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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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remove g.w. . this is c w news live from berlin the u.s. and its closest allies find themselves in a diplomatic and trade dispute following this weekend's c seven comment german chancellor angela merkel calls critical tweets by donald trump sobering and depressing she also says the e.u. will retaliate against u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum. also coming up. donald trump meanwhile arrives in singapore the u.s. president steps off air force one on what he calls his mission of peace and he's
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there for two days in store talks with north korean leader kim jong un for arrived in singapore earlier. my ash waiter thanks for joining us a deepening rift among allies after this weekend's g. seven summit in canada following two days of tense talks all seven leaders interest a final communique seemingly finding an agreement on the need for quote rules based international trade than with a tweet president trump withdrew his indorsement and drawing harsh criticism from the u.s. traditional allies in an interview on german t.v. chancellor angela merkel warns the european union will retaliate against the u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum that washington imposed last month from planes they're needed to address the u.s. the united states trade deficit with many of its partners. america was asked about
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how she views the growing discord in the g. seven here's part of what she had to say. these are. all issues not great and that is why i have talked about. which is a lot to me. i think you can call it depressing but personally i don't believe that's a continuation of this heated language will help the issue. today is chief political correspondent joins me now for more reaction to the g. seven summit so misael of the interviewer told marco that she was surprised at her quote tranquillity and her response to president trump's moves this weekend do you think she was tranquil. well these are not trying times and that something actually she mapped out the very fact that she went on to this requisite saying program that really sets of physical records for for the week spontaneously says a lot she's not known for any kind of passionate language both in positive when you compare it to french president call my call but also in negative terms where she's
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now warning for potential against this this war of words that really we see sort of thing there certainly between the canadian prime minister justin trudeau and donald trump so her concern is that there won't be enough talking going on and that this could spiral out of control america was also asked if this weekend spells the end of the transatlantic partnership partnership let's take a listen to her response. that's go business no i don't think so there are good reasons to continue fighting for it from our side but we cannot simply rely on it we have to ask ourselves where we can act and that of course means new responsibilities for europe and it is specially means that we in europe need to be loyal to ourselves. so we're there calling for a unified response from europe do you think that's likely. well the question is it's just got more likely actually because more external pressure is being applied
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on the european union to basically knock heads together and find common positions and when you talk about talking about the transatlantic relationship say with politicians but also increasingly in the us i mean john mccain senator john mccain he tweeted that basically america is not just the president so transatlantic relations doesn't mean the relationship between donald trump and the rest of the world and we're seeing a shift of respite care of connections being made to individual u.s. states rather than going through washington simply a lot of messages are not getting through at this very moment in time so we're certainly seeing a change in those relationships machall him up doubt that it is vital to find common foreign policy positions but also to find a core common approach to sign him here in the u. otherwise that would be danger for the european union as a whole but he doesn't talk about potential failure as in monaco was not shy of saying as america has been the only one reacting to the outcome of this week's
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weekend's the seven meeting let's take a look at some of the other reactions. canada's pm didn't want to talk about it but the flux of reporters we do the we do. know the reaction. he dodged the questions about the u.s. a surprise rejection of the summits closing document. canada's foreign minister objected to the substance of trump's decision rather than his style what is insulting and what i object to very strongly is the illegal and unjustified in position of tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum on the street the national security pretext is absurd and frankly insulting to canadians meanwhile european leaders have joined in the criticism of france as a manual mccauley lambasted trump for rejecting the g seven communicate sane in a statement it showed washington's quote incoherence and inconsistency germany's
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foreign minister also had harsh words for the us president social media diplomacy are coming to you can destroy trust within seconds with two hundred eighty twitter characters. rebuilding it takes longer. we now must keep cool and take the appropriate steps are one of those will be standing up for our interests in europe in a much more united fashion. russia's president vladimir putin weighed in on the war of words after a g. seven statement criticize russia for what it called its destabilizing behavior. i think it's time to stop all this idle talk creative idle talk and get to issues related to real cooperation seems that the bush cooperation with moscow looks to be on washington's agenda with trump seen russia should rejoin what was once the g eight putin suggested his door was still open if the group's leaders were willing to hold talks in moscow on russia's terms. there's
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a lot of criticism there for washington so what's next after all of this material with all these cracks showing does it look like it's the end of the group of seven for what could be the beginning of a new set up or could be the beginning of six plus one but certainly i mean you know during the previous g. seven summit i was on. what's the point of this and the whole point is actually getting together and talking to each other and even if they're trading insults afterwards on twitter one thing is then highlighted here that this form is absolutely key turning point for tension events but also that the need for talks is that in fact the macro today says she would welcome donald trump and russia's vladimir putin sitting down for longer than they did over desert g twenty last year in hamburg so the need for talk has increased if anything. our chief political editor here thank you so much for your insights. this is the venue for the historic
