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extraordinary. to use only works on sunday morning john moore. this is the w. news live from berlin we and the rest of the world are watching the scene right now in singapore as we await the meeting between u.s. president i'll trump and north korea's kim turned on who will be live for that historic encounter. i'm irish waiter thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un are making their way
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into the history books today as they're about to come together for their historic meeting in singapore these are live pictures from the summit site on santo's island off the coast of singapore both leaders have arrived here now we just saw president donald trump and the hotel moments ago and we're waiting for the moment when they will appear in front of the world's media and presumably shake hands before heading off into their one on one meeting. and while we wait we have correspondents boston hashtag hashtag and alexandra naaman following the story for us in singapore and also joined here in the studio by van de facto he's the head of the asia program at the german council on foreign relations bad let's start with you lot of anticipation for the summit are you optimistic about the outcome. can only be a mistake or so far. nothing has happened this can only something positive happen
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right now there's been consultations before the meeting in north korea between. u.s. negotiators and the vice minister for foreign affairs of north korea that they will have prepared this meeting and i think the topics are on the agenda and the agreement both basically already finished it. to you singapore is now waking up on a day that could go down in history what are the expectations there. well first of all we're going to have to everyone's obviously waiting for what that actual meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un is going to look like their sake of hands and then you mention it and it they're going to retreat into a room jemma them with their translators for private discussions about an hour and then there's going to be a working lunch and then after that presumably some sort of statement now what's
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going to be in that statement that's at the moment is really anyone's guess there's going to be talk obviously about denuclearization that's what's the that's what the u.s. wants then there's peo u.s. secretary of state yesterday already talked about security guarantees maybe that's going to be part of it some people even expect some sort of declaration on talks about about a cheating peace on the korean peninsula because of course the korean war. ended in an armistice in one nine hundred fifty three but there is no peace treaty is ever been signed so technically north and south korea are still at war and of course people in both koreas especially south korea of course that's what they're looking forward to they want they want a peace treaty signed that's not going to happen here obviously because it's going to involve more parties china has to be a party to that as well so but what they can do here is lay the groundwork for that and say that they're going to that they're going to move on and they're going to
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keep talking president trump obviously already said that if these if this meeting goes well he's going to invite kim to washington so in also saying that of course this is the sort of a long process because of course denuclearization on the korean peninsula is not going to happen overnight. and more again we are watching live pictures right now on sentosa island where in just moments we are going to see u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong un meet for the very first time alexandra there has been more than a year of heated rhetoric preparing tromping kim it's so easy to forget that now that they're ready to sit down and hold these talks is this a real push for peace or is this a case of certain brinksmanship going on between these two. well i think that the truth is that i got excuse me we're going to have to interrupt you because president donald trump and kim jong un have finally met they are shaking hands as we speak let's take
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a quick lesson. the world we. were referring to earlier. this. week.
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for. the historic moment they are u.s. president donald trump meeting north korea's kim jong il on a handshake some smiles a seems like a very warm greeting and they have retreated to their room for their one on one meeting with their translators for what i believe as bastions said a forty five minute meeting. aleksandra we've just seen the stork moment happen but as we were saying before it's almost easy to forget that there's been a year a very heated and how can this take rhetoric leading up to this moment and now
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they're sitting down there holding these talks are we looking at perhaps a real push for peace here well that's at least what president donald trump is saying he said that he is on a mission of peace ready to talk with his counterparts and that's quite a difference for what from what we saw last year and we have to say. also that it is going to be a start for a longer process he has decided now to have this one on one meeting with kim jong un because he is convinced that he will be able to you know to get to know within the first minutes of this one on one meeting where a team is really serious about the nuclearization we know that the president is not a fan of along. he doesn't like to read long pages but nevertheless
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he said that he's worked for perth for this meeting and he really sees himself as a master dealmaker someone who is predictable president able to close to deal and what is important for him and what is important for his thinking is that he just wants to establish a personal relationship with him. all right again we are carrying live pictures for you from santo's island off the coast of singapore where donald trump and kim jong un have just met for the first time for their historic summit back bellegarde for you in the studio it's really quite a sight to see those. there's they're sitting down they're having a quick talk it's really quite a sight to see those those american flags that's those north korean flags let's take a quick listen and. it was. really . really really really big.
