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wobbly declaration as we just heard then i think they can both sell it as a success because then they're going to say look this is the first step in that process and all trump talked about that before this somebody said this this is more of a meet and greet event i just want to get to know the guy and then and then i'll know immediately if he's serious or not so apparently trump believes that is serious about this. you know for what it's worth and surely they can if they're signing a declaration for sure they're going to say look we're going to meet again and maybe the next meeting will be in washington or who knows and maybe it will be very soon there's been there's been reports unconfirmed of course that might even be willing to do to invite him to play again so there's a lot of talk of course a lot of chatter as well a lot of noise so we'll have to wait and see what's really in that declaration right now it's all speculation every passing as you're speaking we just want to remind our viewers that we're looking at live pictures from a room at the kampala hotel in singapore as you can see american flags north korean
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flags two chairs for the two leaders for when they are merged through those doors and signed a declaration by sam back to you denuclearize ation as at the core of all of this north korea at the end of last year was testing nuclear missiles and threatening that these missiles could potentially reach the united states mainland can you talk to us a little bit about how both sides view denuclearize asia because they're not necessarily on the same page as far as we can tell. yes so we have the american stance of course and they keep reiterating complete irreversible and verifiable denuclearization that means monitors or observers have to go in and they're going to they're going to have to verify that north korea is actually destroying their nuclear sites destroying their nuclear weapons and they can't just you know start to start these sites up again so it's not all just a sham that's what that's what that's what the u.s. wants of course now north korea and we talked about this earlier they want they
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want a more they're talking about complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and that would imply that you know that the u.s. reduce their capabilities to deliver nuclear weapons there are no u.s. nuclear weapons in south korea of course but but but but you know there's u.s. capabilities and then there are other there are other bases in guam for example so there's a nuclear umbrella by the united states for south korea and japan so and that presence in south korea that u.s. presence that that is a threat to north korea so they're they're talking about completely nuclear isn't that they're not saying look it's just us getting rid of our weapons we want you to do something in that respect as well as they want the americans do something as well in terms of security assurances or guarantees there has been some talk about the potential for u.s. troops being removed from the korean peninsula bastion is this even
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a realistic ask and how do the south koreans feel about this. well look my compare yesterday said that that's going to be security guarantees that are unprecedented that that haven't been in place before but he declined to comment on what and what those would be if that would really involve reducing u.s. troops in south korea now the sentiment in south korea is divided on this because there are people who are saying look the that makes this you know this huge troop presence and there are. thousands and tens of thousands of u.s. troops in south korea that makes us a target for north korea because they're not necessarily only targeting south korea but that you know they might you know the u.s. troops there that north korea views as a threat that that makes us a target as well but then there are others of course saying we need these troops because they're the ones that are keeping us safe from from an attack of from the north so you know if the if the united states really agreed to withdraw troops and
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we're not there yet ok so we really have to wait and see this is speculation at this point if they were to do that then that might you know that might arouse you know touched a sensitive nerve in south korea for sure. but as you're speaking we just like to remind our viewers that we are seeing a live video from singapore where u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader are expected to emerge and sign a document and once again we're not entirely sure what's inside that document while there are concrete steps towards further meetings or policy initiatives bustin as you were speaking about security assurances the removal of u.s. troops may not be within the context of any of these discussions but what other kinds of security guarantees could the americans provide to pyongyang to make them more comfortable with denuclearization. well they have to convince
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whatever they do they have to convince kim jong that they're not going to they're not going to attack him frankly and topple his regime if you look at libya and this is something that has been talked about a lot by. john bolton in the security adviser of course u.s. security advisor he brought up the libya model mike pence brought up the libya model so what does that i mean think about back when we got off he was still ruling libya and then they made him give up his nuclear weapons and a few years later he was removed and killed by western back. rebel forces that's something that north korea at any cost wants to avoid and they've been they've been working very very hard and they've put in a lot of effort and a lot of money to get to this point to to to get these nuclear weapons and to get that what they see as a life you know it's a protection for for it for the for the regime because otherwise they're convinced and so it seems at least that that if they didn't have that then you know the u.s. might come in at any point and just overthrow the regime and so they're going to be
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they're going to be looking for. assurances and kim jong un it's a matter of trust really and he's not going to say look i'm going to give up this whole shield that i've built up that i've built up over so many years just you know overnight it's going to be a step by step process and they're going to say ok we're going to we're going to you know decrease our nuclear arsenal and for that we want you know we want to surance and we we want to know that you're not going to come in and you're not going to overthrow the regime having. passed as you're speaking we're seeing the live images those are the double doors the leaders are expected to emerge through them and sign a document together joining me in studio. boston was talking about potential security assurances that the north koreans would want from washington in order to even consider denuclearize asian because as of right now we're not sure that they're willing to do what the americans want exactly what is the situation in
