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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] playmaking mean. this is you know he was live from berlin the eyes of the world are all singapore ahead of a landmark meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean dictator kim jong un could trump law already announcing he'll leave the summit early because quote every to go she should go denuclearization of ruth bader stern than expected final preparations for their historic summit are being made in de w.'s others of a nominee is there anything that comes transform security in east asia india and picks up in just
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a few hours t w is on the ground in singapore put the president at summits between u.s. presidents don't trump and north korean leader can't jump on also coming up spain comes to the rescue of migrants on a boat in limbo in the mediterranean sea it leaves new red wing interior minister delivering on a campaign promise a promise he had blocked the boat from entering italian ports because the rich the poor the traction his life like on a trash heap will take a look at the lives of people both working with and living off trash in the slums in the kenyan capital nairobi and the good football fan of the violence more in the world cup russia says it's under control but it has long had a serious problem would face would like to pick a fight. with the man. playing
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playing. rock thanks very much for your call. me everyone well we begin our broadcast with this week's headline event that historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong il and well in the latest twist in the drama filled lead up to choose days talks has said he will be leaving singapore early because negotiations on getting rid of north korea's nuclear weapons have moved more quickly than expected well the abrupt change interim schedule came shortly after secretary of state mike pompei o it seemed to lower expectations for the me well in the meantime the two leaders have been taking in the sights of singapore. time for a selfie kim jong un hadn't been seen leaving his hotel since shortly after his arrival on sunday but he decided to go for a night time to or of singapore just hours before his historic summit with donald trump. singapore has designated certain parts of the city as special event
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areas barricades and high security checkpoints keep the public out at locations like the hotels where the two leaders are staying. and of course at sentosa island the site of cappella hotel where the historic meeting is scheduled to take place north korean and american security personnel conferred outside the compound as officials from both sides met inside on monday. president trump also ventured out on monday afternoon going to singapore's presidential palace for a lunch with prime minister lisi and long. as first serious statements about u.s. expectations for the summit those were left to trump's top diplomat who is with him in singapore in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will sure ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek
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from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. when singapore wakes up on tuesday morning the whole world will be watching to see what comes out of the first face to face meeting between two of its most unpredictable leaders. and our very own alexander phenomena was at the briefing with the secretary of state pompei oh she joins us now live from singapore good to have you with us alexander want to address that all important issue of denuclearization in a second but first things first of elements moving very fast where you are trump well now meets one on one with kim. yes that's true this is a remarkable announcement was made by the white house only a few hours ago they say that discussions between the ass and north korea have
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morphed more quickly than expected and that is considered a very remarkable a very positive so i signed seoul and now the u.s. president is scheduled to meet with keen to have an one on one meeting with him and only the translators will be present at this meeting as you know the u.s. president is confident that he will know within minutes if kim is really serious about it and the clue is asian. sure that he is the master deal maker who can close the deal with kim jong un experts however he and the united states are quite skeptical they are warning that president for kim too much in this first personal encounter as he is very eager to make this summit a success so what can we read into this exam or does this mean that the north
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korean leader is not prepared to unequivocally discuss denuclearization. what's that sticky issue it's been the key issue in the past and we have to say that we know what the administration understands next there is a shot at that means that they expect north korea to give up all its nuclear weapons but of course that's not what the north koreans normally would say they understand the nuclear ization because they are understanding gate a much beyond that they are referring to what they call america's capability to attack north korea with nuclear weapons and to its protection for japan and south korea so they are thinking about nuclear weapons in the whole region now the other party alexandra with a lot of skin in the game is south korea so much at stake for them if the summit goes badly what does it mean for them well we have to
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say that it was the south korean president in the first play who made it possible because he started this talks with north korea he was a kind of a messenger between north korea and the you asked and it there is a lot of stake for for the south korean for people there who have lived fearing and lived fearing that any time north korea can attack them not with nuclear weapons but with the conventional conventional weapons power i did like on a phenomenon of reporting from singapore thank you very much and just a reminder to our viewers you know you news will be on the ground throughout this historic event. and the prospect of a peace deal for the korean peninsula is raising hopes that families divided by the korean war could be reunited in the next report from us and heartache we meet a south korean man who thought his older brother died during the war until
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a letter smuggle to him from the north proved otherwise. known a few old photographs and a couple of letters that's the only proved one sign has that he has relatives somewhere in north korea and it would put them in danger to show their faces on television. his older brother and sign tells me fought for south korea and the korean war almost seven decades ago chunks of bach was taken prisoner by the north the family was told he had been killed but then sixty years after seeing his brother for the last time chang sign received a letter from north korea from his brother delivered through a contact in china that was ten years ago it made sense signed happy and sad at the same time. when i saw the photo i could tell they were my brother but you can see how depressing he looks rather than actually i remember him as such
