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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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bridge on the summit from singapore appear on t.v. w. . this is it when you lose life for a girl in the eyes of the world are in singapore and a high stakes meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean dictator kim the job would trump already announcing a leave the summit early because preliminary negotiations on denuclearization have moved faster than expected as final preparations for their historic summit are being made for nominees there. anything that could transform security in east
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asia and beyond kicks off in just a few hours steve album is on the ground in singapore putting on the president of summits between u.s. presidents don't trump and north korean leader kim jong il and also coming up spain comes to the rescue of migrants on a boat in limbo in the mediterranean sea elease new rating interior minister delivering on a campaign promise a glock the boat carrying miners again pregnant women from entering a telling point. with. little rock it's great to have you along everyone well we start all of this broadcast with this week's headline event that historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong il and the latest twist in the drama filled lead up to choose day's talks trump has said he will be lee.
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singapore early on this because negotiations on getting rid of north korea's nuclear weapons have more quickly than expected well the abrupt changes from schedule came shortly after secretary of state mike pompeo had seemed to lower expectations for the meeting in the meantime the two leader is a been taking in the sights of singapore. time for a selfie kim jong un hadn't been seen leaving his hotel since shortly after his arrival on sunday but he decided to go for a night time to lure of singapore just hours before his historic summit with donald trump. singapore has designated certain parts of the city as special event areas barricades and high security checkpoints keep the public out at locations like the hotels where the two leaders are staying and of course at sentosa island the site of cup pella hotel where the historic meeting is scheduled to take place north korean and american security personnel conferred outside the compound as
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officials from both sides met inside on monday. president trump also ventured out on monday afternoon going to singapore's presidential palace for a lunch with prime minister lisi and long. as first serious statements about u.s. expectations for the summit those were left to trump's top diplomat who is with him in singapore. in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will assure ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. when singapore wakes up on tuesday morning the whole world will be watching to see what comes out of the first face to face meeting
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between two of its most unpredictable leaders. and our own alexander phenomena was at the briefing with the secretary of state pompei oh she joins us now live from singapore good to have you with us alexander want to address that all important issue of denuclearization in a second but first things first of elements moving very fast where you are trump well now meets one on one with kim. yes that's true the remarkable announcement was made by the wife thought it was only a few hours ago they say that discussions between the past and north korea have morphed more quickly than expected and that is considered a very remarkable a very positive so i signed seoul and now the u.s. president is scheduled to meet with keen to have an one on one meeting with him and only the translators will be present at this meeting as you know the u.s.
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president is confident that he will know within minutes if kim is really serious about any clue as asian. sure that he is the master deal maker who can close the deal with kim jong un experts however here in the united states are quite skeptical they are warning that president. for kim too much in this first personal encounter as he is very eager to make this summit a success so what can we read into this exam or does this mean that the north korean leader is not prepared to unequivocally discuss denuclearization. what's that sticky issue it's been the key issue in the past and we have to say that we know what the administration understands there is a sion and that means that they expect north korea to give up all its nuclear
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weapons but of course that's not what the north koreans normally would say they understand the nuclear ization because they are understanding gate a much beyond that they are referring to what they call america's capability to attack north korea with nuclear weapons and said to it's protection for japan and south korea so they are thinking about nuclear weapons in the whole region now the other party alexandro with a lot of skin in the game is south korea so much at stake for them if the summit goes badly what does it mean for them well we have to say that it was to south korean president and the first plane who made it possible because he started this talks with north korea he was a kind of a messenger between north korea and the you asked and it there is a lot of at stake for for the south korean for people there who have lift theory
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and lived fearing that any time north korea can attack them not with nuclear weapons but with the conventional conventional weapons power i did like on a phenomenon of reporting from singapore thank you very much and just a reminder to our viewers you know you news will be on the ground throughout this historic event. but now we want to get you caught up on the other stories making news around the world. at least thirty four people have been killed in attacks across afghanistan health officials say at least thirteen were killed by a suicide bomber outside his ministry building in the capital kabul the most recent surge in violence comes the day before the start of a government declared unilateral ceasefire with the taleban. three gulf states have pledged to and have billion u.s. dollars in aid to jordan as they try to help the kingdom overcome a financial crisis it's hoped that the government will now introduce
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a new austerity plan after its recent savings measures prompted widespread public protests pope francis has accepted the resignations of three chilean bishops following the child sex abuse scandal they resigned last month after being accused of covering up abuse by a pedophile priest during the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's francis has apologized to the victims and admitted grave mistakes were made more than one hundred people were arrested in vietnam over the weekend after protesting against a draft law that could grant chinese companies lengthy leases to operate in special economic zones relations between vietnam and china have cooled over the disputed territory in the south china sea. spain has offered to take in more than six hundred migrants many of them unaccompanied children stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean after italy and malta refused to let
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a dock or multiple accused to italy of violating international law by turning the boat away even though the italian coast guard coordinate the rescue but maltese says it will send supplies to the ship the aquarius because it's running out of food. after surviving the deadly mediterranean waters six hundred thirty people on board this rescue ship caught up in the diplomatic route many of them are unaccompanied minors. the aquarius is stuck at sea between italy and malta after both countries closed their ports to the vessel and refused to take in the migrants who were on board on sunday italian authorities stopped their ship from docking in sicily saying it should head to malta instead italy's new interior minister and leader of the far right league party vini tweeted that the country would no longer accept what he calls clandestine immigration he later said that malta and the rest of the e.u.
