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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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everyone has the right. to everyone has the right to say. this is news live from berlin u.s. president dollars from clashes with his allies over train behind the smile of a ten thousand summit in canada at the leaders gather for their family bodo trunks that someone is missing from this picture although coming up. germany and four other countries are elected to be united nations security council as nonpermanent
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member berlin holds the mood will get a greater influence on the world stage. and germany had the world cup with a win under their belt but it's not all plain sailing they only nearly did beat saudi arabia in their final warm up match before heading to russia. and welcome to the program divisions on display at the g. seven summit in canada leaders of some of the world's most powerful and dust realize countries clashed with u.s. president dol trump especially over trade and tariffs the summit's canadian hosts had hoped to focus on economic growth climate change and gender equality but before the meeting even began trump tossed another contentious topic into the mix he wants
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russia to be readmitted to the g seven it was all smiles during this family photo but besides the italian prime minister the other leaders are not on board with. bringing moscow back into the g. seven fold. the scene looks idyllic but as leaders pulled together for the so-called family photo it was clear that one of the men in the middle u.s. president donald trump was more focused on a family feud. leaving washington for the summit trump set the tone for the days to come he left the u.s. as allies know what he thought of their relationship with their strong god like well we fought with you in the war three they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers they don't mention the fact that they're charging almost three hundred percent. what it all straightened out we'll all be in love again. and then he threw in this surprising tidbit. right here
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you see in this city why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the meeting you should be a part of it a provocation for german chancellor angela merkel she had spoken out against allowing russia back into the group and in canada she pushed back. with his influence i any does we all agreed that a return of russia to the g seven summits columns happen until substantial progress has been made in connection with the problems with ukraine. russia iran climate change world trade the list of issues on the g. seven summit agenda is long but it's far from clear if the leaders will be able to agree on anything substantial besides trumps tariffs on steel and aluminum from allies which splits the us from canada mexico and the e.u. there strains even within the european bloc the new italian prime minister just
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epic conte has openly expressed support for president trump. with tensions rising and a possible trade war looming amongst close allies the future of the g. seven is hard to gauge many observers have said it's likely this summit will and without a joint communique signed off on by all its members. joining me now is our correspondent claire richardson and come back thirty clare good to see you trumpets calling for russia to rejoin the g. seven how big a shadow has been cast over the entire meeting high of a well these g seven meetings are not meant to be surprising generally the countries who are meeting together have hashed out some kind of understanding of what's going to come out of them before they even sit down together so it certainly came as a major surprise when we heard it from calling for russia to be readmitted after it was suspended in two thousand and fourteen perhaps even more surprising the fact that the italian prime minister seemed to support this idea we heard chancellor
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angela merkel here on the sidelines say that the european union countries had agreed before this conference that this was not going to be an issue that was on the table that conditions had not been met for any kind of conversations about russia rejoining the group now an issue that is on the table tariff the gulf as wide as ever between the united states and its allies or has there been some positive movement absolutely will these steel omentum tariffs that went into effect at the end of last month have been one of the most divisive issues that we've seen here that have really isolated the united states there's a widespread belief among the united states allies that these were unfair trade practices canada in fact called it the tariffs illegal and there's a concern that that basically these tariffs and the way that the united states has treated its allies by imposing them really undermines the rules based international order that trump is not being an honest broker in this system and we have even been hearing a call to the g six plus one
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a reference to the fact that there is unity between the six countries and the one is standing out on its own as the united states. standing on its own trump is expected to leave the meeting early the leaders generally sign a joint communique at the end of the day what are we expecting to happen with that when he's not even there that's right we know that he's going to be leaving early ahead of a meeting that was meant to address issues like climate change and how to protect the oceans on his way to singapore for the historic summit with the north korean leader kim jong un it seems highly unlikely that without there you're going to have the kind of consensus all seven signatures needed to actually put out this joint statement at the end again that's unusual and often it's very clear even ahead of the summit what that's going to say because it represents the shared common values of these groups now with trump on his way out and with his with the way that he has handled trade and climate in the past and the increasing isolation of the united states it seems more possible that instead of this joint statement at the end of the g. seven we could just see
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a single sided statement issued by the canadian hosts where you mentioned that he's heading off to singapore for that format with the north korean leader what our expectations there a freshly when it seems that he can't get on the same page with traditional allies . well it certainly does send a message that he is rushing away from his european partners you know the groups that back him the most in his foreign policy for some of the most complicated issues facing the world at this time that he would really need their support to deal with and instead he is rushing away from this meeting where they are all gathered in canada to go to singapore to meet with that the leader of north korea so i think that itself sends a strong message that trumps priorities are perhaps more aligned with getting a deal that's perceived as a political win at home than it is in maintaining good transatlantic relations and relations with the other allies in the g. seven group w correspondent claire richardson thank you for your insight.
