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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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next count girlies transport ministry orders dialer boss to would call three quarters of a million cars in europe over alleged cheating devices then fizzling it we'll have more on that story right after this and also going at the top of the hour. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. and gemini with w. at any time any place using names medium as you have the lead of the crowd.
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to sing along to you just a combo to you from soup. to for. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive in german fifty three fifty w. . at the. time to clean up their act after a government grilling time low recalls hundreds of thousands of vehicles in europe the diesel emissions scandal. as the g. seven summit fails to ease trade war fears white house ratchets up the ante e.u. breath rick is the u.s. being treated unfairly. and the face of greece's debt crisis yanis varoufakis tells d.w. celebrating the so-called greek economic recovery adds insult. to injury arguing
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the nation is in a state of decertification. and painful and let's do business german can make a dima as promised maximum speed and cooperative transparency over its dirty diesels following some stern words from the transport minister c.e.o. david satcher has ordered a recall of seven hundred seventy four thousand vehicles across europe they were fitted with defeat devices software that turns off a mission's controls under certain conditions to get around strict environmental stead it's. c.e.o. . has been implicated in the diesel gate scandal in more news coming in today prosecutors say they're investigating him as well as another board member of the subsidiary prosecutor's offices starter had been accused of fraud in connection with the ongoing emissions cheating scandal since may the thirtieth now police have also searched his apartment as part of that investigation. fears of a trade war continue to grow u.s. president donald trump pulling out of a g.
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seven communique on trade at the weekend shock hasn't unsettled financial markets investors are starting to get used to this sort of behavior that doesn't mean the dispute won't get even uglier germany doesn't see a quick fix to the trade feud. hit us with terrorists and we'll hit you back that was germany's response to washington's decision to impose a twenty five percent levy on new steel imports. refusing to be raffled the u.s. has already announced its next line of attack cars imported from the e.u. is traded vides or peter navarro had this to say on fox news. germany has chair of saw in all those four times higher than our share of. german imports here and they sell us three times as many cars as we sell so on the issue alone we have allies strategically but when it comes to these trade disputes
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these allies basically you're robbing us blind the president is not going to put up with that some ways that relationship really that's imbalanced let's take a look at the numbers the u.s. taxes e.u. car imports are two point five percent the e.u. on the other hand imposes ten percent on u.s. imports so quite a difference there but that's not the whole story when it comes to s.u.v.s the united states imposes a twenty five percent tax the e.u. on the other hand just ten percent. still some experts say the e.u. would be better off addressing american concerns than escalating the spouse. so why not cut them from the content. and i think such a strategy of cooperation could bring more because then president of the united states can go to the this voters and say well. this was
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a good deal for the united states but within the e.u. the mood seems to be more competitive harley davidson motorcycles are just one item on the list of u.s. products the e.u. has voted to tux. for a great find as bad as they yell as verified says his country's economy isn't flourishing it's drying up europe has been praising the latest growth figures as a success story the debt is still at one hundred seventy seven percent of the mystic product in an exclusive interview with g w help us put it to verify is that he was ready to let the eurozone collapse in twenty fifth day look i am a committed you to be honest my every speech i gave was all about what we need to do in order to save the eurozone and save the european union but at the same time i was saying we are not going to save the eurozone and save the european union if we keep extending the greek debt crisis into the future by means of more loans from
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the german and the slovak in the portuguese taxpayers that are given to any bank of the good state on conditions of guarantee that the greek state will not repay them i was x. three of them because i could see that what europe was imposing upon greece was not just bad for greece but it was also bad for europe and the result is some vini now being that migration minister in italy speaking about greece you famously said that greece was fiscally water boarded by its creditors and compared the eurozone to hold out california you can check in any time you like but you can never leave well greece hasn't left the euro zone greek economy in the last quarter grew by two point two percent that's the fifth consecutive quarter of growth inside the eurozone could it be that you were wrong about that. i sincerely hope and pray that i'm wrong but i very much fear them right if you look. very good by the way the growth rates for three years now the all that he boards of growth it