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terms of trust there have been observers who've been watching donald trump throughout his presidency now noticing that perhaps he'll say one thing one day and say something else and the next and kim jong un has certainly been watching this trump pulled out of iran deal just this past weekend he was of the g. seven summit in canada everything seemed to go pretty well he got on a plane and then he tweeted that he was not going to be part of that joint communique with allies so why would. trump. i think in general is relatively smart he knows exactly what's going on so he is not he doesn't trust donald trump but he he knows that he is the one key to his potential success so what you could see over the last couple of weeks was that when the summit was in the in the making in the run up to it that was very sensitive towards u.s. maneuvers in the region so the military maneuvers that have taken place as scheduled as they take place every year with the south koreans were one of those issues that really put kim jong un the test and said well i don't want that to
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happen this is you know if you if we should trust each other this shouldn't happen so this is one of the areas where donald trump and in collaboration with the south korean government can show some initial trust building exercises and say well we'll just stop all military maneuvers for the next six months and then see what happens or we'll stop them indefinitely as long as we see process these are all steps that can be taken in from from that perspective but. will want to see these actual physical things he doesn't believe in declarations as well because he knows that everything can be turned over immediately and he has a short window of opportunity here because the united states is a democratic country donald trump has midterms coming up in november depending on how much under pressure he might get this might also shape his approach to north korea so he would want to lock in as many things as possible at this point in time
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and they are not built on trust but they're built on his own interests because you mentioned of the midterms are coming up how is all of this playing to americans but specifically trumps base. is this something that they see as a positive that look he's meeting with no sitting american president has ever done this he's actually reaching out there's dialogue happening now surely this must be better than belligerent threats and insults on twitter well they also like the rocket man so i mean that's something that also appealed to his base i think this is exactly the two sides that his base likes and trump is playing to his base in this regard so he they like the tough leader that can stand up in the u.n. general assembly and throw insults at the north korean regime but i have to interrupt you there i mean it would have just opened you're seeing u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un standing side by side there. showing. up to take the both men have now been fitted so hand in hand they're out near agreement on a document let's have
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a less than pretty comprehensive document. and we've had a really great term together a great relationship. giving a news conference at two thirty which is in a little bit less than two hours and we'll discuss this at great length in the meantime i believe that they'll be handing it out on behalf of chairman kim and myself and we're both very honored to sign the document thank you. to you on this one moment it was me that humans and you can do you want to go on that individual and not just you know i'm a democrat so what do i do to one can get a good christian who should not as myself who say don't we did nothing he tell you not using the coldest of the times that you mustn't think it's me that men and oh you don't cool good who don't and then i feel the need to get what it was so i was content you don't. think you life is good. you said the.
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history made. and it's living has to bring two things behind its back and just by the agreement here story meeting and decided to leave the past behind and we all saw in the historic documents says. they are do not believe in the old we will see if the important change came. but. we did so. first of all that for the first the missing and the families i want to keep my sincere thanks to president truong. thank you thank you. ok.
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we're starting that process very quickly very very quickly absolutely. i'll. be. you'll be seeing everything in just a little while the letter they were signing is very comprehensive and i think both sides are going to be very impressed with the result. a lot of goodwill went into this a lot of work a lot of preparation i want to thank everybody on both sides secretary and all
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of his counterparts they were absolutely fantastic. if you. don't know how and i didn't inhale you discipline i did it was me how do you get me down and like to think well i know you think with my weight is that you didn't conduct a man in kind of a i even thought it would knock us on my knees and i'm just wondering like you would look at what's going on and you don't always. get done tons of research and it is not something that will get in government and you got to going to get around i don't know that incomes and the. like you've spent. thank you. thank you very much i will see a little bit later and we're very proud of what took place today. i think our whole
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relationship with north korea and the korean peninsula is going to be very much different situation than it has in the best we both want to do something we both are going to do something and we have developed to be a very special bond so. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world and i want to thank jim and kim . spent a lot of time together today very intensive. and i would actually say that it worked out for both of us far better than anybody could have expected i think far better i watched the various news reports i would say far better than anybody even predicted and this is going to lead to more and more and more and it's an honor to be with you very great honor thank you thank you to all of your representatives very much. who wouldn't want. to end it you know and it was.
