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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 6:00am-6:30am CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin and it's all smiles in singapore as donald trump and jim jones morning meet. very. very few. picks through issue thank you thank you very. true leaders are now in bilateral talks with their aides and advisers who bring you all the latest from the summit.
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thank you for joining us after a handshake for the history books u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un are holding a working lunch at their summit venue in singapore no matter what the outcome of their talks is it's already a day that's delivered some truly remarkable scenes the world's media watched as the two men emerged in front of a row of american and north korean flags and shook hands for the first time. it was a series as the first of a series of handshakes between the two men who up until very recently were still trading insults on twitter president trump was in an upbeat mood he told kim quote i know well i know we'll have tremendous success together and we'll solve a big problem a big dilemma that until this point has been able to be solved and that working together we will get it taken care of and for his part kim said quote it has not
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been easy to get here the old prejudices and practices worked as officer calls but we have overcome them and here we are today. t.w. bureau chief alexandra phenomenas following the story for us in singapore and i'm also joined here in the studio by bend bagga he's the head of the asia program at the german council on foreign relations alexander let's start with you you were there in singapore and we've heard heated rhetoric. earlier from these two parties and now we're at a round table talks on denuclearization and it's been quite a summit so far hasn't that. yes indeed it was a summit that you know has not been superb for months or years that is quite unusual and now we're seeing that the president that the u.s. president and stand there was scary and the there seemed to be in a good mood seemed to have quiet positive talks and that this is of course
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something that is important for the u.s. president but also put in those. let's step back for a moment and take a more detailed look at the events so far on the day of the kim trump summit. who didn't believe he was. going to. do it in the beginning.
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but he overcame all of them and we're here today. to face to face between the two men moved on to a team meeting and. working lunch the u.s. wants north korea's denuclearization north korea wants us curity guarantees commitments that have been promised and burnett done before trump is confident that this time will be different but its past efforts have shown it's a long way between a handshake and peace. alexandra how is the singapore meeting likely to go down with the us photos we have to remember that there are some very pivotal midterms coming up mid-term elections coming up later this year in the us how does this make president trump luck. yeah and we have to keep in mind that there were many experts that they were very skeptical at how the of this summit and political opponents were criticizing you asked president for holding this meeting
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in the first place or being ready for having we needs to have this summit without having guards and the concessions from the north korean regime so there was a lot of criticism going on the in the you asked i think that we will see a lot of you know people applauding the u.s. president if this summit is indeed going to be a success or if the president can claim it's to be successful however we also have to say and we have seen and seen it in the past that the president tends the some ten sometimes to destroy his own success he might have a very successful meeting or cold foreign policy event and then on the next day or even on the same day he would say something he would sweet something that appears to you know destroy this success and show that he is
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a really unique president and has his own way of handling his presidency and we also have to keep in mind that he will be leaving singapore soon. and what is waiting for him of course in this ongoing russia investigation looking into and the last. collusion between the trump come and russia looking into potential obstruction of justice and as you said there are upcoming midterm elections that is something of course trump has to concentrate on when he will be back. at home. definitely a very unique president about as alexander just said donald trump has a tendency to have a successful meeting or negotiation and then step on his own toes and get in his own way given that we've seen some generally positive a beginnings here of a potentially new relationship are you still optimistic about the outcome of the summit and surely optimistic i mean both sides have met as commune has set against
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all the obstacles that were there during the past month and the u.s. there was some learning curve and they have done some management of expectations they have never done the expectations and know there could be something on the table that both sides could deliver generally speaking with the pictures we're seeing now both sides demonstrate that they're committed to a process where they would step back that would be some real good reasons. and what do you see as a best case scenario coming out of this summit and on the flip side what do you see as potentially a worst case scenario. we're at the moment we have to be optimistic in the best case in hours of course that both sides sign an agreement where both demonstrate that determination to reach a peace treaty denuclearize and for the beginning to normalize the diplomatic relationship and build trust so that they can really engage in this process
