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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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bridge. trip please reports are starting to look things on g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump clashes with his allies over train at the g. seven summit he condemns unfair trade practices and then proposes removing all tariffs and barriers to trade for g seven members now the group is hammering out a joint statement to be presented at the end of the meeting. also coming out. austria is cracking down on what it calls political islam by shutting down mosques
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and expelling foreign funded turkey condemns the move calling it islamophobia and racist. and germany has the world cup with a win under their belts but it's not all smooth sailing rather it's a narrow win over lowly saudi arabia in their final warm up match before heading to russia. i'm biased waiter welcome to the program to visions are on display at the g. seven summit in canada u.s. president alsheim first railed against unfair trade practices and then proposed removing all tariffs and barriers to trade shortly before leaving the meeting he's missed the group's discussion on climate change as he departed for singapore for next week's summit with north korea's kim jong un the other g seven leaders meanwhile have been preparing a joint statement to be issued at the end of the two day meeting. the battle lines
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were drawn early in qu├ębec. six leaders sat down together for breakfast while the seventh turned up late a sure sign of the esteem in which he holds the summit. the advancement of women more protection for the oceans and climate many of the topics that canadian prime minister justin trudeau wanted to address seemed to hold little interest for donald trump instead he used the meeting to complain once more about the opponent unfair trade practices the u.s. faces and to threaten the other leaders. their differences they do so much more business with us than we do with them. that we can't lose that. we can't listen to talks had actually gone well he did before leaving the building. five hours before the summit special and. in his absence the remaining leaders worked on
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a joint declaration to commit to a reduction of tariffs and subsidies and to reform the world trade organization. very openly the devil is in the details which is why many of the current trade talks including those with the u.s. will continue despite this joint declaration and that's why this very open discussion was necessary. but may not be very convincing for the nearby g. seven protesters the accuse the leaders of the world's seven largest economies of an auction taking a company trip to canada instead of taking care of the world's many problems. for more we're joined by did obvious claire richardson who is following the g. seven summit for us from quebec city so clearly looks like we will actually see a sign a joint statement at the end of this what kind of common ground have the g seven found. the common ground seems to be
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a desire to show a face of some kind of stability even though it's quite clear that there is still deep divisions between at the countries taking part in the g seven countries in the g. seven summit and the united states and the very fact that we are still talking about whether or not we would even see a mutually signed statement at the end of this meeting is quite unusual often leaders know exactly what sort of talking points they're going to come out of this meeting with before they even go into it it's meant to express common values and things that are relatively innocuous topics most of the time but of course this year is different because we've had u.s. president donald trump here and back differing from his canadian hosts and the other leaders taking part and making it difficult to come to a consensus even to release this joint statement at the end of the meeting now trump in his statement said quote the gig is up i'm going to assume he meant the jig is up specifically talking of. trade practices and tariffs how do the other
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countries react to this is it looking like they're going to do u.s. pressure or go ahead with these retaliatory measures. but you have to remember that that steel and aluminum tariffs that went into effect at the end of last month that the united states placed on many of its closest allies have really been a sore point throughout this meeting many of these allies see this fair trading practices and even. up at the united states it doesn't seem like it's likely to back down and for in order to maintain the appearance of a rules based international order it seems quite likely that these countries will indeed impose the retaliatory tariffs now we know is preparing for this north korea summit next week and he seemed optimistic about the outcome was this optimist and shared among the other leaders there. well that is the question he certainly has that he's optimistic about going to this meeting and he was also though early to leave from go back. before he took part in what was meant to be
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a meeting of the leaders to discuss things like protecting the oceans and stopping a climate change and this was really seen as a snub the fact that he was so eager to go to singapore to meet the north korean leader what would be a historic meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a leader of north korea but nonetheless it showed his european and other allies where his priorities really lie that perhaps he was more eager to claim a political victory at home in holding this meeting that he was to actually smooth over the differences with some of the united states' closest allies auclair you mentioned trump leaving the summit early on that this was viewed as a kind of snub are these other g seven leaders the g six are they are you thinking they're happier with him not there are we know that there are some divisions on display as we have said how are they now getting along without him. well there has been talk that this meeting is that now is called the g six plus one
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that is of course everyone except for the united states and they've made pretty clear that they're able to find common ground on certain issues chancellor angela merkel said that the europeans had decided on many things together ahead of the meeting and it just goes to show how increasingly isolated the united states has become in this meeting the fact that these leaders are still going to go ahead with the environment meeting that i mentioned earlier and continue to try to come to some consensus even without the united states president of the united states taking part to clear richardson for us in a very windy thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world as g seven leaders meet in canada chinese president xi jinping opened a two day regional summit of the shanghai cooperation organization or as c.e.o. in king dow attendees included russia and iran the opening ceremony featured fireworks and a spectacular light show the s.d.o. is confronting rising tensions with the u.s.
