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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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the germans every week. this is g.w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump clashes with his allies over trade he insists that the u.s. needs fair access to markets and an end to unfair trade practices and trump warns that if countries retaliate against the latest tariffs they're making a big mistake he said also coming up the suspects in the rape and murder of
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a german teenager could return to germany as soon as today to face trial this after he reportedly confesses to authorities in iraqi court is stuck. in germany head to the world cup with a win under their belts but it's not all smooth sailing rather it's a narrow win over a lowly saudi arabia in their final warm up match before heading to russia. i met armin welcome to the program now divisions were on display at the g. seven summit in canada leaders of some of the world's most powerful industrialized countries have clashed with u.s. president donald trump especially over trade and tariffs the u.s. recently ruffled feathers by introducing tariffs on aluminum and steel but trump seemed to make a u. turn. on that decision saying he had proposed barrier free trade on g seven members
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he warned those other leaders there not to retaliate with tariffs of their own saying quote they would be making a mistake trump is preparing to leave the meeting for singapore ahead of monday's summit of course north korea. not long ago u.s. president donald trump spoke to the press and he warned that the u.s. would win a trade war if other g. seven countries hit the u.s. with retaliatory terrorists for talia to make it a mistake because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance so when we try and bring our piece up a little bit so that it's not so bad and then they go up right the difference is they do so much more business with us than we do with them that we can't lose that you understand we can't listen thanks for joining me now is our correspondent
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claire richardson in quebec city where some tough talk there from the u.s. president how did that message go down with the other g seven leaders are they now going to think twice about retaliatory tears. well that's definitely donald trump doubling down on his world view that the u.s. is getting a bad end of the deal and that is predecessor presidents negotiated unfair trade agreements that we just heard trump essential suggesting that some of its close allies and partners are robbing the united states to use the words that there is a piggy bank that everyone is robbing that would be the united states and look at these steel and aluminum tariffs that went into effect at the end of last month have been front and center throughout the g seven summits trading partners in this group to see it as unfair trading practices canada even called it a legal and it seems clear that they are going to go ahead and impose retaliatory measures because they see that as the only way to ensure that the world continues to operate in a rule based international order that they feel that donald trump and the united
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states have been threatening. or a trump also talked about a scheduled summit with north korea's kim jong singapore let's listen to a little bit about what he had to say. and he was. never going to be there again so i really believe that he's going to do something very positive for his people for himself his family. he's got an opportunity the likes of which i think almost if you look into history very few people have ever had. he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great so it's a one time it's a one time shot and i think it's going to work. certainly expecting a breakthrough in singapore is that optimism shared by the other g seven leaders.
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that's certainly what the world is waiting to see trump sounds optimistic but he is also in some ways snubbing partners here at the g. seven summit by leaving almost an entire day early he's on his way to singapore for this historic meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un but in doing so he's essentially signaling to the leaders of the countries here that his priorities really lie with meeting with the north korean dictator rather than trying to bridge differences and hash out agreements with some of the united states' closest partners which clear to say thanks so much for joining us from quebec. all right we can move on now to some other stories making news around the world the kremlin says it's considering vienna as a possible host city for a summit between president vladimir putin and u.s. president dollars from trump had said in march for the two leaders would have a face to face meeting soon but last month he called it unlikely really deteriorating times. putin has reportedly discussed
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a prisoner exchange with ukraine's president in a phone call petro poroshenko called on the russian leader to free filmmaker old sense off so it's off was a harsh critic of russia's annexation of crimea he was later jailed on terror charges. germany's opposition left party has voted to reopen the country's borders for refugees at the party's annual conference there was heated debate before the vote delegates against open borders so that the policy would affect jobs and drive members into right wing parties chancellor angela merkel's grand coalition supports restrictions on migration. and iraqi authorities say a failed asylum seeker has admitted the rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl here in germany a twenty year old ali being is believed to have strangled the teenager in the
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german city of ease bodden he was detained by police in iraqi kurdistan yesterday after german authorities said he had fled the country he's reportedly being extradited to germany as it is expected at frankfurt airport later today that case has stoked the immigration debate here in germany. bit of an understatement actually this is creating big political waves hence we have our political correspondent thomas barrel with us here in the studio to tell us what are all the aspects in this particular case that is leading to a lot of interest in the public here well the first aspect is obviously the case itself the pop the fact that we're talking about a fourteen year old girl the fact that we're talking about rape and murder but obviously the second aspect is that the main suspect as we've just seen is this twenty year old iraqi who had come to come to germany as part of the refugee crisis and then applied for asylum his asylum application was rejected the following year two thousand and sixteen but had been able to stay in germany while he appealed his
