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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is you know when you fly from berlin you as president of the trump says he'll leave his summit with kim jong un early he says because politically negotiations are in denuclearization have moved faster than expected the two leaders are in hotels less than half a mile apart his final preparations for their historic meeting go ahead alexander phenomenon is there. anything that comes to transform security in east asia and beyond picks up in just a few hours on the ground in singapore where the un president and summits between
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u.s. presidents don't trump and north korean leader kim jong il and also coming up spain comes to the rescue of migrants on a boat in limbo in the mediterranean sea italy's new wake wing interior minister delivering on a campaign promise a block the vote from entering the italian ports. on leyla iraq thank you very much for your company everyone well we start off with this week's headline event that historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong il and in the latest twist in the drama filled lead up to choose these talks trump has said he will be leaving singapore early because negotiations on getting rid of north korea's nuclear weapons have moved more quickly than expected well the abrupt change in strums schedule can. shortly after secretary of state michael yo heads to lower
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expectations for the meeting in the meantime the two leaders have been taking in the sights of singapore. time for a selfie kim jong un hadn't been seen leaving his hotel since shortly after his arrival on sunday but he decided to go for a night time to or if singapore just hours before his historic summit with donald trump. singapore has designated certain parts of the city as special event areas barricades and high security checkpoints keep the public out at locations like the hotels where the two leaders are staying and of course at sentosa island the site of cappella hotel where the historic meeting is scheduled to take place north korean and american security personnel conferred outside the compound as officials from both sides met inside on monday president trump also ventured out on monday afternoon going to singapore's presidential palace for
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a lunch with prime minister elise c.-n. long. as first serious statements about u.s. expectations for the summit those were left to trump's top diplomat who is with him in singapore in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. when singapore wakes up on tuesday morning the whole world will be watching to see what comes out of the first face to face meeting between two of its most unpredictable leaders. well it's been a surprisingly short road from trump taking office to the high stakes summit with
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kim jong il and while some old korean hands predict disaster they warn that trump is walking into a trap for others are optimistic that trumps free wheeling dealing style or break the deadlock of korean diplomacy wasn't a phenomenal looks back on the road that has led to singapore. well their meeting be more than a photo op a breakthrough or a disaster times decision to hold the summit called friends and foes off guard and blindsided his own aides proving once again how unpredictable this u.s. president is it is good that this summit is taking place says mark to cola a former state department official and an expert on korea to cola sees it as a chance for diplomacy and things it is promising that president trump suggested this could be the start of a longer process that takes the pressure off to have more than one meeting because if you made it all about one meeting the chances of failure would be would be too serious i think being able leave things for future meetings having
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a process start up is going to be good for everybody. trump card and needs his efforts with south korea japan and china but ultimately he relies on himself president says he's a master dealmaker and doesn't need much preparation and extremely unusual approach toward such difficult talks trumps all for sanctions relief and economic growth in return for that a nuclear ization of north korea but is that enough we've try it before says bruce clinger the former cia deputy division chief for korea clean there doesn't trust the regime in pyongyang. we've had eight international agreements in the past with north korea where they first promised never to build nuclear weapons and then promised to give up the weapons they promised never to build in the first place and all have failed we're we're hopeful that this time will be different but i think we
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do have to be pragmatic about. trump says the summit is about building a relationship with kim but he also promises to walk out of the meeting if it's not fruitful the truth is this is a gamble and no one knows how it's going to do or not. could i don't know if i'm conventional approach brink a breakthrough some here in washington actually believe it's worth a try but most experts remain skeptical they believe that the summit in singapore will be little more than the photo followed by long negotiations over the details of an agreement and potentially an even longer phase of implementation and verification enough time for the north korean regime to play its usual game making promises extracting concessions and in the end not giving up its nuclear program. all right now to the fallout from the weekend's g. seven summit in canada well that meeting of the world's leading industrial nations
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unraveling after president trumper drew his support for the group's joint communiqué german shows on clerical has though given her take on events in a rare one on one television interview she describes trump's move as quote sobering a bit depressing and commenting on trump's threat of trade tariffs she says germany won't be taken for a ride. it was the image from the g. seven summit in canada that had everyone talking what had the german chancellor been saying to the u.s. president what was she thinking and what was he thinking that photo was taken before donald trump withdrew his support for the g seven is joined statement on international trade and it seems that decision has changed everything in an unusual move chancellor merkel used to german political talk show to vent her frustration at the way things turned out that we also. worked
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hard for a compromise we struggled with it for a long time and then afterwards there was drawn so to speak via tweets is of course sobering and a bit depressing. which took. despite trump's threats of reprisals the chancellor didn't hold back on why germany and the e.u. should apply retaliatory tariffs. we have prepared our countermeasures against the tariffs that the us president placed an alum in human steel which we consider unlawful under the terms of the w.t. oh. we're not going to let ourselves be taken for a ride we're also going to act. and while defending the g seven the german leader also took the opportunity to call for a more united europe we have to ask ourselves where we can act on line that of
