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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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the germans every week. this is the deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump clashes with his allies which are behind the smiles a tense g. seven summit in canada as leaders gather for their family photo trump says that someone is missing from the picture. also coming up the suspects in the rape and murder of a german teenager could return to germany as soon as today to face trial just after
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he reportedly confesses to three ortiz's in karate cornerstone. and germany head to the world cup with a win the under their belts but it's not all smooth sailing a narrow victory over lowly saudi arabia in that final warm up match before heading to russia. i met her man welcome to the program what's of divisions on display at the g. seven summit in canada leaders of some of the world's most powerful industrialized countries have clashed with u.s. president donald trump especially over trade in tariffs and summits canadian hosts had hoped to focus on economic growth climate change and gender equality but before
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the meeting even began trump tossed another contentious topic into the mix he wants russia to be readmitted to the g seven. debates on climate change and the environment is scheduled for today but trump said he will be leaving earth and ahead of the session on today's session of the summit german chancellor angela merkel addressed the issue of a joint communique and she left open the possibility that it might not happen to disclose who were involved in. the discussions so far were very lively and very good in the positive sense of the word but as it's known there are differing views on trade and climate protection og one hundred. deaths commercial it says these issues are not yet on the agenda and therefore i cannot yet say whether there will be a common communication or just a resume by the hosts with the words as i'm fussing this. well
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clear richardson is covering this story for us and back city earlier i spoke to her and i asked her if that joint communique was indeed going to fall by the wayside. hi it's still a little bit too early to decide exactly whether or not we're going to see a joint statement come out from the leaders here at the g. seven they're going to have to first talk about some of the thorniest issues that have been dogging this whole meeting things like climate change and trade policy now we know that usually g seven meetings are not meant to be surprises often the leaders go into these with a very clear idea of what kind of message they're going to want to put out at the end something that reflects their common values but with the united states increasingly isolated because a president trying to fuse on things like trade and climate we haven't seen any sort of unity on those topics and it's not clear that they've come any closer to finding common ground now as you mentioned trump is going to be leaving the summit early today for his historic meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un in singapore and that means that it seems quite unlikely that they're going to be able
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to get all seven signatures they needed to put out a statement and we could very well instead just see the host country canada issuing some kind of statement on its own. i mean even all the disunity over trade aside trump what way off script calling for russia to be readmitted to the group how big a shadow has that cast over. i certainly think that came as quite a surprise as well and we heard say that the european union leaders had agreed before this summit that this was not going to be something that was on the table but not enough progress had been made in ukraine it to have any sort of discussions about russia rejoining the g seven to make it at the g eight again and again it shows how isolated the united states has become on issues like this perhaps also more surprising event was the italian prime minister saying that he would support from his. claim that they would like to see the russians join in again and so we're
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really not seeing a lot of coherence on this issue. the main issue however is that of the tariffs that the u.s. has been putting on all of its you know trade partners. otherwise is the gulf between the other g seven nations and the u.s. just as wide as it was when this meeting started or did any progress get made. but they're going to be discussing that more today it's going to be a matter of whether they can come to an agreement by the end of the day when this summit wraps up basically the steel and aluminum tariffs that went into effect at the end of last month are something that have really shocked and upset american allies that are taking part in the g. seven summit canada called the tariffs a legal they're widely seen as being unfair trade practices and the united states has not done anything to alleviate those concerns so far so unless we see some serious turnaround i don't think we're going to see any major progress that is going to heal over those wounds it's clear richardson thanks so much for joining us
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from the g. seven summit in canada. we move over to some other news a failed asylum seeker accused of the raping killing of a fourteen year old girl is being reportedly extra back to germany the twenty year old he is believed to have strangled the teenager in the german city of v's. he was detained by police in iraqi kurdistan on friday after german authorities said that he had fled the country he is expected to land at frankfurt airport later today the case has stoked immigration debate in germany. might be a bit of an understatement actually this is creating big political waves hence we have our political correspondent era with us here in the studio to tell us what are all the aspects in this particular case that is leading to a lot of interest in the public here well the first aspect is obviously the case itself the top the fact that we're talking about a fourteen year old girl the fact that we're talking about rape and murder but
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obviously the second aspect is that the main suspect as we've just seen is this twenty year old iraqi who had come to come to germany as part of the refugee crisis and then applied for asylum his asylum up occasion was rejected the following year two thousand and sixteen but had been able to stay in germany while he appealed his tastes the fact that we're talking here about this failed asylum seeker obviously has meant that the debate about migration in germany the debate about integration in germany the debate in general about what to do with a side of the cars that are arriving the country has become much more interesting and much more controversial yeah this is really getting a lot more fuel to the debate on sort of asylum policy migration policy here in germany i mean not only do we have the fact that this is a crime allegedly perpetrated by a migrant migrant who was here some two years after his asylum was was rejected someone who apparently may have had some other brushes with the law since coming
