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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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this is deja news coming to you live from washington angers its allies ahead of the g. seven summit the president heads to the summit in canada calling for russia to rejoin the group off it was ousted annexing crimea the move puts it on a collision course with nations drives by straightout it is. also coming up
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a fugitive suspected of the very thin killing of a german teenager is a rested in iraq because involving the rejected asylum seekers and the fourteen year old girl has still to chill nice politically charged debate on immigration. and preschool admits to another privacy breach it says tried to compose up to speed fourteen million users were made public last month due to a software bug. plus in the next sixty minutes school children and violin fostering through ramadan gooden's are divided on whether the children should observe the ritual meals a list them students home avoiding food and drink between sunrise and sunset. and in school or face their final blow off match before the world cup bought an injury to a key get a good deal read plans for the clash against saudi arabia. kind
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of warm welcome to you i'm. a u.s. president dollar trump has taken off from andrews air force base outside washington on his rage the g. seven summit in canada speaking to the media before he left court for russia to be readmitted to the group of meeting industrial nations a bold statement that puts him on a collision course with leaders of the seven nations he later today here's what he had to say right here should be in this city why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting and i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the meeting you to be a part of it you know whether you like it or not and it may not be politically
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correct but we have a world to run at it the g seven which used to be the g eight they were russia out they should let russia come back here because we should have russia at that it goes yes. that was donald trump speaking a short while ago let me now go live to. the phenomena she joins me now from a shot of one in quebec what the summit is due to start in a a few onstream out how to alexander so what let's trump trying to get what this is a man making that statement that the g seven should allow russia back into the group off industrialized nations and make a g eight again. well i think it is quite telling that president trump made this statement leaving for canada before even arriving here and it is quite unusual we don't have any indication that it was really on his official g seven and gender and so we have to say that or to keep in mind that
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russia was excluded from this group in two thousand and fourteen after the end it say sion of crimea and actually there is no no reason to talk about it again because on the ground nothing has changed and i have covered strom since the integration and i have to say that it seems to be his usual way of handling tracey's and disputes and he is expecting to hear quite a knock out fight with the europeans especially so it is his way of trying to distract the attention from average disputed topics and at the same y. the same at the same time time he's also showing that he is not thinking about backing down but rubber would like to double down so pretty confrontational style there alexandra but it's taken a lot of people by surprise a statement russia should join the g. seven what kind of reactions are you expecting to this suggestion.
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well the new italian prime minister conde was quoted as saying that he agrees that he thinks it would be in the interests in the interest of everyone for russia to rejoin the group so that's quite interesting and it seems as if you asked president would be successful in trying to divide the over six members of the g seven and by making this remarks today eyes it's you that troubles also trying to show the u.s. top elyse that he doesn't have to rely on them because he can also turn to other apart like russia or even china you know all of this comes alexander when tensions were already running high especially over the u.s. imposition of tablets the war of words or spilled into twitter let's first have a look at this report before we go back to alexander. this time around kind of this prime minister justin trudeau i'm going to president trump ever since trump walked
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into the g seven schoolyard he's been upsetting the other kids in the trudeau said he wasn't going to be pushed around on time. the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the united states is quite frankly insulting except of course trump retaliated on twitter he doesn't bring up the fact of the charges up to three hundred percent on dairy farmers killing our agriculture he said seeing his friends trudeau taking the punches france's president microland delivered a lecture on the importance of continuity in international relations and you say today that president trump doesn't care at all maybe but nobody amongst us is forever and so our countries the commitments we've taken are bigger than us. then it's right to make it clear that trump was the most unpopular kid in school the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be not to be outdone trump shot back against what he called the e.u. using canada's. massive trade thomas a norman
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a true trade barriers not long after this brawl the white house announced the trump meeting japanese prime minister shinzo abbay would be leaving the g. seven summit possibly to avoid a shuttle debate on climate change and then environment reports suggest he already considered staying away from the summit altogether. the german foreign minister alexander has published an interview today in which he said we can no longer ignore the differences between the u.s. and its allies they can reset under the carpet and his lunch as always being in the face of america first it should be europe united will disunity be under threat at this summit do you think. but i think it's quite remarkable what the german foreign minister said because he also said that he doesn't think that trump can make the ward safer better or a more peaceful place and it was quite
