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this is. the countdown is underway for a story between the u.s. and north korea president donald trump has been in talks with host nation ahead of the. one time shot at north kim jong il and also preparing for an event he will be watched by the whole world. there for the latest coming up. hope this man thought his older brother had died during the korean war but a letter smuggled from north to south proves otherwise follows the search for his
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long lost family. goes on damage control after trying to slam the g. seven over the. withdrawal from the joint statement and union will retaliate against us. and it's for as far as the bashing the strong message from formula one rivals mercedes the german converts pole position to the canadian brawn. takes the lead at the top of the championship standing by just one point. and welcome to the program the countdown is on for tuesday's historic summit between u.s. president donald. from
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a north korean leader kim jong un and preparations and host country singapore are in full swing president trump has been meeting with singapore's prime minister lisi along in a working lunch with aides in the run up to tomorrow's summit that summit will be the first time a sitting u.s. president has ever met with a north korean leader trump has been building expectations calling the meeting a one time shot for peace and he says he'll know within the first minute of meeting kim if a deal with north korea will be possible. from photos to friends the road to the historic summit in singapore has been more than a little rocky. an exchange of insults followed after north korea repeatedly tested long range missiles infuriating the u.s. president their rocket man little rocket man rocket man is a sick puppy. when pyongyang announced an august last year it was close to
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developing a missile capable of reaching the u.s. trump responded with a threat of biblical proportions. they will be met with fire of fury. like the world has never see. kim jong un oncet by cooling the u.s. president the mentally deranged don't taunt. and the war of words culminated in a contest over who had the biggest nuclear button. but then in february a change of tune on the ice between north and south korea thought at the winter olympics and pyongyang extended an invitation to donald trump i'll be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks at the end of april the leaders of north and south korea met for the first time kim jong un crossed into the south. and when jay in crossed into the north they agreed to work on team nuclear izing the korean
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peninsula. in a pyongyang extended another all of branch and released three american prisoners i think he did this because i really think he wants to do something good and two weeks later kim jong un appeared to made good on a promise detonating parts of his own you know nuclear testing site. then washington threw a curveball citing hostility in recent north korean comments. decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth. just one day later the turnaround the meeting might be back on trump's explanation. everybody but you know that. after a flurry of diplomatic activity including a visit by a top north korean envoy to the white house plans for the historic summit would
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firmed up. now the world is waiting to see whether in their first face to face meeting the two leaders can move on from that tit for tat rhetoric and produce meaningful results. following the trump camp summit frothing up or. down hard to get to see we're just a few hours or way from the start of this much anticipated summit both sides are coming to the table with expectations what are they. see walking into the into the summit and complete it reverts to pull clear is ation verifiable denuclearization of north korea now north korea has said that they're willing to talk about complete to me denuclearization but at that having said that it's not sure that they're actually talking about the same thing the u.s. of course once north korea to get rid of its nukes and north korea on the other
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hand is talking about a completely nuclearization of the korean peninsula and that would mean that the u.s. would also have to get rid of their capabilities to deliver nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula and we're not sure how much president trump is going to like that now north korea also wants a lifting of economic sanctions by the united states and the international community so they can develop their economy and also the kids are going is demanding security guarantees for his regime now so these the positions and there goes the negotiating positions are still quite far apart which is why this morning there was a working level meeting between the delegations of the two countries presumably to find some common ground and to tie down some details ahead of tomorrow's summit abbey now this summit comes against the backdrop of fine relations between the two koreas what would some kind of denuclearize nation deal mean to the people in both countries. well the denuclearization would