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here i mean how how broken is this policy well the thing is we can see this as an isolated case as. a big scandal now here in germany regarding the office for migration and refugees the so-called bomb it has been alleged that one of the branches of bomb in the city of bremen misappropriate leo mishandled one thousand two hundred applications in other words they accepted one thousand two hundred applications without the legal and the proper care and that has obviously been a very big debate here in germany now this element of this fourteen year old girl adds to this big scandal and reflects a concern that many people in germany have about germany's migration policy all right let's take a look at the folks who are sort of pushing this one step further which is to say the n.t. migrant far right part of the de they are calling for demonstrations under the banner that enough is this particular case you know adding to their ranks oh yes
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it's a present for them the fact that we're seeing this this case here and also the fact that we've got a scandal in the office of migration of refugees they've been using obviously that to stress that germany's migration policy is not working that angle michel should take responsibility in fact we saw that also this this weeks of they're obviously using that to their advantage on the other side of the political spectrum there are parties that are saying that the f.d.a. is using a human tragedy this is the case of a fourteen year old girl for political benefits and they shouldn't be doing so so obviously also from a political perspective is a very big debate as to what should be done and to what extent one can interpret this specific case of this girl as a also a political problem in germany right thomasville there is a lot to talk over here with us where we're going to leave it for now. we move on now to some other stories making news around the world the kremlin says it's considering vienna as a possible host city for a summit between president vladimir putin and u.s.
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president donald trump trump had said in march that the two leaders would have a face to face meeting soon but last month putin called that unlikely in the wake of deteriorating tie us. here in germany around a thousand people have taken part in an anti israel march marking so-called could stay the events was initiated by iran several decades ago to demonstrate support for palestinians and to protest israeli rule of jerusalem several hundred people took part in counter demonstrations. and the new crew has arrived at the international space station two flaws from staff and family members back at the european space agency german astronaut alexander gast and his colleagues were greeted by astronauts and with the i assessed the new crew will spend six months in space to conduct hundreds of experience. well there's no less than
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a week to go until the twenty eighteen world cup kicks off in moscow and saturday marks the opening of another important tournament venue the international broadcast center the i.d.c. will play a crucial role on match days that's where the video assistance refereeing v.a.r. will operate out of for the first time in world cup history matches will be refereed with the aid of a video assistance team any incidents involving a so-called clear and obvious mistake during a match can be reviewed and changed technology was used in european leagues like the bundesliga and syria ah throughout the past sins. while defending world champs germany have ended their five game winless streak seeing off minnows saudi arabia on friday evening while the victory was a welcome change your team love side were less than convincing in their final warm up match before heading to russia. it was
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a packed house to watch the world cup defending champions take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off a deep pass wonderkid team of vienna fired one in from close range the assist came from marco royce who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments forty much after the injury. before the first half it in germany doubled their lead a pass intended for thomas who resulted in an own goal by saudi arabia's omar hassan week. after the break saudi arabia got a break now just saw it was taken down inside the box by c.b. could derail the penalty was no good thinking the worst by. saudi arabia had a chance to equalise in extra time but couldn't find the finish handing germany the unconvincing two one victory. and in basketball the n.b.a. the golden state warriors they swept the final series against the cleveland cavaliers
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retain their championship disappointing cavs fans might have even greater worries on their minds though as one of the biggest stars in the sports upon james might not return to his hometown team next season back to back champions the golden state warriors retained their n.b.a. title with one hundred eight to eighty five victory over the cleveland cavaliers in cleveland on friday night back home in california fans celebrated as if they were there but emphatic victory was sealed thanks to the scoring prowess of m.v.p. kevin durant and tell his man step curry he refashion the scoring touch to hit thirty seven in this fixture for kerry the third n.b.a. title in four seasons gave way to talk of dynasties. i just know what we've been able to accomplish is. really meaningful and something that. not many players have been able to experience. where that was just in the conversation and his should
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there be. no titles around dynasty and all that type of stuff. chad we got. in there the last further field rumors that the bron james widely regarded as the greatest player of his generation will leave the caps before the beginning of next season to start playing high emotions and injuries on another bits a defeat to their rivals what happened self-inflicted pulls game of the game one very motional. in all that the motions did the best. pretty much play the last two guys with a broken that's what it is while the cavs answer some of uncertainty the only question i'll moreas fans lips is whether this incredible team can make it three on the bounce next season. but we're just about to go and here's a reminder of our top story this hour you are actually must see some live pictures here of the seven meeting in canada where u.s. president donald trump is speaking meeting of seventy industrial nations has been
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split disagreement between trump and other leaders trump is leaving early for singapore to prepare for next week's meeting with the north koreans these are our citizens. not speeches and our next broadcasts are watching get a good news. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer made it back to the top. you know web special w dot com. football made in germany. v.


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