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for. the. union. i am curious. this is g.w. news live from berlin power play in singapore the world awaits for the landmark meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong un as the day begins in singapore trump says talks between officials are off to a good start but it's only the meeting that matters meanwhile kim says he's already learning from his rare trip abroad. also coming up from spain comes to the rescue of migrants on a boat stuck in limbo in the mediterranean italy's new right wing interior minister delivering on a campaign promise that blocks the vote from entering italian ports. i
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am. on my a twitter thank you for joining us. the world is watching as the historic summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un is poised to begin in the latest twist in the drama filled lead up to tuesday's talks trump has said he will be leaving singapore early because negotiations on getting rid of north korea's nuclear weapons have moved quote more quickly than expected meanwhile kim spent the night taking in the sights of singapore north korean state media says he has learned much about singapore's economic potential. time for a selfie kim jong un hadn't been seen leaving his hotel since shortly after his arrival on sunday but he decided to go for a night time to or if singapore just hours before his historic summit with donald
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trump. singapore has designated certain parts of the city as special event areas barricades and high security checkpoints keep the public out locations like the hotels where the two leaders are staying. and of course at sentosa island the site of cup hotel where the historic meeting is scheduled to take place north korean and american security personnel conferred outside the compound as officials from both sides met inside on monday. president trump also ventured out on monday afternoon going to singapore's presidential palace for a lunch with prime minister lisi and loan. as first serious statements about u.s. expectations for the summit those were left to trump's top diplomat who is with him in singapore in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to
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adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. when singapore wakes up on tuesday morning the whole world will be watching to see what comes out of the first face to face meeting between two of its most unpredictable leaders. correspondent bass and heartache is following this story for us in singapore bustin in this report we heard about kim's tour of singapore what more can you tell us. you know my let me let me walk you through that little stroll that kim jong un and this sister took through the marina bay area here last night so it started right behind me where you see that structure that greenhouse there is the largest greenhouse in the world with
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the highest waterfall indoor waterfall in the world is the gardens by the bay now from here he walked over to the marina bay sands hotel and he went up all the way to that rooftop structure there where that looks like a giant surfboard and from there you have an amazing view over all of singapore and a clear day you can even look as far as the outlying islands of indonesia across the singapore straight up their hotel guests were even allowed to take photographs of kim's own something that was that was that was they were still stopped from doing. when he arrived on sunday so he wants to portray a different picture of himself and send that out to the world a different picture than that of that brutal dictator in a repressive regime that he obviously is but when he was up there he also reportedly made remarks about how beautiful and clean everything was in singapore and that's sort of in line with what he told south korean president moon day in
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when they met just a few weeks ago saying that all the athletes that had gone to the winter olympics in south korea had been so impressed with the bullet trains there so those are all things that impoverished and backward north korea obviously doesn't have but the fact that he's so impressed by these things that he keeps mentioning them shows you where he wants to lead his country now that's obviously still a long way off and if that's going to happen or not that's going to depend a lot on if the economic sanctions against north korea are going to be lifted. and that's something that's going to be discussed at the summit today miles now of course singapore is waking up on this day that could go down in history and trump of course has been tweeting already so it seems things are going well or are they. both donald trump obviously seems to think so also the fact that the it was surprisingly the meeting is going to be surprisingly short so in the in the early
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afternoon kim is already leaving singapore there's going to be a press conference by donald trump a little later and then in the evening he's going to leave as well so that sort of that seems. i'm in ground and maybe they've already prepared some sort of statement but. i have to wait and see about that what's definitely going to happen is that at nine o'clock so in just one hour from now they're actually going to meet there's going to be a handshake then they're going to sit down just the two of them one on one with their translators and they're going to talk for roughly an hour then there's going to be a working lunch and then possibly some kind of some kind of statement so that's that's the rundown for today and the things that are going to be on the table obviously is the denuclearization of north korea the lifting of economic sanctions or not and also as my comp a or us secretary of state said in a press briefing yesterday security guarantees for the kim jong un regime and
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microamp a.o. said that there's going to be security guarantees by the u.s. that haven't been in place before but he declined to give any details on that i'm sure that's going to be a matter of in the negotiations today my right past and hansei for us in singapore following what could be a historic occasion today thank you very much. the u.s. has declared it wants nothing less than the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula but even if kim jong un does promise trump the abandon his weapons there's no guarantee he'll follow through previous disarmament pledges have fallen short of expectations experts however do say this time could be different. as images of north korea's missile tests went around the world the country's leaders celebrated its military prowess that was no mention of nuclear disarmament just months later kim jong un pledged denuclearization of the korean peninsula to
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summit with the south. even destroyed north korea's underground nuclear testing site as foreign journalists looked on but it's not the first time the kim dynasty has promised to abandon its nuclear weapons so far its never kept its word but experts are optimistic about this new thaw in relations between north korea and the u.s. . says mr there was always an imbalance in north korea suspending its nuclear program in return for concessions such as economic aid. so. now we're at the point where it seems north korea is ready to negotiate in good faith and that aid is not what's important instead the regime wants to secure its future. vision. some analysts are skeptical that pyongyang will really give up its military clout it's unclear how much damage it could inflict but if the u.s.
