the world today russian president vladimir putin is in china for a three day visit aimed at boosting military and economic ties between was received in beijing with full honors by president xi jinping russia has been focused on
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expanding its ties and asia in recent years as its relationship with the west has soured. authorities say some six hundred homes have been swallowed by lava pole by lava flows on hawaii's big island since the killer way of all came to begin the rapping last month that makes this the most destructive eruption in modern times the u.s. geological survey says molten rock has increased the size of the island by more than a square kilometer. facebook says private posts up to fourteen million users were made public last month the social network blames a software bug for the problem which it says is now fixed the admission follows an earlier releve revelation that facebook was sharing user data with device makers including china as huawei. and scientists say nasa's curiosity rover has found potential building blocks for life in an ancient martian lake bed that data is part
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of the u.s. space agency's search for organic molecules on mars researchers say the discovery could be a sign of life but there may be nonbiological explanations for the findings as well . the search for survivors of the devastating volcanic eruption in guatemala has been called off due to hazardous conditions the country's disaster management agency says the volcano could erupt again at any time and that rainfall could unleash more lava down the sides of the volcano more than one hundred people have been declared dead and another two hundred are still missing. clearing the rubble after disaster struck for days crews worked tirelessly to find and remove bodies buried in different kind of cash. it's been agreements haast and dangerous too dangerous the official search has been suspended. in safer parts of the region imagine sea shelters have been set up for evacuees those who made it
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here and the lucky ones. meanwhile there were heartbreaking scenes outside the morgue where red cross workers try to console victims who lost everything. i lost my grandchildren who was seventeen nineteen and twenty two and my thirty eight year old daughter and it's something that maybe you see me smiling but inside i mean a lot of pain. a funeral for a man who went searching for his family but later died of severe burns. he said that all of a sudden he saw the lava and he could no longer escape he said he was all burned but he was still alive when they got him out. many survivors accused of failing to react t.w.
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correspondent affiliate harm zarutsky heard from people in shelters who said the first warning came only after volcanic ash was raining down. and now authorities blame each other the ones who are in charge of monitoring the volcano said they had been releasing information all weekend long and then the ones who were supposed to evacuate people did only give advise forty five minutes after the explosion occurred. the opposition in parliament is now saying that they will investigate the government in order to see if there was any negligence from the authorities. now it's the community that has to come together in a show of solidarity with people donating food and other items to help fellow guatemalans who suffered catastrophic losses. an international manhunt is underway after. in germany discovered the body of a fourteen year old girl the main suspect is
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a twenty year old iraqi man whose asylum claim had been denied he's known to police for other offenses including an alleged rape but is now thought to have fled germany and returned to iraq fourteen year old susanna went missing two and a half weeks ago on wednesday police found her body next to railway tracks buried in thick undergrowth not to open the door through after the discovery of the corpse and the post-mortem that was carried out we must assume that the deceased was the victim of a violent sexual assault of the. two asylum seekers were suspects in the killing of thirty five year old takesh man was detained briefly but released the second is twenty year old ali bashar from iraq a teenage boy led police to bashar who had already been denied asylum the boy and bashar lived in the same refugee center when police searched the center they discovered had left they believe that days ago he along with his parents and five
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siblings fled from just to istanbul and then to the city of bell in northern iraq. the ticket to the tickets were booked for all eight people using names different from the ones we know these people to have been sequenced because it. was already known to police for assault robbery and he suspected of having right to an eleven year old in the refugees and now an international manhunt is underway as police seek justice in the brutal killing of fourteen year old susanna. monica is here with some business to do with your bank could make a radical move to save its troubled business it seems there's some rumor around some interesting rumors terry deutsche bank chairman powell. has reportedly been speaking with shareholders about a merger with competitor could mel spog according to bloomberg talks have not yet
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reached a formal stage the two banks were said to have broken off negotiations back in the summer of twenty sixteen speculation has grown about a possible merger between deutsche and commenced banks since private equity company severus capital took a share in both banks that's something i would like to discuss with our man in frankfurt only bad really you're standing somewhere in the streets of frankfurt probably not far away from deutsche bank which is germany's number one and now there's rumors that number one will want to merge with the germany's number to lend if true is that a good move. yeah it would not be a good move at the moment monica this is the deutsche bank's main branch here in frankfurt it was the first branch in frankfurt that was erected and right behind at pace they were right across the street from it basically as the come out spunk and behind is the deutsche bank tower where the executive said so all very close and if
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you wanted to merge you'd only have to walk across the street basically for the talks but people i talked to said it's way too early for that both banks are in trouble that's why you're having these rumors and they have to do their homework in their own house first and they're both in the midst of slashing thousands of jobs of reorganizing if there was a merger that would have to end first before they could do another move that's what people tell me are you saying and of course both banks are in trouble have been in trouble for quite some time what are investors those banks saying about the possibility of a merger. i think they're split up on this some small investors say you have merged the two slash costs and have them pool their strengths but big investors i think they're waiting they don't see the time has come either that the share prices are way too low for such a move as this it would not generate very much profit for the big investors and the