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course means new responsibilities for europe and it especially means that we in europe need to be loyal to ourselves angular merkel has never had the easiest of relations with donald trump. his decision to disrupt the g. seven will only have made things worse. all right we like to abate you now on some of the other stories making news around the world. at least thirty four people have been killed in attacks across of gonna stop on health officials say at least thirteen were killed by a suicide bomber outside a ministry building in the capital kabul the most recent surge in violence comes a day before the start of a government declared unilateral ceasefire with the talabani. three gulf states have pledged to want to have billion u.s. dollars in aid to jordan as they try to help the kingdom overcome a financial crisis it's hoped that the government will now introduce
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a new austerity plan after its recent savings and measures prompted widespread public protests pope francis has accepted the resignations of three chilean bishops from the child sex abuse scandal they resigned last month after being accused of covering up for abuse by a pedophile priest in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's francis has apologized to the victims and admitted grave mistakes were made more than one hundred people were arrested in vietnam over the weekend after protesting against a draft law that could grant chinese companies long leases to operate in special economic zones relations between vietnam and china that's called over disputed territory in the south china sea. but here in europe spain has offered to take in more than six hundred migrants many of them unaccompanied children stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean after italy and malta refused to let
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a dock mall take used ilia violating international law by turning the boat away even though the italian coast guard coordinate the rescue but modest says it will send supplies to the ship the aquarius because it's running out of food. after surviving the deadly mediterranean waters six hundred thirty people on board this rescue ship a quarter up in the diplomatic route many of them are on accompanied mind as. the aquarius is stuck at sea between italy and malta after both countries closed their ports to the vessel and refused to take in the migrants who were on board on sunday italian authorities stopped their ship from docking in sicily saying it should have to malta instead italy's new interior minister and leader of the far right league party vini tweeted that the country would no longer accept what he calls clandestine immigration he later said that malta and the rest of the e.u.
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were failing to comply with their international obligations. and ships from german n.g.o.s or those with british or spanish flags in the mediterranean which passed without stopping and then arrive in italy that's something i will not tolerate for very long. the standoff is the first display of italy's tougher stance on immigration policy under its new populist government. for its part has now agreed to send supplies to the ship on monday the united nations refugee agency and the european union urged both parties to find a swift solution. commission for the commission there is first and foremost issue money tyrion imperative. we are talking about people the priority of both. and most these authorities should be ensuring these people receive the care they need spain has vowed to end the deadlock and allow the boat
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to dock after their odyssey the people on board the aquarius might have finally found a safe haven. all right let's take you to brussels now they use h.q. w.'s teri schultz is there monitoring events terry good to see you we heard the european commission spokesman there closing off that report rightly pointing out that these are people's lives that are at stake italy as you know better than anyone else has been at the front line of this crisis has requested aid from the e.u. from fellow member states they would say their pleas have fallen deaf ear so what is the commission prepared to do now. the commission as you heard margarita's sheena say is urging both italy and malta to consider this a humanitarian emergency but they say beyond that they don't have the mandate to decide what will happen with these people i think everyone now is very relieved that spain has offered to take the ship to take all of these people and malta says
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it will send supplies but the commission says you know international law is murky on this count and we've spoken with lawyers today who say that there is no cut and dry formula for what happens with people who are stranded in international waters italy was saying malta has to take them all to says it only has to take them and in fact there is no rule and so that's something that needs to be cleared up and perhaps a dramatic situation like this will will for some clarity on those issues but for now it appears that these people have found a dry dock in spain right but this is bound to happen again of course the weather is warm and traditionally this is the season when people will attempt a perilous journey crossing the ocean to reach european shores what will happen next do they have a blueprint. they don't and that's part of the problem and that in fact is is what italy is saying needs to happen whatever people think about the new italian government and some are uncomfortable with its hard line on on subjects including
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immigration. victory after this after he didn't he was not forced to take the ship in and it is instead going to spain but we spoke with one expert here up here of the hmong who said that you know there has to be more clarity on this and these people will be coming in more and more in higher numbers now that the weather is better and in fact now they may head to spain because they see an open door there as we've seen in the past and as you mentioned leila no number of casualties a c. has stopped the ships from coming and what needs to be done now everyone is saying is that there needs to be an agreement among e.u. governments there's not going to be a revision to international maritime law e.u. governments need to step up and agree amongst themselves what is going to happen with these people and italy has taken more than a share by anyone's measure right but in the meantime everybody is just passing the buck how you know it or should i see how divided is europe on this issue. extremely
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divided and italy and greece as well feel like they've been left on their own the relocation program that we saw over the last couple of years failed and was not renewed and did not take pressure off italy and greece who are dealing with hundreds of thousands of people and italy is saying this now perhaps this situation their worlds eyes were on the the aquarius ship perhaps this will now instead of showing how divided e.u. countries are will force them to step up and come to an agreement and again our expert here of the mall says that france and the u.k. are among those who have taken the smallest proportion of their share and there really needs to be a spotlight on those countries not just on the frontline states of italy and greece when it comes to taking these these economic migrants or asylum seekers whatever they may be the front line states are taking more than more than they can bear right now and everyone needs to step up and we'll see if that happens in the coming days to be continued correspondent reporting from brussels thank you.
