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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from washington antagonize its allies ahead of the g. seven summit in canada president trump arrives calling for russia to be readmitted to the group after it was expelled for onyx in crimea and put same on a collision course with countries already angered by his trade tariffs also on the program. a fugitive suspected of the right for the killing of a german teenager is arrested in iraq and the case involving the project with asylum seeker on a fourteen year old girl has stoked germany's politically charged immigration debate. german astronauts are out of time to gaston just crewmates don't cut the
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international space station hoping to see the team emerge from. the. i'm so gal welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has arrived in quebec canada for the g. seven summit speaking to the media before he left he called for russia to be readmitted to the group of leading industrial nations a statement that puts him on a collision course with leaders of the other g seven nations. right here should be in this meeting why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting as i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the me to get it be a part of it you know whether you like you know or not and it may not be politically correct but we have
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a world to run and in the g seven which used to be the g.a.a. they threw rush out they should let russia come back here because we should have russia at the negotiating table. more detail because from the talks on to from norman in quebec city welcome alex hunter what's president trump trying to achieve with this statement. i know he is expecting a very controversial summit here maybe even dragged down kick out fights with the europeans over many issues especially over his trade policies so he does what he always does in such situations he is trying to distract the attention from these disputed issues trying to get adds a new controversial one to the discussion at the same time he's showing that he doesn't think of backing down but instead instead is ready to double down and say
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talking about russia and talking about his upcoming summit where the north korean leader kim jong un has also see the link to his partners here at the g. seven summit that this meeting is not as important as it might appear that he has the world to run that he has other issues of his mind or reaction has there been. alexander of all knowledge came in i was asking what reaction has there been. here we. prime minister contour was quoted as saying that he agrees that he thinks that it would be in the interest of everyone for russia to rejoin the group but of course it's not the official. line a use statement we heard from european council president and european commission
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president human car they told us here during a press conference that nothing has changed on the ground that russia is still in violation of international law after the annexation of crimea so there is no reason for russia to rejoin the group so the e.u. is represented even though it's not a member nation can maintain a united front against the u.s. . well when we take russia's example it seems that strom can be sex sells successful in driving a wedge between the european union and italy for example of course the european union denies that the europeans are scheduled to meet here on the sidelines of this summit to discuss a joint a statesman and how to deal a joint strategy how to deal with the u.s.
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president however we have to add to that they knew it all the young populist and anti-establishment government the sort of problem child in the european union so we will be interesting to see what the europeans will really be united stealing with the u.s. president so this looks set to be a stormy summit. yes indeed i'm expected to be a very stormy summit and it will be interesting to see whether in the end there willy will be a joint statement signed by all seven members of the g. seven at the moment it doesn't look like it's going to happen. it's wonderful nominee at the g. seven something kind of the thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world or thoughts on six hundred homes have been swallowed by lava flows on why it's big island since a killer way out volcano started erupting last month making its most disruptive
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eruption in modern times the west geological survey says molten rock has also increased the size of the island by more than a square kilometer us celebrity chef and t.v. host on to the boat day has been found dead the host of the parts unknown travel series on c.n.n. the news channel said he hung himself in a hotel room in france where he'd been working on the program he was sixty one. austria's right wing government says it is shutting down a number of mosques and expelling muslim clerics all in homs chance those of us in the chorus said the country had no space for what he called parallel societies political islam and radical tendencies he has criticised the move as racist and anti islam. a fugitive suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old german girl has been arrested in iraq the man known as the big two to german reporting restrictions is a rejected asylum seeker who left germany for iraq with his family last week he's
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being held by kurdish authorities in the city of below the cases reignited germany's politically charged debate about immigration fourteen year old susanna went missing two and a half weeks ago on wednesday police found her body next to railway tracks buried in stick undergrowth. after the discovery of the corpse in the post-mortem that was carried out we must assume that the deceased was the victim of a violent sexual assault of. the main suspect as twenty year old be from iraq he had been living in a refugee center in vs. when police searched the center they discovered he'd fled to a deal in northern iraq the german government says he's now been arrested in his homeland . to conclusions like to think for clarity security services who took part in this
