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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from the g seven leaders in canada i'm a dumb president tensions the host nation hot wants to focus on issues like climate change on gender equality but a trade war sparked by washington and now a new proposal from donald trump selling division among. also on the program. germany for other nations elected to the united nations security council. members will they see makes us a bigger influence on world affairs. and
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a fugitive suspected off the killing of a german teenager is arrested in the case involving leave rejected asylum seeking out on a fourteen year old girl a stunt drivers politically charged immigration debate. unfold welcome to the program. the g. seven summit which brings together some of the world's most powerful industrialized countries is getting underway in canada well leaders have been arriving in quebec since last night among some japanese prime minister shinzo british prime minister to recent night german chancellor i'm going to back on the agenda of economic growth and climate change gender equality and the ongoing dispute over u.s. types of steel and many main points now that maybe another topic up for discussion
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could see of donald trump the fold leaving for canada he called for russia to be readmitted to the g. seven after it was expelled over the an exception of crimea right to be in this meeting why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the me to get to be a part of it you know whether you like it or not and it may not be politically correct but we have a world to run at the g seven which used to be the g eight they threw russia out they should let russia come back is because we should have russia at the negotiating. let's get moving data because one on naaman who's in quebec city welcomed alexander why is donald trump making these statements before the summit season started. well donald trump he is going to face
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a lot of criticism here particularly because of his trade policies and he knows that it's going to be a very contentious summit so it's his way of setting his own agenda of trying to distract the attention from the disputed issue of trade by adding another controversial topic to the agenda and at the same time he is showing that he doesn't think of backing down his driver double down interesting for the russia could be here on the agenda there is a working session schedules to take place tomorrow a working session on security issues for example on russia but that will be the time by which probably donald would have already left the summit so these comments further alienating the g. seven members in the you that. it was
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new prime minister he was the only one here who backed donald trump saying that it is good idea for russia to join their group it would be in the interest of everyone but it is of course not said the official european union stance on russia and we are hearing that the europeans met on the sidelines of this summit and agreed to have a joint strategy to deal with the president they apparently oppose the return of russia to this group and they are trying to push to have references to free trade rules and joint statements that it's expected to be signed tomorrow and of course there are lots of other contentious issues up for discussion what are the chances of getting a final statement that all seven signed up to. well there is a wide disagreement on many issues not only on trade also on climate change or on
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the iran nuclear deal so it's rather unlikely that we really going to see a joint statement at the end signed by all the seven members of the g. seven alexandra phenomena the g. seven summit in quebec canada thank you. just the united nations general assembly has voted for germany and for other nations to become a nonpermanent members of the security council giving the world's a fourth largest economy a voice that diplomacy is top table. getting a foot in the door of the u.n. security council for two years will give germany the chance to get more serious about a promise it keeps making to take on more responsibility in the world. in this in the security council we will have to take a clear stance that all the big conflicts in the world that are discussed there with meza remember we will have to have
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a position. in the current climate of growing political uncertainty this is likely to require putting more resources where germany says its priorities are. that actually means that we need to commit troops to peacekeeping and that we need to have a coherent strategy when faced with difficult challenges that such as syria for now both strategy and resolve appear to be lacking in berlin germany didn't take part in the airstrikes its allies france britain and the us launched in response to the last chemical weapons attacks in syria once again it was seen as sitting on the fence on a key strategic issue although chancellor merkel refused to take part in the strikes she welcomed the actions by germany's allies. these kind of instances of incoherence that will we will be put on the spot once when the security council.
