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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump clashes with his allies over trade at the g. seven summit in canada despite sharp tensions with the u.s. and canadian prime minister just introduced announces that all seven nations signed a final communique. a maya shweder welcome to the program the g. seven summit has wrapped up in canada with all seven nations signing
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a final communique following a heated debate they pledged to come back protectionism and reduce trade barriers but divisions were on display during the two day meeting us president first railed against unfair trade practices and then proposed removing all tariffs and barriers to trade shortly before leaving the meeting aurally. the battle lines were drawn early in quebec six leaders sat down together for breakfast while the seventh turned up late a sure sign of the high esteem in which he holds the summit. the advancement of women more protection for oceans and climate many of the topics that comedian prime minister justin trudeau wanted to address seemed to hold little interest for donald trump. instead he used the meeting to complain once more about the apparent unfair trade practices the u.s. faces and to threaten the other leaders. because you see we have
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a tremendous trade imbalance so when we try and bring our piece up a little bit so that it's not so bad and then they go up right the difference is they do so much more business with us than we do with them that we can't lose that you understand we can't listen. to the talks had actually gone well he added before leaving the building five hours before the summits official and. ultimately the group managed to put out a joint statement i'll be it vaguely formulated so as to skirt remaining key points of contention to six leaders trump left behind weren't looking to his pithy comments for inspiration. the president will continue to say what he says at various occasions what we did this weekend was come together and roll up our
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sleeves and figure out a consensus language that we could all agree to on a broad range of issues whether it's making an economy that works for everyone ensuring the inclusion of women and girls and being bold in protecting our environment or moving forward in a meaningful way to prepare for the jobs of the future. that may not be very convincing for the nearby g. seven protesters they accuse the leaders of the world's seven largest economies of inaction taking a camping trip to canada instead of taking care of the world's many problems. and joining me now is our correspondent claire richardson who's in come back city following the g. seven summit so claire at the end of the day we did in fact see a signed joint statement from all the leaders what did they have in common at the end. hi my in the end it's not clear how much common ground they
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actually did have or whether this was just trudeau showing a united front to say that they actually had to come together on some issues rather than just expose the deep rift between the united states and its partners obviously also would be wanting to justify the six hundred million dollar price tag for canadian taxpayers on hosting this summit but it seems that the end of the day the united states and the other six countries taking part in this summit are still miles apart on what were some of the stickiest issues of throughout this meeting and that includes trade and climate change and the fact it was that it was even a question of whether they would issue a joint statement at the end of the g. seven tells you a lot about just how isolated the united states has become. and as you mentioned one of the biggest issues on the table was trade let's take a listen to what justin trudeau had to say at his press conference now i know you all know that we had some strong firm conversations on trade and specifically american tariffs i reiterated to president trump that these terrorists threaten to harm industry and workers on both sides of our border and i stand ready to work
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closely with the president to resolve this dispute swiftly but as i have consistently said i will always protect canadian workers and canadian interests. it seems to be a rather thorny issue can it be resolved swiftly as trudeau hopes. well here he's obviously referring to the american that tariffs on steel and aluminum and that have been such a sore point throughout this summit allies feel that they are unfair trading practices in canada even called them illegal i think here trudeau kind of kicked the can down the road a little bit he said that he obviously brought the issue up with donald trump but that it was something that is going to need to be hashed out the worst case scenario of course being a full blown a trade war and so he's able to say look i've spoken about these issues but did he actually exact any concessions from trump it seems unlikely. trudeau seemed like he was remaining rather positive throughout his final press conference despite these
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lingering tensions hanging over the entire summit there let's take a quick listen to what he had to say. on which is the fund. uncertain to. our world has to deal with. meetings like this will take on ever greater importance they give us the opportunity to join forces and sometimes to settle our disputes. facing the great challenges we have to the countries which have great economic success need to show a common front and promote the values that are at the very root of our success i will leave this summit inspired by the discussions in which i participated and as convinced as ever of the need to work together to meet our common challenges. it was countries that had up until now had great economic success is that it is so light to get president trouble there. i think his message of
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needing to cooperate here really does a point to donald trump's america first policy and the fact that he has backed out of lots of international agreements that are meant to tackle some of the world's most difficult problems things like the iran nuclear deal which we heard just the other month that the united states would be withdrawing from as well as of course the paris climate agreement that was agreed and twenty fifteen these are things that were still lingering over this summit the fact that donald trump decided to back the united states out of agreements of former administrations had made with international part partners to try and address some of the biggest issues that are facing the world today. now as we've been percent rating on president from not only showed of late but he left the summit early he said to prepare for another summit in singapore with kim jong un did his early departure make a difference at all to the outcome of this meeting. right well this summit with the north korean leader would be a big political win for trump at home and i think he made it pretty clear to his
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allies here in canada where his preference is really alive by the fact that he left more than half a day early skipping out on skipping out on the meeting that was meant to discuss protecting the oceans and the issue of climate change in favor of meeting with a north korean autocrat so i think that did send a strong message about where he felt bad he wanted to be spending his time and that he is not bothered by the fact that he's walking away from this summit without having smoothed over a lot of the big differences with the other six countries taking part. clear last question italy's new prime minister just have a contact has raised some eyebrows by siding with trump's call to allow russia back into her group to make the g. eight again is this the sign of trump's influence gathering some steam in europe. i think this summer will also be remembered for trump's surprise remark that he would like to see russia readmitted to make it the g.