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took six months because before the fizzled out allow me to say that our income has crashed since two thousand and then it blah told that on two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen and there is no appreciable growth whatsoever except for some growth when it comes to tourism but it couldn't be otherwise think about that increase of the moment we have bankrupt companies and we have bankrupt banks and backroom households and everybody's trying to pretend that they're not bank of by borrowing money and you have a state which is imposing twenty nine percent corporate tax rate and the worst part of it is that we are imposing upon even small businesses to prepay next year's tax this year one hundred percent of it when in bulgaria next door to us the tax rate is ten percent there is nobody payment of next year's taxes this year this economy of the greek economy is in a state of this investigation and all the celebration of recovery is just adding
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insult to injury we're losing fifty thousand young people every day every month our human capital is being depleted and goodness is becoming a kind of course of all that is a protector of the european union that doesn't have anything really to show in terms of genuine growth and genuine prospects except beautiful beaches fantastic weather and very nice people. catch the full interview with yanis varoufakis on d.w. dot com while greece decided to study breaks it is still looming at the investor sentiment isn't as dire so. young shows trust in the u.k. remains high it's still the number one destination for foreign direct investment in europe last years or six percent hike in a basement projects they're creating around fifty thousand new jobs the main reason increased involvement by complaints companies out of the hills of the u.k. is germany which has also seen investment projects climbed by six percent. spain's economy is growing consumption is up unemployment falling and just as
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a whole is pro-business government starts to see the fruits of its labor shows over the socialists are now back at the helm but that's not facing some spanish entrepreneurs. jahvid marquez is and electrical heating supply amp and a hardened entrepreneur he's not fazed by the turbulence of breck's it nor does the change of government in madrid to worry him he hopes the new one will press ahead with labor market reforms. there are always two large groups of employees. one group is heavily protected and the other has almost no security at all. highly protected people need to lose some of that security and the others need to be given more. one of those with no protection is davidge because who lives on the outskirts of madrid he's paying close attention to
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how spain's political landscape is changing the law graduate sees himself as a victim of the previous government's labor reforms. that i had a full time permanent position thanks to the labor market reforms made by the conservative government i'm now out on the street. for years david has drifted from short term contracts to short term contract some of them as short as five days in a best case scenario he ends eight hundred fifty euros a month at the moment he's unemployed he hopes the new government can improve the situation but honestly. i would love to have a real job with real rights. i want to put an end to this temporary work that you might work here today and tomorrow who knows where. they come amiss to say that the spanish labor market needs to change they trust the new prime minister and his cabinet to push through well considered reform measures. that have
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been at the sanchez put together is very serious and orthodox and i think it can stimulate the economy on the one and a half years leading up to the next election. looking back entrepreneur david marquez says the conservative government recently ousted in a no confidence vote pulled spain out of the crisis but in his opinion it went too far especially the treasury secretary. five years. for them any measure that increased public revenue was acceptable they thought to short term i'm convinced that their actions damaged legal certainty in the country and that will pay for it . but for now the sun is shining on spain not just in terms of the weather but also politically many citizens are hoping to turn the page and that the returning prosperity will benefit everyone. and just briefly copenhagen once more honest billboards on its streets we all know it's quite tough if not impossible to look
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like the models featured in a sense that's because many of them a photo shopped to present perfect bodies smooth skin bigger eyes copenhagen city administration thinks retouched photos on billboards contribute to self-esteem problems among young people so now it proposes clearly labeling posters that have been photo shopped that way boys and girls will know that perfect smile in the ad was only possible if a little digital health. i want to see me when i'm not have brushed business with a. woman.
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into orbit while his fans watch from the tuesday and if a new focus president i don't know if it's been five weeks from alexandria justice heading back to the i assess after two years of intense preparation what's the german astronauts mission and what challenges does he face.
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. because of the chance a because justice is about to try the. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . hello and welcome to tamara today nice to have you with us. up and away alexander cast launches into space. remarkably realistic animation.


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