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alexandra sons brought up to nuclearization we know that the nuclearization is of course the big topic on the table here and president of his boasted that he'll know immediately whether a deal can be reached with trump we know from to be whether dealing with kim excuse me and we know that he can be somewhat uncompromising do you think that trump and kim are really ready to hold hands and work together and denuclearizing north korea . what we know for sure is that the u.s. president wants to summits to be a success and here is really trying to close to deal so the ultimate goal for the past government is to complete a reversible verifiable denuclearization of north korea and so u.s. secretary of state told us yesterday to the north koreans have demonstrated their willingness to did nuclearize to give up their nuclear weapons but of course we
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didn't see any proof of that kim was asked today during peace meeting with the u.s. president or he's willing to give up his weapons he did and so that's questions and the question then of course this meeting today can only be beginning taught a longer process and in the end it will be a key issue as it has been in the past to see we're over north korea it's really committed to the nuclearization what they are understand and the clear is ation and wherever there is a robust system of verification. that it's going to be a key issue here. alexander phenomena our washington bureau chief for us live in singapore following the events on the ground and pound from the german council on foreign relations thank you both very much. it started with insults and then an agreement to meet followed by a cancellation and a restart let's have
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a look back at the unexpected series of events that have led to this a stark meeting. from flues to friends the route to the historic summit in singapore has been more than a little rocky. an exchange of insults from moved off to north korea repeatedly tested long range missiles infuriating the u.s. president little rocket man little rocket man rocket man is a sick puppy. when putin young announced in august last year it was close to developing a missile capable of reaching the u.s. trump responded with a threat of biblical proportions. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see. kim jong un oncet by calling the u.s. president and mentally deranged don't taunt. and the war of words culminated in
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a contest over who had the biggest nuclear button. but then in february a change of chewed on the ice between north and south korea thought at the winter olympics n.p.r. news extended an invitation to donald trump you know i'll be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks at the end of april the leaders of north and south korea met for the first time kim jong un crossed into the south. and in crossed into the north they agreed to have continued clear eyes in the korean peninsula. and made pyongyang extended another all of branch and released three american prisoners i think he did this because i really think he wants to do stop thing. two weeks later kim jong un appeared to make good on a promise detonating parts of his own deny nuclear testing site. then
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washington through a curveball citing hostility in recent north korean comments. decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore on june twelfth first just one day later and now the turnaround the meeting might be back on trump's explanation. everybody you know that. after a flurry of diplomatic activity including a visit by a top north korean envoy to the white house plans for the historic summit. now the world is waiting to see whether in the first face to face meeting the two leaders can move on from that it for tat rhetoric and produce meaningful results. the prospect of a peace deal for the korean peninsula is raising hopes that families divided by the korean war could be reunited and our last report sent by our correspondent who's
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also been covering the historic summit in singapore we need a south korean man who thought is all the brother had died during the war and how a letter smuggled to him from the north proved otherwise. a few old photographs and a couple of letters that he only proved time has that he has relatives somewhere in north korea it would put them in danger to show their faces on television. his older brother sign tells me fought for south korea and the korean war almost seven decades ago chunks of bach was taken prisoner by the north the family was told he had been killed but then sixty years after seeing his brother for the last time chang sign received a letter from north korea from his brother delivered through a contact in china that was ten years ago it made sense signed happy and sad at the same time. when i saw the photo i could
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tell there with my brother but you can see how depressed he looks. i remember him as such a cheerful person. you know. his brother passed away shortly after chang signed up the letter with but he left behind a family of his own to sign hopes that with thawing relations between north and south and the upcoming summit he might finally get the chance to meet his relatives . with a movement as i get older my desire to meet them is growing stronger which i want to get to know that side of my family now with the summit seems more likely we'll have a chance to meet which i'm still not sure if i should trust the politicians but i just can't help but hope it will finally have. the money could be there's a. chance side isn't the only one in south korea getting his hopes up.