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a stark contrast to the normally something that germany is known for for a quiet disapproval of the u.s. policies on the tram and he also said that the right way to deal with us is to be united in the euro how in europe however we have to say that we have to wait and see over the europeans are really going to be even night dealing with the u.s. as we just talked about the new italian governments this anti-establishment populist government sort of problem child in the peony union so it will be interesting how they are going to be acting here in canada and britain and if they're on this could be quite a stormy summit reheard what heikal masa german foreign minister said you also heard what macross said what do you think. i expected to be a very stormy summit indeed and very interested in whether it will be possible in the answer to have a joint statement signed by all the seven members of the g seven at the moment it
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doesn't seeing light it's like it really can be possible and is only for naaman close to the g. seven summit venue in canada thank you very much for that live update from there. head of the summit thousands of protesters have been gathering in qu├ębec city about a two hour drive away from the resort for the g seven leaders will start their meeting soon anger is directed all political leaders and what this see is their lack of action on crucial issues which affect people's lives. as world leaders gather in a luxury resort town this in a new woman wants them to remember the indigenous people who lived in canada first . the sixty two year old says they should be focusing on how to stop ravaging the mountains and cutting down trees on the reserve where she lives. i want the leaders to stop selling our lands because we still need to go into our forests and practice
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our incest all rights to go fishing to go hunting to go pick wild fruits. she's joining protesters in the first demonstration against the summit taking place in quebec. it's a march bringing together a wide range of interests but all believe the g seven leaders are wasting time and money without making any real progress and putting on a show that distracts from the biggest problems facing society today. and burial is smoke up their lives and it's not democratic what they're doing in actual fact they are doing anything to protect vironment i would like the g seven and all the other countries of the world to do more against plastic with a stop start leaving the scene for solders. but they're not optimistic that any
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of these goals will be achieved. the protesters here come from diverse groups and backgrounds but they are united by one common grievance they think that the leaders at the g. seven summit are not qualified to speak about the issues on the agenda and if they don't have the credibility to discuss things like gender equality and climate change. hosting the summit is also costing canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. and this year it looks set to be more dysfunctional than ever before as the traditional allies struggle to find common footing with u.s. president donald trump on even the most basic of issues. we'll have more on the g. seven summit later in the program but first let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world austria's right wing government has announced plans to shut down several mosques and expelled dozens of
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muslim clerics in mom's chances the boston courts said there was no space in the country for what he called burial societies political islam and radical tendencies turkey has criticized the measures calling them racist and anti islam. authorities says some six hundred homes have been swallowed by lava flows on hawaii's big island since the killer began erupting last month the u.s. geological survey says martin rock has increased the size of the island by more than a square kilometer and it says there's no way of knowing when. and. us said a british chef and t.v. host anthony bourdain has been found dead hosted the parts unknown travel series on c.n.n. the network said he had hanged himself in a hotel room in france where he'd been working on the program he was sixty one
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years old a fugitive suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old german girl has been arrested in iraq the man the police are naming only as b. is a rejected asylum seeker who left germany for iraq with his family last week he's being held by kurdish authorities in the city of edibility the case has reignited germany's politically charged debate on immigration. fourteen year old susanna went missing two and a half weeks ago on wednesday police found her body next to railway tracks varied instict undergrowth enough to open the door to after the discovery of the corpse and the post-mortem that was carried out we must assume that the deceased was the victim of a violent sexual assault of. the main suspect as twenty year old be from iraq he had been living in a refugee center in vs. when police searched the center they discovered he'd fled
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to appeal in northern iraq the german government says he's now been arrested in his homeland. to conclusions i'd like to think for clarity security services who took part in this operation and made theorist. is that the success is the result of good cooperation between the kurdish authorities in iraq and the german federal police that. he was already known to police for assault and robbery and he suspected of having break to an eleven year old in the refugee center germany and iraq and now discussing extradition as police seek justice for susanna. let me join our chief political editor. we know that this man has just been arrested in ed be any other details about his arrest. as we just heard the interior minister horsy will for who