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north korea some of the luxurious capello hotel on some toes an island off the coast of singapore donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un are due to meet here on tuesday morning kim was the first to arrive in singapore and has already met with the country's prime minister trump followed a few hours later expectations are high particularly in the united states are watching correspondent alexander fall naaman gathered some opinions. well their meeting be more than a photo op a breakthrough or a disaster terms decision to hold the summit called friends and foes off guard and blindsided his own aides proving once again how unpredictable this us president is it is good that this summit is taking place says dr color a former state department official and an expert on korea to cola sees it as a chance for diplomacy and things it is promising that president trump suggested this could be the start of a longer process that takes the pressure off more than one meeting because if you
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made it all about one meeting the chances of failure would be would be too serious i think being a believe things for future meetings having a process start up is going to be good for everybody. trump coordinates his efforts with south korea japan and china but alternately he relies on himself president says he's a master dealmaker and doesn't need much preparation and extremely unusual approach towards such difficult talks trumps all for sanctions relief and economic growth in return for the nuclear is ation of north korea but is that enough we've try it before says bruce clinger the former cia deputy division chief for korea clean there doesn't trust the regime in pyongyang. we've had eight international agreements in the past with north korea where they first promised never to build nuclear weapons and then promised to give up the weapons they promised never to
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build in the first place and all have failed we're we're hopeful that this time will be different but i think we do have to be pragmatic about. the summit is a boat building a relationship with him but he also promises to walk over to the meeting if it's not fruitful the truth is this is a gamble and no one knows how it's going to do not. could i don't know if i'm conventional approach brink a breakthrough some here in washington actually believe it's worth a try but most experts remain skeptical they believe that this summit in singapore will be a little more than the photo op followed by a long negotiations over the details of an agreement and potentially an even longer phase of implementation and verification enough time for the north korean regime to play its usual game making promises extracting concessions and in the end not
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giving up its nuclear program. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world a young iraqi asylum seeker accused of murdering a fourteen year old german girl on a susana has admitted to killing her he's currently in custody after being extradited from iraq to kurdistan where he had fled with members of his family. violent storms have raised across parts of germany downing trees and flooding streets in the western city of its back more than nine hundred firefighters were busy all night pumping water from funded cellars heavy thunderstorms are expected in southern germany during the coming days. the united kingdom has marks the one hundredth anniversary of women winning the right to vote the celebrations commemorated the passing of the representation of the people act in one nine hundred eighteen however it would be a. well decades before women nationwide receive this receive the same voting rights as that. final preparations are underway in russia for the first game of the twenty
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eighteen world cup soccer is biggest tournament kicks off on thursday with the host facing off against saudi arabia russian president vladimir putin is hoping to dazzle the hundreds of thousands of visiting fans but he's facing growing criticism at home over what has become the most expensive world cup in history. moscow is getting ready to lift the curtain on the world cup a light show was illuminating the city before the funds and teams of ah you've even for muscovites it's something special. president vladimir putin helped bring the world cup to russia eight years ago after the winter olympics in sochi football's biggest tournament is his next opportunity to impress the world but it's not coming up. initial estimates put the costs of hosting the world cup four billion dollars now was costing nearly fourteen billion that is
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a new record even very much is to be spread across twelve stadiums instead of you original sixteen. this is a town of about an hour was drive from moscow. this is where the german team will be based is deep in the bush in countryside and away from the streets in any of the media. just two hundred meters that's how close reporters will be allowed to get to the players. came to nearly ten thousand people is a sleepy town not used to being invisible light the people who are looking forward to welcoming the german guests. of course behind our team but i've got a soft spot for germany they play beautiful football. back in moscow the final preparations are underway the massive funds own is nearly ready to. put over things promised by the russian bit have not materialized high speed rail links from
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western europe to russia or better connections to nearby airports there's still no sign of them despite the money that's been spent. critics say hosting the world cup only benefits the big construction companies but even this massive cash injection will be short lived with the fans and teams have left russia is set to enact painful reforms including raising wii age of retirement and increasing taxes. to formula one motor racing where harare sebastian vettel has one of the canadian round three the window puts him at the top of the driver standings federal start of the race from pole position to have no trouble staying in front of the pack for his third win of the season rounding out the podium was mercedes driver valtteri bottas in second and red bulls and third is called the king of clay for a reason rafael nadal has won a record eleventh french open defeating dominic team in dominating fashion that outpost a defect free and straight sets over the austrian who defeated him in the madrid
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open last month the winner's medal seventeenth grand slam. you're watching news more coming up at the top of the hour by hearing get the latest anytime on our web site d.w. dot com i'm irish waiter and l.n. thanks for watching. the school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice to you a flea come in that in the now this picture was taken in. the pleasure was
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shown you prove what's going on in the central african republic will be the full.


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