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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin donald trump arrives in singapore the us president steps off air force one on what he calls his mission of peace is there for tuesday's historic talks with north korean leader kim jong un who arrived in singapore earlier today. also coming up on the show is this the defining image of the g. seven summit german chancellor angela merkel chastising trump or is it this photograph where the u.s. president said so cool and collected dueling photos capture an acrimonious splits
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as leaders meet in canada. welcome to the program on mount hermon u.s. president donald trump has arrived in singapore for tuesday's highly anticipated summit with north korean leader kim jong un troops plane landed at a military base after traveling from the g. seven summit in quebec. kim arrived earlier today that summit will be the first time that a north korean leader has met with a sitting u.s. president it's expected that the two leaders will discuss pyongyang's nuclear arsenal and possible efforts to formally and the korean war the north korean leader almost never travels outside his home country which is one of the reasons that ever since the moment he arrived in singapore he's been the focus of intense interest.
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flashing lights motorcades all the usual hallmarks that accompany a visiting head of state except this couldn't be more unusual north korea's leader kim jong un has arrived in singapore ahead of talks with u.s. president donald trump it's the first summit of its kind between a north korean leader and a sitting u.s. president. singapore's foreign minister he met came out his plane says both sides are showing quote a desire a willingness to escape the constraints that have applied for the last seven decades that is since the has still ities of the korean war ended the meeting is costing singapore around twenty million dollars a price the prime minister says the country is willing to pay hopes are high that the trunk meeting will be a game changer for the region. security is tight the teams are preparing all eyes will be on the two men to see what they will be able to achieve in their
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talks the u.s. president has called this a one time shot at peace. now our correspondent boston horrific is on the ground in singapore he joins us now. this meeting isn't going to happen until tuesday what happens between now and then. well we know that president trump is scheduled to meet the prime minister of singapore here tomorrow something that kim jong un has already done today that of course is part of the protocol here singapore being the host to this summit now other than that we don't really know what's on the schedule of both leaders until they meet here on tuesday morning that. the expectations are very high for these talks i'm sure a lot of preparations will go into them how likely is it that the two sides are going to reach a concrete agreement this week that's
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really hard to say president trump tried to downplay the expectations in the run up to this summit saying that he thought this was more or he thought of this more as a as a meet and greed sort of occasion an opportunity for himself and kim jong un to get to know each other and he also said that he would know president trump would know within the first minute of sitting down with kim if kim was serious about making a deal or not and then of course he also said that if so then this would be the he considers this to be the first step in a long process a process of course in which the u.s. requires north korea to give up their nuclear weapons and north korea in turn once the u.s. to lift the economic sanctions on north korea and to guarantee the security
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of the kim regime now that's all those are all things that require a lot of trust on both sides so that's not something that can be done overnight. correspondent bastion heartache reporting from singapore ahead of the north korea summit between president trump and kim jong un of course expectations of that singapore summit overshadow the conclusion of the g seven meeting in canada and there was an unusually acrimonious and to the annual event that brings together leaders of seven leading industrial democracies after two days of tense talks all seven leaders endorsed a final communique they seemingly found an agreement on the need for rules based trade but then president trump withdrew his indorsements with a tweet it is the first time a g seven gathering has ended without a jointly agreed statement. you know despite the very visible signs of discord on twitter the u.s. president earlier had. their gathering
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a success i will say it was not contentious what was strong was the language that this cannot go on but the relationships are very good whether it be president grown or or with just we had just a really good job i think the relationships were outstanding. right i'm joined now in our studio by political correspondent thomas sparrow here as well as our washington correspondent cost of nominal cost and i'm going to start with you this was a real zigzag course from trump why did he lash out at justin trudeau after he had already agreed to that g seven final statement how is this change of heart coming across in the u.s. . well you never know with the from the just act on his impulses and apparently he didn't like the fact that justin trudeau
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. went before the press and once again saying what he had actually said before several times that canada would not back down on that if the united states would not change their trade policies which they won't. would retaliate with tariffs against american products and that didn't go down well with the president apparently his chief economic advisor larry kudlow. also. sunday this was of the trail by a true door. to trump had been stabbed in the back and that this whole thing made him look weak head over from summit with kim jong un in singapore so clearly it shows where the priorities are for this white house they focus on the meeting of trump and the g. seven summit for them was just a nuisance and a distraction well nuisance just traction i think for the rest of the folks in the some of the other six this was a very important event they decided to stick to this joint communique and and put