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is that interior minister's meeting today announced this swift success after of course what looked like an easy guess a way for prime suspect in this killing of the fourteen year old girl who appears to have been raped as well days ago now we don't know the exact details the big question well in this particular potential crime here so for the time being we know that he was arrested and that in the gauche asians will start very soon on a potential extradition so the suspect has been arrested but this issue has reignited the whole debate about refugees and asylum seekers dilla what is the context of this debate. you know really what is still unfolding and we saw that in germany's largest selling tabloid today that there was accusations that because this crime suspect became as part of this migration drive into germany and twenty fifteen early twenty sixteen that there is apparently some kind of responsibility
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with the german government certainly the far right if tea party which is in the durban parliament is arguing that it was quite vocal about this today it held a minute's silence in parliamentary proceedings and is trying to use this as a case in point for more violence coming to germany through migration out the statistics speak different language violent crime has gone up recently a lot of that is amongst migrants that's what we know of according to a study in the state of lowest saxony but this is because by far most migrants who come here are young men and violent crime is something that is committed predominantly by young men so really when you compare it to other groups there really is no significant number here but certainly has reignited this debate and it plays into the hands of populous who are clearly going to look into every detail of
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this case to argue that migration is to blame. do you have used chief political editor thank you very much. you're watching the daddy in years still to come heavy rain in leave it goes in and head of germany's final want a warm up then again saudi arabia good will it be raining go is a later on we'll talk to our sports correspondent. but first i want to get hot and a vexed issue of chinese trade with the u.s. as the g. senate is gearing up in canada it emerges that china's trade surplus with the united states has become even bigger jumped by almost twelve percent in may for the first five months of the year china's close with the u.s. next week beijing has warned those tariffs would void agreements made between the world's two largest economies over months of trade negotiations. china and
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russia joined one billion dollar investment fund to develop russian infrastructure and the two countries announced the agreement during russian president vladimir putin's visit to beijing on friday the fund will be managed by sovereign investment funds from both countries it will focus on transportation tourism and other industrial sectors. the chairman of deutsche bahn power has reportedly been taking the temperature was shareholders but a merger with competitor comments bug according to bloomberg talks have not reached the full stage the two biggest german banks were said to have broken off ago she asians in the summer of twenty sixteen speculation has grown about a possible merger between the two since private equity companies severus capital took a share in both bags. toppy let's bring in our financial correspondent in frankfurt only germany is number one and number two lenders merging he said
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a good idea. well i think it would slash costs and critics of the both the dodger bank and the come out spot say that one of the main reasons why they're not profitable enough is that their costs are way too high when compared to their major european or international competitors and of course if you merged the two banks and that would need to eliminate a lot of all those functions that are present in both banks it would be very very painful it would be not so good for all the locations where deutsche bank can come out stronger strong especially here in frankfurt in the rhine mine area but it might create a way to your bank the disadvantages would be in areas where both banks or perhaps internationally in foreign business very important there would be only basically the one person offering that service in future instead of to. invest there's always like cost cutting of course what do they make of it. but the moment if you take
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the today's share price reaction they're not terribly enthusiastic because both shares are going down and they're going down more than the dax is going down and i don't know if that's a representative reaction but of course a lot of investors are skeptical that maybe the two banks should do the homework that they have trotted out for them already before they move on to the next step like a merger what about them fun for thank you. and that's it for me for now i'll have more business for you a bit later in the show. actually i have another story for you argentina and the international monetary fund have reached an agreement for a three year fifty billion standby credit arrangement the government says it sold financing to provide a safety net and avoid the frequent crises of argentina's past the i.m.f. board still has to approve the bailout. the deal marks
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a turning point for argentina for years argentina shunned the i.m.f. after the economic crisis of two thousand and one two thousand and two many argentines blamed that crisis on austerity measures which the i.m.f. had demanded and they took to the streets again in protest against president. to negotiations with the fund and tina requested i.m.f. assistance early last month after its peso currency we can shop lee in an investor exodus the chairman of the central bank and the finance minister announced the deal on thursday it was. stand by we've agreed on standby access the amount of fifty billion dollars this is eleven times greater than argentina's quota which is reflective of the support of the international community for argentina it's very good news the integration of argentina to the world which allows us to have this level of support. but it means that. if i need to.
