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coming to you live from berlin a war of words and head of the g. seven summit president donald trump heads to canada in confrontation he's calling for russia to rejoin the group of leading industrial nations it could put him on collision course with america's closest allies. also coming up a fugitive suspected often driven killing. the shock begins involving the rejected asylum seeker and the fourteen year old girl took. charge debate on
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immigration. u.s. president donald trump has just taken off from andrews air force base outside washington on his base the g. seven summit in canada speaking to the media just before he left trump course for russia to rejoin the group of leading industrial nations a bold statement that puts him on collision course with leaders of other g. seven nations he'll be meeting later today here's what he had to say. russia should be in this seat why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the meeting you should be a part of it you know whether you like it or not and it may not be politically
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correct but we have a world to run at the g seven which used to be the g eight they threw russia out they should let russia come back in because we should have russia at the negotiating. that was talking just a short while ago didn't miss an exam before naaman joins me now. in combat with the g. seven summit is due to start soon now on general which is trump trying to do with the statement saying that russia should be back in the g. seven and what used to be the g eight. well it's quite telling brings up this topic right now while leaving for canada we have no indication that this topic was actually on the hasty seven again and spy calling on russia to be readmitted to this g seven summits he is clearly breaking with the leaders even before they all have got to get over here and can because nothing has
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changed on the ground russia was expelled from the g eight meetings because of its aggression against ukraine because of its and they say sion of crimea and that as i said has not changed on the ground and i have coverage from since he's integration and i have to say that it's his typical way of dealing with disputes and crisis to us seems to be quite isolated here in canada so he is trying to distract the attention from the disputed topics like such as trade or the iran nuclear agreement he is also trying to show that he's not backing of backing down on any issue that he is actually doubling down and that's his strategy and i'm going to ask donald trump this and we have a word to run and this certainly will take many of the other leaders off the g. seven summit by surprise asking russia to come back into this grouping how do you
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think they're likely to react to this rather unexpected development. well i don't think that it's we will find any leaders here saying that it would be the right point of time to read me to russia to this group and trump by bringing this topic is also trying to show the other leaders that you know i don't need to rely of on you as top allies i can also turn to russia or even to china and this is his typical transactional approach to foreign policy and through diplomacy and alexandra ahead of the summit tensions were already high what you called the u.s. in position of trade tariffs let's first have a look at this report as we hear in this report there's been a war of words which is also spilled on to twitter. this time around canada's prime
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minister justin trudeau angered president trump ever since trump walked into the g seven schoolyard he's bill upsetting the other kids trudeau said he wasn't going to be pushed around on tariffs the idea that we are somehow and national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting that's up to trump retaliated on twitter he doesn't bring up the fact of the charges up to three hundred percent on dairy hosting our farmers killing our agriculture he said seeing his friends trudeau taking the punches france's president mark wrong delivered a lecture on the importance of continuity in international relations and you say today that president trump doesn't care at all maybe but nobody amongst us is forever and so are countries the commitments we've taken are bigger than us. then it's right to make it clear that trump was the most unpopular kid in school the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be not to be outdone trump shot back against what
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he called the e.u. using canada's massive trade tariffs and nonmilitary trade barriers not long after this brawl the white house announced the trump meeting japanese prime minister shinzo abbay would be leaving the g. seven summit early possibly to avoid a shutdown will debate on climate change and the environment reports suggest he already considered staying away from the summit altogether. so to engender we sold him many disputes which divide donald trump and his kills us allies and including now his suggestion that russia should join the g. seven could these disputes end up overshadowing the entire summit. well frankly speaking i think that the dispute of many issues between among the allies and between the sixty hour members of the g. seven and the u.s. is already overshadowing this very controversial summit and it's quite likely or at
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least very possible that india and we are going to see a joint statement issued by all the members we just have to think what's the german chancellor said for example that the g. seven shouldn't force a joint statement that would so watered down what the group has agreed on in the past so that is something that might happen here in canada. dr alexander phenomena kills the g. seven summit in canada thank you very much for that update from there. now head of the summit thousands of protesters have been gathering in quebec city that's about a two hour drive away from the resort where g seven leaders will be meeting soon now the anger is directed all the political leaders and their lack of action on crucial issues which affect people's lives. as world leaders gather in a luxury resort town this in
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a new woman wants them to remember the indigenous people who lived in canada first . the sixty two year old says they should be focusing on how to stop ravaging the mountains and cutting down trees on the reserve where she lives. i want the leaders to stop selling our lands because we still need to go into our forests and practice our incest all rights to go fishing to go hunting to go pick wild fruits. she's joining protesters in the first demonstration against the summit taking place in quebec. that's instilled in the us is a march bringing together a wide range of interests but all believe the g seven leaders are wasting time and money without making any real progress and putting on a show that distracts from the biggest problems facing society today.