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good to do it but i'm finding out a new step is that it will all be known actually i don't want to you know i didn't get it she doesn't know that it will pass and just face now don't you get comes at the bill i did i'm going to win them and i mean who do that get them look at bill clinton are you to get a look at this woman i mean. that's enough to operate on one interviews are you connected and listen you know isn't that cute and comes out. thank you very much everybody thank you like absolutely. thank you thank you thank. you i'll be your views and now seeing live images of donald trump and kim jong un leaving at this finding they have just signed
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a declaration after the reality star that he used to be seized and did not gaev. concrete answers as to what was actually in that document but that the document would be passed around to the press shortly and that will include our very own boss and hard to who's in singapore and we should have some answers on what was actually included in that the two leaders thanked each other for this summit and the conversations that they have had from called it an intense conversation but he also said that it was more successful than anyone including the press could have expected. and they decided to leave the past behind and i think we can all just hope that the past doesn't come to haunt them at the end because these big where it's usually have to be followed up with a lot of substance if you make it that big of a success i think what was interesting to see with that you can see can dylan sr to his left and pump a zero to the right handing the documents to them and i think this underscores her significant role that she's playing in this entire process and it will be interesting to later on figure out exactly who played what role i think this is for the analysis for tomorrow or then weeks after but at this point in time i think
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it's interesting that also when the press asked whether he with donald trump was willing to invite kim jong un to the white house he said i absolutely would this would be quite a precedent quite a precedent and today of course is also a president and kim jong un in washington in the white house would be another one kim said that this is a major change as you mentioned he's saying we're leaving the past behind but there's a lot that many people cannot forget and especially of what's happening right now in north korea what could observers potentially take from this meeting now like they've signed something even if there aren't any concrete steps obviously this is a very big deal not just for american a north korean politicians and people living in those two countries but in asia how are the south koreans and the chinese doing this moment when i think i would have to see the document first to really say what's going on because that is a bit difficult right now to comment on that without knowing the text but from my perspective the the dynamic that is at play here is interesting because from play it this is a home game he is answering the questions first he is showing kim jong un his seat
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in jail and basically said just a few words after trump asked him to say something he would have played this very quietly because this wasn't the press conference this was just the signing so i think this was an interesting dynamic that was at play there trump obviously felt like he had to talk about what was going on at the moment and either he was very nervous moving his glasses all the time or he was just playing a very cool so it's interesting to see them in that mix between the two at this point could this also have been a strategy on kim jong. part to play sort of second fiddle to donald trump because we all know that donald trump likes being the star of the show i think he's been properly briefed on donald trump's personality let's put it like that probably leave it there we're going to go to boston hard to get standing by in singapore boston and i think you were able to hear parts of that press conference both of the leaders thanked each other for this meeting and signing of this declaration they say that they've heralded in a new era what's the sense that you're getting there. well
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look this is obviously a story occasion and everyone and everyone knows that and i mean there's there's thousands of journalists here covering covering this event and kim jong un said this to the south a singaporean prime minister just two days ago he said this is this is an extraordinary event and the whole world is watching so there clearly he's clearly aware donald trump obviously really aware that this is something that has never happened before in donald trump trump talked about lifting that relationship with north korea to the next level and he talked about a process and if that's going to lead to more and more and more as he put it i would have to wait and see what that more and more and more is in the and maybe we'll get a few answers in that announced press conference that donald trump is going to give later later today where he said will will we'll discuss in depth what that what's in that declaration and we're really waiting to see that what you know what is in
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it what it what what concrete steps are in it and what does it really what does it contain and before we see that we it's hard to say what this all means. we are now seeing down champ and kim jong un they just walked across this stage here with the flags behind them they're holding the declarations that they have just signed minutes ago under their arms they're standing side by side for photographs there have been many handshakes and there could potentially be another one coming up right now let's have a quick listen in. to the entrance to the window was your goal to the release of very intelligent face that you know this is going to be very we're. going to go there was just so are. but.