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be the prerequisite so to speak for any kind of of peace deal or at least the willingness to denuclearize. to pave the way for some kind of peace deal now that would mean two different two very different things for north and south korea if you take the case of south korea for example. people there have been living with this threat of a potential threat from north korea for more than sixty years if you take if you think of seoul for example a metropolitan area with more than twenty million people so some fifty kilometers away from the north korean border and that puts it well in range of conventional artillery from north korea now that gives you an idea of the kind of threat that the people there have been living with for for for decades and younger south koreans have never known a different situation so any kind of agreement might relieve them of that of that threat now for north korea of course being
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a very impoverished and isolated country many people there facing food insecurity many people facing malnourishment a very dire situation for them so lifting sanctions that would mean that the that there would be more trade with north korea the economy could develop to a certain degree and that might also improve the living situation with korea but that's all still a long way off now we just have to worry about getting through tomorrow's summit without any major bumps in the road abby now boston has done a report for us on potential for family reunification let's have a quick look at that. one on a few old photographs in a couple of letters that's the only proved unsigned has that he has relatives somewhere in north korea and it would put them in danger to show their faces on television. his older brother didn't sign tells me fought for south korea in the korean war almost seven decades ago chunks of bach was taken
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prisoner by the north. the family was told he had been killed but then sixty years after seeing his brother for the last time chang sign received a letter from north korea from his brother delivered through a contact in china that was ten years ago it made sense signed happy and sad at the same time. when i saw the photo i could tell they were my brother but you can see how depressing he looks rather than actually i remember him as such a cheerful person. you know. his brother passed away shortly after chang signed got the letter with but he left behind a family of his own. hopes that with thawing relations between north and south and the upcoming summit he might finally get the chance to meet his relatives. with as i get older my desire to meet them is growing stronger i want to get to know
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that side of my family now with the summit no one seems more likely we'll have a chance to meet which i'm still not sure if i should trust the politicians but i just can't help but hope it will finally have. people could be there's a. chance china isn't the only one in south korea getting his hopes up. many here believe that the summit will produce a positive outcome maybe even paving the way for a peace treaty to finally end the korean war sixty five years after the last shot was fired and more and more south koreans are even changing their mind about north korea's dictator kim jong il and self. always seem to. get what he said and what he was. probably smarter than i thought so i got the impression he's actually leading the country sort of. combines to do was.
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the inner korean summit changed many people's opinions about him. that doesn't change the fact that dictators in oppressive communist regimes the young it's. easy money parking lot. is the biggest issue during the meeting as a korean i have the impression that he has to give up the weapon to say i hope the u.s. or sweden summit flow through. good agreements just trying to keep. him always. do keep don't expect somebody who's really wasn't based on the inner screen somebody a few weeks ago i would like to hear something great such as a declaration to end the korean war zones on the two. months again so many of us wish to see. sometimes one sign and his wife come to the national
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cemetery in seoul to find his brother's name on the wall of missing soldiers. even though chance the book is no longer missing they don't want his name deleted saul was his home they say and they hope that maybe one day his children in north korea can come here too. so high hopes high hopes and expectations in south korea in the run up to the summit and you can be sure abby that many in south korea will be watching very closely what happens here in singapore tomorrow when the two leaders meet d.w. correspondent boss dan heartache in singapore covering the upcoming trump cam summit thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world italy and malta have closed their ports to a ship carrying more than six hundred migrants rescued from the mediterranean
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italy's new interior minister matteo salvini said the country will no longer accept so-called immigration the ship aquarius operated by a german based charity which says it's now searching for a safe harbor. around three thousand people have rallied in the romanian capital bucharest to protest moves by the government to dismiss the country's chief anti corruption prosecutor the rally came a day after supporters of the center left government marched against a legit abuses by the anti corruption agency. a fire has ripped through a warehouse in iraq where ballot papers were being stored ahead of a recount authorities were preparing to retaliate some ten million votes following allegations of electoral fraud prime minister hyderabadi claimed the blaze was part of a deliberate plot to harm iraq's democracy. after the fall out from the weekend's g.