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a cheerful person hum. you know. his brother passed away shortly after chang signed got a letter but he left behind a family of his own. hopes that with thawing relations between north and south and the upcoming summit he might finally get the chance to meet his relatives. as i get older my desire to meet them is growing stronger and i want to get to know that side of my family now with the summer no seems more likely we'll have a chance to meet which i'm still not sure if i should trust the politicians but i just can't help but hope it will finally have. to be the. and chung side isn't the only one in south korea getting his hope so. many here believe that the summit will produce a positive outcome maybe even paving the way for a peace treaty to finally end the korean war sixty five years after the last shot
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was fired and more and more south koreans are even changing their mind about north korea's dictator kim jong un and self is in the t.v. it was. always seems. you got to get what he said and what he was. probably smarter than i thought so i got the impression he's actually leading the country sort of. convinced it was. told us if it turns out that the inner korean summit changed many people's opinions about him. but that doesn't change the fact that he hasn't dictated it oppressive communist regime the young if we got. him. is the biggest issue during the meeting as a korean i have the impression that he has to give up the weapon it's hard to say i hope the u.s.
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or what's going on summit will produce good agreement just. kidding. i expect some things really positive based on the inner screen somebody a few weeks ago i would like to hear something great such as a declaration to end the korean war. so my boss was because. sometimes one side and his wife come to the national cemetery in seoul to find his brother's name on the wall of missing soldiers. even though chancellor bach is no longer missing they don't want his name deleted he told was his home they say and they hope that maybe one day his children in north korea can come here to. the next of the fallout from the weekend's g. seven summit in canada well that meeting of the world's leading industrial nations
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unraveling after president from where drew his support for the corpse a joint final statement. has now given her take on events in a rare one on one televised interview she describes trump's move as quote sobering in a bit depressing and commenting on trump's threat of trade tariffs she says germany will be taken for a ride. it was the image from the g. seven summit in canada that tent everyone talking what have the german chancellor been saying to the u.s. president what was she thinking and what was he thinking that photo was taken before donald trump withdrew his support for the g seven is joined statement on international trade and it seems that decision has changed everything. in an unusual move chancellor merkel used to german political talk show to vent her frustration at the way things turned out. i worked
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hard for a compromise and he struggled with it for a long time and then afterwards there was droll so to speak by a tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing. despite trump's threats of reprisals the chancellor didn't hold back on why germany and the e.u. should apply retaliatory tariffs. we have prepared our countermeasures against the tariffs that the us president placed an alum in human steel which we consider unlawful under the terms of the w.t.r. . we're not going to let ourselves be taken for a ride we're also going to act. and want defending the g seven the german leader also took the opportunity to call for
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a more united europe we have to ask ourselves where we can act in mind that of course means new responsibilities for europe and it especially means that we in europe need to be loyal to ourselves angular marco has never had the easiest of relations with donald trump his decision to disrupt the g seven will only have made things worse. spain is offered to take in more than six hundred migrants many of them unaccompanied children stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean after italy and meltzer were fused to lead a dark lot accused italy of violating international law or aspired turning the boat away even though the italian coast guard coordinated the rescue but multis says it will send supplies the ship the aquarius because it's running out of food. after surviving the deadly mediterranean waters six hundred thirty people on board this rescue ship caught up in the diplomatic route many of them are on
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a company minus. the aquarius stuck at sea between italy and malta after both countries closed their ports to the vessel and refused to take in the migrants who were on board on sunday italian authorities stopped their ship from docking in sicily saying it should have to malta instead italy's new interior minister and leader of the far right league party vini tweeted that the country would no longer accept what he calls clandestine immigration he later said that malta and the rest of the e.u. were failing to comply with their international obligations. and ships from german n.g.o.s or those with british dutch or spanish flags in the mediterranean which passed without stopping and then arriving in italy that's something i will not tolerate for very long. the standoff is the first display of italy's tougher stance on immigration policy under its new populist government. for its part has now
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agreed to send supplies to the ship on monday the united nations refugee agency and the european union urged both parties to find a swift solution. well the mission for the commission there is first and foremost issue money tyrion imperative we are talking about people the priority of both and most beautiful reduce should be ensuring these people receive the care they need spain has vowed to end the deadlock and allow the boat to dock after their odyssey the people on board the aquarius might have finally found a safe haven. all right let's get you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. pope francis has accepted the resignations of three chilean bishops phone the child sex abuse scandal they resigned last month after being accused of covering up abuse by a pedophile priest during the nine hundred eighty s.