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stock market a showing of both shares are losing today on this news no i don't he bats in france and thank you so much for bringing us up to date on that story. well argentina and the international monetary fund have reached an agreement for a three year fifty billion dollars stem to buy a range meant the government says it's sort financing to provide a safety nets and avoid the frequent crises of us passed the i.m.f. board still has to approve the. the deal marks a turning point for argentina for years argentina shun the i.m.f. after the economic crisis of two thousand and one two thousand too many arjun times blamed that crisis on austerity measures which the i.m.f. had demanded and they took to the streets again in protest against president mauricio mockeries the negotiations with the fund argentina requested i.m.f. assistance early last month after its peso currency weaken sharply in an investor
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exodus the chairman of the central bank and the finance minister announced the deal on thursday it was. stand by we've agreed on standby access the amount of fifty billion dollars this is eleven times greater than argentina's quota which is reflective of the support of the international community for argentina it's very good news the integration of argentina to the world which allows us to have this level of support. but it means that. will surely money to. the agreement will hold the argentine government to its promise to reduce its deficit to two point seven percent this year the government will also send a proposal to congress to reform the central bank charter and strengthen its autonomy duke of me said the country aims to be in surplus by twenty twenty. china's trade surplus with the united states jumped by almost twelve percent in may
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data shows the first five months of the year china's surplus with the u.s. was more than one hundred billion dollars that figure may reinforce washington's decision to move forward with new tariffs on tens of billions of dollars in chinese imports next week beijing has want to those tariffs would void agreements made between the world's two largest economies over months of trade negotiations. the world's largest furniture company is stepping up measures to reduce its carbon footprint sweden's ikea says all its products will be made from sustainable and wrist cycle materials by the year twenty thirty and in the next two years it plans to remove all the single use plastic products from its in-store snack boss the announcement comes just days after the european union moved to ban the use of single use plastic products across the uk. well terry looks like these just what we need in order to clean up our oceans right that's exactly right
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that's part of the answer i suppose monica the environmental group the activist group greenpeace is warning that micro plastics are polluting one of the earth's most sensitive ecosystems greenpeace has found tiny plastic particles at other talks and in samples taken from the arctic a sign that says that pollution is reaching even the most remote corners of our world. antarctica the earth's southernmost continent is a highly sensitive ecosystem at hope bay home to this penguin colony the environmental organization greenpeace took snow and water samples earlier this year to measure the extent of pollution here. this is most of us imagine the antarctic as a pristine place untouched wilderness but our findings show that sadly not the case anymore plastic was discovered make plastics and other pollutants which means that they have made their way here to the forty's and. the team examined remote areas
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at the tip of the antarctic peninsula the researchers found micro plastic fibers and toxins that are used by the packaging industry and found in sportswear greenpeace experts fear that plastic could get lodged in the tissues of marine creatures such as blue whales through the krill an algae they ingest micro plastics in the food chain represent a global threat. is this is comparable to the empire of climate change or overfishing it's a massive problem eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year such i got sick amount and it's getting bigger all the time. the rossi is already protected the german government backs greenpeace's campaign to establish another protected area in the weddell c. it would become the largest ocean sanctuary in the world. sports news now the world cup in russia is just around the corner germany have now finished
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their training camp in italy confident they have done the necessary groundwork for a successful tournament despite losing last week's friendly against austria the team is now back in germany for a final warm up match against saudi arabia after which the real work begins. cracking weather a laid back atmosphere and simple bowl drills the perfect end to germany's world cup training camp it's certainly good enough for the world cups recalled goalscorer now a coach miroslav klose a says he's happy with the team's progress. because of him years ago to india and i think we've trained well in this and we have to make sure we achieve the same things we did four years ago it's in the fall that means developing a positive team spirit sort of pushing each other and training with an intensity that's enough to challenge even the established players that's because these are so going on. for. a few weeks ago it was unthinkable but some man will neuer
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has proven his fitness in this once again the undisputed number one between the posts and the rest of the squad is also in good spirits including injury doubt jura poet saying only measured ursule had to cut short his training schedule he'll miss friday's game due to a knee injury. a lot of necessary you don't say it's just a bruise on the name but you don't want to take any unnecessary risks he did some sprints today so i assume it won't be an issue for the wild couples is that if you give him kind to mice the match against saudi arabia is germany's last test before their world cup defense kicks off. you are watching did every news from we have more for you at the top of the hour and of course you can get all this news and information around the clock on our web site that's a t w dot com thanks for being with us. luxury
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gun international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week some of the world's most powerful leaders assemble in canada the g seven looks to be at risk of devolving into what she six plus one trump goes it alone during the last that's our topic ontogeny to join us.
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next on double your. reactions to others authority at work at home. and in society. but why is that so. what makes humans obedient. scientists are trying to crack a mystery. what is the source of people's longing for authority. in forty five minutes on d w. earth a home for saving global otiose tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to get beaten by a series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. space news analyst mike brooks let's focus on some
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of. those occult changes not the greatest confidence boost side but first. let me play put. big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on the w. . book and to quadriga as we speak some of the world's most powerful leaders are assemble again canada for the annual summit of the g seven countries even before the meeting began there were predictions of acrimony on the agenda is u.s. president trumps decision to impose punitive tariffs on steel and on many m imports
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coming from the e.u. mexico and canada some observers are predicting a six against one confrontation with donald trump.


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