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and human berlin rejoins the un inner circle at a testing time to the fight of donald trump against multilateralism and institution multilateral institutions and is from a german point of view. disastrous germany responded to this tack on multilateralism by presenting more europe presenting her vision for the e.u. merkel proposed giving up nonpermanent national seats among you allies in favor of european seats in the security council it's all appearances it's of on them with the e.u. nations still refusing to agree amongst themselves that they are all in the same boat when it comes to foreign policy michael has a lot to prove in new york. the question now is whether germany will be able to translate its considerable soft power into more than just words at the u.n. security council expectations are high if germany fails to deliver it may end up weakening the very multilateral institution it set out to strengthen as it moves
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from the deal because when it comes to phenomena in washington welcome constant. this is a two year term what will germany need to do during this time when germany will definitely try hans to make this institution the united nations work as germany in general is always trying to work in multilateral frameworks germany believes in cooperating with others that might be partly due to the lessons of germany's history. in the past of his in germany also tried to force its bill by military force on other germans learn that this is not the right way to go ahead obviously but also it's an acceptance of the fact that germany alone is too weak to do anything or to to bring others along with force its will on others so germany
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genuinely the political class believes in these mighty letter of frameworks and this is i think what germany will focus on also of course on the issues at hand the climate change the security situation and germany's neighborhood as in ukraine all the middle east and standing against a tide of international of national populism and economic nationalism that we've seen all over the world now will the security council has been far from united what can germany do to change that. well it can use its reputation maybe also to some extent on so it's money to make things work to make things run smoothly germany at the moment is quite popular to see as a force for good by many countries in the world i mean this vote was one hundred eighty four votes for germany only four opposed that is trusted germany can
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work with and so they would probably try to make things work if that is possible in the current situation with a resurgent russia with a rising china and where the united states that seems to increasingly try to go it alone on the donald trump that remains to be seen of course so what likely to be angela merkel's key issues. as i said the making these institutions work in the first place trying to use the united nations and the security council to solve some of the issues in germany's neighborhood such as the crisis in the middle east the war in syria for instance the refugee crisis but also the situation in ukraine which still remains unresolved and also there are other big issues where at least germany believes one nation alone cannot really solve them climate change is one but there are many other
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issues concerning the environment or the fight against poverty in the world so these are things germany will work on but i think the real focus is trying to be a force for good also in the u.n. security council make it work bring people together and keep them talking instead of just taking their vetoes and blocking progress because of a nominee in washington thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world officials in the gaza strip say three palestinians have been killed and hundreds wounded in renewed protests on israel's border israeli army has fired tear gas and life bullets in an attempt to dispel the crowds israel accuses hamas of using the process to try and breach the border while protesters say they want to draw attention to the dire humanitarian situation. authorities say around six hundred
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homes have been swallowed by lava flows on hawaii's big island since the killer why a volcano began erupting last month that makes that vase its most destructive eruption in modern times the u.s. geological survey says that molten rock has increased the size of the island by more than a square kilometer. austria's right wing government has announced plans to shut down several mosques and expelled dozens of muslim clerics in mounds chanceless the boston court says that there is no place in the country for what he calls parallel societies political islam and radical tendencies he has criticized the measures calling them racist and anti islam. a fugitive suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old german girl has been arrested in iraq the mana known as allie b. because of german reported mistress is a rejected asylum seeker who left germany for iraq with his family last week he's being held by kurdish authorities in the city of abil the cases that has reignited
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germany's politically charged debate about immigration. fourteen year old susana went missing two and a half weeks ago on wednesday police found her body next to railway tracks buried in stick undergrowth not to open the door at the after the discovery of the corpse in the post-mortem that was carried out we must assume that the deceased was the victim of a violent sexual assault of. the main suspect as twenty year old be from iraq he had been living in a refugee center in v's. when police such the center they discovered he'd fled to appeal in northern iraq the german government says he's now been arrested in his homeland. tardy quotation i'd like to think for clarity security services who took part in this operation and made the arrest. the success is the result of good
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cooperation between the kurdish authorities in iraq and the german federal police wouldn't. he was already known to police for assault and robbery and he suspected of having break to the eleven year old in the refugee center germany and iraq and now discussing extradition as police seek justice for susanna. to space the international space station to be precise where the new crew has arrived here's the moment the german astronaut alexander guest on his colleagues were greeted by astronauts on board the i assess to applause from staff and the european space agency i guess there's a company by american and russian colleagues he'll take command of the i assess in a few months the five month mission will see the crew kind of have hundreds of experiments possible on a. state of the news life are still to come as g seven leaders
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gather near a quick back in canada. takes a look at the summer's economic and trade implications. here how about it he's business updates in just about which i'll be back with you at the top of the hour he's on haven't. you accidentally shed some trying to get. into trouble. spending time in the field. how can you get out. with him because of it knowing siri. the ship this week on d w. it's all happening.


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