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eight as it once was was also surprising to see the italians come on board with that idea as well since in theory the europeans had agreed on a united front going into into the g. seven summit that that would not be on the table and told some serious problems in ukraine or addressed that being said i think at this probably had more to do italy's domestic situation and the necessarily the spread of trump's influence in your up a clear reference in covering the g. seven for us and canada thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world as the g seven leaders met in canada chinese president xi jinping opened a two day regional summit of the shanghai cooperation organization or as c.e.o. . attendees included russia and the wrong the opening ceremony featured fireworks and a spectacular light show the s.d.o. is confronting rising tensions with the u.s. over trade and washington's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. germany's opposition left party has voted to reopen the country's borders for refugees there
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was heated debate before the vote at the party's annual conference delegates against opening the border say the policy would affect jobs and drive people to right wing parties chancellor angela merkel's grand coalition supports restrictions on migration. the young iraqis suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old girl known as susanna is back in germany the twenty year old known as i'll be admitted to authorities in iraqi kurdistan that he had killed says on a german interior minister horst say offer said he hopes the man would soon face trial . here in berlin around a thousand people have taken part in an anti israel march marking so-called day the event was initiated by iran several decades ago to demonstrate and demonstrate support for palestinians and protest israeli rule of jerusalem several hundred people also took part in counter-demonstrations jerusalem capital of palestine that
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was just one of the slogans at saturday's protest and. founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine by iran supremely ayatollah khamenei could stay calls on muslims to support palestine and reject the state of israel means jerusalem in arabic. we're here to say no to apartheid to racism and to the killings of innocent people in gaza. because of the false mean little hope of the men and we're here to show solidarity with jerusalem and palestine were against what's happening right now and hell is dying and as i sit in to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. some one thousand people marched on saturday many with free in the middle east members of a subset of ultra-orthodox jews have also become a regular participants at the march they reject the state of israel on theological grounds after reports of violence and anti-semitism in previous years police
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presence was around took on saturday around three hundred members of and i'm pro israel protesters demonstrated just meters away that's got a flat and what's happening right now is definitely and he signed his name but also anti semitism and that's can't be left without a response. to finish will do the destruction of israel under the principle that jews of israel is taking place essentially all jews around the world are being propagated you approach they see as all could stemmons concluded peacefully but sentiments over the day and the state of israel remain as combative as ever. thousands have gathered in the polish capital of warsaw to support the rights in the city's annual equality parade the presell abrasions come as activists say a conservative turn in poland has forced them to fight harder for their rights. a ring at a declaration of love to kick off the eighteenth equality parade people have come
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to warsaw from all over poland to take part. organizers say that things have gotten tougher for l g b t people since the right wing government came to power actually you know something about it that there are studies that show we are in second last place in europe when it comes to homophobia it's really a disgrace for us. many gay people in poland have experienced discrimination bullying or even physical violence. just let me about some important celebration for me once a year to walk the streets holding my boyfriend's hand without fear. parade promote equality across society in general which means women's rights and care for the disabled are also on the agenda many have traveled from abroad to show their support it's not about blitzer and rainbows here it's about democracy and human rights i want to support. the people here call for equality that includes legal recognition of their relationships. to tennis now romanian simona halep third trip
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to the french open final had a happy ending the world number one defeated american sloane stephens at roland garros in comeback style held up last the first set six three but managed to bounce back and take the match winning the last two sets six four six one has been runner up in three grand slams the french open is her first title. and finally britain's queen elizabeth has officially celebrated her ninety second birthday by watching the eneral trooping the color ceremony in london large crowds of people turned out to enjoy the spectacle more than a thousand soldiers took part in the event at horse guards parade near buckingham palace senior royals including newlyweds prince harry and meg and dozens of suspects joined in the celebrations but the queen's husband prince philip was absent elizabeth is the world's oldest and longest reigning monarch. and a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you following
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a two day summit of g. seven nations canadian prime minister justin trudeau says all seven countries have signed a joint communiqué after a heated debate they pledge to combat protectionism and reduce trade barriers. you're watching news more coming up at the top of the hour i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. and you accidentally shed some light. on the truth. this is the new time in the field. how can you get out. with him code oh a series. this week on d w. climate change. waste. pollution.


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