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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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phobic. if the u.s. won't cooperate we will go it alone that is the message heading into the g. seven summit in canada where a trade war sparked by washington barbs on twitter and donald trump support for rush hour overshadowing talks it is six against one and trump is the self-styled outcast among our allies i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. before. the war. we have a world to run at is the seven which used to visit ga they threw russia out they should let russia come back to do. this because even for months they would offer to have us be off the g seven philmont or the g eight as it was because it is
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a group based on respect to international law and the rule of law or a group with these values contra benefit from russian participation at the moment. i would like the g seven and all the other countries in the world to do more against plastic when they stop start cleaning the scene because thought is in actual fact you are doing nothing to protect the environment. and burial it's more that those. it's not democratic what they're doing. deep divides are on display as the leaders of the world's largest seven economies meet in quebec canada this weekend this year's meeting has been described as far more of a g six plus one rather than a g seven highlighting the isolation of the us from its global allies now tension has been building with over a year of provocative u.s. policy making including the recently announced tariffs on the e.u.
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canada and mexico and already there has been no shortage of drama at the summit itself with the us president arriving late planning to leave early and calling for the reinstatement of russia into the group which was previously ousted for its annexation of crimea right here should be in this treaty why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the me to just be a part of it you know whether you like it or not and it may not be politically correct but we have a world to run as is the g seven which used to be the g eight they threw russia out they should let russia come back here because we should have russia has to go here . for more let's bring in correspondent alexandra phenomena who is joining us now from quebec city so we just heard it there alexander president trump wanting to
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have russia back at the big table what is he trying to achieve with this demand. i think it was quite it's telling that donald trump made this these remarks before even arriving here in canada and at the summit were some european allies openly questioning whether the you ass is a good fit for the club so he is clearly trying to you know distract the attention from the disputed issues that are going to be discussed here trade climate change he's also trying to send a signal to his allies here in canada that it is a g. seven summit is not as important as my might seem that it would be more important when russia would join the summits the group again and that here is the u.s. president has more more important issues to deal with like for example meeting with
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kim jong un in singapore ok so he sent a signal but they have already replied at the reply has been strong some other leaders the e.u. reacting to trump's bombshell announcement essentially very rejecting his bed how far will they go in opposing the u.s. . while at the moment especially the europeans seem to be determined to oppose this call for russia to join the group again and they're trying to show that they are united at the moment they are working on joint strategy holds to deal with u.s. presidents and how to deal with his aggressive trade practices and policies they match here on the sidelines of the summit and seems to have agreed on a common strategy in this point and at this time we have to mention there are
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a lot of other contentious issues on the table for discussion including but not. limited to trade sanctions on iran climate change gender equality the list is really long what are the chances of seeing a signed joint statement at the end of the summit. to be honest at the moment it doesn't look like there will be a joint statement at the end of for this g. seven summit the german chancellor was asked today were over she's things said it might be possible and she said she doesn't know and before this summit she even had said that she wouldn't be surprised and she wouldn't be in favor of having and then agreement when this agreement which watered down the what the group has agreed on in the past so at the moment no one here can really say whether we are going to see a joint agreement and signed by old seven members of the g.
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seven so a lot of uncertainty there alexandra phenomena with the latest from the g. seven summit in canada thank you. hugh and the head of the summit thousands of protesters have been gathering in quebec city about a two hour drive away from the resort where the g seven leaders will meet their anger directed at all political leaders and their lack of action on crucial issues which affect people's lives. as world leaders gather in a luxury resort town vincy new woman wants them to remember the indigenous people who lived in canada first. the sixty two year old says they should be focusing on how to stop ravaging the mountains and cutting down trees on the reserve where she lives. i want the leaders to stop selling our lands because we still need to go into our forests and practice our incest all rights to go fishing to go hunting to go pick wild fruits. she's joining
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protesters in the first demonstration against the summit taking place in quebec. since it's a march bringing together a wide range of interests but all believe the g seven leaders are wasting time and money without making any real progress and putting on a show that distracts from the biggest problems facing society today. and burial is smoke that goes and it's not democratic well there's no way in actual fact to do anything to protect vironment i would like the g seven and all the other countries of the world to do more against plastic with a stop start cleaning the sea for solders. but they're not optimistic that any of these goals will be achieved. the protesters here come from
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diverse groups and backgrounds but they are united by one common grievance they think that the leaders at the g. seven summit are not qualified to speak about the issues on the agenda and if they don't have the credibility to discuss things like gender equality and climate change. hosting the summit is also costing canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. and this year it looks set to be more dysfunctional than ever before as the traditional allies struggle to find common footing with u.s. president donald trump on even the most basic of issues. the united nations general assembly has voted for germany and four other nations to become nonpermanent members of the security council the new members take up their seats in twenty nineteen and will spend two years at diplomacy's top table germany has held its election as a vote of confidence in its global role germany one hundred eighty four.