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it out to the public how is trump's rather petulant departure coming across to the other participants in this well you can imagine how it's coming across obviously they've reacted and they're a bit disappointed or not disappointed by the fact that trump announced that he would not stand by that communique and that's something that we've seen from different european countries they're saying that if decides to go that way then what they will do is try and also strengthen their own european structures and make sure that the countries that share values and interests can also stake together we heard for example from the french presidency a very strong statement there saying that international cooperation cannot be dictated by what they describe as fates of. throwaway remarks a very strong there was also obviously a reaction by. the job on government in particular by the german foreign minister that's listen to what mr moss had to say on this particular issue. it's right up
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you can destroy trust within seconds with two hundred eighty twitter characters. rebuilding it takes longer. we now must keep cool and take the appropriate steps one of those will be standing up for our interests in europe in a much more united fashion. well clearly the german foreign ministry understands the power of social media they put out a picture on their own instagram account which most people told a thousand words if you say. this photo was put out german chancellor angela merkel was surprisingly imposing position leaning towards trump this photo went viral on social media on instagram here it was one of the most popular posts ever on the chancellor's feed with tens of thousands of likes it was also a big hit on twitter one user who were about to pick out for you here stated that there is no better way of describing the current global situation of course there were other pictures doing the exact same doing the rounds showing very similar
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situations other perspectives however this next picture was put up calls team it has him calling the shots everyone listening hanging on his every word another picture put out by the u.s. state department crew showing that the u.s. president surrounded by smiling faces everyone so very very happy to hear what he has to say. thomas obviously there's tons of different conclusions to draw from all these pictures what is it that we can learn. from from this g. seven summit from the scenes we saw depicted i just shows how tense that g seven was how many different perspectives they would if we particularly talk about the photo that was published by the german government you can clearly see. that tens atmosphere if you just focus and i'm going to merkel for a for a second you can clearly see that on the one hand you have european leaders on the other hand you have trump it is incredibly symbolic and i also think it's
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particularly important that the photo was not published by a. photo agency but by the german government itself so it was also a very clear message that the german government wanted to send at this time not as a press statement not with words but with this very powerful image or if this is a message from the german government perhaps to trump and his his allies within the united states of course and how is this message coming across in the u.s. so they see this dueling photos situation differently. well it always depends here in this very divided country whom you talk to and from which political area people come clearly i think everybody was or was agreeing that this was a power move by the social media team of johnson until america but in truth it is that was very different there are a lot of people here who of course afraid that the rules based weren't all that the
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americans themselves of course brought into being after the second world war is in danger and for them this picture shows that america is isolated and that is something they really don't like but they are also people who support on the trump who think that america has been taken advantage of even by its allies for a long time they interpret this picture differently in a way that donald trump looks maybe a bit bemused or bored and he's not budging you know he sits there with his arms across his chest. to say you can talk about i don't care i'll do it my way so it does have very different interpretations also even of that one picture right coston our correspondent in washington as well as thomas barrow our political correspond with us here in the studio thanks so much for joining me all right to sports soccer's biggest tournament kicks off in just four days when hosts russia face off
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against saudi arabia letterman putin hopes russia will dazzle visiting fans but he is facing growing criticism and home over what's become the most expensive world cup in history. moscow is getting ready to lift the curtain on the world cup a light show was illuminating the city before the fans and teams arrive even for muscovites it's something special. president vladimir putin helped bring the world cup to russia eight years ago after the winter olympics in sochi football's biggest tournament is his next opportunity to impress the world but it's not coming cheap. initial estimates put the costs of hosting the world cup four billion dollars now it's costing nearly fourteen billion that is a new record even vote for matches to be spread across twelve stadiums instead of you original sixteen. this is a town of about an hour's drive from moscow this is where the german team will be
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based is deep in the bush in countryside and away from the scrutiny of the media. just two hundred meters that's how close reporters will be allowed to get to the players. home to nearly ten thousand people is a sleepy town not used to being invisible light but people here are looking forward to welcoming their german guests. of course by our team but i've got a soft spot for germany they play beautiful football. back in moscow final preparations are underway the massive fun zone is nearly ready to work but other things promised by the russian have not materialized high speed rail links from western europe to russia or better connections to nearby airports there's still no sign of them despite the money that's been spent. chris excite you hosting the
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world cup only benefits the big construction companies but even this massive cash injection will be short lived with the fans and teams of left russia is set to enact painful reforms including raising the age of retirement and increasing taxes . it watching india you news from me that aren't in berlin i buy. we make up over a week watches of africa the under educated. the civil service or. the more the continent's future could be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges to the seventy seven percent platform for africa.


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