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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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the germans every week. this is deja vu news live from berlin as donald trump arrives in singapore the us president steps off air force one on what he calls his mission of peace and there were tuesday's historic talks with north korean leader kim jong who drives in singapore earlier today also coming up is this the defining image of the g. seven summit in german chancellor on the american chastising trouble or maybe is
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this photograph u.s. president cool calm and collected dueling photos capture an acrimonious split as leaders meet in canada. will it all. welcome to the program i'm out herman u.s. president donald trump past arrived in singapore for tuesday's highly anticipated summit with north korean leader kim jong un hims plane landed at a military base after traveling from the g. seven summit in qu├ębec kim arrived earlier today the summit will be the first time that a north korean leader has met with a sitting u.s. president it's expected that they'll discuss pyongyang's nuclear arsenal and possibly efforts to formally and the korean war the north korean leader almost
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never travels outside his own country which is one of the reasons that since the moment he arrived in singapore he has been the focus of intense interest. flashing lights motorcades all the usual hallmarks that accompany a visiting head of state except this couldn't be more unusual north korea's leader kim jong un has arrived in singapore ahead of talks with u.s. president donald trump it's the first summit of its kind between a north korean leader and a sitting u.s. president. singapore's foreign minister he met came out his plane says both sides are showing quote a desire a willingness to escape the constraints that have applied for the last seven day caves that is since the has still ities of the korean war ended the meeting is costing singapore around twenty million dollars a price the prime minister says the country is willing to pay hopes are high that the trump meeting will be a game changer for the region. security is tight the teams are preparing
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all eyes will be on the two men to see what they will be able to achieve in their talks the u.s. president has called this a one time shot at peace. but we have our correspondent on the ground in singapore now and he joins us ok both kim jong un and donald trump have now arrived in singapore bastion it's hard to overstate what an enormous occasion this is could you just take us through what's happened today. sure. earlier this afternoon came to our own arrived here in singapore changi airport on air china flights he then went on to meet the south. singaporean singaporean prime minister they sat down and talked for around thirty minutes kim jong un thanked the prime minister of singapore for hosting this summit for
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organizing the summit obviously on a very short notice the prime minister congratulated kim jong un on what he said was a bold step that he took to to come here and to agree to this summit and then went to his hotel here in singapore and later in the evening air force one arrived with donald trump he also went to his hotel turn a different hotel of course security around both of these venues and around of course the venue where the summit will take place on tuesday is extremely high here in singapore now having said that seeing a poor of course there is always a lot of police around it's always a very secure place to be which is also one of the reasons why the summit actually took place here so that's where we stand right now tomorrow president trump is going to meet with the prime minister on tuesday. the long awaited summit between trump and kim was just we got high expectations obviously for these talks but you
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know trump was not a very agreeable mood in canada this past weekend is he going to be ready to strike a deal with kim jong un on tuesday. that's really anyone's guess he said before he before coming here he said that kim jong il had a one shot one shot at peace here and i've spoken to experts who agree with that they say this is the time if this if there is no deal or nothing no agreement here then . north korea is going to keep working on their nuclear weapons that's going to further antagonize the united states and then peace is going to is going to become even a p.c. is going to become even more difficult to forge now. so they're coming here in the there's a lot at stake now having said that donald trump has also said that this is the first step in a long process and i think that's what we're going to see here they're very
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unlikely to walk out of this with with one deal that settles all the differences it's more likely to be the first step as all trump said in a long process a tit for tat where north korea maybe agrees to slowly denuclearizing and the united states in turn agreed to slowly lift sanctions and it's all a matter of trust the kim regime of course needs the securities from the united states and. security guarantees to keep it in power and the united states of course they want they need to they need to build trust with the north korean regime that they are actually going to go ahead and denuclearized because a deal like that has been has been struck in the past and then north korea backtracked on it so. very difficult situation here in singapore matt. thanks for keeping an eye on whether the ball will get rolling in singapore between trump.