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while the news did not come as a great surprise to german foreign minister said he wasn't expecting such an overwhelming majority one hundred eighty four votes in favor of a total of one hundred ninety. eight i know that's yet to be confirmed with one hundred eighty four votes as a terrific result for those of us that shows that the international community has great confidence in germany we want to live up to our responsibilities and take a stand on difficult decisions without shying away from the. fog of the cannon mass added that germany will be heavily engaged in conflict prevention peace building and peacekeeping operations such as the ongoing deployment in mali but analysts say the condition of the german military is not up for such maneuvers they warn that expectations of germany to resolve wars in syria and ukraine along with the crisis with iran are specially high at a time when other countries appear to be retreating from international engagement.
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for more now we are joined by popper a lot less she is in new york she is a member of the european parliament from the german green party and has been following events at the security council today first of all welcome to you and second of all i'd like to ask you do you see this was also something to celebrate. well yes it's good ok shin the happy occasion it was very quick and i think it shows that the members of the general assembly have stressed in germany that they can do a quick chop a quick chop in negotiating in preventing wars in deescalation and it's very good to hear from the german government also that they need to commit and particularly to focus on strengthening human rights early space order and the interventional justice system that's very good promising and given those promises what do you want to see come out of germany's membership. when when they start to that next year in
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january i think they should focus that in on the conflict geisha in programs and the prevention work women being included in the leadership competence and their difference which is the security council resolution thirty twenty five and following recent lucian's because we see in very few all patients actually women in leadership positions they are in this piece of negotiations so i hope they will do is. and when they are on the ground in different countries they look to the leadership but they also reach out to women and she always who deal with women in war situations and also children in the war situations and bring this bake what they want to the negotiation table what will come out and book will be themselves up to four ok so i'm hearing a lot of hope from you but i'd just like to inject a bit of realism here for
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a minute because i mean what can germany really do as a nonpermanent member the current situation the institution it can even manage to pass resolutions on some of the most basic human rights issues like for example on chemical weapons use in syria so can germany really change anything. when they cannot change the whole system that is clear but they cannot put the energy where there is. the other possibility is to find solutions for example we have the terrible sit with mission in myanmar as being expelled many of them hundreds of thousands of them too. and what is the international community doing in helping those accountable for the situation so you came to this within the security council you are very well connected and when you are out there also as an
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employment member and you can try to find a band of its members in the general assembly a solution perhaps or a commission to investigate all such issues i think of course a membership it's such doesn't change everything but if you have a commitment and i think this i have shown that. the and you can clearly try to change to the better and i think it's not everything is related to if you decide to have a military intervention are not i think the main focus should be that you work on prevention on deescalation and on a decision when there are conflicts terrorizing we know that russia for example it is often the one that is vetoing measures how far is germany willing to go is it going to take russia on. where i think russia and china over all the members in the. permanent members of the security council have to be discussed and have to be asked if in one or the other state if they contribute to
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a solution i think this is the heart of diplomacy if you don't do this and if you leave people out you will not reach but and if not they're seated other than discussing i mean you know we know for example that there are already sanctions on russia could we see further shank sanctions for example in concrete terms how high could the pressure go. well i think the sanctions on russia has to relate to a special contract and to this we have not debated today and i think generally germany will be also well advised if they do it step by step if new situations occur and not being so. they want to thank you very much barbara locke feeler joining us but the latest from new york as we mentioned you are a member of the european parliament from the german green party and you have been following events at the security council today we appreciate your insight.
