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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is d. w. news wire from berlin cam jungleland our bribes in singapore this ahead of tuesday's highly anticipated summit with the u.s. president donald trump is storage meeting has been described by trump as a quote one time shot at peace. also coming up is this the defining image of the g. seven summit german chancellor angela merkel chastising trunk poor is of this
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photograph the u.s. president's cruel and collected a photo dual captures the acrimonious split as leaders met in canada. thanks for joining us i'm marrying evan's teen north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in singapore for tuesday's highly anticipated summit with u.s. presidents donald trump can land it shortly before three pm local time thousands of journalists and onlookers watched his motorcade make its way through the city and to the st regis hotel where the delegation is staying trump is set to arrive from come back later today today's summit will be the first time that a north korean leader has met with a sitting u.s. president and it's attracting a huge amount. of international attention. well for more on this i'm joined now
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here in the studio by having the guy he's from the think tank the german council on foreign relations pending a thanks for joining us so this meeting is actually supposed to take place on tuesday but both can go on and donald trump are already in singapore are we likely to see them meet earlier i don't think so because they must prepare the meeting of course and there are other people jimmied from the region that will take the opportunity i think it has been a kind of race to be to be there on the spot earlier and for trump it was an opportunity to slip the face of the other g seven members believing that summit earlier than than expected writes a trump is due to arrive later today and he's described as upcoming summit with the north korean leader as a one time shot at peace but yet other times he's been more cautious saying that it's only kind of a preparatory get to know you type of meeting so what kind of
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a summit is it going to be it has to be clear that this meeting itself is one of the greatest concessions that the americans could make to the north koreans they. the kids that if you can family has it's tried for generations really to be seen as . a negotiation negotiation partner on my level with the americans and i wanted to talk by letter really most of the time so this is a historic development and an opportunity of course to to use this concession to pressure more from from kim that kim would give up the nuclear weapons which are in a way life issue insurance for him is unlikely though and so i see the trump is seeing this as a risk that if it goes wrong he would want to repeat it all right paying they could do stay with us and just from hope be talking to you again shortly. now the singapore summit has overshadowed the end of the g.
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seven meeting which was taking place in canada but there was an unusually acrimonious and to the annual event which brings together seven at leading industrial democracies after two days of tense talks all seven signed a final communique seemingly finding an agreement on the need for rules based trade but then president trump withdrew his country's indorsement with a tweet is the first time that a g seven gathering has ended without a joint statement is the german chancellor lecturing the u.s. president is the u.s. president being belligerent whichever way you look at this photo posted on instagram by angular macros office you can't ignore the tension. that tension was evident before during and even after the g. seven summit ended in canada donald trump made sure of that he'd already angered his allies by slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from canada the
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european union and mexico and he used the g seven meeting to demand better trade deals for the u.s. while warning against retaliation over the sale here to make it a mistake because you see we have a tremendous trade imbalance so when we try and bring our piece up a little bit so that it's not so bad and then they go up right the difference is they do so much more business with those than we do with them that we can't lose that you understand we can't listen and with that trump left the show five hours early but even with his warning in mind justin trudeau still felt obliged to promise his own retaliatory tariffs. i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly.
