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this is. from berlin and the countdown is underway for a historic summit between the united states and north korea president donald trump has been in talks with both nations singapore ahead of a meeting of the building as a one time shot at peace north korea's kim jong un also preparing for his that he will be watched by the entire world we're going to await us with our correspondents
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on the ground. and stranded in the mediterranean italy refuses entry rescue ships with more than six hundred people on board instead it says malta should open its doors for the maltese government says it has no legal obligation to act so where should the migrants go back question to the u.s. agency for refugees. and welcome to the program the countdown is on for tuesday's historic summit between u.s. president doll trump and north korean leader kim jong un and preparations in host country singapore are in full swing u.s. president trump has been meeting with singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong in a working lunch with aides in the run up to tomorrow's summit it will be the first time a sitting american president has ever met with
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a north korean leader. trump has been building expectations calling the meeting a one time shot at peace and he says he'll know within the first minute of meeting him if a deal with north korea is possible. from photos to friends the route to the historic summit in singapore has been more than a little rocky. an exchange of insults followed after north korea repeatedly tested long range missiles infuriating the u.s. president their rocket man their rocket man rocket man is a sick puppy. when pyongyang announced an august last year it was close to developing a missile capable of reaching the u.s. trump responded with a threat of biblical proportions. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. kim jong un
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oncet by calling the u.s. president a mentor need to range don't taunt. and the war of words culminated in a contest over who had the biggest nuclear button. but then in february a change of. the ice between north and south korea thought at the winter olympics n.p.r. news extended an invitation to donald trump you know i'll be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks at the end of april the leaders of north and south korea met for the first time kim jong un crossed into the south. and when jay in crossed into the north they agreed to have continued theorising the korean peninsula. in may pyongyang extended another all of branch and released three american prisoners i think he did this because i really think he wants to do something again two weeks later kim jong un appeared to make good on
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a promise detonating parts of his only no nuclear testing site. then washington threw a curve ball citing hostility in recent north korean comments. decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth first just one day later and now the turnaround the meeting might be back on trump's explanation. everybody you know that. after a flurry of diplomatic activity including a visit by a top north korean envoy to the white house plans for the historic summit to have firmed up. now the world is waiting to see whether in their first face to face meeting the two leaders can move on from that tit for tat rhetoric and produce meaningful results. following a trump kim summit for us in singapore is. hard to stand good to see we're just
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hours away now from the start of this much anticipated from it what is trump looking to achieve here. well in the end the u.s. of course wants north korea to scrap their nuclear program once and for all but donald trump probably knows that that's not something that they're that they're likely to achieve in just one summit so in the run up to this summit he already said that for him this is more like a meet and greet kind of situation where where he and kim jong un can get to know each other and the start of a long process at the end of which might then be at some point a denuclearized north korea but that's not an easy task to achieve but donald trump is going to want to walk away from this summit with something in his hand something that he can sell to the public now that something might be that the meeting ideally
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went well and that they're going to meet again trump already said that if the meeting goes well he might even invite kim jong un to come to washington or maybe they're even going to say something about working towards a peace deal on the korean peninsula because of course the korean war ended in an armistice in one thousand fifty three but there was no there was no actual peace treaty ever signed that's going to be it's going to be a more difficult issue as well because it doesn't just take north korea and the u.s. but then there are other parties involved china for example so that they can they can say that they're working towards that at least so maybe that's what's going to come out of this summit tomorrow but it seems unlikely that they're going to walk away having settled all their differences boston possibly can settle all their differences you mentioned the trump is going to be hoping to walk away with something tangible but what about the north koreans what is success at this summit mean in terms of kim jong. well many are arguing
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that it's already a success for him actually coming here north korea obviously one of their goals is is to be at eye level with other world leaders and that's what kim zone has achieved arguably by. having a nuclear arsenal nuclear weapons he says that's the way that that's his spin on it saying that's force the united states to come here and president trump to meet with him so arguably that's that's one success already that that he has already achieved but of course he wants more he if he is to denuclearize he wants security guarantees for his regime because obviously he doesn't want to end up like walmart gadhafi in libya for example who gave up his nuclear weapons and then a few years later he was removed and then eventually killed by forces backed by the west so kim jong un is painfully aware of that and he wants to avoid that and of course he also wants the u.s. and the international community to lift their sanctions or to ease their sanctions