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many here believe that the summit will produce a positive outcome maybe even paving the way for a peace treaty to finally end the korean war sixty five years after the last shot was fired and more and more south koreans are even changing their mind about north korea's dictator kim jong un and self is in the t.v. . always seems. you've got to get what he said and what he wrote. some in the past probably smarter than i thought so i got the impression he's actually leading the country sort of. combines to do was. tell me. the inner korean summit changed many people's opinions about him. but that doesn't change the fact that he's a dictator in oppressive communist regimes the young and. easy money parking lot. is the biggest issue during the
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meeting as a korean i have the impression that he has to give up the weapon and say i hope the us all lets me and summit flow through. good agreements. smallest. all expect something really positive based on the inner screen somebody a few weeks ago i would like to hear something great such as a declaration to end the korean war. so many of us wish to see them. sometimes one side and his wife come to the national cemetery in seoul to find his brother's name on the wall of missing soldiers. even though chance the book is no longer missing they don't want his name deleted soul was his home they say they hope that maybe one day his children in north korea can come here to.
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world moments before the trunk can summit president trump tweeted that a top aide to larry kudlow had suffered a heart attack could though as trump's chief economic adviser and affordably had a very mild attack he is being treated at a military hospital outside of washington d.c. . malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad is meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo and today urged countries like japan not to be cynical about north korea's talk of getting rid of its nuclear threat the ninety two year old mohammad said pyongyang's efforts to improve ties with the u.s. would help ease tension in southeast asia. dozens of anti-bodies the demonstrators have taken to the streets outside the british parliament to protest against the u.k. leaving the e.u. they called on the government to deliver a public vote on the final deal while makers will vote on tuesday and wednesday on amendments to prime minister teresa's may you withdraw all bill.
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spain has offered to take in more than six hundred migrants many of them unaccompanied children who are stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean after italy and malta refuse to let it dock but the ship is three days sail away from spain and supplies are running low malta has sent food and water but the charity operating the ship so that would only last for a day. after surviving the deadly mediterranean waters six hundred thirty people on board this rescue ship caught up in a diplomatic row among them unaccompanied minors and pregnant women the aquarius drifted between. off to both countries closed ports to the vessel and refused to take in the migrants on board on monday there was some hope for the refugees spain's said it would accept the ship italy's new anti immigrant government claimed
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the offer as a victory. interior minister and leader of the far right league party. has long demanded that the e.u. help it's more on immigration. it's the first important sign that italy can't continue to bear this huge burden on its own. i mean it's clear the european union can't go on this way. we hope today is a new beginning. but the charity running the rescue ship has warned of the challenges in reaching the spanish port of palencia it would take at least two days putting vulnerable people at risk that's why the un is continuing to put pressure on italy and which is much closer to let the ship dock its creation is getting more dramatic by the minute and that's why we are asking this me authorize these invocation and to leave if. other political issues on
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how to manage. flows of. refugees for a late stage cost addressed in an unwelcoming political climate the fate of the migrants aboard the aquarius is still unclear. german carmaker di miller which makes mercedes has promised maximum speed and cooperative transparency over its dirty diesels following some stern words from the transport minister dimer c.e.o. sacha has ordered the recall of over two hundred thousand vehicles in germany all these cars were fitted with software that turns off emission controls under certain conditions. don was c.e.o. due to look relaxed on monday afternoon but that was before his meeting with german minister for transport on calle sawyer he summoned said to the ministry and two hours later put out this video message to point b. that government has demanded the recall of two hundred thirty eight thousand i will
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accounts in germany illegal emissions cheating devices and a total of seven hundred seventy four thousand cars in europe are affected for good but. an unexpectedly blunt statement from the minister but the diamond chief spoke of a constructive conversation. this week greta that we would clarify the lake questions and take care of the vehicle software without delay would do so if it is a. comic you will have to address the problem in its veto vans as well as other models such as c. class sedans a long overdue measure according to the green party. is our exit site to feel it is high time that something is being done this how can it be that in america lawsuits of trials are many just have to feel the consequences well nothing happens in germany. experts say the recall in germany could also impact as us division. will be repercussions in the us lawyers in the us will certainly be