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event this week. we will. be able to. leave. the. wall there were a lot of if you. wouldn't. want to. argue that we will be ready. for a woman as for those rooms and the president and practice is ok all peoples and all the way forward. and we are here to.
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thank you very. very much. for your. claim is one of the live pictures around donald trump and kim jong un's first sturrock meeting several handshakes and warm feelings looks like a lot of smiles donald. i'm saying he's sure they're going to have a terrific relationship and as we just said it really is quite something to see those american flags on those north korean flags next to each other. down back at you in the studio here we just heard alexander a few moments ago saying that we know that donald trump has been saying that he didn't feel the need to prepare for this summit that he doesn't like to read a lot he doesn't like long briefings and their thinking serves them some analysts that this meeting was somewhat rushed into that it happened too quickly do you share that assessment well it happened very fast i mean it was on the roughly
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a month and president going to come to or meeting took place there was very little preparation and consultation big crew to north korea and the u.s. so they really rushed into it but at this stage there's also not nothing much to achieve for both sides have to get the basic paramita this right what they're going to do in the future and for no it's about the explorations what they intend to do that they're committed to a process and basically what steps they're going to take which both sides can eventually trust and we know now that the press has been asked to leave the hotel on some toes island off singapore where trump and kim are beginning their one on one talks bastion turning to you present a truck we know has boasted that hill immediately know whether a deal can be reached with kim and we know that trump can be somewhat uncompromising as aleksandra said he considers himself a master dealmaker do you think kim is ready to hold hands with the u.s.
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and not just with with trump. well it was interesting to see that that handshake my and it was it was a little bit more businesslike than what we saw when it came john and president this president south korea. met in april in the demilitarized zone between north and. south korea where they embraced each other that was a lot more cordy old but of course there wasn't that heated rhetoric going on between those between those two heads of state there or heads of government in advance not like between kim jong own and president trump as we saw it now having said that i think kim jong un obviously he's been looking forward and he's been trying hard in pushing for this summit because he has a lot to gain here and there arguably he's already scored the first victory by this even happening written by those pictures going around the world those pictures that
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we just saw that's already a major p.r. victory for him and i think it's also interesting to note that the people of north korea which are usually i mean the media in north korea obviously heavily censored and they usually only learn about things after they have happened if at all now they were informed about this summit happening before it happened so i think that's that's a major change that you can see how important this summit really is and of course kim jong un wants to be seen as an equal on the international stage and he wants to show that he's being treated at i level and this is the first time that any u.s. president has ever met a north korean leader and i think for kim jong un not only p.r. wise this is this is extremely important and also of course see here he wants to push some points he wants to talk i mean he wants to talk about the lifting of of u.s. sanctions for example because he's given out the directive he wants to develop the north korean economy that obviously is only possible if those sanctions are lifted
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and then he also wants security guarantees for his regime because one thing that he doesn't want obviously is end up like moammar gadhafi in libya who gave up his nuclear weapons and then a few years later was removed and killed by forces backed by by by rebel forces backed by by the west so there's a lot to talk about during this meeting we don't know if it's a good sign that president trump said that he thinks are going to have a great relationship because he. of course said he'll know within the first instance i don't know if those first instance have already passed or if he wants to sit down and just finding out now if kim jong un is really serious about this deal we'll find out later today my. best and i want to come back to your point about denuclearization and the libya situation but first since you mentioned p.r. moves beyond this is as best as a definitely a p.r. win for kim jong un but donald trump really needs a foreign policy victory here doesn't he need to a big picture way and what would that look like coming out of the summit for him well if you look at their situation no they have had good pictures as did the first
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meeting between the u.s. president and the north korean leader these pictures real definitely go around the world now but the other thing what can happen is that the u.s. and north korea can decide to normalize relations first to get involved in diplomatic relations which was the first that for trust building but also something going to try and put their home was and this play is a success alexandre same question to you here are usually our d.c. correspondent covering trump twenty four seven what would a.p.r. our foreign policy when looked like for trump coming out of the summit. well it would be quite successful for if the result could be something of you know the north koreans saying they would be willing to let inspectors into the country to let them examine their nuclear sites or or if kim would say that he would be