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and ninety's francis has apologized to the victims and admitted grave mistakes were made. three gulf states have pledged to want to have billion u.s. dollars in aid to jordan as they try to help the kingdom overcome a financial crisis it's hoped the government will now introduce a new austerity plan after its recent savings measures prompted widespread public protests. more than one hundred people were arrested in vietnam over the weekend after protesting a draft law that could grant chinese companies lengthy leases to operate in special economic zones relations between vietnam and china have cooled over disputed territory in the south china sea. or over tell of the no as another huge very cool recall is getting underway i'm afraid sir this time it's the german car make
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a dime merits promising maximum speed and cooperation i've written. off some stuff on what from the german charles bought minister and i'm to see that she has ordered the recall of over two hundred thousand vehicles here in germany they were fitted with defeat devices such wear that turns off emissions controls under certain conditions to get around strict environmental standards it was seven hundred thousand cars could be affected across europe and although diamond has agreed to cooperate with german or forty's at this stage it is still denying any criminal wrongdoing. meanwhile our d c. has been implicated in the deep gate scandal as well munich prosecutors say they are investigating him as well as another board member the folks fog and subsidiary of a prosecutor's office says statler have been accused of fraud in connection with the ongoing emissions cheating scandal since the thirtieth of may now police have
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with their search his apartment as part of that investigation. fears of a trade will continue to grow u.s. president donald trump pulling out of the g seven communique on trade but that weekend shock hasn't unsettled financial markets invest as a starting to get used to this sort of behavior and doesn't mean though that the dispute will not get even uglier and right now germany doesn't see a quick fix to the future. hit us with terrorists and we'll hit you back that was germany's response to washington's decision to impose a twenty five percent levy on new steel imports. refusing to be raffled the u.s. has already announced its next line of attack cars imported from the e.u. is traded by peter navarro had this to say on fox news. germany has tariffs on autos four times higher than our share of.
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german imports here and they sell us three times as many cars as we sell so on the issue alone we have allies strategically but when it comes to these trade disputes these allies basically you're robbing us blind the president is not going to put up with that so what is the relationship really that's imbalanced let's take a look at the numbers the u.s. taxes e.u. car imports are two point five percent the e.u. on the other hand imposes ten percent on u.s. imports so quite a difference there but that's not the whole story when it comes to s.u.v.s the united states imposes a twenty five percent tax the e.u. on the other hand just ten percent. still some experts say the e.u. would be better off addressing american concerns than escalating the spock's. so why not cut them. for them. and i think
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such a strategy of cooperation could bring more because then president of the united states can go to the voters and say well. this was a good deal for the united states. but within the e.u. the mood seems to be more competitive harley davidson motorcycles are just one item on a list of u.s. products the e.u. has voted to tux. i'll have more business for you a little. elaina thank you helena de w's annual global media forum has opened in the german city of bonn michel meant to sharing a minister state of germany's foreign office said that in times of countless all i knew sources people need a trustworthy journalist to navigate a flood of information here's more about the force first day with the next billion mobile users of the world besides gauging in full and putting all the stories in the hash tag our stories and videos we are stories told by people not journalists
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but real everyday people who usually don't have a voice in today's media. we've got some ai and use a form i had this idea here at the global media forum they presented their social media project which took them to forty different countries. our advantage over the rest of the media scene is that diversity is our ability to tap into hard to reach stories in communities that are not bubbling to the top of your social media time and that it's also not understanding this concept that outward yes and no longer just outward yes but the ol hunting ages as well and so we try to bring them into the process as much as possible with its content creation with its fact checking in very patient it's about bringing them in every step of the way some may and use of omar travelled from south africa to gone to take part in this global media forum the topic this year is inequality around the world i think global inequality is something which affects us all i mean we saw the migration crisis which is also