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iranian president hassan rouhani says he wants further talks with russia on what he calls america's illegal withdrawal and the iran nuclear deal rouhani was speaking on the sidelines of a major security summit in the chinese city of a two day meeting is being hosted by russia with india and pakistan also in attendance some see it as an alternative g seven expected to dominate discussions are the iran nuclear deal and rising tensions with the u.s. over trade now to some of the other stories making news around the world the kremlin says it's considering vienna as a possible host city for a summit between president vladimir putin and u.s. president john trump trump had said in march of the cheerleaders would have a face to face meeting soon last month and called it unlikely in the wake of deteriorating ties authorities in a rocky kurdistan say a failed asylum seeker known as allie b.
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has confessed to killing a jewish girl in germany it's not clear if you'll be extradited a kurdish police officer said he could be tried in iraq a case has put chancellor angela merkel under new pressure over her migration policy. the new crew has arrived at the international space station to applause from staff and family members back at the european space agency german astronaut alexander garrett and his colleagues were greeted by astronauts onboard the. the new crew will spend six months in space to conduct hundreds of experiments to new york now where the united nations general assembly has voted for germany and for other nations to become nonpermanent members of the security council the new members take up their seats in two thousand and nineteen and will spend two years at diplomacy's top table germany has held its election as a vote of confidence in its global role. germany one hundred eighty four.
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while the news did not come as a great surprise the german foreign minister said he wasn't expecting such an overwhelming majority one hundred eighty four votes in favor out of a total of one hundred ninety. two but i know that's yet to be confirmed with one hundred eighty four votes as a terrific result for those of us that shows that the international community has great confidence in germany and want to live up to our responsibilities and take a stand on difficult decisions without shying away from the. fabric and then most added that germany will be heavily engaged in conflict prevention peace building and peacekeeping operations such as the ongoing deployment in mali but analysts say the condition of the german military is not up for such maneuvers they warn that expectations of germany to resolve wars in syria and ukraine along with the crisis with iran are specially high at a time when other countries appear to be retreating from international engagement.
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germany have ended its five game winless streak seeing off minnows saudi arabia on friday evening but while the victory was a welcome change your team live five or less than convincing in their final warm up match before heading to russia to defend their world cup crown. it was a packed house to watch the world cup defending champions take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off a deep pass wonderkid team of a no fired warning from close range the assist came from marco royce who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments for the mug shot due to injury. before the first half it in germany doubled their lead a pass intended for time to smooth resulted in an own goal by saudi arabia's omar hassan we after the break saudi arabia got a break out the sun was taken down inside the box by samy could derail the penalty was no good thank you that was by. saudi arabia had
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a chance to equalise in extra time but couldn't find the finish handing germany the unconvincing two one victory. in the world's top basketball league the n.b.a. in the us the golden state warriors swept the final theory again the cleveland cavaliers to retain their championship as the pointed cavs and may have even greater worries on their mind though as one of the greatest superstars in this for le bron james may not return to his hometown team next season. back to back champions the golden state warriors retain their n.b.a. title with one hundred eight to eighty five victory over the cleveland cavaliers in cleveland on friday night back home in california fans celebrated as if they were there but emphatic victory was sealed thanks to the scoring prowess of m.v.p. kevin durant and talisman steph curry who re found his scoring touch to hit thirty seven in this fixture for kerry a third n.b.a.
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title in four seasons gave way to talk of dynasties. i just know we've been able to converse is. really meaningful and something that. not many players have been able to experience so. wherever that position the conversation has to the n.b.a. or. no titles around dynasty and all that type of stuff. chad we got three times the time chance and they're the loss for the field room is that the bron james widely regarded as the greatest player of his generation will leave the caps before the beginning of next season to start playing high emotions and injuries on another pitts a defeat to their rivals what happened self-inflicted pulls game of the game one very motional. you know that the emotions get the best. pretty much played a little. while the cavs answer some of uncertainty the only question on
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warriors fans lips is whether this incredible team can make it three on the bounce next season. and finally britain's queen elizabeth has followed greater her official ninety second birthday by watching an annual trooping the color ceremony in london and large crowds of people turned out to enjoy the spectacle. more than a thousand soldiers took part in the event cards parade your buckingham palace in your royal including newly wed prince harry and megan duchess the suffix joined in the celebration of the queen's husband prince philip was when elizabeth is the world's oldest and longest reigning monarch. and i remind her of the top story we're following for you the g. seven meeting of seven. canada have been split by disagreements between u.s. president donald trump and other leaders plans to leave in the several hours early
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and heads in singapore for his comments with the north korean leader which takes place on tuesday. you're watching the news more at the top of the hour with my colleague. and then berlanti thanks for joining. us. from. the trouble. time in the field. get out. with him because ellis searingly. shipped this week on d w would it be quite insulting
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to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out. on this.


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