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the singapore summit has overshadowed the conclusion of the g seven meeting in canada there was an unusually acrimonious and to that annual of events that brings together when years of seven leading industrialized democracies after two days of sense talks all seven did sign a final communique seemingly finding an agreement on the need for rules based trade but then president trump decided to withdraw his country's doors went with a tweet is the first time a g seven gathering has ended without a joint statement but despite the very visible signs of discord the u.s. president did proclaim the gathering a success i will say it was not contentious what were strong was the language that this cannot go on but the relationships are very good whether it be president mccrone or or with justin we have just a really good job i think the relationships were outstanding. right
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a bit more on the g. seven summit we are joined by tell us there are political correspondent yet thomas we're hearing could be contradictory messages from trump you know a lot of praise in that last you know video clip and then a really acrimonious tone in his tweet what sort of sent him going in the other direction both the communique in that communique they agreed for example and free trade they had agreed to to modernize the world trade organization so they had been able to to agree on certain elements then the canadian leader just include ok a press conference which didn't like and that was the reason why he gave that tweets and he produced a tweet that we just read that and let's listen to what trudeau himself had to say which was then what made trump change his mind so radically. i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly
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that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that it's kind of insulting. kind of insulting is this kind of disarray this you know speaking out of both sides coming from trump showing that this forum is might be falling apart i mean is he just not prepared to stick to anybody's script but it's a powerful symbol they have been already very powerful symbol before but this is another powerful symbol that donald trump does not mind going in a different direction when it comes to his main and his most important that was something absolutely evident here at the g. seven and we've also seen that from some of the reactions that have come from the remaining g. six they say we have to stick together as a group of six even though the united states might go in a community different direction so i can see this particular problem at the end of
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the g. seven the fact there was a communique and there wasn't a communique at least from those that it was a sign that he's willing again to make sure that this america. is and remains his most important goal in office or at let's hold the thought of the six on one dynamic at this summit let's see just how tense this meeting could get a revealing photo published by the german government shows this shows chancellor angela merkel in a surprisingly imposing position leaning in toward trump this photo went viral on social media let's put up on the screen it was one of the most popular posts ever on the chancellor's instagram with over forty thousand likes on this picture was you know also a pretty big hit elsewhere on social media on twitter some users like one that we're about to pick out here stated that there is no better way to sum up the current global situation than this dynamic you see right here but there were actually some other pictures doing the rounds of almost the exact same situation
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the same gathering of leaders in the same room but from different perspectives this one here shows a manual not kong at the center of things calling the shots for all these leaders and you have another one where trump is sort of close to the middle of the. things this one was put out by his crew it shows him surrounded by smiling faces he's the center of attention it's all making nice thomas these pictures they are of almost the same situation probably take with a moments of each other telling very different stories. what are we to draw what conclusions should we draw is this just showing that this was a gathering where things were intense but we're not really sure who was taking the lead well the fact that there were different photos with different perspectives probably just shows the fact that the g seven as a whole was a reunion of countries with very different perspectives as well and you can clearly see that from a different picture if we specifically talk about the picture that was posted by
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the german government it's such a nice seems to show. a very strong position say probably that she has had enough of all these differences and i also think it's important that it was published maybe not by an independent agency but by the german government itself and this is again a very powerful picture one that has been commented as yourself said on social media which seems to reveal all these big difference is that we're seeing between the united states and the other countries involved in this is a very honest almost provocative stance that germany takes their. reactions more broadly to this summit which is just about to be wrapped up is this end of the summit with with trump leaving in some acrimony going to overshadow the entire summit or are there you know positive to draw from from the summit as well when you when you look in three or four or five years back at this summit you will probably remember exactly this what we're talking about now the fact that with these different photos the fact there was a communique that they had agreed and then didn't agree this will be clearly what
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people will remember of this summit there were maybe a few important points the fact that the g. six has still had they want to stick together the other six countries and that has probably been obviously the biggest reaction he has so father fact that countries like germany have said that they want to stick to this communique and that the two donald trump's american donald trump is reaction will be to try and focus on a more united europe now that's easier said than done there are problems in europe to have that united stance but at least that's a stance the german politicians are clearly willing to to at least focus on let's see if there's some follow through thank you very much almost a pleasure to houston's death. we can move on now to some other stories making news around the world in what i want thousands of people have protested against authorities handling of the volcano tragedy when four thousand people remain in shelters ash of last week's initial eruption search efforts for the missing were
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suspended for the third straight day on saturday amid dangerous conditions. cannick eruption killed at least one hundred ten people. severe storms have led to flash flooding in the czech republic on women is reported dead and another person is besting in the capital after they were trapped inside the city's drainage system sellers and metro stations have been flooded not down or. thousands have marched in l g b t pride parades in cities across europe in bucharest. and clay hamilton celebrated their recent european court victory which ordered romania to recognise their marriage in warsaw equality parade marchers said poland's conservative turn has forced them to fight even harder for their rights.
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all right on to formula one where sebastian vettel will start on pole position in today's canadian grand prix the ferrari driver made the most of an engine of great to set a new track record qualifying it's the holds forth over the season and a fourth time he's started first in canada. was second fastest interest his mercedes and red bull's max was top third reigning champ was able to increase in fourth. right you've been watching get when you lose your smarts to. what you want what you want to. up to date. extraordinary. depth. you decide what's on. sunday at the w job clubs for.


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