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a result of global inequality and you see that there are so many different areas in the world where you don't have any freedom of press so i think it is a vital topic also to be discussed by media journalists politicians and civilian representatives come here to talk about what the media can do to combat inequality the media it's a very big platform and if we are. have to fight inequality then media has to give us that big platform so that we can shout out and say whatever is really creating the qualities we speak about it and then find a solution to it as media people we are the ones who are shedding light on what whatever is happening and we are the one in charge of and responsible of educating the people who we have a a very large gap between the haves and the have nots but thankfully because mobile phones are now in everyone's hands it's that hope that everyone could kind of get on to platforms and start communicating and therefore and some of that inequality
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at hash take our stories the main tool is the smartphone but there are other differences as well between our camera team and how they film and edit their reports so usually it's editorial departments that decide which topics to cover in the media and it's asked journalists to then pick our interviewees so for this piece for instance i decided to interview some i and use of and i also shortened the statements it to make them fit into my news package the biggest critique that yusuf and some may i have concerning modern media as that in the newsroom there are not enough people representing all infections of society with their project and modern technology they don't want to report on people anymore instead they want to enable these people to tell their own stories all right another news at least thirty four people have been killed and dozens more wounded in attacks across of gonna stop health officials there say at least thirteen of those were killed by a suicide bomber outside
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a ministry building in the capital kabul women and children were reported among the dead the surge in violence comes a day before unilateral government ceasefire with the taliban is due to begin. and i've got a sos former president hamid karzai has been speaking to do daily news about the three day cease fire he says he's hopeful it will turn into a long term peace process. we we need a ceasefire we need the fighting to come to an end and we very much hope that the current three deceased even if it is a short one who leads to a peace process which has two folds one a dialogue between afghans an intra afghan dialogue in which the afghans talk among themselves and think of a solution internally for us to come together for peace and stability the second
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one the second fold is in a range went with the region backed by the international community so interference in afghanistan and so afghanistan and the region suspicion or neighbor especially pakistan begin to live in peace and trust afterwards for that. i believe very strongly and i recommend that the government of germany who has only held three conferences sort of got a sudden bone think of a fort born conference. in which the afghans. who are coming together where the afghans and our region will give guarantees to one another or from interference of stability which will be indorsed it quickly also by the international community according to reports just today fifteen policemen were killed by the taliban in condos don't you think that there's a ceasefire or even
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a fourth conference spahn conference in germany might be just a dream. well no no i condemn the killing of the afghan police and i call of the taliban and on the government of afghanistan not to engage in any military activity because that will not take us to peace never have seen it military activity will not lead to peace and and militancy is not going to take us to peace but dialogue pant interaction a formidable positive one between us and the international community through the good offices of germany will certainly lead us to where we want which is peace. are right now you're watching you know when you serve a lot more to tell you about including. getting ready for work on a trash heap we'll take a look at the lives of people both working with living off rubbish in the slums in
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the kenyan capital nairobi looks. at stories of a lot more coming up right after these messages. are. going to you can tell them about the society why it's garbage. it's worthless for the bridge but for many people it offers their only chance of survival. our reporters travel to nairobi and new york and meet people who know the true value of garbage. the rich the poor and the trash. who saw him forty five
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minutes long. we make up over a week watches over us because the un does budget cuts we all of the civil service of. a month to shape the continent's future it's harder to enjoy now youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their jobs the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart. climate change. waist length. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman for the best her is up to us to make a difference let's in spite of china. he could be a fireman a magazine. b.t.w.