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wants a nuclear free korea it will have to extend serious security guarantees. both sides will try to get robust guarantees from the other that'll be the sticking point in these talks if it doesn't happen there's no point in even talking about denuclearization. no question the stakes are high for kim it will be the first face to face meeting between you and over its leading role in the region to its rival the u.s. . unbound bag-o. who we just saw in that report joins me now he is head of the asia program at the german council on foreign relations so bad are you so often mistake about the outcome of this summit well depends on the expectations i think this summit just can be a start of a process but both sides agree what the goals will be of a long term process that will have basic statements behave term and to do in the
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best case i might have a timetable. all right and were going to be looking shortly at pictures of a u.s. president trying to arrive all bet there have been some concerns from analysts that this whole meeting is happening too quickly and not enough preparation has gone into it do you share that view well that's true the time frame was very short since the first meeting happened between president and kim jung born but there have been consultation taking place and. u.s. ambassador km so was beating the vice foreign minister of north korea i think i think they have written the basic statement that will be presented today and here i believe we see live pictures of the u.s. president arriving in singapore for this meeting that is about to begin in under an hour. in this case what do you see as the best case scenario is there any hope that denuclearization might actually happen well there will be years perhaps two or two
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to get there but the to begin because of course the need to normalize the diplomatic relation that will be on the agenda perhaps even having a u.s. embassy overrepresentation them showing young and then they would have to take over heart issues and these are the security guarantees one had on the other hand. of course. the denuclearization process that will be difficult to to create prose if there were actions come for actions of which i reciprocate. and very briefly if you can what happens if donald trump and kim jong il and don't hit it off what if something goes awry here i think the summit was well prepared and the expectations are not too high so they were present exactly what they're going to do and it cannot really fail them better from the german council on foreign relations thank you very much. and europe
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now spain has offered to take in more than six hundred migrants many of them unaccompanied children who are currently stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean the ship initially headed for italy and then malta both countries refused to let it dock the ship is now three days sail away from spain and supplies are running low. on food and water but the charity operating the ship said that that would only last for a day. off to surviving the deadly mediterranean waters six hundred thirty people on board this rescue ship caught up in a diplomatic row among them unaccompanied minors and pregnant women the aquarius drifted between. to both countries close the ports to the vessel and refused to take in the migrants on board on monday there was some hope for the refugees of spain said it would accept the ship italy's new anti immigrant government claimed
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the offer as a victory. interior minister and leader of the far right party. has long demanded that the e.u. help more on immigration. it's the first important sign that italy can't continue to bear this huge burden on its own. i mean it's clear the european union can't go on this way. we hope today is a new beginning. and what we need. but the charity running the rescue ship has warned of the challenges in reaching the spanish port of palencia it would take at least two days putting vulnerable people at risk that's why the un is continuing to put pressure on italy and malta which are much closer to let the ship dock its creation is getting more dramatic by the minute and that's why we are asking to immediately authorize these invocation and to leave other issues.
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are the political issues on how to manage the rows of migrants and refugees for a late stage cost addressed in an unwelcoming political climate the fate of the migrants aboard the aquarius is still unclear. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you it's morning in singapore and the big moment is also is almost here we are looking at live pictures of u.s. president donald trump arriving for his summit with north korean leader kim jong un and the world is waiting to see what if anything comes out of these talks stay tuned with us for continuing coverage.
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to. crimes against humanity. civilians see come with. their recorded ages travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda. and what is fact digitally investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate.


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