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the agreement will hold the argentine government to its promise to reduce its deficit to two point seven percent this year the government will also send a proposal to congress to reform the central bank charter and strengthen its autonomy duke of me said the country aims to be in surplus by twenty twenty. five now. to bed more business. looking forward to that and turning now to some sport in chris having tim from sports as joins me now to talk about the wood cup and joe many's final preparations welcome chris i don't know what is less than a week away how excited are you as an american i'm not as excited as i should be but as a fan of the sport of football of course i'm thrilled one of ten i'm an eleven because my eyes are on the defending champions germany we all know we have about
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nine more days before they kick off their world cup campaign against mexico their final warm up is tonight against saudi arabia but honestly between me and you things are not going perfectly we have a report let's take a look. it's not the news jimmy fans wanted to hear midfielder medhat isil has been ruled out of the saudi arabia game but the team hope he will be back soon. the problem condone to say it's just a bruise on the name but you don't want to take any unnecessary risks he's been doing some sprints so i assume it won't be an issue for the world cup. goalkeeper manual neuer looks in good shape after making his comeback from nine months out following a broken foot in last week's friendly defeat to austria jerome boateng five problem is also improving. the world champions are back home in germany after their italian training camp. we've laid the queues in the venue for the saudi arabia game before
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both sides fire off to russia. the saudis are gearing up for their fifth world cup they've been picked as germany's final warm up opponents because their style can be compared to mexico and south korea who face the germans later this month in the world cup group stage. but not hopeless yeah it's an excellent opportunity for rose to take home one of the best footballing nations in the world. and one of the favorites to win the world cup. i got it and when the. both teams hope the weather in later cruzan behaves for kickoff. ok intending to you chris ofili is not playing today so yes so tell us about the other lineup what can be like well first let me just clarify for all the fans unaware it's very important a unicorn on the mound shot the only pure ten on the team so you have to look for
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thomas merely perhaps to fill that void maybe you'll be in draxler as well but you know according to the management on the national team germany's national team he should be back it's only a little soreness in his knee so hopefully come mexico will see him back in the line of because he is needed he scored the only goal against austria in that defeat right and i was a surprise a jelly loss again against australia in a deficit for india to do their thing saudi arabia should be a walk away how important is this way but yeah i don't want to be one but at the end you don't want to you know discredit in any team but i do expect them to win convincingly you know but they haven't won yet and this is bad because this is coming off an incredible world cup qualifying campaign they were virtually unstoppable scoring goals galore and glory glory then you look at the families recently they've been under productive to say the least and particularly in this match against austria they only managed i think about eight shots one goal and
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that's not good i mean you're expecting this team to obviously put their best foot forward to you know possibly become only the second team in the history of the sport to repeat as champions only brazil did that you know years years years ago before i was born but know all in all you know it's tough to say but the and i don't i'm not feeling very confident about germany i think they need to step up their office and yeah questions remain to see how they'll do behind you go ok send it in for a little harder at the game is what he was saying ok so now we have the final weekend before the world cup stuff for people that will not games which teams under king good going into international you know brazil is known you know her you know obviously the defending champions you never can discount germany but brazil is one team. you know they did win gold in the twenty four team you know games in rio you know they finished top of their group they only lost one game in that they're qualified run and they have yet to lose in their friendlies neymar a name that should resonate to football fans around the world he leads that charge
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expect big things from them in france you know already like france france for runners up in the twenty's sixteen euro's i like them too they have a lot of pace a lot of speed you know killing them by a number of talent on that team serious competition overall but i like those two teams and of course the defending champions germany cavaney absolutely so we can look forward to fi s.l. football coming up over the next four weeks and we talk lots more thank you very much for now ok. it was he did have a news a coming up ahead another day another privacy and breach at facebook the social media giant says it shan't private posts from up to fourteen million users using a software bug. that and other stuff coming up after a short break to join me that.