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really for the really really good thank you very much. you're watching the news and live images from the kampala hotel and singapore where donald trump and kim jong un have just parted ways this follows of course their historic meeting hours ago just minutes ago they find a joint declaration we will find out what the contents of that declaration shortly . saying there are that he's learned quite a bit about kim jong un young guy he said that he's a very talented man and he loves his country what do you make of that. he loves his country i hope he loves his people too so i think this is definitely something that can be easily said but i will trump at this point in time because he says these
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things but this will have to be followed up with substance on condolence part if he loves his country a lot then he will have to reform and open up provide food for forty percent of his population that is still malnourished so i think there's a lot to do than at this point in time these are big expectations here that i set the expectations this of course is a very high profile meet and greet the whole world is watching from just said that you know what he's found out about him is that he's talented and that he loves this country hopefully they talked a little bit further about actual policy initiatives but even if they didn't because this is simply the first meeting he did just say that they would have further meetings we don't know exactly when or where those meetings might be but do you think that this just substantially in terms of what has happened here today the fact that these two leaders the most known on earth i mean it's the american president and the most secretive leader on earth have met each other how significant this is this is historic in many ways i think and just because it's all
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triumph we shouldn't say it's not a story it's historic in many ways but it will be he said they will start a process very quickly very very quickly so that means i think that follow up meetings will happen in the very near future this is to be expected they also say he also said we will meet many many times and i don't know if he alludes to the fact that he will meet him multilaterally because north korea is going to be back on the world stage or what he is going to meet him bilaterally i think it is important for donald trump not to be seen in too close for connection with kim jong il and especially as a while he has a fall out with his allies it will be interesting to see what's in the deck in the declaration on the issues that are important to his allies so the question of peace and the question of the abductees for example for japan where there are still japanese citizens of that by the north korean regime this is an issue that is very important for the japanese rouge. so for the japanese government so i think there are several aspects in here where there would need to be a little substance also to do justice to the allies that are involved and the other
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partners that are involved mentioned bilateral or multilateral talks in terms of an actual document that leads to concrete steps towards a potential peace treaty china and south korea would need to be involved in that these two leaders can't do that even if just bilaterally yet it will be interesting to see whether it's even going to be back to the six party talks so what about the japanese what about the russians will the europeans play any role in this whatsoever so i think there is a lot more to be questioned what kind of process will be next. once again doll trump and kim jong il and the true leaders have met they've had a discussion working lunch they have signed a declaration just a short while ago boston hard to accuse our correspondent on the ground in singapore covering this event for us boston what happens next. well that will definitely depend on what's in that declaration what we know that kim jong un is is going to head to the airport and he's going to go home and
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president president trump obviously he's going to do his press conference as he announced and then. you know and then and then get on board air force one and then he's going to stop over in kuala on the way home in hawaii so that's the immediate plans but of course i mean you know president trump talked about further meetings of course we don't know at this point when these are going to take place where these are going to take place or what you know what the what they're going to be about so we you know maybe maybe this declaration will enlighten us on on on some of these some of these details but for the moment because we'll have to wait for donald trump's press conference and maybe he'll tell us what the next steps are. you know at that press conference is expected to happen in just under two hours time boston extraordinary scenes that we just saw with these two leaders sitting side by side in signing a joint declaration you could not have imagined this just six months ago when they
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were trading insults and bludger and threats about potentially the world being on the brink of a nuclear war by saying what did you make of all of this. or you know this is obviously significant if you if you look back and then that rhetoric that you were talking about that basically brought the korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war and now they're these two leaders are sitting together and they're talking about that they got along really well with each other and don't donald trump you know having only the kindest words for. north korea's brutal dictator that kim jong. obviously is so that is that is that is a significant event of course and if you you know think that the fact that this happened at all is i mean that's a. huge victory for for came down when he can he can sell this at home he can sell this to his people saying look we we made the tiger blink so to speak and
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we made them you know we're on eye level now we're equal on the world stage that's how they're that's how they're going to sell it at home but it's going to be a task because they're going to have to change the whole narrative because of course. you know the united states was the arch enemy of north korea for many many years you know often be equated with the devil and now they're sitting down together but of course you know this is what can draw on wanted he wanted to be recognized on the world stage and he wanted this meeting and frankly donald trump wanted to because because obviously he likes he likes these these events and he likes these these opportunities and of course it also distracts from all the from all the noise and all the troubles that he's facing at home. correspondent boston hard to reporting live to us from singapore where this is story summit is taking place and young child joining me in studio thank you both very much for your insights. and just
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you of course u.s. president and north korean leader kim jong un have signed a quote comprehensive document according to the u.s. president at this historic summit in singapore at the. denuclearized nation would begin very quickly thanks for making this summit happen. and that's after the two leaders shared a historic handshake at the start of their meeting. the two countries have overcome old prejudices and obstacles to reach this point there is that historic first handshake one of many we'll continue to bring you events from singapore as they are current thanks for watching we'll be back at the top of the hour.
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the little bit early . and kim jong un have signed what trump called a comprehensive document at their historic summit in singapore though the contents of the document are not yet known it's the culmination of a story day in singapore. to be a little. cold.
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and welcome to the program u.s. .


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