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tv   Doc Film - The Kim Dynasty  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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they can't stop the british consulate so i bought some of. the people had put big dreams on that big story in. the magazine on the w.
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the demilitarized zone divides the korean peninsula into north and south at the thirty eighth parallel the armies of both sides face each other along the border. this standoff has continued since the end of the korean border nine hundred fifty three it's a precarious balance of power that's often been threatened believe to begin with north korea late today launching a new missile has announced it successfully tested a nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile usually this is a miniaturized nuclear warhead capability the world hope north korea would never reach north korea's new missile test is another intercontinental ballistic missile if flew higher and longer than ever before the triumph and north korea says its latest a ballistic missile test demonstrates that it now has the capability to strike
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anywhere in the united states. and. the world is shocked by this test but north korea's transformation into a nuclear power should come as no surprise. they've been working towards this goal for decades it's. if instigated program that got its start even before the north korean state was founded in one nine hundred forty eight. during world war two many koreans were taken to japan a slave laborers so when the nuclear weapons went off in japan during world war two the and many koreans had seen those weapons seen the effects knew about it they went home to korea after the war and described it to the koreans in the leadership
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picked up on the fact that this was a really big deal. at the end of the war korea like germany was divided by the allied powers. the border between the two occupation zones was drawn in on the thirty eighth parallel in the northern sent the soviet union installed kim il sung at the head of a provisional government. the democratic people's republic of korea was proclaimed in september one thousand nine hundred forty eight. in two nine hundred fifty north korea invaded the south yeah it was supposed it in this conflict by the soviet union and china the south by a un backed international coalition led by these us. the fighting dragged on for three years and killed an estimated two point five million. u.s. general douglas macarthur was chosen to lead the coalition troops. the us military
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reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in the conflict. that prompted north korea to pursue its own nuclear option. once the korean war was ongoing cumulus son went to the russians and said jamie i. like to get into the position where i had nuclear weapons and could deter the outside the russians said not on your life they were very resistant and he kept going back again and again eventual you they allowed song north korean scientists to go and learn to become nuclear engineers. after the war ended in one nine hundred fifty three kim ten to china to help them acquire nuclear weapons. at that time china's nuclear program was still in the planning stage kim traveled to beijing to me to chinese leader mollett said don't but moan was suspicious of kim's intentions and refused to accommodate him.
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so kim turned once again to the soviet union. moscow so improved relations with north korea as a way to curb most influence. in one nine hundred fifty nine the soviet union and north korea signed an agreement on the use of nuclear power and in one nine hundred sixty three moscow supplied pyongyang with a nuclear research reactor. the us military reconnaissance aircraft laser provided images of the reactor site. dificid is he went into operation in nine hundred sixty five at the young p.r.
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new to scientific research center located about one hundred kilometers north of pyongyang. by the one nine hundred eighty s. u.s. intelligence agencies were becoming concerned about the development of north korea's nuclear program. but they weren't able to find out much about. it it. when i was in the intelligence community working and cia we called north korea the hardest of the hard targets i used to work the soviet union and in retrospect that was an open book compared to north korea so you gather tidbits of information you put it together and so it was simply the jigsaw puzzle was far too few pieces and yet you have to come up with what was the answer on the cover of the box.
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we watched the north koreans build a small. gas graphite moderated nuclear reactor five megawatt hours since a research reactor it's a small reactor but it produces each year in its fuel about five kilograms or so of paternity of enough material for a single mature weapon each each year. at this time north korea have the technical capability to build me a k. weapons. in one thousand nine hundred eighty five john yang ressa five the new nonproliferation treaty mostly to ease international concern about its weapons program. by the late one nine hundred eighty s. the subject up was collapsing and that meant trouble for moscow's allies including north korea.
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kim il sung was forced to find new sources of foreign aid to help him revive the country's stagnant economy. i ninety ninety two came to the states. said you must reconcile yourself with your commitments to return national. going to. be a pursuer. here in st peter in our fresh treaty reach here to us soviets insisted before giving you a nuclear systems that you do so so this is. the root of the problem they are drawing the. key except safeguards and of course. ultimately accept inspections and inspections turn up an inconsistency in their
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declaration. hun's blix director general of the international atomic energy agency visited the young young nuclear facility in may nine hundred ninety two. north korea played a game of cat and mouse with international inspectors and this went on for two years. on some days they would allow the inspectors access to sensitive sites on others they threatened to expel them. later blix admission that he had learned next to nothing about the extent of north korea's nuclear program. ladies and gentlemen the president william jefferson clinton. in january nine hundred ninety three
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a name american president was sworn in we served the church and then the prostitution of the united states sought help me god so help me god actually. and only on president clinton conceded that the u.s. had underestimated the threat posed by north korea. before i became president they may have accumulated enough nuclear material to make a nuclear device or to that its member press reports i fail to see how that shows a lack of resolve on our part since we have been here i think we have pursued this course quite firmly thank you very much and. here in. a few months later clinton ended his six day trip to asia with a visit to the north korean demilitarized zone. he met briefly with reports his at the so-called bridge of no return which crosses the military demarcation line.