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a society by its garbage. cofee its horseless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their own chance of survival and i could be on for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi and so forth and meet people who know the true value of garbage. that has created a thriving parallel economy. what does this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that statement should be yes we all started class was here because great time. bridge. exclusive for our starting june eleventh on t w. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin and i'm. thank you for your
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company the top story u.s. president donor conference set himself up for a clash with america's allies i think she's seven summits not only on the issue of the freeze but also on russia before leaving for the meeting in canada he said he wanted to russia to rejoin the exclusive club off to it was ousted an extinct from neo. not after the g seven summits trump will be leaving directly for another high stakes meeting this time with north korean leader kim jong il and despite his ambitious goal of denuclearizing the korean peninsula trump says attitude will be more important than preparation for the summit the u.s. president making those remarks after meeting japan's prime minister shinzo at the white house donald trump welcome should be to washington with the news that his on off relationship with north korea looks to be very much back on having canceled the
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singapore summit two weeks ago he appears now to believe that it could be the start of an unprecedented era of peace and north east asia i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea. and indeed a bright new future for the world. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula would assure in a new era of prosperity security and peace for all koreans north and south and for people everywhere after promising be the japanese citizens abducted by the north korean regime would be on the agenda at the talks on june the twelfth trump ton to business. the united states seeks a bilateral deal with japan that is based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity we're working hard to reduce our trade imbalance which is very substantial remove barriers to u.s.
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exports and to achieve a fair and mutually beneficial economic partnership but before the singapore summit trump heads to the g seven meeting of global economic powers in canada where security is already being beefed up. but rather than protestors it's the group's other members from whom the president is likely to take most flak with recent u.s. tariffs on foreign goods sparking talk of a trade war. analysis joining me live from tokyo is a tool he quit on which he he's a special advisor to the japanese cabinet and a professor at university of trade tensions with the u.s. to dominate the g seven meeting in canada french president a troll is talking about a g six plus one and not trump is also said russia should be brought back why does japan stand on all of this. well japan's steel and
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aluminum have been. in the same category as is the case with european. the japanese are standing firm to preserve the rules based international order open and liberal international trading regime and said i think the u.s. market has been very much important for japan and japan is the second biggest direct investor second only to the united kingdom in the united states having created a huge number of jobs in the united states and that point must be reiterated again and again ok let's not look at the pending a summit with north korea before heading to canada prime minister was in washington to help prepare ahead of donald trump's meeting with the north korean leader kim jong il and one does japan want from that meeting and can the u.s.
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represent japan's interests the whole fortunes are. to go to the united states and and to have once again a close meeting with donald trump was to reassure the united states and japan are actually speaking in one voice and being where understood by the international community and by north korea and march has been extremely well achieved i think throughout the meeting between the two of the leaders in fact president john said he was open to more talks with came a junkie in let's first listen to what he said at the press conference at the white house. if the summit does go well will you mean inviting north korean leader kim jong il to the united states well the answer is yes to the second part of your question but certainly if it goes well and i think it would be well received i think he would look at it very favorably so i think that could happen. all i can
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say is i am totally prepared to walk away i did it once before. ok so we heard what he what professor trump said this professor if any good she know how did you pan view kim jong un going to the white house and could japan to see it said normalizing relations with north korea. there is a document actually signed between pyongyang and tokyo between two governments in the early two thousand that. if north korea complies with you and resolutions and solves such issues as of duction nuclear development and missile technology development there is a chance for the two leaders two countries to sit down together and discuss normalization process and the end of normalization process should called me in
