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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin g seven leaders gather in canada amid unprecedented tension the host nation had wanted to focus on issues like climate change and gender equality but a trade war sparked by washington and now a new proposal from donald trump are sowing divisions among allies. also coming up germany and four other countries are elected to the united nations security council as nonpermanent members will the move see berlin exert a bigger influence on burled affairs and
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a fugitive suspected of raping and killing of a german teenager is arrested in iraq the case involving the rejected asylum seeker and a fourteen year old girl has stoked germany's politically charged immigration debate . i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the world's seven leading industrialized nations have gathered in quebec for a summit amid extraordinary tension host canada had wanted to focus on climate change and gender equality but a growing divide between the u.s. and the other six nations has set the stage for a showdown washington has imposed trade tariffs on its g seven allies and before the summit began u.s. president donald trump further ruffled feathers with an astonishing proposal readmit russia to the group despite its ouster for antics in crimea.
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well for more let's bring in correspondent alex hunter from naaman who is joining us with the latest from quebec so alexandra tell us president trump really testing the nerve of his allies here what is he trying to play with this demand. well don't know if trump. is facing a lot of criticism here that there are members of the g. seven openly questioning whoever the you ask is a good fit for the club so he's trying to set his own agenda he is maybe even trying to disrupt this meeting and by talking about russia he's also sending a clear signal to the u.s. as allies here saying that you know this meeting is not important as you might
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think it would be more important when russia would be able to rejoin the club and that here you as president has much more important issues to deal with for example the upcoming summit with the north korean leader kim jong un and for a moment it seemed as if he would be able to drive a wedge between the european members of the g. seven here and italy because italy was the only country that initially backed plan. cold on russia to join the g. seven again. but meantime and there has been some solidarity is specially among the europeans firing back at the u.s. president denying his request i want to play in fact what the german chancellor angela merkel had to say short while ago with selfless.
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my apologies i've actually just been told by our team back there that we don't have that quote from the german chancellor but you know alexander if you could just fill us in on on what those reactions have been because i mean they have been strong and and we have really seen these other six countering the one and that is the u.s. that is donald trump. has been talking about russia we have to say that the europeans seem to be very united city in rejecting this plan to russia to be invited again back to the g. seven table and the german chancellor said that she just does agree with what president trump wants to do because russia is still in violation of the international law after it's and akshay sion of crimea and generally speaking i
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would say that the europeans are really trying very hard and are being very determined to show that they are we united they had a meeting here on the sidelines of the g seven summits to agree on the joint strategy in dealing with mr trump and he's very aggressive trade agenda. alexander phenomena but the latest from quebec city where the g seven meeting currently under way thank you so much. in other news the united nations general assembly has voted for germany and for other nations to become nonpermanent members of the security council the new members take up their seats in twenty nineteen and will spend two years at diplomacy is top table germany has held its election as a vote of confidence in its global role. germany one hundred eighty four. while the news did not come as a great surprise the german foreign minister said he wasn't expecting such an
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overwhelming majority one hundred eighty four votes in favor out of a total of one hundred ninety. eight i know that's yet to be confirmed with one hundred eighty four votes is a terrific result for those that oppose it shows that the international community has great confidence in germany and want to live up to our responsibilities and take a stand on difficult decisions with shying away from the. fog of the cannon mass added that germany will be heavily engaged in conflict prevention peace building and peacekeeping operations such as the ongoing deployment in mali but analysts say the condition of the german military is not up for such maneuvers they warn that expectations of germany to resolve wars in syria and ukraine along with the crisis with iran are especially high at a time when other countries appear to be retreating from international engagement. is more let's bring in our washington correspondent carson phenomena who is standing by with the latest from united states so hard in germany has been elected
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now for two years what will it be focusing on during that time. well germany wants to be an honest broker it wants to bring other countries together once these month national or multilateral organizations like the united nations in general like the u.n. security council like the world trade organizations and others to work clearly. germans look at issues such as climate change migration the fight against poverty international security all sort of such as in areas ukraine all of the middle east which are in the neighborhood of germany and germany really believes in this kind of international cooperation and that's where the focus is but carson i mean there are big challenges of course because the security council has been far from united as of late can germany really change that. no of course not