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a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come even then she didn't mention was taken in donkey enough to get in an exercise book i don't chide many other sentences who will remain in range of women and. one wanted children. because the award winning documentary starts june fourteenth on d. w. . this is either a news life or layla iraq welcome to the program these are mean headlines this hour . in another twist on the way to his historic summit with north korea's kim jong il and president trump has said he'll leave early because larry negotiations on denuclearization have moved faster than expected. plus spain has offered a safe haven to more than six hundred migrants stranded on
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a boat in the mediterranean sea at least near a right wing interior minister delivering on a campaign campaign promise a block the book from entering italian ports. well now to kenya and a slum in the capital nairobi in a documentary called the rich the poor and the trash explores the lives of people both working with and living off trash from new york to nairobi both cities offer unique stories about what trash can teach us about our lifestyles and struggles our shared values and differences. oh my dear my name is god you know cheating on me i am twenty eight years old. i mean i work in waste management. news and my day is always a very busy one i don't even have time to rest i start working at the dump site at five o'clock in the morning sometimes i wish i could give myself
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a day off down here but it's not possible to the whole flock in. this is kenya's biggest trash dump it's just a few kilometers away from nairobi's commercial district every day hundreds of trucks arrive with garbage from the city's affluent districts and it's hotels and restaurants. sale and you have a store. my store the trash because i'm trying to earn a little money and. i'm no longer alone and i have a wife and child now. and they're waiting for me to come back with milk or bread in the evening opted. in that they'll complain if i come home empty handed back and. yeah. sometimes i might be lucky and find some packed meat and chips here.
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and that would be lunch for the day just like that. some might think this is not a good job if they see me looking as dirty as i am now they might look down on me but i know what i'm getting out of it but. garbage dumps can provide a lifeline for people like god when i ching it's dirty work but there's very little other work here kenya's economy is booming but most of the wealth ends up with the country's tiny upper class and. it's unfair when some people are so rich from when families own land and farms while others are living in slums that have. sleep rough there are some people who even sleep on that dump site because they don't have homes on. his income of three or four dollars a day lives on ching over the international poverty line sent by the world bank at one dollar and ninety cents. it's hard all these years we've grown up with heart. i grew up like you and i would like to get away from archer and have
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a good life. i don't think those in power will help us when they only think of their own. once they have filled their own pockets the rest of us who are poor will just have to struggle and if you don't struggle you will stay poor always . the ten square meter room that godwin arching shares with his wife lorna and their daughter eliana cost about thirty five dollars a month. lives in constant fear of being unable to pay the rent in the future. and the documentary the rich the poor and the trash is part of his documentary series close up you can see the complete film tonight at nine fifteen pm central european time or nine hundred fifteen g.m.t. .
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further football world cup begins in russia on thursday but hooliganism for russian football fans is casting a long shadow chris harrington from do we force is here to tell us more this has been a big problem for russia for some time chris yes it has started in the ninety nineties when the soviet union collapsed since then it's become a way of life and for many militaristic in some ways we have a report let's take a look. hiding for the sake of fighting this is the hooligan seen in russia with a group in the world cup. in these fights a pure adrenaline in that it's a rush everyone wants to prove that the strongest thing that they step in and that's exactly what happened in australia at the twenty sixteen european championship violence broke out between russian hooligans and england fans it wasn't always like this union did not have a major problem with hand violence but its collapse almost thirty years ago left the perfect breeding ground for
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a hooligan scene in russia. russian real phone call to start with nineteen nineties when there was a huge vacuum of the government when they could do whatever they wanted at the stadium and government just turned a blind eye or. nowadays it's about competition and ana it's almost it's own sport russian hooligans don't drink alcohol they train but russia is not the only country with a hooligan problem just weeks ago at the champions league semifinal clashes erupted between diehard liverpool and roma fans. russia says it is taking strong measures to avoid violent scenes at the world cup both inside and outside the stadiums these days we see on the president a crackdown on trust on factors like at six o'clock they knock your door saying you have no we came just for you know four of the four a talk to tell you what should be done and what should not be done but they don't leave you
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a choice you either you disappear from the host city for the tournament or you will have some very huge troubles. even the russian president has assured football fans that they'll be in good hands eager to do our best to secure that comfort and safety of our guests. so really the russian world cup be a few. a football on a fine cast time retired. so chris that brings me back to you how big of an issue will hooliganism be in this world cup you know i think you have to take a look at history you know you look two years ago the battle of marsay this was a battle between english hooligans in russian hooligans and one english fan a particular fifty year old stuart grey he was left for dead after a fight he was in a coma for one month he's been urging fans who support the english side not to go to the world cup just to watch it on t.v. watch it in