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all right and in business the greek economy isn't flourishing it's actually drying up that's according to the former finance minister yanis varoufakis leyla european officials have been praising the country's growth figures as a success story and how to manage debt and restructure an economy but as the european central bank meets this week to discuss tightening fiscal policy the block's debt levels a still at historic highs eight years august since the debt crisis the euro area is third largest economy italy is sitting on a mountain of debt one hundred thirty three percent of gross domestic product europe's most famous data greece still carries around a burden of one hundred seventy seven percent of g.d.p. and if we take a look at the eurozone average it's around eighty seven percent of output italy's case is the latest to shock the block with investors during another financial crisis worried about whether the eurozone to weather yet another storm in an exclusive interview my colleague has put it to greece's yanis varoufakis that he
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was ready to let the common currency area collapse back in two thousand and fifteen . look i am a committed you to be honest my every speech i gave was all about what we need to do in order to save the eurozone and save the european union but at the same time i was saying we are not going to save the eurozone and save the european union if we keep extending the greek debt crisis into the future by means of more loans from the german and the slovak and the portuguese taxpayers that are given to any bank of the state on conditions they're going to see that the greek state will not repay them i was axed three of them because i could see that what europe was imposing upon greece was not just bad for greece but it was also bad for europe and the result is a very now being that migration minister in italy speaking about greece you famously said that greece was fiscally water boarded by its creditors and compared the euro zone told our california that you can check in any time you like but you
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can never leave well the greens hasn't left the euro zone greek economy in the last quarter grew by two point two percent that's the fifth consecutive quarter of growth inside the eurozone could it be that you were wrong about that. i sincerely hope and pray that i'm wrong but i very much fear them right if you look . very good by the way the growth rates for three years now the all that the boards of growth it took six months before before the fizzled out allow me to say that our income has crashed since two thousand and then it blah told that on two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen and there is no appreciable growth whatsoever except for some growth when it comes to tourism but. it couldn't be otherwise think about that increase of the moment we have bankrupt companies and we have bankrupt banks and backroom households and everybody's trying to pretend that they're not bank of by borrowing money and you have
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a state which is imposing twenty nine percent corporate tax rate and the worst part of it is that we are imposing upon even small businesses to prepay next year's tax this year one hundred percent of it when in bulgaria next door to us the tax rate is ten percent there is no prepayment of next year's taxes this year this economy of the greek economy is in the state of this investigation and all the celebration of recovery is just adding insult to injury we're losing fifteen thousand young people every day every month our human capital is being depleted and greece is becoming a kind of course of all that is a protector of the european union that doesn't have anything really to show in terms of jane growth and genyen prospects except beautiful beaches fantastic weather and very nice people. catch the full interview with yanis varoufakis on d.w. dot com well while greece decided to stay briggs it is still looming but the investor
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sentiment isn't as dire as survey by consultancy finance and young shows trust in the u.k. remains high it's still the number one destination for foreign direct investment europe last year's or a six percent hike in investment projects they're creating around fifty thousand new jobs the main reason increased involvement by u.s. companies on the heels of the u.k. is germany which has also seen investment projects climbed by six percent. of its eleven now thank you very much at least thirty four people have been killed and dozens more wounded in attacks across afghanistan health officials there say at least thirteen of those were killed by a suicide bomber alcide in ministry building in the capital kabul women and children were reported among the dead surge in violence comes a day before unilateral government ceasefire with the taleban is due to begin. and i'm going to says former president hamid karzai has been speaking to the w's
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about the three day cease fire he says he's hopeful it will turn into a long term peace process we we need a cease fire who we need to party to come to an end and we very much hope that the current three to cease or even if it is a short one who leads to a peace process which is to force one. a dialogue between afghans and intra afghan dialogue in which the afghans talk among themselves and think of a solution internally for us to come together for peace and stability the second one the second forward is an arrangement with the region backed by the international community so interference in afghanistan and so afghanistan and the region special neighbor especially pakistan begin to live in peace and trust afterwards for that. i believe very strongly and i recommend that the