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seven summit in canada that meeting of the world's leading industrial nations unraveling after president trump withdrew his support for the group's joint communiqué german chancellor angela merkel has now given her take on events in a rare one on one t.v. interview she describes trump's move as quote sobering and a bit depressing and commenting on trump's threat of trade tariffs she says germany won't be taken for a ride it was the image from the g seven summits in canada that tent everyone talking what have the german chancellor been saying to the u.s. president what was she thinking and what was he thinking that photo was taken before donald trump withdrew his support for the g seven is joined statement on international trade and it seems that decision has changed everything. in an unusual move chancellor merkel used to german political talk show to vent her frustration at the way things turned out. i worked
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hard for a compromise we struggled with it for a long time and then afterwards there was drawn so to speak by a tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing. and all. despite trump's threats of reprisals the chancellor didn't hold back on why germany and the e.u. should apply retaliatory tariffs. we have prepared our countermeasures against the tariffs that the us president placed an alum in human steel which we consider unlawful under the terms of the w.t. oh. we're not going to let ourselves be taken for a ride we're also going to act. and want defending the g seven the german leader also took the opportunity to call for
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a more united europe we have to ask ourselves where we can act alone that of course means new responsibilities for europe and it is specially means that we in europe need to be loyal to ourselves angular merkel has never had the easiest of relations with donald trump. his decision to disrupt the g seven only have made things worse. to discuss this further we have political correspondent thomas farrow joining us from our parliamentary studio here and berlin thomas the chancellor giving a one on one t.v. interview that's not a common event why did she get in front of the cameras after this g seven meeting your right to be it is not a common event in fact is a very rare event that i'm going to hold decides to participate in one of these talk shows she only tends to do these kinds of talk shows when she feels the need to explain the german public some big political developments she did that for
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example at the height of the refugee crisis she did that for example when she explained why she wanted to run again. he's doing it again obviously. spots of this big political development which is the g. seven summit on the fact that the u.s. seems to be going in a very different direction compared to the u.s. its traditional allies and that was why i'm going to call decided to go to this. talk show to give her impressions not only on the g. seven summit but also on developments here in germany like all the recent scandals on migration that we've also been covering here in d.w. news now as after merkel gave this interview u.s. president trump went on a bit of a twitter tear he had this to say germany pays one percent g.d.p. towards nato while we pay four percent of a much larger g.d.p. does anybody believe that makes sense we protect europe great financial loss and then get unfairly clobbered on trade changes coming thomas
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a new tweet but the same message from trump about european allies doing more does he have a point here. well it's not a new message as you yourself say in fact the u.s. ambassador to germany richard grenell said in one of his very first interviews that that would be his number one issue here in germany to convince the german government to speed up support for for nato that's a priority also for donald trump and in fact i'm going to michael yesterday during that interview said that in a way trump was right when he talks about these differences in nato spending germany has already committed itself to increasing its own expenditure regarding nato but again there's a difference in the way they want to do it the u.s. would like germany to do it in a much faster way than germany's actually prepared to do d w political correspondent thomas ferro thank you very much gary hart here now for a closer look at the economic fallout from this you seven summit we just saw
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tensions over trade really at the hot were at the heart of the meeting of g seven leaders at the weekend it was don't trump accusing his counterparts of exploiting the united states rising in the new york times trump advisor on trade said german conflict trees in the u.s. would just assembly plants designed to avoid tariffs with the valuable palls like engines still made in germany and he went on to fox news sunday to repeat his warning. germany has tariffs on autos four times higher than our tariffs on the quibbling german imports here and they sell us three times as many cars as we sell lamb so on the issue alone we have allies strategically but when it comes to these trade disputes these allies basically are robbing us blind the president is not going to put up with that. so the why is houses in the car industry is one area of the us has clearly been taken advantage off but does the
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trump administration have a point let's have a lot of us duty on car imports from the e.u. is two point five percent meanwhile the e.u. levy's ten percent on imports from the u.s. so quite a difference there but those figures only tell half the story when it comes to s.u.v.s and pickup trucks that the u.s. all industries main source of income deal cars are subject to twenty five percent tariffs u.s. only ten percent well that twenty five percent tariff dates back all the way to nine hundred sixty three it was known as the chicken tax because it came in response to tariffs that france and west germany at the time imposed on imports of u.s. chickens just shows you that trade tensions are nothing new and can be quite complicated well let's talk about the trade and the g. seven summit with york joins us now from frankfurt he's