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of the german national soccer team that vented their five game winless run seeing off minutes saudi arabia on friday evening but while the victory was a welcome change for you awesome love side they were less than convincing in their final warm up match before heading to russia to defend their wild cup crown. it was a packed house to watch the world cup defending geoff eames take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off a deep pass wonderkid team of a no fired warning from close range the assist came from marco royce who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments pretty much after the injury . before the first half a day germany doubled their lead the pass intended for time to do that resulted in an own goal by saudi arabia's omar hassan we. after the break saudi arabia got a break out the sun was taken down inside the box by samy could derail the penalty was no good deed done worse by just some. saudi arabia had
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a chance to equalise in extra time but couldn't find the finish handing germany the unconvincing two one victory. and with the match over let's bring in our sports correspondent oliver moody who is watching the match in laver couzin so ali how was the atmosphere during the game can germany fans can they be happy with this performance. well the atmosphere was for the most part very good the fans here in live accusing clearly wanted to give the team a good sendoff as they head off to russia to defend their title. was helped very much in the first half of course by germany taking it to nil lead very good mood around the ground at that point at half time in the second half it wasn't quite such plain sailing it was a bit frustrating at times germany creating lots of good chances but not able to finish them off and then of course saudi arabia scoring as well so very good first off the fans not quite so good in the second but still most of the fans i spoke to
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were very happy to see their team win their final game before the world cup gets under way now absolutely ali because you know a win is a win at the end of the day especially leading into the world cup a lot of people very excited what with the positives from this match i think the positives have to be the comeback kings for germany the players who've returned from injury to make the world cup manuel neuer had a very composed forty five minutes and go he looked very focused looked a little bit rusty but we can give him that one given that it was his first start after coming back from injury so i'm sure he'll get better over the next week or so before the first world cup game the high point for me there really was marco royce i thought he was the best player on the pitch he had a very good assist for his opening goal post as well generally just look very very sharp and a player like him a player of his quality hitting form at the right time out of world cup for germany that could make all the difference when it comes down to the big games as they have so many points there but what do they need to change do you think in order to
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ensure that they defend their world cup title. well i think one change what will just come automatically is the mentality germany is known as a tournament scene they always up their game for the big tournament and i think over the next week or so i will see a bit of a change in mindset when they take the pitch against mexico in their first world cup game i think we'll see a more focused a more composed germany team that perhaps finishes off a few more of those chances that they can create they definitely do need to improve their finishing because if they finish like they did today against a bigot same way they won't be able to create so many opportunities that could be decisive so i think that is the big thing for me just tightening up in front of goal and finishing more chances but i do say i do think as i say that mentality will just come naturally to oliver moody live from leverkusen in the run up to the world cup thank you. a somber note now in the us celebrity chef and t.v.
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host anthony bourdain has died the man who inspired millions with his infectious love of food was found unresponsive in a french hotel where he was sixty one french prosecutors say that his death was a suicide or dane who was also a bestselling author posted the parts unknown travel series on c.n.n. . and he shot to fame back in two thousand with his bestselling book kitchen confidential adventures in the cullen area underbelly the book combined frank details of his life and career with behind the scenes details about restaurants their practices and the trade just generally speaking it's success changed his life . i went from a guy you know broke. always been had been broke never insured never owned anything perpetually in debt. hard working god overnight the guy with the best job in the world with the freedom to travel around the world doing anything he wants and get paid for it. and for more on anthony or dan's passing i'm joined now by mara jug
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a food writer at the washington post thank you so much for joining us mara i mean anthony bourdain really set it himself there he seemed to have everything and he was really a larger than life personality were you surprised to hear the new stick i was in i think a lot of the chefs that i've been speaking to today were also very surprised they said that he seemed to be doing very well in recent weeks he was very happy in his relationship he had been very politically outspoken and he really had found his purpose they were very surprised to hear about his passing i'd like to talk a little bit more about the circumstances are absolutely there but the first let's focus on his legacy what will it be for food lovers you know and they were doing had such a huge impact on american food culture i think one of the most important lessons that he parted on american foodies is that you know the best way to understand another culture is through its food and he showed people that understanding food
