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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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he will leave early because negotiations on denuclearization have moved faster than expected. stories from people the world over information provided. the means want to express a g w on facebook and twitter today in touch follow us. european stories to liberals in performances.
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please still a. live concert every weekend the top european concert in dublin. to be a big. deal to be a good. time to complete all barack's self's a german government grilling diner recalls hundreds of thousands of vehicles over the diesel emissions scandal coming up. alongside all the brouhaha over the north korea u.s. summit there are hopes that the recent the which we north and south korea could boost both sides economy. and the face of greece's debt crisis yanis varoufakis. celebrating the so-called greek economic recovery
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insult to injury on during the nation is in the state of. bass is your business update i'm having a home free and glad you could join me now the german a call make a dime to has agreed to recall over two hundred thousand vehicles in germany following some stern words from the country's transport minister the diesel engine vehicles appeared to have been fitted with software that turns off the missions controls under certain conditions. c o d to look relaxed on monday afternoon but that was before his meeting with german minister for transport on k.l. scheuer he summoned said to the ministry and two hours later put out this video message to point b. that government has demanded the recall of two hundred thirty eight thousand name like cars in germany illegal emissions cheating devices and a total of seven hundred seventy four thousand cars in europe are affected forgivable. an unexpectedly blunt statement from the minister but the diamond chief
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spoke of a constructive conversation about this yeah we agreed that we would clarify the regular questions on take care of the vehicle software without delay will do so if it is a prosthetic about. the comic it will have to address the problem in its veto vans as well as other models such as c class the towns along overdue measure according to the green party. is our exit site defeated it's high time that something's being done and how can it be that in america and all sorts of crimes are we and many just have to fear the consequences if nothing happens in germany. mists experts say the recall in germany could also impact as u.s. division is a host there will be repercussions in the us lawyers in the us will certainly be taking a closer look moving her eyes on any other kind of this meanwhile time lamentations its claim that the offending devices are legal and only serve to protect against engine damage. german building materials make
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a canal fizz following american a draw i will produce a u.s.g.a. in a deal worth around seven billion dollars and giving canal access to the must have construction market in the united states the u.s. chain it was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty which will keep its headquarters in chicago and continues to be managed to the u.s. companies expect to seal the deal the next year. and a financial correspondent say fishman ski is a new york for us sophie in the middle of the transatlantic trade dispute how has the news of can else acquisition gone down over the. well it seems like a win win situation this deal is supposed to solve few of these bankruptcy use d. is the biggest u.s. maker of gypsum wallboard and they fight for bankruptcy protection in two thousand or one under the weight of as the best of litigation settlements and then famous
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warren buffett debates out the company with three hundred million dollars in funding but berkshire's they became so large that it couldn't sell those tears in the open market without pushing down the price so this deal now in a group berkshire to exit what buffett has called a disappointing investment now if in the meantime gets the opportunity to reap the gains of a recovering u.s. housing market and i've got to ask you sir if a house the market responded to the g seven may have. investors do not care about any summit at the moment this is not easy to understand and even harder to explain because these comments could have a significant impact on u.s. companies and also the stock market but when i talk to traders they tell me there's simply enough money in the markets right now and investors seem to think it is now or never if if this rally should and then they can still leave the markets but as you see this is of course
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a self-fulfilling prophecy as long as they say the markets are going to stay out slavish nancy verse on wall street thank you. now seventy years ago in the wake of a terrible war korea was states it's split rather into north and south one people one language two very different economies down twenty sixty south korea's g.d.p. was just under one and a half trillion dollars north korea's was barely twenty six billion north korea's leader kim jong order now says he's focused on economic development. this factory outside south korea's capital seoul shouldn't even exist. up to two years ago the spacing rings for shock absorbers that the workers produce here were made in north korea in the special collaborative economic zone of k. song just behind the border as che tech was the first company to set up shop there back in two thousand and four industrial park is unusual as. tells me it's run
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jointly by the two koreas the biggest advantage of the collaboration has been having access to north korean workers. they were passionate. and talented. those qualities made them stand out above others of the region and those were the reasons why all the companies in case were so happy to work with them. and they were cheap north koreans only earned one tenth of what their counterparts in south korea made on par with other cheap labor countries in the region but case song is only sixty kilometers from seoul and everyone there speaks korean for local businesses a major plus but then in two thousand and sixteen it was all over the border was closed after north korea conducted nuclear and ballistic missile tests since then the only way of accessing the country from the south has been through binoculars.