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clinton said it was pointless for north korea to try to develop nuclear weapons quotes because if they ever used them it would be the end of their country. more than twenty years later similar threats would be made by president trump. but the clinton administration was actually prepared to take preventative action if it had to. you know. we believed that was a place to stop stop them before they made the secure clear bombs. and so our secretary of defense by made a public statement that we would not permit north korea. to reprocess up through nato to take them off so we were prepared to take some form of north korea arsenal to keep that from happening. at that time north korean press referred to me
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as a war made in. north korea continue to produce plutonium at the younger one facility and into nine hundred ninety full announced that it would pull out of the international atomic. energy agency. tensions between pyongyang and washington were running high the u.s. considered its options. and one of the things that was being looked at at that point was the possibility of striking north korea's reactor we knew where it was we knew where the facilities were. and so that was looked at very seriously all the things that were looked at were even broader military options. i did white house meeting on june sixteenth defense secretary william perry outlined the possible consequences of a military strike i told him that there would be many casualties in south korea as
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well as of american troops there almost a million men. massed on the border and those million men are very close to seoul. troll the greater area so has a population of people all over one of them with about one a two hour drive to the border. and so it would be a disaster. at the same time former president jimmy carter was wrapping up a trip to north korea as part of his effort to resolve the nuclear tensions between washington and pyongyang. literally as the white house was having meetings talking about these options what to do jimmy carter met with kim il sung and people some suggested that there was a conversation to be a. negotiation to be had about north korea's future generations with you know
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states. as they say of the globe so you're someone blinked but. the rest was history. the crisis was resolved at least for the time being. interline nine hundred ninety four kim il sung. the man who had served as north korea's great leader for more than four decades now became the eternal president. just north of here. he was succeeded by his son kim jong il. meanwhile north korea and washington continued formal talks in geneva on u.k. issues the u.s. delegation was led by senior diplomats robert gallucci. agreed to freeze the
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operation of its current nuclear reactors in exchange for new light water reactors that would be provided by a consortium of states including the us. the new reactors could be used to produce energy but not weapons grade plutonium. to go shooting objective nine hundred four was to stop they put tony in production nuclear weapons program in north korea when we concluded the deal we did exactly that they had three reactors one operating two under construction to produce plutonium in one reprocessing plant to extract the petroleum we shot all of them down. all of. the central intelligence agency projected at a north koreans would have roughly about two hundred kilograms of plutonium each year if we didn't do the deal. easyjet. the
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president elect of the united states. bush in january two thousand and one a new u.s. president george bush do solemnly swear itself protect and defend the constitution george bush soon put a stop to talks with north korea. because i'm going to have cautious policy was to declare null and void any negotiations that had taken place during the clinton administration pushing his motto was anything but clinton clinton tensions between north and south korea were running high at that point. almost all of those schumacher ungenerous the. us of. the nine eleven terrorist attacks changed the course of international relations the
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united states took a more aggressive stand against its enemies. north korea as a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving its citizens states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil arming to threaten the peace of the world. that was the fatal flaw of the bush stretch they didn't like the agreed framework. ok. they were elected that's fine but have something ready to replace it with instead they left this enormous vacuum. and the north koreans just started up their program and never stopped its.
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monetary benign for two thousand and six north korea announced that it had successfully tested a new kid if ice. an official statement was read out on state television. you know even north korea has been forced to provide evidence of its nuclear capability to protect its national sovereignty against the threat of an attack by the united states there is a look at the on. the test was fairly small. but it did show that north korea was pushing ahead with its nuclear program. despite promises from bill clinton and threats from george bush.