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and having a curiosity about food and other culture is a way to impart our shared humanity. but he was also quite frank and he changed awareness about food industry practices as well didn't he he did he did he was very outspoken especially in recent months about the treatment of women in restaurants too especially in regards to the need to movement that affected him very deeply and he had written about that as well as the treatment of immigrants to he was a very fierce advocate for immigrants in the restaurant industry he often had said that the restaurant industry couldn't function without immigrants and he was very very outspoken and found it very important to speak out for immigrants. and he also wasn't afraid to get political i mean i i followed him on twitter i was often quite shocked about how frank he could really be on the platform right. yes yes he he spoke out frequently especially against president and against people who who
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worked in the restaurants that were in his hotels he had said that he would never dine at a trump hotel restaurant before he was he was very frank and people definitely remember him as a truth teller in the industry can i ask you you know what what he meant to you personally because you know you're a food writer there you're writing for the washington post he was a really big name in the industry yes definitely i think one of the things that that anthony born into me as a food writer and something that that we all keep in mind is food writers is that a restaurant meal doesn't have to come from a fancy place to be excellent you know one of the things that he really did in his shows that i thought was so important was that he imparted a dignity and pretty much anyone who who created a meal for him and he really respected those chefs whether they were from a small kitchen in their home in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country that he had never visited before you know he treated those chefs
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with as much or even more respect than a fancy chef who had trained in french restaurants but he also i mean he also dined with the likes of the u.s. president barack obama right. yes yes and i think that you know some of his friends that i've spoken with today have said that that was one of his his greatest memories one of his greatest achievements that he kind of marveled at the fact that he had gone from working in kitchens and being this kind of bad boy chef to dining with the president in vietnam. i want to talk a little bit more about his death now because it has as you mentioned been reported as an apparent suicide we also have this week the death of kate spade earlier in the week both of these really drawing attention to suicide to mental illness you are there in the united states do you feel that there's a constructive conversation happening there in the u.s. right now. i do you know a lot of people who have been talking about this news talking about kids spayed and
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about boarding over the last few days and kind of processing the impact of their legacies have also been sharing messages of hope for people who might feel affected who might feel depressed and making sure that they know that there are other people out there that can help and kind of also sharing the message that you know from an outward appearance a person can seem like they have everything and seem like they have all the success in the world but they don't know what you don't know a person is dealing with and so it's an important reminder for everyone that there is help out there for other people and depression mental illness it can happen to anyone we like to encourage our viewers if you know someone if you're experiencing something yourself please do reach out there are so many resources both online also national authorities for for various international viewers water jug kiss with the latest from the united states as we mentioned you're a food writer at the washington post we thank you so much for joining us this evening to share your insight. one other day is nearly done but as ever the
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conversation continues online you can follow us on twitter either at news or at sarah kelly t.v. and don't forget to use our hash tag the day and finally two days ago you saw him right here on the day that is astro alec's the first german commander of the i s s alex garst is now arriving safely at the space station or rather he arrived there and his weightlessness it leaves us to basically just drift out now on the day please do enjoy. i lose the first man his clothes on our street so i had to leave my one hundred spirit her. clothes a chance to look good nothing else so far it was the journey of the un charter. her way above my true love as they go play with me but. sometimes when it isn't a lead to a way of the so i've been trying. to
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. complete. the. climate change the existing ability to move environmental projects. of globalisation. biodiversity species conservation exploitation khalidi. human rights the book displacement the bowl of the global and current of local
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action will move global three thousand next. that remains is rubble her in the syrian city of rock tunes it was liberated from the islamic state in twenty seventeen now the city's former residents are slowly coming back. to the city they once called home. turn. the five minutes. is no longer. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth. that matters j w four mines.
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a muse alice. change heads up to this time soon so i bought it so. people have put big dreams on the big story in. the magazine on the w. this week on global street sounds and we go to colombia many people there have no access to clean water but some new technology could help. in china upriver see is anything but a given we visit
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a country where total surveillance is rapidly becoming the norm. first though we go to iran where some do.


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