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ready to destroy one more nuclear side something that the north korean regime claims to have done lately so that would be a success and of course it depends how the president himself will label it because i've been covering him since his inauguration and he always finds a way to label a meeting or something that he has done as a great success even when experts know it's really. wants really agree that that's the case and i would just want to point to one thing that many experts told me in the you asked that they're a bit afraid of what can happen to this personal and columns for with this in the personal meeting between kim and because they are worried that presidents trump could too much just because he's so eager to make this summit a success. alexandra everyone has been speculating that this meeting might go into
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overtime but president trump has also announced that he'll be leaving the meeting early should be reading anything into that. well what we know so far is that the white house yesterday say that the discussions between north korea and the u.s. have moved more quickly than expected and that that is the reason why their white house is so optimistic about it we don't know the exact reason why the president's trump has decided to leave earlier than planned however we can speculate make you late that it might be connected with the leaving time of king there are rumors that he might be leaving today so maybe that's you know a reason for trying to say he doesn't want to say much longer than came. the past when you brought up earlier the question of denuclearization there's been talk of
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this libya model which of course did not end well for libya right now do the u.s. and north korea have the same idea of what denuclearization entails. was a good question of the u.s. they always keep talking about complete irreversible and verifiable denuclearization what they mean by that of course is that they want north korea to get rid of its nuclear program and get rid of its nuclear weapons now kim jong own in order to make this meeting possible agreed to talk about denuclearization on the korean peninsula but what he's talking about is complete or just the words he's been using complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula now what does that mean that means it implies at least that that would also mean that the u.s. would have to get rid of their capabilities in south korea to deliver a nuclear weapons for example and of course what north korea wants is is also a reduction of troops they're always offended every year when when there's when
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there's these drills going on between the south korean military and u.s. military and of course there are tens of thousands of u.s. troops stationed in south korea and of course that. this was something that that north korea perceives as a threat so that's definitely something that kim jong un will be pushing for now secretary u.s. secretary of state might come pay or yesterday in his press briefing he said that they'll be there will be security guarantees by the u.s. that weren't in place before but he declined to talk about and there was a question to that above but he didn't want to talk about if that would mean that the u.s. would also potentially withdraw some of their troops from from south korean soil but that's definitely something that the north koreans that the north koreans want miles. now about staying on the topic of denuclearization what does denuclearization actually entail what are the steps and how would we know if north
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korea has in fact a nuclear rise their new tory asli of described as a hermit kingdom would they even let inspectors in the world i think they would let their specters and they have done so on the possible as we have in the past frozen the program and undertaken steps a very great on what every observer has to be clear about that this cannot take place overnight that needs to have a roadmap for steps being taken all the technical steps are being taken and the real hard cases the nuclear weapons will probably come at the end first of all and we have seen that and the case of iran the need to be basic knowledge of what kind of technology there is how to decommission that and of course there needs to be very few occasions for that but before that happens of course. north korea needs some kind of security guarantees and that's a big issue what we're waiting for how will they structure these security guarantees millipede some kind of peace regime where the u.n. comes and really be the basic treaty that puts this and that was taking going on
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for so long to and that's what we don't know yet and that's could be the surprise today and do you think that all of this is really going to happen in just this one summit that consists of one forty five minute meeting and then one ninety minute meeting right after that well i think they were probably outlined the basic structure be able to outline the timetable for future steps but i think they will not go into the nitty gritty of every little step it's going to be taken because there are a lot of details involved in this process on both sides on the side of the nuclear is asian but also how to build up a real regime that couldn't be trusted on both sides in boston same question do you what are we looking at coming out of this so we're looking at really a done deal on denuclearization that might come out of just this one short meeting . that's very unlikely in my as and president