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but also moon. and authoritarian or totalitarian regime like north korea has two advantages decisions are made quickly and strategies are designed for the long term to the cute boy those kinds of strategies can offer real benefits cool to see it in you know. in democratic countries like the us or japan the strategy can change with each new government you have to meet with it within a quarter but both of those countries are fundamentally opposed to the development of a north korean nuclear weapon will tell you according to. the office faithfully the president office of president of your successor united states and will to the best of my ability as a new american president is sworn in north korea continues to play the long game preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states so help you god graduations mr mack was the rock a bomb and promises to try to improve relations with north korea. but kim jong il
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has other ideas. at the outset of the obama administration. of the president and his just as staff myself included sought to send messages to north korea to signal that we were interested in. pursuing or reinventing a diplomatic track so you send this message what was it was. the answer was a missile test in the first few months of the obama administration. it was an offensive gesture it was an act of defiance and it's also
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a task. junkie on nuclear facility expanded its operations the obama administration took note but did not react to the white house so no political advantage and you don't see a preventative strike against north korea and pursued a policy of strategic patience. you know the north koreans used to say to us you're here posses for two three patients that's what this patient is you want to read just build a nuclear program and that's what they did. unfortunately. the talks between the u.s. and north korea continued in new york the participants included robert cullen an expert on north korea's nuclear program who's visited the country often. november two thousand and ten are sick heard that professor john morris and me they took us to young ground they walked us into this facility which we were not really expect
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we thought maybe we would see a few centrifuges i don't know how many ten the hundred were just small and we would say oh yeah it's really impressive. instead they took it took us into this building. took us up to the viewing window and there are. two hours in centrifuges . they let us in our jaws dropped and we were sort of speechless as we tried to come through centrifuges and then they were steps out of there because they didn't want us to see them. causing too much point worse somebody weiners an order. and that this and that the situation become more common. kim jong il died in december twenty seventh he was succeeded by his son kim jong il and many western experts doubted whether the inexperienced young man would be up to the job. kim soon launched the first in
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a series of purchase in twenty said team he had his uncle the country's de facto defense chief executed. brother was assassinated in malaysia in twenty seventeen. his kill is used in live agent called the x. . can also continued his efforts to revive north korea's flagging economy but his top priority was the development of the country's nuclear weapons program. you do so under our nuclear capability preserves our national sovereignty and you can hand provides peace wealth strength and prosperity for our people you. see firmly in control he seems to have intimidated everybody that he needs to intimidate he seems to have inspired everybody he needs to inspire.
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him understood that me and the u.k. tests would not make much of an impression on the americans he had to be able to threaten them on their own soil so. he stepped up tests on intercontinental ballistic missiles. as kim moved forward with his weapons program he made sure that his team of new kiss scientists which tree said mike royalty. in the final days of the obama administration came prepared to play his trump card . in the acceptable act was announced in january. twenty
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second seen by commissioner when it was his turn to lead agency perceive the unified. stance. that the salt water weapons. could threaten the united states as they would say the united states threatens. to days have the announcement was no coincidence please raise your right hand and repeat after me adal a new american president is sworn in. trump do solemnly swear. that to me your good will come your bit will restart of trump was completely different some u.s. presidents have been more tolerant of north korea others less so. but no president had ever threatened to obliterate north korea i mean it so that has never been an option to get the ones that i would also put in there to president trump is
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constantly threatening to resolve existing tensions by attacking north korea. free time donald trump and. exchange threats it increases the probability of war your so using english or the intent the seventeen the president appointed nikki haley a conservative republican as the. u.s. ambassador to the united nations. at the u.n. security council haley proposed a series of new sanctions on north korea. this resolution ratchets up the pressure on north korea even further building on our last resolution which included the strongest sanctions ever introduced. in his twenty eighteen new year's speech kim jong un promised to continue the country's nuclear weapons program and improve the domestic economy in spite of international sanctions. would have on. the sanctions have been in place for nine or ten years now but
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they're not working. so much cheats wishful thinking. i hardly ever agree with president putin but when he says north koreans would rather eat grouse than give up their nuclear program he's right from economic sanctions will never bring north korea to its knees. the north korean threat becomes more serious with each passing day the kim dynasty continues to times in the news as a relatively small nation confronts a superpower. and president trump may be running out of options when it comes to threatening kim jong un. this rocket man. we were going to do it. because we really have no choice because we really have no choice. north korea tack destroys korea has the possibility of escalating into a nuclear option that's the difference between today and ninety ninety four we are
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prepared to take more drastic actions and the need for their birthday and short nuclear weapons do work as a deterrent they were for the united states as a deterrent they also work for north korea that in turn and that's exactly what the north korean leadership knows and that's it. exactly why they build a nuclear arsenal to deter the united snakes from taking military action against there is in my judgment no military option against north korea today. good.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin and we and the rest of the world are watching the scene right now in singapore as we await the meeting between u.s. president ronald trump and north korea's kim jong il and will be live for that historic encounter. i'm irish waiter thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un are making their way into the history books today as they're about to come together for their historic meeting in singapore these are live pictures from the summit site on santo's isle.


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