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mind. this is you don't reduce life for world and power plane in singapore the world waits the left for the landmark meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean dictator kim jong un to kick off trump already announcing he'll leave the summit really because preliminary negotiations on denuclearization have moved to a sad story than expected meanwhile he has lunch with singapore's prime minister as final preparations go ahead and kim jong un takes a stroll to see the sights also coming up spain comes to the rescue migrants on a boat in limbo in the mediterranean sea italy's new right wing interior minister
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delivering on a campaign promise blocked the boat from entering italian ports plus a new grassroots movement opposing rising populism in europe members of the homes of your populism and a threat to democracy are calling on all europeans to set aside their narrow nationalisms to defeat it. with. everyone while we begin with this week's headline event that historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un in the latest twist in the drama filled lead up to choose days talks trump has said he will be leaving singapore early because they go ga sions on getting rid of north korea's nuclear weapons have moved more quickly than expected while the year brought change interim schedule came shortly after secretary of state mike pompei ohad seemed to lower expectations for the meeting in the meantime the two leaders have been taking in
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the sights of singapore. time for a selfie kim jong un hadn't been seen leaving his hotel since shortly after his arrival on sunday but he decided to go for a night time too or if singapore just hours before his historic summit with donald trump. singapore has designated certain parts of the city as a special event areas barricades and high security checkpoints keep the public out locations like the hotels where the two leaders are staying and of course at sentosa island the site of hotel where the historic meeting is scheduled to take place north korean and american security personnel conferred outside the compound as officials from both sides met inside on monday. president trump also ventured out on monday afternoon going to singapore's presidential palace for a lunch with prime minister elise c.-n. loan. as first serious statements about u.s.
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expectations for the summit those were left to trump's top diplomat who is with him in singapore in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. when singapore wakes up on tuesday morning the whole world will be watching to see what comes out of the first face to face meeting between two of its most unpredictable leaders. all right let's get the view now from washington d.c. correspondent claire richardson is following the build up to this meeting claire everybody was speculating at the meeting my go into overtime but president trump
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has announced that he will be leaving the meeting early is he lowering expectations . trump does seem to have a knack for leaving meetings early these days the u.s. has said that things are moving more quickly than expected but so far there's no concrete evidence that we've actually seen any kind of concrete preliminary agreement to achieving what secretary of state has said they want to get out of these meetings and that is of course the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization now the whole issue of denuclearization is really at the heart of what's going to be so complicated about these talks it seems possible that the united states and north korea might even have different understandings of what that actually means for the united states it means getting a nuclear weapons off the entire korean peninsula but the north has suggested that this actually refers to the americans ability to strike north korea from any of their overseas bases or anywhere under their nuclear umbrella so although there is so much hype around this meeting i think almost any kind of agreement that they're
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able to strike is going to be hailed as a victory for donald trump even decades of diplomacy that have been unable to find any common ground and although they won't be able to find a detailed agreement in just one day if they can come together and make a statement saying they're working toward that goal that would be seen as a positive when the president showed a clearer boasted that he'll know what mediately whether a deal can be reached with complete has that claim gone down in the u.s. . well north korea watchers would find that very difficult to believe again after decades of diplomatic wrangling the idea that a u.s. president could kind of smell out how serious kim jong un is about this meeting is something that they don't give a lot of credit north korea has conceded things a negotiator in negotiations in the past and then lied about the actual carrying out of those agreements but look donald trump did not win the elections to be president by listening to experts his supporters really believe him when he says
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that it was his strong man tactics that actually brought him into the negotiating table in the first place and supporters give him a lot of credence they think it's is unconventional style as a leader that is actually going to make this a success and they therefore think also that he will be able to tell just from kim jong un's posture and talk what kind of result we're going to see from the meeting . the clear what does warrant out of this meeting and frankly how much to americans care about the north korean issue. while he wants to show that he's got something done especially if it's something that a previous american president has been unable to do before you know you've seen chance calling for him to win a nobel peace prize if he's any if he's able to make any kind of serious progress on this issue he wants to get positive press and let the american public is concerned about this issue with almost thirty thousand u.s. service members in south korea and hundreds of thousands of americans they it's something that they're going to be watching very closely richard some were pointing
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a washington think you very look. art and we're going to shift our focus now back to europe where spain has offered to take in more than six hundred migrants many of them unaccompanied children stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean after italy and malta refused to let a dock almost accused of violating international norms by turning the board away even though the italian coast guard coordinate the rescue but malta says it will send supplies to ship the equerries because it's running out of food. after surviving the deadly mediterranean waters six hundred thirty people on board this rescue ship the caught up in the diplomatic route many of them on accompanied mind as. the aquarius is stuck at sea between italy and malta after both countries closed their ports to the vessel and refused to take in the migrants who are on board on sunday