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japan preparing itself for. aiding north korea's economic development right professor tomohiko taniguchi a special advisor to the japanese cabinet thank you very much for talking to g.w. and. turning now to yemen where the united nations is warning of an even greater humanitarian threat to the war torn country that's as a saudi backed government forces advance on the key rebel held port of the u.n. says a quarter of a million people there could lose everything including their lives if those forces nice siege to the city. yemen's government troops backed by a saudi led coalition are advancing toward her data. they're on the brink of recapturing the port city from whose the rebels data is the main gateway for aid into the rebel held region. the forces and circling the city are blocking supply
4:37 pm
convoys from entering. fewer supplies are also reaching the hersey control capital sana there are long lines to receive humanitarian assistance. yemen's economy has all but collapsed after years of war and the who see movement is running out of money. i don't see the house of them for the number of families in need of aid has risen sharply we're helping three thousand families with the more you treat them with rice spreads around. the. humanitarian crisis is not the only cause of civilian deaths saudi led coalition airstrikes frequently hit civilian targets such as this gas station in a residential area. saudi arabia wants to put the ousted president or heidi back in power in yemen but the country civilians are paying the price. the
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muslim believers around the world to observing the dawn to dusk fast during the islamic holy month of ramadan but opinions are divided over whether children should take part at least here in germany do you have visited a bull in elementary school where most children come from muslim families and found that some stricter than others when it comes to following the rituals of ramadan it's lunch time but at this elementary school most of our and north can't eat or drink water even though it's one of the hottest days all year because they are fasting. let them watch out because my mother weeks me up at two in the morning then i'm allowed to use the exact time changes there's an extra counter for that and i continue till three am it's ok to eat at that time then i go back to sleep. and. it's not that bad because i don't get that hungry. most of the children in this berlin school come from muslim families not all of them are strict when it
4:39 pm
comes to obeying the rules of ramadan. and they're not statement in the middle of the night you wake up and eat as much as you can then your stomach stretches because it's full and the next day it constricts and that's bad for your health that's why i think fasting is not a good idea just fast it happens that i fasted at school in the past but my mum told me if it's too hot and the sun is shining brightly then i should stop fasting on its who start sensations fast. i only fast on the weekends because if i do it while i'm at school i can't concentrate fall asleep i. school principal asked would sabina blows a serves that in the last few years an increasing number of very young students take the muslim rule of fasting very seriously can it kind i don't know of any other religious community that considers itself so important that the school has to change its schedule to suit them for me this is a no go religion is something very private. we have religious freedom in germany
4:40 pm
but we can reorganize the school system to enable. the school isn't the berlin district of no it couldn't where a lot of muslims live here opinion on whether children should fast is divided. then disfavored if it's voluntary it's fine but if they're forced to do it now it's nation was it a foreigner what if they're convinced and it's ok kids are entitled to an opinion to this is it would be better for children if they stayed at home during ramadan. in germany staying home is not an option because schooling is mandatory and more and most if i have to perform the same tasks as their. classmates who are not fasting. kind i don't have any problems with this i'm just thirsty sometimes. subtler my mother always says if i can't go on then it's ok to drink or eat something then i just have to break my fast on the first no. most of it is lucky he can fast without being put under pressure there are no clear rules in islam
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concerning at what age children must begin fasting. that's the kind of qantas facebook has found itself the subject of yet another privacy problem this time involving uses trying to see settings the social media giant says private posts but up to fourteen million uses it in and looked in plea made public last month let's get straight into that story with the social media and if. i can what's happening well this is just another scandal for facebook right this time facebook says a software bug inadvertently exposed some private posts to the public this involved millions of people the problem was with facebook's so-called audience selector tool and that allows users to basically choose whether to share post with friends or with a broader audience and this is you know really something most people are aware of but it's not something you look at every day so here's a refresher of how that tool works when you want to post something on your facebook
4:42 pm