8:38 pm
a pub and pretty much say that you'll be much safer doing so he's labeled all of russian hooligans as atoms ok so you know in terms of the possibility you can look at that recent history and think that there is a probability of something that you know what i wonder is though if these groups of fans need each other i mean i think looking for a confrontation or does something spark off well i think there are two six i mean you have this organized type of fighting you know and that's when you know teams pretty much meet in the forest and woods and in pretty much have a fight and follow particular guidelines and so on and then at times it does spill over and affect your average every day fed now mention the england and russian issue we know that there have been race issues in russia there was a parliamentary meeting last week and the conclusion was english fans who have black asian or minority ethnic backgrounds or possibly homo homosexuals should stay away you know because there is
8:39 pm
a potential threat in that regard there's one english player danny rose he's actually on the team he told his family stay at home don't go support me from england because he's afraid that something could happen because he has a history of it happening when he was playing in serbia with the younger squad so there is that potential of things happening there are chances of spontaneous violence and experts believe it. good just come down to depend on how well the german the russian team actually performs you know so if there's no team to fight for maybe we will see some things happen in the streets what types of tactics and measures do russian authorities use to prevent these these types of violence from breaking out well there's definitely a blacklist you don't target all of the known hooligans there is a manhunt and this is vitamin putin's world cup let's not forget you know and i would take his threats seriously you know if i was a new person you know thinking of something you know i have a few examples consummating arena it's one of the hosting four games of the world cup they've actually constructed
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a three metre fence laced with security cameras and police have warned residents in the area don't go in your balconies stay away from windows because you might be mistaken for an attacker and you might get shot by a sniper ok so i do think there are yeah either they're holding no stops in terms of trying to provide the best type of security for everyone to enjoy let's hope nothing actually makes the headline and all that all i think russia can afford for something to happen in this such a big stage their time to shine in the devastation and they're not going to take any risk there chris thank you so much are we talking a lot more to you about the world cup in the days to come now when i hand you over to how the we have some of this is news for you because with news of the greek economy which doesn't appear to be flourishing quite as much as the government would like absolutely right later in fact the greek economy is drying up that's according to the former greek finance minister at least yanis about
8:41 pm
a fact now european officials have been praising the country's latest growth figures as a success story of how to manage debt and restructure an economy but as the european central bank meets this week to discuss tightening fiscal policy a look at the blocks debt levels reveals the historic highs still remain eight years on since the debt crisis let's take a closer look at that now the euro is the euro area's third largest economy is. well it's sitting on a mountain of debt currently at one hundred thirty three percent of gross domestic product europe's most famous debtor of course greece but it still carries a burden of well over one hundred and seventy percent of its g.d.p. and the euro zone average compared to that is around eighty percent of its eighty seven percent of its output now it's leigh's case is certainly the latest to shake the block with investors fearing another financial crisis worried about whether the euro zone can weather another storm now my colleague has put it to the former greek
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finance minister yanis varoufakis that he was ready to let the common currency area collapse back in twenty fifteen. when you're bankrupt there's no way you can escape your bankruptcy and repay your loans on the basis of more loans that come with strings attached trink your capacity to do to make an income so it's not a question of mortality it's not a question a question whether you should know you shouldn't let us not forget that the only reason why capitalism grew wings and flew up and soared into the skies of the nineteenth century was because we introduced the concept of the very interesting concept of limited liability in other words that bankrupt companies bankrupt and that these should be allowed to do to go bankrupt this is part of the capitalist process of renewal so why use why didn't why didn't raise them go about just go bankrupt back then. it wasn't allowed to back in two thousand and ten for a very simple reason the french and the german banks were already bankrupt and they had just received a gigantic bailout from the german taxpayers and mrs america was not prepared to
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give them another bailout so in a sense she gave a bailout of the good state that money went to the great treasury and immediately back to the german to the french banks so effectively what would be doing in you to for the last eight years is would we have been concealing fraudulently as a serial bankruptcy and that is out of this is of course today italy and the realisation that we can keep kicking the can down the road but at some point is going to turn back and bite us kicking the can down the road that neither you mention that you currently munich and you'll give me a lecture at the the e for instance you tonight it's titled why germany cannot and should not pay to save the euro zone you say that germany just shouldn't bother risking the euro why . no i'm not saying that at all i'm saying that germany cannot afford to pay for the eurozone but what germany has