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a chief economist at the command spunk that where are we now post g. seven. summit has anything changed i don't think so because we knew before that trump is a protectionist we also knew that the u.s. will implement tariffs on steel newman and we were aware that the european union is planning retaliation measures and that the u.s. may respond to this by raising tariffs on imported cars that means nothing really new and this explains why the market is the sole comes macko said the european union will act against u.s. trade tariffs is that a wise move and what can the e.u. do right now to retaliate. i'm not so sure whether the subs are retaliation policy is the right approach because we voted for the us administration
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and a minute ago they feel they are treated unfairly and this is simply their perception and when it comes to when it comes to defense expenditure they have a point the western allies in europe they have been promising for years to raise their defense spending to two percent of g.d.p. and germany last year only spend one point two percent and now germany started to move but not to raises two to two percent but only to one point five percent and i think a better strategy would be a strategy of corporation a raising defense expenditure quickly to two percent of g.d.p. which is would be in our best interest because we should be interest of being able to defend ourselves and secondly not to raise but to cut about to cut tariffs for example cow terrors of the european union why do they why does the european you not cut them from the content percent to the mid to the half percent which is yes the
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is the money and i think such a study of corporation could in the end bring more because then president trump of the united states can go to the his voters and say well. this was a good deal for the united states. briefly. when it comes to services the u.s. has a big surplus with the e.u. but everybody's only talking about goods all the time so why is that why is nobody looking at services the u.s. if you're right the reason is clear trump is acting on behalf or in the interest of his voters and his most loyal voters come from the so-called rust belt and therefore trump is in is interested to support manufacturing industry that you're kind of there thank you very much for this analysis. thank you. so hold the net neutrality is said to end in the us the law requiring internet
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providers to offer the same content to all customers at the same speed was introduced three years ago its proponents feared big companies could begin charging users to access specific sites or to access them quickly but critics say that didn't happen and that the internet had developed just fine without net neutrality the ministrations says it's unnecessary government the government regulation that prevents market competition. every day hundreds of millions of people are online net neutrality means that network providers can't show preferences and speed up certain websites supporters say that's the democratic way to do things but since monday net neutrality in the u.s. belongs to the past. the director of the country's federal communications commission wants the internet to be more commercialized then providers would be allowed to charge customers for extra fast data transmission critics say that would
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eventually the to two different classes on the internet a fast one willing to pay for speed and a slow one there is substantial harm to the economy based upon internet transactions if you can't complete them when you thought you could or if they are smaller or let's use the example of netflix if you're unable to download and watch a movie that you thought you were going to be able to stream simply because it's not available during that time because your i.s.p. doesn't allow it website owners who want their pages to load fast could also be forced to pay access fees to be on the fast internet highway some say higher costs could lead to less investment in innovation it's more likely however that customers will end up footing the bill. and that's all your business for this monday morning inspector i've been sports thank your heart on to formula one more ferrari sebastian fatso has jumped to the top of the championship standings after winning the canadian grand prix it was a german driver's third victory of the thievin after also crossing the line first
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in australia and bahrain here's how he did it in montreal. it was a catch me if you can day for sebastian fitzalan ferrari and kid it is grand prix after starting in pole position the four time championship winner never looked back where there was a little bumper car action. back in two thousand and thirteen fettle won the canadian grand prix in similar fashion from start to finish but this victory this season was a bit sweeter not only did it end a canadian dry spell for ferrari it also led to fettle ahead of lewis hamilton in the championship standings perfect really good way to do it to describe unbelievable i mean i said yesterday how much this place means for her i think we see it from the moment we touched down we come here. to have a race like we had today it's unbelievable. rounding out the podium was mercedes
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driver fell terry botha's in second and red bull's max fish stopping in third formula one's next stop the french grand prix. and i remind her of the top stories we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has met with singapore's prime minister. in the run up to an unprecedented farmhands with north korean leader kim jong il and calling meeting with camp a one time shot at peace. has drawn from the g seven joint statement and valve the e.u. will retaliate against. comments came after trump attacked several of the u.s. closest allies following the g. seven summit in canada. now. claim.
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taken in bunky in auschwitz in an exercise book i don't find many other photos of her being a little more abuse going rate. women and girls who is the first one wanting children. were winning documentary starting june fourteenth on d. w. . alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me piece of craven and we begin in italy which finally has a new coalition government a coalition however the blames of brussels and above all bolivian for its release were quotes from or both coalition partners the anti establishment five star movement and the far right league say they're going to take a hard.


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