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and burial is smoke. and it's not democratic what they're doing in actual fact they are doing the same to protect very meant i would like the g seven and all the other countries of the world to do more against plastic with a stop start cleaning the sea for solders. but they're not optimistic that any of these goals will be achieved. the protesters here come from diverse groups and backgrounds but they are united by one common grievance they think that the leaders at the g. seven summit are not qualified to speak about the issues on the agenda and if they don't have the credibility to discuss things like gender equality and climate change. hosting the summit is also costing canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. and this year it looks set to be more dysfunctional than ever before as the traditional allies struggle to find common footing with u.s.
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president donald trump on even the most basic of issues. and away from the g. seven summit a fugitive suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old girl has been invested in iraq the men the police named only as b. is a rejected asylum seeker who left for iraq with his family last week he's being held by kurdish authorities in the city of ed be the case has reignited jimmy's politically charged debate on immigration fourteen year old susanna went missing two and a half weeks ago on wednesday police found her body next to railway tracks buried in stick undergrowth. after the discovery of the corpse in the post-mortem that was carried out we must assume that the deceased was the victim of a violent sexual assault of. the main suspect as twenty year old
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be from iraq he had been living in a refugee center in vs. when police searched the center they discovered he'd fled to appeal in northern iraq the german government says he's now been arrested in his homeland. like to think for the security services who took part in this operation and made the arrest. the success is the result of good cooperation between the kurdish authorities in iraq and the german federal police. he was already known to police for assault and robbery and he suspected of having great to eleven year old in the refugee center germany and iraq and now discussing extradition as police seek justice for susanna. let me join our chief political editor. we know that this man has just been arrested in any bill and any other details about his arrest. as we just heard the interior minister horse the
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will for who's that interior minister's meeting today announced this swift success after of course what looked like an easy getaway for prime suspect in this killing of the fourteen year old girl who appears to have been raped as well days ago now we don't know the exact details the big question now of course will there be an extradition to germany there's no agreement between iraq and germany and we've learned that this is then subject to an individual case by case basis between the two countries for now we understand that the prime suspect is in custody we dasn't there were no details given about where the other members of his family that it was eight people in total who left germany for iraq his close family were suspect as well in this particular potential crime here so for the time being we know that he
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was arrested and that negotiations will start very soon on a potential extradition the suspect has been arrested but this issue has reignited the whole debate about refugees and asylum seekers dilla what is the context of this debate. you know really what is still unfolding and we saw that in germany's largest selling tabloid today that there was accusations that because this fine suspect became as part of this migration drive into germany in twenty fifteen early twenty sixteen that there is apparently some kind of responsibility with the german government certainly the far right if tea party which is in the durban parliament is arguing that it was quite vocal about this today it held a minute's silence in parliamentary proceedings and is trying to use this as a case in point for more violence coming to germany through migration out the statistics speak different language violent crime has gone up recently
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a lot of that is amongst migrants that's what we know according to a study in the state of lowest saxony but this is because by far most migrants who come here are young men and violent crime is something that is committed predominantly by young men so really when you compare it to other groups there really is no significant number here but certainly has reignited this debate and it plays into the hands of populous who are clearly going to look into every detail of this case to argue that migration is to blame. do you have you see political editor thank you very much. you're watching the news coming up ahead as the leaders of the g. seven and need to go back in canada we take a look at the economic and trade implications of that summit.
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and that will be with us who is standing by and have more for you shortly it's a do stay with me is if you can. look. to. frankfurt now koch international gateway to the best connection self you know road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from.


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