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a tally an authority stopped the ship from docking in sicily saying it should head to multiply instead italy's new interior minister and leader of the far right league party. tweeted that the country would no longer accept what he calls clandestine immigration he later said that multi the rest of the e.u. a failing to comply with that international obligations. having ships from german n.g.o.s or those with british and dutch or spanish flags in the mediterranean which passed without stopping and then arriving in italy that's something i will not tolerate for very long. the standoff is the first display of italy's toughest stance on immigration policy under its new populist government. for its part has now agreed to send supplies to the ship on monday the united nations refugee agency and the european union both parties to find a swift solution. for the commission there is first and
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foremost a humanitarian imperative we are talking about people the priority of both the tally and multiuser for it is should be ensuring these people receive the care they need spain has vowed to end the deadlock and allow the boat to dock after their odyssey the people on board the aquarius might have finally found a safe haven. well with me in the studio is florian this fall from doctors without borders which runs a medical clinic on the stranded ship the aquarius mr good to have you with us can you tell us about the situation on the ship well this situation is obviously concerning we have six hundred and thirty people on the ship that's actually at the maximum of its capacity many of those are very vulnerable for example more than one hundred twenty unaccompanied minors seven pregnant women there also some people who
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have been rescued from drowning had to be resuscitated and remain in critical condition and obviously the longer this band of continuous the more concerned these people are becoming too they are realizing that the ship is not moving their war each they're already anxious these people have gone through horrible situations in libya and detention camps some of them would have been ill treated there and so the solution needs to be found quickly this political dispute cannot be forced out on the backs of these people so what do you make of refusal to allow the ship to dock in italian ports we find that surprising to say the least because everything we've done on the ship together with the other n.g.o.s who as we did have any has been advised by the italian sea rescue coordination authority the rescues we have ourself conducted but also the more than four hundred people from other rescues that were taken on board most of these people where rescued by italian coast guard
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vessels and we were advised to take them on board and then advice to go towards sicily which we did until we were then told to stop and now for almost twenty four hours we basically they're somewhere between malta in sicily with no clarity as to what is to happen so why do you think there was a change of heart are they trying to make a political point here whatever they are trying to do and if it is about politics and it seems to be that cannot be a justification to find out these political battles at the expense of these peace. oh as i said you know pregnant women seriously sick people so the medical condition at the moment is ok but this ship is not equipped to keep these people on board for much longer now as i understand correctly spain has stepped up and said you can come to me so is the ship now heading toward spain or what would happen next time when spain you know maybe is not in the position to step up to the plate at the moment we haven't actually officially heard either from the italian or the spanish
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authorities obviously we've seen this going on in the media but spain has advised or talked about valencia yeah that's one thousand three hundred kilometers away that would mean a further three days on the ship and again the ship is not really quick for this people are staying on open decks more than six hundred people they exposed to the sun during the day yes we can feed them for the time being it would be possible to get more supplies but obviously the medical condition especially of those potentially critical patients is real cause for concern so they're still stuck in limbo everyone still stuck in limbo. again we find this inacceptable europe italy but also the rest of the european union is fighting our political battle scene at the expense of these people who were rescued from drowning that cannot be right planned this fall from doctors without borders thank you for thank you informing us thank you here in germany a grassroots movement is calling on people to support democracy across europe
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called pulse of your considers a populous trend in britain poland italy and elsewhere as a threat calling on germans and other europeans to overcome their narrow nationalisms to strengthen democracy. a strong and united europe that's the aim of the grassroots movement pulse of europe who supporters gathered in frankfurt st paul's church to make their mission clear. they see a growing threat to democracy in europe it will change democracies don't fail at the edges they fail because of democrats indifference. most of europe and you here today have shown that we will stand up for what i am and i. the nonpartizan movement was founded in two thousand and sixteen it's brought thousands to the streets calling for more european integration that's why they've also gathered in frankfurt's remembered square to take
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a stand against rising populism across europe and call for more citizen engagement in the e.u. all one is i know we need political unity today's about more than just that though i want to united europe to. come oh so did i'm from former communist east germany this europe is really beneficial to me and it's also a necessity. bendish kind. with this two pronged front in frankfurt pulse of europe has no intention of ceding the field to euro skeptics. are before i let you go and remind you of our main headline this hour in another twist to own the way to his historic summit with north korea's kim jong il and president said he'll leave early because military negotiations de nuclearization moved mr than expected. and that landmark summit just hours away will have full coverage for you a little rock in berlin on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending
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