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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin with u.s. president donald trump clashes with his allies over trade behind the smiles tends to be canada as leaders gather for their family photo trump says if someone is missing from the picture. also coming up the suspects in the grave and killing of a german teenager is he set to return to germany later today to face trial this after he reportedly confesses to authorities in iraq to kurdistan. and germany
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had to the world cup with the when under their belts but it's not all smooth sailing and narrow win over lowly saudi arabia in their final warm up match before heading to russia. i met her mn welcome to the program divisions on display at the g. seven summit in canada leaders of some of the world's most powerful industrialized countries have clashed with u.s. president donald trump especially over trade and tariffs summits canadian hosts had hopes to focus on economic growth climate change and gender equality before the meeting even began trump tossed another contentious topic into the mix he wants russia to be readmitted to the g seven a debate on climate change and the environment is scheduled for today but trump has
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said he will be leaving early. and ahead of today's session of the summit german chancellor angela merkel addressed the issue of a joint communique and then left open the possibility that it might not happen to disclose who were involved. in the discussion so far were very lively and very good in the positive sense of the word but as it's known there are differing views on trade and climate protection og one hundred. yet scream us with says these issues are not yet on the agenda and therefore i cannot yet say whether there will be a common communication or just a resume by the hosts opposite what saddam. joining me now is our correspondent claire richardson in quebec city clare we just heard that aagot americal said she thought there might not be a joint communiqué other indications that she could be wrong.
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hi it's still a little bit too early to decide exactly whether or not we're going to see a joint statement come out from the leaders here at the g. seven they're going to have to first talk about some of the thorniest issues that have been dogging this whole meeting things like climate change and trade policy now we know that usually g seven meetings are not meant to be surprises often the leaders go into these with a very clear idea of what kind of message they're going to want to put out at the end something that reflects their common values but with the united states increasingly isolated because a president trying to views on things like trade and financial we haven't seen any sort of unity on those topics and it's not clear that they've come any closer to finding common ground now as you mentioned trump is going to be leaving the summit early today for his historic meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un in singapore and that means that it seems quite unlikely that they're going to be able to get all seven signatures that needed to put out a statement and we could very well in studies just see the host country canada issuing some kind of statement on its own. i mean even all the disunity over trade
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aside trump what way off script calling for russia to be readmitted to the group how big a shadow has that cast over the. i certainly think that came as quite a surprise as well we heard michael say that the european union leaders had agreed before the summit that this was not going to be something that was on the table but not enough progress had been made in ukraine it to have any sort of discussions about russia rejoining the g seven to make it at the g eight again and again it shows how well i salute the united states has become on issues like this perhaps also more surprising event was the italian prime minister saying that he would support from his. claim that they would like to see the russians join in again and so we're really not seeing a lot of coherence on this issue. the main issue however is that of the tariffs that the u.s. . has been putting on all of its you know trade partners allies and otherwise is
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the gulf between the other g seven nations and the u.s. just as wide as it was when this meeting started or did any progress get made. but they're going to be discussing that more today it's going to be a matter of whether they can come to an agreement by the end of the day when this summit wraps up they think the steel and aluminum tariffs that went into effect at the end of last month are something that have really shocked and upset american allies that are taking part in the g. seven summit i canada called the tariffs illegal and they're widely seen as being unfair trade practices and the united states has not done anything to alleviate those concerns so far so unless we see some serious turnaround i don't think we're going to see any major progress that is going to heal over those wounds it's clear richardson thanks so much for joining us from the g. seven summit in canada. well iraqi authorities say
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a failed asylum seeker has admitted to the rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl in germany twenty year old ali b. is leads to a struggle the teenager in the german city of. he was detained by police in iraqi kurdistan on friday after german authorities said he had fled to the country who's expected to be extradited to frankfurt later today the case has stoked the immigration debate here interests. and it has quite a political dimension so our political correspondent thomas sparrow is with us in the studio you know thomas we just heard that you know german media reports say that this guy who they believe is the murderer in this case accused in the one is set to land in frankfurt this is a very fast turnaround they're really getting a lot of help from iraq in this case for the last few hours you can see that it has been wired to foster developments and on german authorities have praised
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cooperation between the german federal police and kurdish authorities that ultimately led to the arrest of the main suspect we're talking here of a twenty year old failed asylum seeker who arrived here in germany in two thousand and fifteen whose application was then rejected one year later but who had been allowed to remain in germany pending some further procedures on his on his case but yes you're absolutely right this is simply generated another big debate here in germany about migration what is in gendering this debate about migration obviously it is that is a very unfortunate thing for a woman to be killed by my router or anyone else what is it about this particular crime or the sort of attempted escape that this accused person made that's really getting people riled up i would say two aspects obviously the case as such is one of them the fact that a fourteen year old girl in these bond was raped then killed that in itself is a very big story here in germany but obviously also the fact that the main suspect