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that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on are still an aluminum industry particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that its kind of insulting. those comments infuriated president trump he tweeted from on board air force one that he would no longer endorse the joint summit statement and threaten to impose even more tariffs he said pm justin trudeau acted so me can mild jewing on g seven meetings only to give a news conference saying that u.s. tariffs what kind of insulting there a dishonest and weak. the canadian prime his office has sought to play down the frac but with the threat of an international trade war a step closer it doesn't look like any of these leaders have much to smile about and having to govern the german council on foreign relations of here with me to
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talk about this now so donald trump abruptly retracting his support for the joint statement at the end of the g. seven lashing out at the host country canada is this kind of disarray a sign that this very important annual gathering. is falling apart when it is historic to have so much such a level of conflict in that important meeting. i would say the g. seven is a very important institution it has forty years on his back so it is it is obvious that these strongest countries with the strongest economies they can make a change in international relations and global governance and they will book keep on trying but this meeting will be an example of when not to do it. now having i'd like to talk to you about this photo from the summit that's gone viral published by the german government showing the german chancellor on the america will sort of with their hands on the table leaning in sort of an imposing position towards
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donald trump. there's been a lot of chatter about this photo what do you think it tells us i think it's a clear sign of how the arguments were carried on most of the other countries were critical of what. trump was doing especially the europeans because of the trade issue of us were possibly more cautious but sitting down. blocking the other way he is isolated and he knows that and i think it is a weakness that he doesn't want to look so isolated so he did hate this photo well it should be mentioned that the u.s. published its own photo in fact from the very same moment we should say the very same scene but from a different perspective where the german chancellor is not visible at all and in the center is trump himself with
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a very sort of haughty kind of smirking look on his face is this a sign really of a different narratives that we're seeing about the same situation it's all communication and it must be clear trump sees himself not as a president to defend the g seven but to defend growth and jobs in america and this is the signal he wants to send not so much to the other g six but to his only electorate to the people in america but things are more complex and what he could have achieved in being co-operative or in the negotiating about the tariffs i mean that would have been much better for america i think. should forget that the europeans and the americans have been negotiating about abolishing all tariffs in the transatlantic trade and investment partnership that he was the trump dropped so he could have could have had a better. or could have initiated negotiations without much bombast and it wouldn't have looked so oddly well despite what was visibly a tense summit trump himself insisting that there wasn't
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a kind of acrimonious atmosphere and after all he did agree to the joint statement initially what was that statement so the statement said some didn't make sure i'm so important growth is how important this is to create jobs and help those who are most vulnerable. a few words about global governance but when it came to global climate and the my mental protection there were paragraphs saying america wants that continue to to export fossil fuel and the europeans and the others want that so the whole document gave a big picture. about the discord at the meeting but it also made clear that most of the g seven actually have the same agenda to follow all right heading to take up from the german council on foreign relations many thanks indeed for your in with a. now russian president vladimir putin said he is ready to hold a summit with u.s. president donald trump if washington is willing he made the statement at
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a meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization in qingdao china's president xi jinping the hosted world leaders including iranian president hassan rouhani indian prime minister narendra modi and russian president vladimir putin the iranian leader said he appreciates efforts by beijing and moscow to maintain the nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of last month. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in romania more than one hundred thousand government supporters have protested against alleged abuses by anti corruption prosecutors the ruling social democratic party says the prosecutors have too much power and that they tap phones illegally critics say the government rally is meant to intimidate judges and the country's president who supports the anti corruption fight thousands have marched in l g b t pride parades across europe bucharest adrian c'mon and clive hamilton
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celebrated their recent european court victory which ordered romania to recognise their marriage in warsaw equality parade marchers said poland's conservative turn has forced them to fight harder for their rights a young iraqi suspected of raping and murdering a fourteen year old german jewish girl known as susana has arrived at frankfurt airport german interior minister horizontal for a confirmed that the man known only as ali b. had been successfully extradited authorities in iraq say the twenty year old admitted that he had killed his ana who went missing last month the case has stoked the immigration debate here in germany. from a deal to frankfurt airport and on to vs via helicopter the young iraqi suspect was taken into custody amid heavy police presence authorities he is seeking to make
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amends after accusations that the only investigations will floor would like to. this shows that the german judiciary has this case under control everyone can see what's going on and i think that helps people sense that justice is being done. the state interior minister has a in future airports have specialized staff to check travel documents written in arabic from the g. seven summit in canada chancellor angela merkel extended her sympathy to the victim's family. the inconceivable suffering that this family is going through also affects me deeply and i can only say how good it is that the alleged perpetrator has been arrested. the cooperation between german and kurdish security officials worked well. they could have police arrested the young man say he admitted to the crime.
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there was an altercation between them and the girl threaten to call the police and report him. to the conflict that escalated and that's what led to the young man killing the girl. i'm sure we have in mind where the victim lived commemorations became protests leftist groups demonstrated against senate phobia while just meters away the far right a.f.d. protested against immigration. of course this murder is political because it involves a request for asylum which the relevant authorities aren't prepared to discuss it's time they did infinitives us by the f.t.'s reaction i'm a father of four and one i think that this girl hasn't even been buried yet enough and the family is in profound grief and then he stands up promoting his right wing party politics that's outrageous for talisa teased the demonstrations and debate
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over this case will likely continue. some sports news now and tennis romanian simona halep third trip to the french open final had a happy ending the world number one defeated american sloane stephens at roland garos in comeback style halep lost the first set six three but managed to bounce back and take the match winning the last two says six four six one halep as been a runner up and three glanced slams the french open is her first title. you're up to date on the w. thanks for watching. make your smart t.v. smart with. what you want when you want to. up to date. extraordinary. decide what's on. your. job or.


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