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operation and made the arrest. the success is the result of good cooperation between the kurdish authorities in iraq and the german federal police it. was already known to police for assault and robbery and he suspected of having break to an eleven year old in the refugee center germany and iraq and now discussing extradition as police seek justice for susanna. the united nations is warming of another and an even greater humanitarian threat to yemen a saudi backed government forces advance on the rebel held port of who died at the u.n. says a quarter of a million people that could lose everything including their lives if those forces lay siege to the city. yemen's government troops backed by a saudi led coalition are advancing toward her data. they're on the brink of recapturing the port city from whose the rebels data is the main gateway for aid
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into the rebel held region. the forces encircling the city are blocking supply convoys from entering. fewer supplies are also reaching to the control capital sana there are long lines to receive humanitarian assistance. yemen's economy has all but collapsed after years of war and the who see movement is running out of money. i. mean the number of families in need of aid has risen sharply we're helping three thousand families with the more you know we feed them with rice breads and ya get. the. humanitarian crisis is not the only cause of civilian deaths saudi led coalition airstrikes frequently hit civilian targets such as this gas station in a residential area. saudi arabia wants to put the ousted president or heidi
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back in power in yemen but the country civilians are paying the price. germany's opening world cup match is just nine days away and the latest opportunity to hone their game is a final war against saudi arabia tonight in leverkusen the world champions are suffering a few problems having lost last week's friendly in austria and being beset by injury worries. it's not the news germany fans wanted to hear midfielder mesut isil has been ruled out of the saudi arabia game but the team hope he will be back soon. you prolong don't just say it's just a bruise on the name but you don't want to take any unnecessary risks he's been doing some sprints so i assume it won't be an issue for the world cup. goalkeeper manual noya looks in good shape after making his comeback from nine months out
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following a broken foot in last week's friendly defeat to australia jerome boateng five problem is also improving the world champions are back home in germany after their italian training camp. we've laid the queues in the venue for the saudi arabia game before both sides fight off to russia. the saudis are gearing up for their fifth world cup they've been picked as germany's final warm up opponents because their style can be compared to mexico and south korea who face the germans later this month in the world cup group stage. but not hopeless it's an excellent opportunity for rose to take on more of the best footballing nations in the world. and one of the favorites to win the world cup. and when the. both teams hope the weather in later couzin behaves for kickoff.
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every summer a lake in the north of iceland becomes a scene of an amazing how many would say irritating natural phenomena huge swarms of midgets fill the air this year they have appeared earlier than usual have been greater numbers though there might frustrate visitors a good news for other wildlife. welcome to idyllic me vatanen in northeast iceland the name means lake of mi g.'s and it lives up to its annoying name. just ask this intrepid reporter. but it could be me a lot of the images appear here me of a lake every year so that's nothing new. but experts say there are much more of them now than in previous years. a warming climate could be to blame for bigger swarms showing up earlier than usual
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according to biologists. he comes in waves we're at the peak right now but the number of flies will likely lesson in the coming years we've also been seeing midges coming earlier in the summer. team are certainly going to fight us from. for tourists and locals the must have excess three of the season is a black face net. effect that creates a poor and annoying this morning i went to do some work outside my house when i gave up and went back inside the court. but actually we should be happy to meet geezer here. you. it's the foundation of the food chain and when we have a lot of images the local birds and fish do well. the humans will just have to cover up and put our people. now we had hoped to bring you live pictures of
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german astronaut alexander guest and his crewmates joining the international space station but they haven't emerged yet that soyuz rocket docked with the i s s two hours ago the difference in pressure between a rocket and space station is being equalized before the connecting hatch can be opened the crew three blasted off on wednesday the start of a five month mission the involved in conducting hundreds of experiments it wouldn't be possible on earth just bring you some breaking news as we leave germany has been elected i nonpermanent member of the united nations security council following a vote in new york along with four other nations germany germany joins the council for two years where it hopes to exert more influence on the world a fast. top story that we started here all night d.w. us president of donald trump to set himself up for i clashed with america's allies at the g. seven summit not only on the issue of trade but also on russia he told leaving for
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the meeting in canada he said he wanted to russia to be readmitted to the exclusive club after it was injected or it's an extension of crimea. that's it show up today at the top of the hour on the website that's d.w. dot com our good. work. the people the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch.


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