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taking a closer look at some of your lies i mean this meanwhile time lamentations its claim that the offending devices are legal and only serve to protect against engine damage. north and south koreans have gone their separate ways says the armistice ended the korean hostilities and one hundred fifty three japanese photographer use ok he has taken a series of portraits of people on both sides of the demarkation line similar to fix some are alive but the surroundings prosperous south vs the impoverished north could hardly be more different the idea is simple the results are astonishing. so michael don't know what they're going to do you know every country has its own
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rules that people live by that's just the way it is i don't want to judge what's right or what's wrong you know do you know innocent. or who was happy or unhappy. north korea on the left juxtaposed with south korea on the right so similar yet so different. with their own little single ethnicity of people who speak the same language and share similar names but who have been divided for seventy years and lead completely different lives in two different societies what i know was have i got one through on this and. he she does photo series is called border korea it explores the two separate realities on either side of the border formed by the thirty eighth parallel. the pictures taken on a dozen trips to the south and seven to the north are simple and intimate. filming
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the dickens with this it's good timing for this exhibition given the current developments but i don't think i'd regard the pictures only in that context they wanted also you're ok now looking you are of course people are influenced by big political events. you don't they go get it the more the studies picture show that people live life at their own pace that's what coveted editor the photos portray ordinary people at various stages of life threatening psyche of the babies school children married couples all senior citizens i try to capture moments in a cycle you are in a life time process those of us having to do this. the photographer worked under both systems and social backdrops. although he had much more difficulty in the north. he had less time on his hands there and was always monitored especially during interaction with his subjects.
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on the bio months i spotted this girl in a park she was roller blading i asked if i could photograph her and she said yes you. do then talk dusan this. picture was paired with this teenager from south korea. to first find his motifs in the north. the similarities are often striking although those portrayed sometimes disagree. human if you open for money netflix that author no i was surprised that the girl on the right wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the north korean counterpart or. she just said so that's what she looks like ok most of them and i'd expected her to say something like oh man
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with the same age but with totally different because she just didn't go that. took to my focus it was cut that i do know this crew. the project started in two thousand and nine as talks on north korea's nuclear program were collapsing. last year south korea elected a liberal president who has brought new momentum to relations between north and south korea. many see this as a turning point. so they're. going to be confused by all the momentous changes underway you know. you must know i was able to do this project because the two countries are so different but. if they grow closer my idea wouldn't work as well. to be honest i'm glad i managed to do it when i did my. mind yet they were cut out
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to you know i suppose it's not the whole of this thing. but the unification between north and south korea is still hard to imagine she does audience already has a hard time telling comes from earlier. and an update on our top story at this hour donald trump and kim jong un have sat down for a working lunch as part of their historic summit the leaders of the united states and north korea are in singapore for a bilateral meeting. and after a historic handshake for their one on one talks trump said the meeting was going quote very very well and that he and him already have an excellent relationship. as a new user have tried to get at the top of the hour i'm irish waiter and berlin thanks for watching state of the unions.
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i'm going to. cut. will the north korea u.s. summit happen the political poker game. the two sides will have to overcome decades of hostility. stoked by an unpredictable us foreign policy and a family of dictators united by one obsession. getting their own tommy bomb aboard the kim dynasty. the. next t.w. . you can tell a lot about
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a society by its garbage. it's worthless for the rich but for many good people it offers their only chance of survival. our reporters travel to nairobi national org and meet people who know the true value of garbage. the rich the but the trash. do so in sixty minutes on d w. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brace people want justice a flea come. now this picture was taken in belonging. the photo was shot be proof what's going on in the central african republic. it's in an exercise
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post alongside many other photos of people who were abused raped women and girls who gave birth to one wanted children to have then i'm noticing a full. documentary starts june fourteenth on t w.


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