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that bridge back there is part of the railway line that leads to the k. song industrial complex at the moment of course back election is closed but that could easily change and it could in fact become part of a much wider plan of economic cooperation between north and south korea that the government in seoul has put on the table. that plan and business is three major economic orders and industrial logistics and transport belt along the west coast connecting the korean peninsula with the north east of china and energy and natural resources belt into russians far east and an eco and tourism area and the demilitarized zone along the border between the two koreas. toy tin k. expert on the economies of north and south korea thinks economic integration on the korean peninsula is a win win. right and always. south korea today is like island you pretty cool for if we cooperate with north korea we can directly connect
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to the trance iberian road the presidents china road to reach the netherlands amsterdam germany frankfurt for s.j. take to the foreign relations with the north would be good news if the case song industrial zone were to reopen they could easily double their production they say and that would help boost north korea's economy too. the former greek finance minister yes but if i kiss says his country's economy is a flourishing he says it's drawing up a europe's been praising the latest growth figures as a success story but debt is still at one hundred seventy seven percent of g.d.p. and in an exclusive interview with g w get hired as first put it to mr vedder effect this that he was ready to let years and collapse back in twenty fifty. look i am a committed you to be honest my every speech i gave was all about what we need to do in order to save the eurozone and save the european union but at the same time i
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was saying we are not going to save the eurozone and save the european union if we keep extending the greek debt crisis into the future by means of more loans from the german and the slovak and the portuguese taxpayers that are given to any bank of the state on conditions again i think that the greek state will not repay them i was x. three of them because i could see that what europe was imposing upon greece was not just bad for greece but it was also bad for europe and the result is a very now being that migration minister in italy speaking about greece you famously said that greece was fiscally water boarded by its creditors and compared the eurozone told california that you can check in any time you like but you can never leave well the greens hasn't left the euro zone greek economy in the last quarter grew by two point two percent that's the fifth consecutive quarter of growth inside the eurozone could it be that you were wrong about that. i
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sincerely hope and pray that i'm wrong but i very much fear of them right if you look at the group by the way the growth rates for three years now the all the reports of growth it took six months before before the fizzled out allow me to say that our income has crashed since two thousand and eight blood told out on two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen and there is no appreciable growth whatsoever except for some growth when it comes to tourism but. it couldn't be otherwise think about that increase of the moment we have bankrupt companies and we have bankrupt banks and backroom households and everybody's trying to pretend that they're not bankrupt by borrowing money and you have a state which is imposing twenty nine percent corporate tax rate and the worst part of it is that we are imposing upon even small businesses to prepay next year's tax this year one hundred percent of it when in bulgaria next door to us the
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tax rate is ten percent there is no prepayment of next year's taxes this year this economy of the greek economy is in a state of there's a vacation and all the celebration of recovery is just adding insult to injury we're losing fifteen thousand young people every day every month our human capital is being depleted and greece is becoming a kind of course of all that is a protector of the european union that doesn't have anything really to show in terms of jane growth and jane prospects except beautiful beaches fantastic weather and very nice people. and as far as fairfax is that thanks for watching and also using. trying.
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to. plug up the. morning glory. will the north korea u.s. summit happen in a political poker game block to size me up to overcome decades of hostility. stoked by an unpredictable us foreign policy and a family of dictators who ninety five one obsession and. getting their own atomic bomb mock the kim dynasty model. in sixty minutes g.w. .
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and reforestation. they created interactive content to teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the indios the multimedia environment series on g.w. . the disrupter in chief meets the nuclear provocative or will they produce the biggest breakthrough for peace on the korean peninsula in seven decades the face off is now i'm sarah kelly and this is the day. they will be met with five years of fury. like the world those differ.


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