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were failing to comply with their international obligations. and ships from german n.g.o.s or those with british dutch or spanish flags in the mediterranean which passed without stopping and then they arrive in italy that's something i will not tolerate for very long. the standoff is the first display of italy's tougher stance on immigration policy under its new populist government. for its part has now agreed to send supplies to the ship on monday the united nations refugee agency and the european union urged both parties to find a swift solution. for the good. news first and foremost humanitarian imperative we are talking about people the priority. should be ensuring these people receive the care we need spain has vowed to end the deadlock and allow the boat to dock after
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their odyssey the people on board the aquarius might have finally found a safe haven. in formula one ferrari sebastian vettel has stormed to victory at the canadian concrete which puts him at the top of the driver standings by just one point of it all started the race from pole position and had no trouble staying in front of the pack meanwhile rival lewis hamilton of mercedes hit his lowest point this season i finish in fifth germany's vettel picked up his third win of the year as ferrari team to back the overall eat the next race is just two weeks away in france. the football world cup in russia starts on thursday but amid all the excitement there is trepidation that this tournament could end up being remembered for hooliganism instead of great games and goals that russia has long had
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a serious problem with fan violence and ugly scenes martie european championship in france two years ago russian authorities though say they are confident of preventing any major incidents. hiding for the sake of fighting this is the hooligan seen in russia when they drew in the red cup. in these fights a pure adrenalin it's a rush everyone wants to prove that they're the strongest if they don't know they step in and that's exactly what happened in must say at the twenty sixteen european championship violence broke out between russian hooligans and in an intense it wasn't always like this the soviet union did not have a major problem with hand violence but its kind apps almost thirty years ago left a perfect breeding ground for a hooligan scene in russia. russia will find culture started with nine hundred ninety. going there was a huge vacuum of the government when they could do whatever they wanted at the
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stadium and government just turned a blind dog are. nowadays it's about competition and ana it's almost it's own sport russian hooligans don't drink alcohol they train but russia is not the only country with a hooligan problem just weeks ago at the champions league semifinal clashes erupted between diehard live a pool and roma fans. russia says it is taking strong measures to avoid violent scenes at the world cup both inside and outside the stadiums these days we see on the president a crackdown on or trust on facts like at six o'clock they knock your door and say you have no we came just for you know four of you for a talk to tell you what should be done and what should not be done. they don't leave your choice you either you disappear from the host city for the tournament or you will have some very huge troubles. even the russian president has assured
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football fans at the end be in good hands eager to do a biased. but a comfort and safety of our guests. so will the russian world cup be a festival of football and a fight fest only time will tell. him before i let you go when i remind you of our main headlines this hour in another twist on the way to his historic summit with north korea's kim jong un president dung trump has said he'll leave early because plymouth area negotiations on denuclearization have moved faster than expected the two leaders are in hotels less than half a mile apart his final preparations for their high stakes talks go ahead and spain has offered a safe haven to more than six hundred migrants stranded on a boat in the mediterranean sea in these new right wing interior minister delivering on a campaign promise and blocked the book from entering italian ports. it
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was a lot more to tell you about the coming up diesel gate claims its next scout and he's transport ministry orders dialer boss to would call for three quarters of a million cars in europe over alleged cheating devices spend fizzling it will have more on that story right after this and also going at the top of the hour. when we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we also make up for freedom freedom of speech. and freedom of press. giving freedom for a global news that matters w. made for mines. gem and live. at any time
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