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trump tried to downplay the expectations for this meeting before it before it happened saying that he thinks for him this is more of a meet and greet sort of situation here and he they he they need to get to know each other and he wants to find out where kim drone is all about and then it would be the first step in a long process and as we just heard denuclearization obviously is not something that's going to happen overnight and of course also because i mean north korea has been working long and hard to to get nuclear weapons now arguably or the that's at least the way they see it that's what's brought them to this point that's why the u.s. president is meeting with kim jong un that's the way the north north korea spins it is because they have achieved this goal and now they're a credible threat and that has to be dealt with so so so that's why we're so they did they're not going to give up those nuclear weapons overnight you know and handing off that that security guarantee for their regime that they fought so long
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and hard to get so they're going to they're going to want something in return and that's definitely going to be those security guarantees whatever they may look like and they will also want the easing of economic sanctions because one of the things that came to our own wants to do is develop the north korean economy that's what he said now that he's achieved this goal of painting nuclear weapons he's turning to the economy because of course there are there are there's an outside threat to that how they perceive it to north korea and then there is an inside threat of course the north korean population extra extremely extremely poor they're facing a lot of hardship. you know malnourishment food insecurity all these things and. can draw on seems to be aware of the fact that he needs to address address those problems too and the way of doing that is by developing the economy so more to. trade can happen with north korea and that can then trickle down to the north
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korean population too to get that domestic front in order so that's what his focus is on right now and that's why he's been he's been on this charm offensive since the beginning of the year where he's sending out you know this this likable image of himself all around the world which obviously does not correspond at all with what he is at home namely a brutal dictator in a very repressive regime and best and that's a good point that you just brought up the human rights violations are not on the table strictly speaking they're not going to be discussed at this summit but as you've just said north korea is known for being a brutal dictatorship do we have a sense of how people on the korean peninsula both in the north and the south are viewing this summit is this seen as a winner or is this seen as a betrayal of perhaps human rights and of democracy in the south korean side. well look i think the south koreans are in a unique situation obviously because they've been living with
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a threat from north korea nuclear or conventional for more than sixty years if you think about seoul for example it's a metropolitan area of more than twenty million people that's just roughly fifty or sixty kilometers away from the north korean border and behind that border there's presumably a whole you know a huge amount of conventional artillery that can reach soul within a matter of minutes so that sort of gives you an idea of the scope of the threat that south koreans are living with and have been living with for for decades and younger south koreans have never known a different a different south korea so of when i was in seoul just last week and i spoke to people many of them said that they really hope for some sort of their chlorination that you know there will be a peace deal at some point so that the animosities between north korea and south korea can be ended so they can be relieved of that threat so that's what the south
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koreans hope of course there are these human rights violations there are presumably one hundred twenty thousand north koreans in hard labor camps we hear these stories these gruesome stories of of kim jong own killing his own its own uncle with anti aircraft fire he you know he had his is is is brother is half brother killed not far from here you know in an hour by plane from here in in kuala lumpur at the capital of malaysia airport with a nerve agent so that you know that gives you a scope of of what kim jong un is capable of but that's not the the image that he's been trying to send out to the world just yesterday for example he was here yesterday evening out on a stroll in north korea not excuse me in singapore of course with his sister you know of some of the iconic sites. and he and he went you know he took selfies with . with singaporean officials and he went to the rooftop of
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a hotel and hotel guests were allowed to take pictures with him so he really wanted to send out that likable image of himself which which doesn't correspond with what he is at home. right bastion haas and alexander phenomena for us in singapore and back to paragraph from the german council on foreign relations here in our studio thank you all very much for your analysis. the historic handshake between donald trump and kim jong on the leaders of the united states and north korea are inside the capella hotel outside singapore talking one on one of the pictures that will go down in history the leaders address the media before walking into their one on one talks from saying he is confident the talks will be quote a tremendous success came down on who said quote there's nothing easy to get here and that the old prejudice and practices work as obstacles but he said we have overcome those obstacles and we are here today continue to bring you offense from singapore as they unfold stay with us thank you for watching.
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