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least not alone but germany will try together in particular with its european allies the other the e.u. members who are in the security council and indeed united nations in general germany has acquired a tradition of quiet diplomacy in trying to work out frameworks to produce frameworks where countries can work together some say this is due to the lessons learned from the second world war from germany's post and the bad experiences germany has made with nationalism and militarism others say it's simply the acknowledgement that germany is too weak in today's world to force its will on others but the bottom line is germany does believe in the idea of the un of course if they can really make it work in a time when there is a resurgent russia a rising china and an america a united states that wants to go it alone apparently on the donald trump that remains to be seen question i'd just like to talk briefly about the security
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council generally speaking and its influence in the world because you know it was established after the second world war is it still fit for purpose these days. i'm afraid it's not so because the security council as it is today still reflects the situation on the globe. seventy years ago after the end of the second world war now there's a different world now there are new giants such as india or brazil who could claim that they should be as permanent members on the security council there are the losers of the second world war japan and germany who are no the third and fourth biggest economies in the world they want to be there africa is not represented properly so this should be reformed but the problem is the five permanent members have a veto they can block anything they like and they can also of look any reform and as we have seen in the past sometimes they certainly do karsten phenomena with the
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latest from washington thank you now let's get a check of some other stories that have been making news around the world officials in the gaza strip say that three palestinians have been killed and hundreds wounded in renewed protests on israelis border the israeli army fired tear gas and live bullets in an attempt to disperse the crowds israel accuses hamas of using the protests to try and reach the border a protester state that they want to draw attention to their dire humanitarian situation with the new crew has arrived to the international space station to applause from staff and family members back at the european space agency her german astronaut alexander guess meantime it is colleagues they were greeted by astronauts on board the i assess the new crew will spend five months in space and will conduct hundreds of experiments in that time. he's a fugitive suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old german girl has been arrested in iraq the man the police are
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naming only as allie b. as a rejected asylum seeker who left germany for iraq with his family last week he's being held by kurdish authorities in the city of airfield the case has reignited germany's politically charged debate on immigration. they can't fathom what has happened. in this grieving over fourteen year old susanna who lived there until she was murdered. the suspected murderer is a refugee from iraq. is the young man charged with the killing he came to the spot in two thousand and fifteen and had been living in a refugee center. right wing populist party the a if he called for parliament to on of the dead girl with a minute of silence they say i claim her two thousand and fifteen refugee policy are to blame for this crime the other parties are outraged. the good german
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parliament is a place for debate it is not a place to use the plight of a victim to further your own political cause you should be ashamed of yourselves to not see no reason to use this tragic case to reflect upon individual political decisions or decisions from twenty fifteen which society supports. suzanna spot he was found in has no on wednesday by this time the murder suspect was no longer in germany he and his family flew back to iraq and it is there that he was arrested friday morning. suspected murderer. was arrested tonight eight twenty eighteen two am by kurdish security authorities in northern iraq at the request of the german federal police work of the split. the case has inflamed the debate regarding germany's handling of refugees levy was denied asylum one and
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a half years ago he had launched an appeal which had not yet been processed. this shows once again that rejected asylum seekers must be sent home urgently every individual who is required to leave but especially criminals. german police are investigating the murder of susanna but politicians are debating how to get rejected asylum applicants to leave germany quickly. german national soccer team has ended their five game willis run seeing off saudi arabia on friday evening while the victory was a welcome change you often loves side were less than convincing in their final warm up match before heading to russia to defend their world cup crown. it was a packed house to watch the world cup defending champions take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off
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a deep pass wonderkid t.-mo banner fired warning from close range the assist came from marco royce who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments forty much after the injury. before the first half a day germany doubled their lead a pass intended for times resulted in an own goal by saudi arabia's omar hassan. after the break saudi arabia got a break i'll just sum was taken down inside the box by samy could derail the penalty was no. worse by. saudi arabia had a chance to equalise in extra time but couldn't find the finish handing germany the unconvincing two one victory. but a victory none the less a quick reminder now the top stories we've been following for you here at the g seven leaders have gathered for a summit in quebec canada and unprecedented tension u.s. president donald trump has angered allies with his imposition of trade tariffs any
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proposal that russia rejoined the group after he was ousted for annex in crimea. and germany has been elected to a non permanent seat at the united nations security council the country will begin its two year stint at diplomacy stuff table next year. i'm sorry kelly in poland that you so much for joining us here at d.f.w. have a great day. global inequalities. what does inequality mean and globally connected well. to the media. joining the discussion and having news. digest and as global media for remains eighty.


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