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government of germany who has already held three conferences sort of got a sudden bone think of a fort born conference. in which the afghans in the church are going to or coming together where the afghans and our region will give guarantees to one another offer on interference of stability which will be endorsed it quickly also by the international community according to reports just today fifteen policemen were killed by the taliban in condos don't you think that this ceasefire or even a fourth conference spahn conference in germany might be just a dream. well not not i condemn the killing of the afghan police and i call of the taliban and on the government of afghanistan not to engage in any military activity because that will not take us to peace never have seen it military activity will
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not lead to peace and and militancy is not going to take us to peace but dialogue pant interaction a formidable positive one between us and the international community through the good offices of germany will certainly lead us to where we want which is peace. in formula one ferrari sebastian vettel has stormed to victory at the canadian concrete which puts him at the top of the driver standings by just one point that all star in their race for the pool position and had no trouble staying in front of the pack the rival lewis hamilton of course sadie's hit his lowest point this season by finishing fifth germany's vettel picked up his third win of the year as rai team to back the overall eat the next race is just two weeks away in france.
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and the football world cup starts on thursday in russia but amid all the excitement there is concern that it could end up being remembered for the wrong reasons russia has long had a problem with fanned violence ugly scenes and russian supporters spoiled the european championships in france two years ago well despite this authorities say they are confident of preventing any major incidents this time round. hiding for the sake of fighting this is the hooligan seen in russia when they were in the world cup. in the least fights a pure adrenalin it's a rush everyone wants to prove that they're the strongest they step in and that's exactly what happened in moscow a at the twenty sixteen european championship violence broke out between russian hooligans and england fans it wasn't always like this the soviet union did not have a major problem with hand violence but its collapse almost thirty years ago left
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the perfect breeding ground for a hooligan scene in russia. russia will find culture star was going to ninety's when there was a huge a vacuum of the government when they could do whatever they wanted at the stadium and garmin just turned a blind eye or. nowadays it's about competition and ana it's almost it's own sport russian hooligans don't drink alcohol they train but russia is not the only country with a hooligan problem just weeks ago at the champions league semifinal clashes erupted between diehard liverpool and roma fans. russia says it is taking strong measures to avoid violent scenes at the world cup both inside and outside the stadiums these days we see on the president a crackdown on trust on facts like at six o'clock they knock your door and say you have no we came just for you know four of the four a talk to tell you what should
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be done and what should not be done but they don't leave your choice you either you disappear from the whole city for the tournament or you will have some very huge troubles. even the russian president has assured football fans that they'll be in good hands eager to do our best to secure that comfort and safety of our guests and. so will the russian world cup a festival of football or a fight fest only time will tell. even watching the daily news will be back with more news on the top of the hour for now thank you for spending part of the day with us. the truth.
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lies at the heart of a former industrial region which means it is difficult for the city as a tourist destination to compete against other places of half timbered houses castles or palaces in a city like essence you have to know what you're looking for before you can discover the real gems off of. the pretty face of the german must challenge. next. into orbit while his
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fans watch from of the tunisian define young ok as president i did not get to close my legs for. exams or just as heading back to the city i assess after two years of intense preparation what's the german astronauts mission and what challenges does he face. sixteen. w. o. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities whitten by brave people who want justice a free come in the family now this picture was taken in belonging and put it in the photo was shot to prove what's going on in the central african republic. it's in an
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exercise post alongside many other photos of people who were abused or raped of women and girls who gave birth to one wanted children for the lot of them in addition a full. week of. winning documentary starts june fourteenth on t.w. . can you guess where i am today. i've been.


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