8:44 pm
a duty to do to itself as well does europe is to help but he designed the architecture of the euro so that the german treasury does not have to pay for it let me give you a very simple example as we speak up to three trillion euros is sitting idly in bank accounts of the continent not being invested in productive activity so it is not a question of whether germany should pay it's a question of whether we as europeans together and he designed the rules of the eurozone game in such a way actually enable money which is already there savings that have not been invested excess savings to be invested in order to produce think i'm struggling europe that will pay for their recovery which we need in order to be able to avoid situations like with that which we have now we need really well you mentioned you mentioned these these savings. to see that from a german perspective many much of this savings are german savings and the view from
8:45 pm
germany is we've given so much money to the greek they don't pay as back why because that the germans should not have given the money to the greeks in the first place i made myself very a popular in greece for the last ten years saying that we should never have received that money in the first place and then after we went bankrupt we had absolutely no right to take more money because no bankruptcy can be overcome by more loans but mike. my message to my german friends is that at the moment given the way we have organized the euro zone you are making huge surpluses both cutting back on service of the federal government has a surplus german corporations have a surplus and german households have a surplus and what do you do with this of course because there's no way you can invest in your own country that is not enough demand for the money that you have accumulated in this country you are forced to take your hard earned euros and invest them with one of those to invest them in countries where you cannot control the way that they're being managed now compare that system with which we have now
8:46 pm
which is grossly inefficient and makes germany pay through the nose not only bailouts but also through the inefficient investment of private savings compare this with an alternative system where when you're in europe the savings of the germans of the dutch even of the greeks and the diamonds are channeled into productive investment let's say for instance green technologies and the green energy union that is so essential to europe not only for economic reasons it would produce very good quality jobs it will help the environment and it would also allow us to free ourselves from vladimir putin and gazprom. the former greek finance minister yanis varoufakis that's back over to late as a meeting here in berlin tries to broker peace in east ukraine that's correct alan are in berlin the german foreign minister michael moss has been hosting his counterparts from ukraine russia and for as well the four foreign ministers are trying to find a lasting solution to the conflict in eastern ukraine top of the agenda is
8:47 pm
a plan to create a un peacekeeping force for the region and then a recent upsurge in the fighting there. bri twenty fifteen and there were a few smiles around the negotiating table in the bella russian capital minsk weeks of devastating fighting that sealed the fate of the first negotiated truce to the war in eastern ukraine this new agreement was meant to finally bring about the last thing ceasefire one that would pave the way for a political solution. instead the shooting has barely stopped even for a day since then the front line hasn't shifted but the battles continue ukrainian government troops and pro russian separatists trade blame over who fired first. o.s.c. observers are left to catalog cease fire violations but a powerless to stop them. in ukraine's capital kiev men in uniform are
8:48 pm
a common sight these days and nowhere more so than at the city's central station many of them are heading back to the front line. but what to people here make of the chances for peace did they think u.n. peacekeepers could make a difference. this yes talks like these take place but they just say the same things over and over nothing ever changes whatever happens in europe it doesn't help us here we need to sort out their own country by self so no one's going to solve this for us i'm from donetsk myself i know the situation from the inside when it all started i was committed to people but eventually listen to each other that this would end as time goes on i'm going to be pessimistic i have serious doubts of the conflict will end anytime soon. we need to liberate our territory you know this is war and diplomacy alone won't resolve this. once these soldiers reach their positions along
8:49 pm
the don bus front line there's often just a few hundred meters dividing them from pro russian separatists forces armed un peacekeepers could it's hoped make it that much harder for either side to pull the trigger but before that can happen kiev and moscow need to agree on the scope of the un mission so far russia says it only willing to support a small un contingent posted on the current front line ukraine its western allies want to far bigger mission to include all separatist held territory. this train is headed content in africa seven hundred kilometers to be and hard up against the front line many of its passengers are soldiers returning to their postings. as the diplomats present me to berlin here in kiev there's little optimism that this round of talks and succeed with previous was a failed with no side giving it any indication it's willing to make the first move
8:50 pm
or agree to painful compromises. or it is time to get dirty now with some culture news filthy actually nothing racy people were talking about coal it was the fuel of the industrial revolution and it's still the backbone of many economies so when it's cold out into with well here in germany a locks the country prepares to close its last two coal mines this year and david leavitt's is here not from the money but from the w.'s culture does it take a shot it's exactly like the clean up nice all right jeremy currently has seventeen art exhibits on the topic of goal why why is it so topical and in the world of high art it's a lot of coal for art isn't it you know this is a huge big deal this is a historic event actually this is the end of a two hundred year love affair between germany and coal and as far as break ups go this is a pretty sweet deal if a this omagh is to call the they're putting on the reality is that the country has