timeline there's a menu there in the corner just like you can see it in this ranges from only needs of friends to the public and this glitch caused some users default settings to automatically change to public so that means if you posted maybe a complaint about your employer or maybe a photo from your latest beach vacation this was shared not only with your friends and family but with the entire public this was broadcast to the world so yesterday facebook began apologizing to the fourteen million people that were affected saying we recently discovered a technical error between may eighteenth and may twenty seventh that automatically suggested a public audience when you were creating posts if you were affected you should be receiving an alert that looks like this one here it says to review your posts it will actually give you a list of some of the content that may have been affected so definitely be on the lookout for that cush this is a design. problem been fixed facebook says that it's been fixed so come a few days of about five days to fix it but already affected users are starting to
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speak out they're not very happy about it of course i here's one on twitter who rises act. from sri lanka he says this is tragicomic and he writes when privacy is not part of your core design or intent the reversion to type is only to be expected . we were both watching zuckerberg testimony in congress back in march do you remember this quote i mean it's hard not to think back to what he said he said look every piece of content that you share on facebook you own and if you have and you have complete control over who sees it and how you share it clearly facebook having a hard time living up to that right whether it's sharing your data with chinese device makers or not even keeping it private when you share it on your own timeline i don't know that i'm absolutely i remember the testimony that accounts of what is the full amount now well i mean facebook is struggling they want to rebuild user trust and this is not a good step forward for that we're already seeing some fallout here and here's just one facebook user actually posting on his own facebook page and he says you know if
4:44 pm
it's something you don't want the world to know you'd be better off just not posting it all rather than posting it under privacy settings coating bugs can ruin lives and you know that's actually it may sound romantic but it's true in some countries like thailand for example a man was recently sentenced to thirty five years in prison for what he posted on facebook it was deemed by the government to be insulting to the royal family so if that kind of post were to be exposed we haven't seen that yet this could have serious consequences absolutely one has to be really really vigilant last month from a social media desk thank you very much for that. today marks well ocean day and this is by the united nations intended to help us better understand the big blue blanket that covers over seventy percent of our planet but in recent years this blanket has increasingly come on the threat mostly from plastic pollution some thirteen million tons of plastic washed into the sea every
4:45 pm
year. five gigantic marine plastic garbage islands float around the world's ocean currents. the great pacific garbage patch drifts between hawaii and california it's four times larger than germany. happily the floating quagmire could get something of a purge this summer. the ocean cleanup is the brainchild of dutchman boy and slant it's a boom which drifts more slowly than the plastic which collects along behind it to be recovered for recycling to clean up this it will automatically gravitate to those places where most plastic it's and that now causes the efficiency to be a lot higher because there's just more plastic in front of the system and therefore we can now clean up fifty percent of the patch in just five years. collected over thirty million dollars in donations to develop the ocean clean up it's already been tested in the north sea if it's successful in the pacific it'll be employed against
4:46 pm
the garbage carpeting other oceans as well. but that won't solve the root of the problem that will only change when people change their habits producing and using less plastic and recycling what does get made more efficiently. the seriousness of the situation seems to filter down to big business the world's largest furniture company is stepping up measures to reduce its environmental impact sweden's ikea says it all its products will be made from sustainable and cycled materials by the year twenty thirty and in the next two years it plans to remove all single use plastic products from its in-store snack bars you know once mint comes just days after the european union move to ban the use of single use plastic products across the block. well a population of about twenty one million people the city of lagos and generates up
4:47 pm
to ten thousand metric tons of waste a day that is a big problem but as always a problem can also create an opportunity for clever entrepreneurs the pole recycling company transforms cycles like car tires magazine straws plastic boards among other things into household items. where the people only see old time is only media ynys spots potential beauty she goes around to businesses in lagos collecting tires that are no longer fit for vehicles only midi is a computer engineering graduate but she has found her calling making decorative furniture . builds make use of every tires you see the tires are safe to be seen to be used and i also call the old choice of the tires broken we can't use them. back in her studio the creative work begins step by
4:48 pm
step and old tire becomes a beautiful ottoman and the environment is being protected too. in their jewelry are. quite new and the good thing is the. chances as well people in world belong want to see more we. will let. everyone needs to be. a new top advocates. only miti sells her pieces for as much as twenty thousand that's about fifty five u.s. dollars she even has orders from europe but are there any concerns about health issues. like two different areas of green. so you're tie as you're also miles along any point is not easy to leave out but sometimes people bring their old tires to her and get a thirty to fifty percent discount off her products. he still tires in the.
