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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump clashes with allies over trade at the g. seven summit he condemns unfair trade practices and then proposes removing all tariffs and barriers to trade for g seven members we'll go live to a press conference with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. waiter welcome to the program divisions are on display at the g.
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seven summit in canada us president donald trump first railed against unfair trade practices and then proposed removing all tariffs and barriers to trade shortly before leaving the meeting he missed the group's discussion on climate change as he departed for singapore for next week's summit with north korea's kim jong un canadian prime minister justin trudeau is set to give a joint statement by the g seven leaders soon. the battle lines were drawn early in québec. six leaders done together for breakfast while the seventh turned up late a sure sign of the esteem in which he holds the summit. the advancement of women more protection for the oceans and climate many of the topics that canadian prime minister justin trudeau wanted to address seemed to hold little interest for donald trump instead he used the meeting to complain once more about the opponent unfair trade practices the u.s. faces and to threaten the other leaders.
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because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance so when we try and bring our piece up a little bit so that it's not so bad and then they go up right the difference is they do so much more business with us than we do with them that we can't lose that you understand we can't listen to talks that are actually going well he did before leaving the building. five hours before the summit official and. in his absence the remaining leaders worked on a joint declaration to commit to a reduction of targets and subsidies and to reform the world trade organization. very openly the devil is in the details which is why many of the current trade talks including those with the u.s. will continue despite this joint declaration and that's why this very open
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discussion was necessary. but may not be very convincing for the nearby g. seven protesters they accuse the leaders of the world's seven largest economies of an auction taking a company trip to canada instead of taking care of the world's many problems. and in the face of lots of tensions and uncertainty we are still waiting for our canadian prime minister justin trudeau to read out the g seven is expected joint statement any second now we will cut to him a live as soon as that begins happening before now let's bring in correspondent claire richardson who is in the back that is so clear it looks like that we will actually see some sort of signed a joint statement after this g. seven summit where have these leaders now found common ground. nice to see you miles well this seems to be common ground in the sense of them all wanting to save face and reject criticisms that this meeting has actually done more
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to deepen the divide between the g seven countries the six countries who have come together perhaps on this agreement and the united states under the administration of donald trump we did hear the president just earlier in his surprise last remarks before leaving saying essentially accusing u.s. allies of robbing the united states saying that the u.s. is the piggy bank that everybody is robbing and this very much goes to his philosophy that the u.s. is getting the bad end of a deal now the fact that we're even discussing whether there is going to be a joint statement at the end of this summit is quite remarkable generally going into this kind of meeting the leaders have already met ahead of time they have a clear set of priorities and shared values that they want to communicate in a final communique in their final communication but the thing here that has really held that up have been two major stumbling blocks one is of course trade and the other is the environment and both of those are coming from the united states and of
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donald trump's policies now trump in his statement that he gave earlier said quote the gig is up and i'm assuming that he meant the jig is up and he was specifically talking about these trade practices and tariffs that he's been railing against how do the other countries react to that does it look like they're actually going to back out to u.s. pressure or are they going to carry on with their retaliatory measures. will these tariffs on steel and aluminum that went into effect at the end of last month have been a real sore point throughout the meeting they were placed on key u.s. allies who really see that united states does not have much to stand to gain from having done so they see it as unfair trading practices in canada went so far as to call the tariffs illegal so in order to continue with the sense that we still live in a rules. based international order he's countries are going to come together and certainly impose retaliatory tariffs because they feel that that is the only way to really
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make the point that that kind of behavior is not acceptable. all right and we're still waiting for canadian prime minister justin trudeau to come live and read out the joint statement but clear for now we know that president trump left canada early how did that affect the summit and the dynamic between the rest of the leaders. that's right he was both late to arrive and early to leave he's on his way of course to singapore to meet with the north korean leader kim jong un and that sends a strong message to u.s. allies here that that is what he prioritizes that he's very focused on getting a political win at home if it comes to striking any kind of agreement with the north korean leader in what would be a historic summit between a sitting u.s. president and an autocrat of north korea then he is with the smoothing over some of the deeply rooted tensions with some of the united states' closest allies. and speaking of north korea we know that trump has expressed massive amounts of
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optimism about this upcoming summit he says looking forward to it he even said in a statement recently that he doesn't think he needs to prepare for it because he just has a good feeling about it did you get the sense that this optimism was shared among the rest of the g seven leaders there a comeback. i don't think anyone is holding their breath but they will certainly be eager to wait and see what happens trump is also in some ways left the door open he said himself we will see what happens and suggested that you know if north korea does not make a good agreement that he's willing to walk away and not meet with kim again certainly it would be a monumental moment if he is able to strakes that if he is able to strike some kind of deal but again i think people are very cautious to have any optimism about the outcome no clear last question we know that this has been a very divisive and tense meeting over what is usually a very close knit and close knit group of compatriots these g seven leaders how did that manifest in the meeting now what sort of signs did we see that things really
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weren't going well with trump and the other leaders. well the fact that we had officials kind of casually calling this the g six plus one referring to the six countries taking part and the one being the one standing aside as the united states obviously huge barriers when it came to any kind of productive conversation on trade also the fact that donald trump was skipping out on the meeting about the environment taking place on saturday that's today in which they were going to talk about ways to protect the ocean and reduce climate change which is one of the one of canada the host countries key concerns of this summit has been environmental issues and generally they choose themes that are relatively non-controversial but of course donald trump withdrew the united states from the u.s. paris accord in twenty that was agreed in two thousand and fifteen and so he's made his views quite clear that he's unwilling to compromise on this issue clear richardson covering the g.