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over trade and washington's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. germany's opposition left party has voted to reopen the country's borders for refugees there was a heated debate before the vote at the party's annual conference delegates against opening the borders say the policy would affect jobs and drive people to right wing parties chancellor angela merkel's grand coalition supports restrictions on migration authorities in iraqi kurdistan say a man known as ali b. has confessed to killing a fourteen year old girl in germany sought asylum in germany but was rejected in december of two thousand and sixteen he is reportedly being extradited and is expected at frankfurt airport later today the cases which i thought i'm going to medical under new pressure over her migration policy. austria's right wing government is shutting down mosques and preparing to expel dozens of foreign funded a month as part of a crackdown on what it calls political islam chancellor sebastian kirk said parallel societies and radicalizing tendencies have no place in austria three years
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ago the country introduced legislation banning foreign funding of religious groups turkey has denounced b.n. as actions calling them as lama phobic racist and discriminatory. these pictures from a mosque in vienna made headlines in austria children were. victory against the law and being a multi. well strews coalition governments didn't like. society . and radicalization have no place in our country. action followed an illegal mosque run by a turkish ultra nationalist group was closed immediately six mosques run by the arab community were closed because their leaders had made what the government considered to be extremist remarks almost sixty in mom's lost their residence permits because they were financed by a turkish government organization funding by foreign organizations is forbidden
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under austrian law. but i had lost a is a land of freedom and we want to keep it that way political leaders shouldn't interfere. if it's been done legally and everything is legitimate and we can't do anything about it and if it's not legal then the organizations that are affected should appeal. a new law demands of muslims have a positive attitude towards society and the state but many consider it a catch all law that the state can use to prove anything they want the government to be more inclusive. i know if that's the problem of course the state should look closely at trends and organizations to see if there is any evidence that they are a bad influence on society but it should also say to muslims you are part of our society and we will protect you from extremist developments and people but the government is not thinking that way instead the far right freedom party which is part of the coalition says it is acting decisively and does not intend to change
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tack a popular approach among its follows. right from the start and we have shown determination in the face of these developments. we have high principles and we will lose ground if we stick to those principles of. criticism of islam has always been part of the freedom party is recipe for success as this man its interior minister recently found a hard line can help to fend off political attacks. and the soup it's useful to divert attention from other problems the government is having at the moment i mean the mayor the turkish government of course but the freedom party as well as its coalition partner knows it can profit from this populism and. the turkish government was indeed good but with the presidential election just two weeks away the president. may well be calculating that equally angry turks living
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in austria will cast their votes for him plus both governments and that bolstering the support even if austria isn't made a new safe. and to tennis now romanian simona halep third trip to the french open final had a happy ending the world number one defeated american sloane stephens at roland garros in comeback style lost the first set six three but managed to bounce back and take the match winning the last six four six one has been the runner up in three grand slams the french open is her first title. there's less than a week to go until the twenty eight hundred world cup kicks off in moscow saturday marked the opening of another important tournament venue the international broadcasting center the i.p.c. will play a crucial role on match days because for the first time in world cup history matches will be refereed with the aid of a video assistance team the video assistance referring or v.a.r. will operate from the i.p.c. any incident involving a quote clear and obvious mistake during a match can be reviewed and changed the technology it was used in european leagues
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like the bundesliga and throughout the past season defending world world cup champs germany have ended their five game winless streak seeing off minnows saudi arabia on friday evening but while the victory was a welcome change your came live side were less than convincing and their final warm up match before heading to russia. it was a packed house to watch the world cup defending champions take on saudi arabia as expected germany wasted no time to score off a deep pass wonderkid team obana fired warning from close range the assist came from more cohorts who just returned after missing the last two major tournaments for the mug shot due to injury. before the first half a day germany doubled their lead a pass intended for time this resulted in own goal by saudi arabia's omar hassan week. after the break saudi arabia got a break i'll just sub was taken down inside the box by c.b.
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could derail the penalty was no good. was by. saudi arabia had a chance to equalise in extra time but couldn't find the finish. in germany the convincing two one victory. and finally britain's queen elizabeth has officially celebrated her ninety second birthday by watching the annual trooping the color ceremony in london large crowds of people turned out to enjoy the spectacle more than a thousand folders took part in the event at horse guards parade near buckingham palace senior royals including newlyweds prince harry and meghan duchess of sussex joined in the celebrations but the queen's husband prince philip was out and elizabeth is the world's oldest and longest reigning monarch. and a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you u.s. president donald trump has clashed with his allies over trade at least at the g seven meeting in come back she insists that the u.s. needs better access to markets and under
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a fair crack of trade practices trump is leaving early for singapore to prepare for next week's meeting with north korean leader kim jong il on. you watching the news more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always check out our website d.w. dot com for the latest on my waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. we make up oh but three quarters of our focus on death row to we are this some of the services. they want to shape the continent's future it's the heart of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge of.


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