4:49 pm
range to keep the economy. and the price. see even motorcycle tires get a beautiful wrap recently he has started training other people who are concerned about the impact of tire waste on the environment. and now showcased in some of the major furniture stores in lagos. thank you get hurt we take you to iceland now where every summer a lake in the north of the country is a scene of an amazing and some would say every teaching natural phenomenon huge songs of. this era the appearing earlier than usual an integrated number than usual and though their life frustrate visitors the good news for other wildlife.
4:50 pm
welcome to idyllic me vartan in northeast iceland the name means lake of mi g.'s and it lives up to its annoying name. just ask this intrepid reporter. that it could be me a lot of the midges appear here at me of a lake every year so that's nothing new. but experts say there are much more of them now than in previous years. a warming climate could be to blame for bigger swarms showing up earlier than usual according to biologists. comes in waves we're at the peak right now but the number of flies will likely lesson in the coming years we've also been seeing midges coming earlier in the summer. team are certainly going to
4:51 pm
fade out from. for tourists and locals the must have excess three of the season is a black face net. effect at the creates a poor and annoying this morning i went to do some work outside my house when i gave up and went back inside yet got about a quarter. but actually we should be happy to meet you so here. you are you. it's the foundation of the food chain and when we have a lot of images the local birds and fish do well. the humans will just have to cover up. and. just south africa now where a collective of fashion forward dandies are challenging stereotypes about life in the country's townships the group called the koala hills show and xandra in johannesburg and this is there a much more than consumerism and designer brands have
4:52 pm
a look. fresh in victims watch out. yesterday down the back at least karen i'm exam to the street style collective. township. and definitely not another statistic we basically just that they want. because i'll be sitting out in the corner of the street smoking weed getting drunk. and we working i mean making a name for ourselves this is our story and we'll tell it like you do. and means to remember that's why you won't find the same addresses in the repertoire of the stylish youngsters instead of secondhand clothes and even sometimes. dresses for many as the fashion is also a critique of society that's why they decided to bring that style to the township because nobody would have expected that it's more about getting creative than just
4:53 pm
spending money. growing up i used to want more expensive things but now it's. hard expensive. so i could get something from any and just make it look original to me. with expensive stuff it's a profession. but like for every fashion victim there's always a need for new inspiration. find them at various flea market stores. just. and it created it and i think it goes oh i'll figure eighty this is what i were like this guy out of birds. was like his best bet. like a story which i don't know why or what i would read. and
4:54 pm
so. i was news on the ok there you go you see it again oh no no with that. it's not just about fashion it's also a political statement the youngsters want to show that africa is more than just fall ins and puppets he constantly beefy with the outcome of the latest fashion shoots pharma and david want to be proud africa. africa has a story to tell that is most of the times we have people coming into africa and actually telling african stories are we sitting back hold on this is not really what's happening in africa we are the africans what the african africans loreen's.
4:55 pm
and what a wonderful african story you're watching d.w. news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has set himself up for a clash with america's allies at the g. seven summit not only on the issue of trade but also on brush before leaving for the meeting in canada he said he wanted to russia to rejoin the exclusive club after it was ousted for its annexation of crimea. and we have lots more coverage on the g. seven summit coming up for you that's it for me under thirty one which begins. standing by have the news for you in a few minutes from now you can always check out our web site as dot com back now for. the back of. the be.
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the but. that remains is rubble. in the syrian city of racoons it was liberated from islamic state in october twenty seventeen. the city's former residents are slowly coming back. the
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book called the whitehall the brownness shake you know but beyond the food is your favorite to. the bring them out to church in the back to the entire country champion trees insurance for the last sixty years. for mines. the land will be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of. summoning is just on the children who have already been the boy. and those that will follow are part of a new kind of says. they could be the future of. columbia. granting opportunities for global news that matters d. w. made for minds. of freedom of expression. of value that all
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this is the w. news live from washington antagonize its allies ahead of the g. seven summit in canada president trump arrives calling for russia to be readmitted to the group after it was expelled for onyx in crimea puts them on a collision course with countries already angered by his trade tariffs also on the program. a fugitive suspected of the right for the killing of a.


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