8:51 pm
been keeping the coal industry alive for years with subsidies of two and a half billion euros a year now the german government has pulled the plug a few years back you remember england closed down its mines well now it's germany's turn turned their closing down the mines for good but fortunately the rural valley region that's where these mines are has been transitioning for decades from coal to a renewable resource which is arts and culture and arts and coal that's the name of this event it encompasses seventeen exhibitions and installations across the region here it is. five hundred year existence shrunk the castle has seen a lot now it's being seen in a new way as cutting edge arts. abraham mahama has draped the castle with cloth from sacks used to transport coal and other commodities to and from his native
8:52 pm
garner many poor workers have left the marks on them and uncomfortable into active work about global trade and exploitation. what about the things that are very uncomfortable millions of people and billions of people have to endure the whole lives but of course we might find ourself in the states where. we don't have to go through those same problems but it doesn't mean they don't exist. david nash's imposing wooden sculptures on display at the front can hang on a disused money equipment factory. nash lives in a former mining region in wales and uses wood salvaged from underground railway lines scorching it back for his art. at the museum in vietnam alexander check many photographs of ukrainian miners in the dumbass region on display these mines are considered extremely dangerous and
8:53 pm
accidents are common conditions similar to those in germany room mines in the not too distant past. at the art museum in artist. showcases pieces inspired by some to rein in objects. he's a very unique feat is very impressive the tunnels and even room as you can walk all the way from essence adult and a lot of calories in the mind to. the museum full klang in essence in the states how industrial landscapes have changed over the course of the past century. the arts and culture logics is not just about the regions supposedly grew reus industrial past it's also confronting today's global issues. david of course coal is undeniably a very polluting business
8:54 pm
a very dangerous work as well but for mining community even closing this last my big deal it's a big deal it's a huge part of their identity and has been for decades and you know it's not just coal it's the economy it's how people relate to each other and these mining communities it's they have bare their football clubs they had their bunny races and their homing pigeons you know they had all these things that came together about their were sort of related to the mining lifestyle. but that's that's also what these exhibitions are acknowledging that there is this whole culture in this region the river valley region that will also remain and that coal is a huge part of it it's going to stay in the collective memory and it also deserves its dues now it's also created a unique landscape this is. a very impressive mining complex that's a unesco world heritage site it's a museum and all of these sites have given birth to art locations there is
8:55 pm
a there's the retreat triennial that makes fantastic use of these spaces they also make great venues for graves it's. so coal actually has really changed the landscape of these places and it deserves it's due it was allowed germany to industrialize it was behind the country's my. iraq us resurrection after world war two and it's the original reason for the european union and now beyond that of course it's very sad that these communities are losing their minds these are also communities that suffer from high unemployment rates but they also have a great heritage to build on and hopefully they'll continue building on that for years to come to think what's so amazing is how they were able to reinvent themselves and yes way a lot of places don't succeed in doing that well that's why we keep talking about her. right david thank you so very much for bringing us that story and i mean just at the end of this edition you knew all the way back with an update of the
8:56 pm
headlines after these messages pronounced on the affidavit i myself thank you so
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much for spending part of you did with us. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. it's worthless for the rich but for many people it offers the only chance of survival. our reporters travel to nairobi and new york and meet people who know the true value of garbage. the rich
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the poor and the trash. to so interested on teetotal. the fast pace of life in the digital world such shift does the lowdown on the web that he chose are new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. presents the regimes finds. looks over the shoulders of makers and she observes. shifts in forty five minutes to. singapore has set the stage for the historic meeting between u.s. president trump and north korea's dictator kim jong il but can the to strike a deal denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula really on the cards or is this all just
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a glorified photo op to find out join our full coverage of the summit from singapore here on the show. earth. home to us of species. a home worth seeing if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps . to those tell stories of could induce people and innovative projects around the world. to use the term the term used to create an image of solutions and to be forced to. make room to interact a shift and more determined to do some thinking for the next generation the ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w.
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and all mine. this is you know reduce life for world and challenge played in singapore the world waits the left for the landmark meeting between u.s. president donald trump and a north korean dictator kim jong un to kick off trump already announcing it will leave the summit early because preliminary negotiations on denuclearization have moved to san story than expected meanwhile he has lunch with singapore's prime minister as final preparations go ahead and kim jong un takes this full to see the


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