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on north korea because these sanctions are crippling the north korean economy and kim jong has just given out the directive that he now having achieved the goal of having nuclear weapons he now wants to focus on developing the economy now he can obviously only do that if if the international community if the u.s. lifts or eases those sanctions so there can be more trade with north korea so those are going to be things that kim's own will be looking for in this summit. boston heartache reporting from singapore and of course the w. will be on the ground throughout this is story event with all the latest thank you again boston. now to the fallout from the weekend's g. seven summit in canada that meeting of the world's leading industrial nations unraveling after u.s. president trump withdrew his support for the group's joint communiqué german chancellor angela merkel has now given her take on events in a rare one on one t.v. interview she describes trump's move as quote sobering and
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a bit depressing and commenting on trump's threat of trade tariffs she says germany won't be taken for a ride it was the image from the g seven summits in canada that tent everyone talking boards have the german chancellor been saying to the u.s. president what was she thinking and what was he thinking that photo was taken before donald trump withdrew his support for the g seven is joined statement on international trade and it seems that decision has changed everything. in an unusual move chancellor merkel used to german political talk show to vent her frustration at the way things turned out. i worked hard for a compromise we struggled with it for a long time and then afterwards there was drawn so to speak by a tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing. and all. despite trump's threats of
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reprisals the chancellor didn't hold back on why germany and the e.u. should apply retaliatory tariffs. some of we have prepared our countermeasures against the tariffs that the us president placed an alum in human steel which we consider unlawful under the terms of the w.t. oh. we're not going to let ourselves be taken for a ride we're also going to act. and while defending the g seven the german leader also took the opportunity to call for a more united europe we have to ask ourselves where we can act on our own that of course means new responsibilities for europe and it is especially means that we in europe need to be loyal to ourselves angular merkel has never had the easiest of relations with donald trump. his decision to disrupt the g seven will only have
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made things worse. more than six hundred people on board a migrant rescue vessel have been stranded in the mediterranean between italy and malta after both countries closed their ports on sunday italy's new interior minister matteo fell beneath the country will no longer accept so-called clannad stine immigration meanwhile malta is accusing italy of violating international norms by instructing the ship to stay at sea the ship aquarius is operated by a german based charity which says it's now searching for a safe harbor joining me now in rome is carlotta sami a spokeswoman at the u.n. refugee agency in rome carlotta i thank you for taking the time as you just mentioned over six hundred migrants are stranded on the it various what are their chances of being allowed into italy this.
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is i mean it. says it's really you money tyrion. dramatic situation that calls for you money tyrion in ferrety these people needs to be. to as soon as follows as possible because they need to be. as toys to be there they suffered every kind of abuse and torture and torture in while being in the that's why we are calling the european governments. the government of eataly and mild to allow these invocation to allow this invocation as soon as possible and to give the possibility to these individuals to as for international protection if it's needed
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or so it's very or a sense that they're you money tyrant principle of rescue at sea is not to doubt at this stage. now italy is signed up to the refugee convention in one nine hundred fifty one can you tell us a little bit about the legality of this entire situation that they've rejected this migrant ship. this situation from the legal point of view is very complex no doubt but we should the government should leave discussion on are how to manage. these flows at the latest stage also it should be conceived to that our rivals they see to. have dropped significantly this year and we think that this situation of course needs to solidarity among states among states and different actors but needs a strategy that is based on mutual collaboration that needs
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a long term vision. human lives should not be put at stake. in such manner the semi does the aquarius case here signal a shift in terms of italy's immigration policy so can you repeat yes of course we're wondering what you think in terms of the italian government's position on migration do you think that is aquarius case will impact that in some way. well it is. this is a fact that in a way. is pushing very much the limits but. as said i mean you and i see our eyes and i just see that. in this country for years and as a whole in ways the right to pause you keep me with that with the government seems set is open of course to collaborate to support we strong views seeing that t.t.
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has started some action some positive actions seem to cause us and that but keep it right now that's a rival seventy three so much is a time to invest on social inclusion and you know this is the most important thing immigration should not be angry he has said that has i am sorry i was running out of time thank you for taking the time to speak with us in the car lotto semi in rome. watching the only news stick around thank you. stories. for inspiration by. means they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch.


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