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seven summit for us in quebec city thank you very much. and we will bring you live to present prime minister just introduce press conference this is that happens before now let's move on to some of the other stories making news around the world as g seven leaders meeting candidate chinese president xi jinping opened it today a regional summit of the shanghai cooperation organization or a c.e.o. in qingdao attendees included russia and iran the opening ceremony featured fireworks and a spectacular light show the s.d.o. is confronting rising tensions with the u.s. over trade and washington's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. out of all in authorities have ordered new evacuations as dangerous flows of lava ash and toxic gases poured down from the fwiw go volcano search and rescue efforts have had to be suspended because of the hazardous conditions so far more than one hundred people have died and almost two hundred others are missing. germany's opposition left party has voted to reopen the country's borders for refugees there was heated
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debate before the vote at the country at the party's annual conference delegates against opening the borders say the policy would affect jobs and drive people to right wing parties chancellor angela merkel's grand coalition supports restrictions on migration here in berlin about a thousand people have taken part in an anti israel march marking so-called day the event was initiated by iran several decades ago to demonstrate support for palestinians and protest israeli roll of jerusalem several hundred people took part in the counter demonstrations as well. jerusalem capital of palestine that was just one of the slogans at saturday's protest in berlin founded in one nine hundred seventy nine by iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei could stay calls on muslims to support palestine or reject the state of israel codes means jerusalem in arabic. we are here to say no to apartheid to
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racism and to the killings of innocent people in gaza. be falsely. dominant we're here to show solidarity with jerusalem and palestine word against what's happening right now in the palestine and as i sit in to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. some one thousand people marched on saturday many with in the middle east members of a subset of ultra orthodox jews have also become a regular participants at the much they reject the state of israel on thing a logical grounds after reports of violence and anti-semitism in previous years police presence was around took on saturday around three hundred members of anti and pro israel protesters demonstrated just meters away that's got a flat and what's happening right now is definitely and his sign is him but also anti semitism and that's can't be knifed without a response. to finish will do the destruction of israel and unprincipled the jews of israel is taking place essentially all jews around the world are being
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propagated. they see as all could stem a stray sions concluded peacefully the sentiments over the day and the state of israel remain as combative as ever. we're still waiting for canadian prime minister justin trudeau to address the g. seven a for now from arable in iraq back to germany the young iraqi suspected of raping and murdering fourteen year old susanna feldman has arrived at the airport and frankfurt and we will bring you more as that story develops. thousands have gathered in the polish capital warsaw to support l g b t rights in the city's annual equality parade the pride celebrations come as activists say a conservative turn in poland has forced them to fight harder for their rights.
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a ring and a declaration of love to kick off the eighteenth equality parade people have come to warsaw from all over poland to take part organizers say that things have gotten tougher for l g b t people since the right wing government came to power you know so much about it that there are studies that show we are in second last place in europe when it comes to homophobia it's really a disgrace for. many gay people in poland have experienced discrimination bullying or even physical violence. just let me that's an important celebration for me once a year to walk the streets holding my boyfriend's hand without fear of vision i would need to. promote equality across the citee in general which means women's rights and care for the disabled are also on the agenda many have traveled from abroad to show their support it is something complex or in rainbows here it's about democracy
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and human rights i want to support. the people here call for equality that includes legal recognition of their relationships. the tenth berlin be an ally opens today the contemporary arts festival features works by artists from all over the world and runs through september this year's curator gabi kobo comes from south africa she's taking a decidedly political look at issues like cultural appropriation and colonialism. this ruling looks to seven explores world history from non-western perspectives and turns some standard narratives on their heads. the international curatorial team wants to make a radical shift away from a western white point of view at the same time the curators won't let themselves be pigeonholed into taking standard post-colonial stances so it's to kind of unsettle that space that always wants to cons confront a confirm us into
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a particular corner where it's very difficult students to negotiate and to dream. but the post-colonial theme of restitution does have a presence for example this video shows a throne being unearthed it refers to an ownership dispute with france an artist from beneath had a model of the throne built buried and dug up by archaeology students and an authentic artifact a real excavation who determines which history is told and how we don't need another hero is the slogan of this year's. for haber i mean an artist from egypt that means doing away with powerful politicians with their geostrategic project her cheeky fantasy is to drain the mediterranean sea and merge africa you.


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