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as we've just been discussing is this twenty year old iraqi who had to is aside enough occasion rejected here in germany on that particular element of obviously being used by different political groups to again criticize migration policies here in germany so it's the case on the one hand but also the fact that the main suspect is in failed us i don't see it yet you brought up you know certain parts of the german political spectrum trying to make something of. out of this let's dig right into that the sort of far right part of the a.f. to the alternative for germany party you know is really seizing on this case to push their agenda that germany's policy with regards to asylum seekers is broken they are calling for demonstrations of the slogan vats enough are they getting reaction from the us yes that is reaction there are also counter protests but i think we've concious this specific case as an isolated case is also a big debate in germany about migration going on and in particular about the
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officer in charge of dealing with all these item has the office is called bomb they have been accused of mishandling or deciding more than one thousand cases in an irregular way so there was already a big debate in germany about migration this now is obviously another element that adds to that that debate so that's why they have been so many reactions here in germany regarding migration in the last few days and also in the last few weeks right thomas thanks for untangling some of this it's going to take work i think. right remove one of the some other stories making news around the world the kremlin says it's considering vienna as a possible host city for a summit between president vladimir putin and u.s. president donald trump trump had said in march that the two leaders would have a face to face meeting soon but last month called it unlikely in the wake of deteriorating ties. but of all authorities have ordered new evacuations as dangerous flows of lava ash and toxic gases poor down the volcano search and rescue
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efforts have had to be suspended because of hazardous conditions so far more than one hundred people have died and almost two hundred others are missing. the new crew has arrived at the international space station to pause from staff and family members back at the european space agency german astronaut alexander guest and his colleagues were greeted by astronauts on board the i.s.a.'s the new crew will spend six months in space to conduct hundreds of experiments that will go to new york now where the united nations general assembly has voted for germany and for other nations to become nonpermanent members of the security council the new members take up their seats in twenty one thousand will spend two years of diplomacy is top table germany has hailed its election as a vote of confidence in its global role. germany one hundred eighty four.
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while the news did not come as a great surprise the german foreign minister said he wasn't expecting such an overwhelming majority one hundred eighty four votes in favor out of a total of one hundred ninety. two but i know that's yet to be confirmed with one hundred eighty four votes is a terrific result for those that oppose it shows that the international community has great confidence in germany and want to live up to our responsibilities and take a stand on difficult decisions with shying away from the. fog of the cannon mass added that germany will be heavily engaged in conflict prevention peace building and peacekeeping operations such as the ongoing deployment in mali but analysts say the condition of the german military is not up for such maneuvers they warn that expectations of germany to resolve wars in syria and ukraine along with the crisis with iran are specially high at a time when other countries appear to be retreating from international engagement.
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but over to some sports now where germany has ended its five game when le streak seeing off minnows saudi arabia on friday evening while the victory was a welcome change your team loves side work less than convincing in their final match before heading to russia to defend their world cup crown. it was a packed house to watch the world cup defending champions take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off a deep pass wonderkid t.-mo van a fired warning from close range the assist came from marco royce who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments forty much after the injury. before the first half a day germany doubled their lead a pass intended for time some other resulted in an old gold by saudi arabia's omar hassan week. after the break saudi arabia got to break out his son was taken down inside the box by c.b. could derail the penalty was no good down worse by. i saudi
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arabia had a chance to equalise an extra time but couldn't find the finish handing germany the unconvincing two one victory. they are the world's top basketball league the n.b.a. the golden state warriors swept the final series against the cleveland cavaliers to retain their championship disappointed cavs fans though they might have even greater worries on their minds as one of the biggest superstars in the sport's bron james night to eighty five victory over the cleveland cavaliers in cleveland on friday night back home in california fans celebrated as if they were there but emphatic victory was sealed thanks to the scoring prowess of m.v.p. kevin durant and tell his man step curry he reached down the scoring touch to hit thirty seven and miss fixture for carry a third n.b.a. title in four seasons gave way to talk of dynasties i just know we've been able to converse is. really meaningful and something that. not many players have been able
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to experience so. where with that position the conversation has should there be. no titles around dynasty and type of stuff. i'm a i'm a three time share we got three time to time chance in there the last further field rumors that le bron james widely regarded as the greatest player of his generation will leave the cavs before the beginning of next season the star blamed high emotions and injuries on another bitsa defeat to their rivals what happened self-inflicted pulls game of the game one very motional. you know let the emotions get the best of me and pretty much play the last two games with a broken nose that's what it is while the cavs answer some of uncertainty the only question on warriors fans lips is whether this incredible team can make it three on the bounce next season. while you're watching g.w. news we'll have more news for you top the hour but you can get that news anytime
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