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tastes the fact that we're talking here about this failed asylum seeker obviously has meant that the debate about migration in germany the debate about integration in germany and the debate in general about what to do with asylum seekers that are arriving the country has become much more interesting and much more controversial yeah this is really getting a lot more fuel to the debate on asylum policy migration policy or in germany i mean not only do we have the fact that this is a crime allegedly perpetrated by margaret margaret who was here some two years after his asylum was was rejected someone who apparently may have had some other brushes with the law since coming here i mean how how broken is this policy well the thing is we can see this as an isolated case as a big scandal now here in germany regarding the office for migration of refugees a so-called bomb it has been alleged that one of the branches of bomb in the city of bremen misappropriate the old mishandled one thousand two hundred applications
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in other words they accepted one thousand two hundred applications without the legal and the proper care and that has obviously been a very big debate here in germany now this element of this fourteen year old girl adds to this big scandal and reflects a concern that many. well in germany i have about germany's migration policy all right let's take a look at the folks who are sort of pushing this one step further which is to say the n.t. migrant far right part of e f d they are calling for demonstrations under the banner that enough is this particular case you know adding to their ranks oh yes it's a present for them the fact that we're seeing this this case here and also the fact that we've got a scandal in the office of migration of refugees they've been using obviously that to stress that germany's migration policy is not working that academical should take responsibility and that we saw that also this is weeks of they're obviously using that to their advantage on the other side of the political spectrum there are
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parties that are saying that the f.d.a. is using a human tragedy is the case of a fourteen year old girl for political benefits and they shouldn't be doing so so obviously also from a political perspective is a very big debate as to what should be done and to what extent one can interpret this specific case of this girl as a also a political problem in germany right thomas barrow there is a lot to talk over here with that's where we're going to leave it for now we will move now to sports tennis romanian simona halep third trip to the french open final ended like a fairy tale the world number one defeated american sloane stephens at roland garros in comeback style how it lost the first set six three but managed to bounce back she took the match winning the last two set six four six one how it has been a runner up in three grand slams the french open is her first title. defending world cup champs germany have ended their five game when le streak seeing
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off minnows saudi arabia on friday evening but while the victory was a welcome change of side were less than convincing in their final warm up match before heading to russia. it was a packed house to watch the world cup defending champions take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off a deep pass wonderkid team of an a fired one in from close range the assist came from marco royce who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments forty much after the injury. before the first half a day germany doubled their lead a pass intended for thomas who resulted in an own goal by saudi arabia's omar hassan we. after the break saudi arabia got a break out the sun was taken down inside the box by sammy could derail the penalty was no come on was by just some. saudi arabia had a chance to equalise in extra time but couldn't find the finish handing germany the
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unconvincing two one victory. writes the tenth berlin biala opens today the contemporary arts festival features works by artists from all over the world and runs until september this year's curator gabi in cobo comes from south africa and she's taking a decidedly political look at issues like kolo cultural appropriation and colonialism. this ruling looks deceptively authentic but it's a reproduction of a haitian palace called song also the name of the summer residence of pression king frederick the great this year's berlin be anally explores world history from non-western perspectives and turns some standard narratives on their heads. the international curatorial team wants to make a radical shift away from a western white point of view at the same time the curators won't let themselves be pigeonholed into taking standard post-colonial stances so it's to kind of unsettle
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that space that always wants to cons confront a confirm us into a particular corner. where it's very difficult to do so to me because she ate and to dream. but the post-colonial theme of restitution does have a presence for example this video shows a throne being unearthed it refers to an ownership dispute with france an artist from the nene had a model of the throne built buried and dug up by archaeology students and an authentic artifact a real excavation who determines which history is told and how. we don't need another hero is the slogan of this year's b.n. ali for haber i mean an artist from egypt that means doing away with powerful politicians with their geostrategic project her cheeky fantasy is to drain the mediterranean sea and merge africa europe and the middle east into
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a super continent all presented in a speech just as a politician would. commit these kind of megalomania characters that. take ownership and claim of regions that are not theirs so i was interested in bodying to understand what it feels like to propose such a thing as a woman as an african as an heir of what happens when the narratives are flipped and how does that read. where do we really come from what aspects of our culture do we retain if we live thousands of miles away from our countries of origin these questions of identity are what emerged from this year's berlin be. the answers can be subtle and worth serious contemplation. fair she has britain's queen elizabeth she is celebrating her official ninety second birthday by watching an annual trooping the color ceremony in london and large crowds of people
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turned out to enjoy that spectacle more than a thousand soldiers took part in the event at horse guards parade near buckingham palace senior royals including newlyweds prince harry and megan duchess of sussex joined in those celebrations but the queen's husband prince philip is absent elizabeth is the world's oldest and longest serving. you're watching t.v. news more news at the top of the hour join us again a. global inequalities. what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. known to the media play. join the discussion and how closely. as a global media forum twenty eighteen.


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