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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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says deal the news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un agreeing to remove nuclear weapons from the korean peninsula ideal they find out their summit commits calls for the complete denuclearize vision of the peninsula it's been a historic day in singapore. and having on welcome to the program u.s.
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president trump and north korean leader kim jong un have committed to the complete denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula at a historic summit between the two and singapore the two leaders signed a comprehensive joint document to that effect at their meeting just a short while ago the exact details of that joint taxes have not yet been confirmed but president trump claims a denuclearized ation process in north korea is due to begin shortly he also said he developed a very special bond with north korean leader kim jong il and for his part kim jong un claimed the world will see a major change after today's summit and that he and trump agree to leader kim and i . expect to learn more about the contents of their joint document shortly with president trump to address the press very soon now u.s. president donald trump hailed the signing of the declaration saying it would transform relations between the united states and north korea. but of what took
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place today. i think our whole relationship with north korea and the korean footage of that is going to be very much different situation than it has in the past we both want to do something we both are going to do something and we have developed a very special bond so. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world and he'll be a correspondent alexandra phenomenas following this entire event for us from singapore alexandra trump and kim have signed a document do you have any indication of what's included in that when they've agreed to. all the trim came to a command reportedly committed to ask to security guarantees and eyes of competition and so the new year after the north korean relations but that is of
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course not control so far and another thing that is of course very significant is that kim jong il on reportedly commits in this document to complain than you could i was a sion korean peninsula and that's something that i. as a senior white house are critical to concerned but he didn't want to talk talk about it's just sad that it's the president the u.s. president who is going to talk about the contents of this document here in cape press conference maybe you can hear it in the background as a sound check for this press conference you are not right now in a couple of hotels or competition and team were meeting here and we are here too late for this press conference vendor of course to come to that press conference as soon as it began so we are very interested as is the world in hearing
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what donald trump has to say about this document you mentioned the official by giving very little information trump also gave very little information after he signed that document with kim jong un should we read anything into how tight lipped he was at the signing. or. well i would say that what's interesting for me or what i found very interesting in that holder morning that it's really looked like you know those leaders are getting along pretty well with each other we saw that happening on the baghdad smiling on all that however i also have to say that that listening to donald trump who said that this is a comprehensive doctor. and. you know made me a bit skeptical that said we are really going to see a lot of details in this document and all of the i would find e-mails from the
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white house in my e-mails folder explaining what's going on sending this document but there is nothing so far and that is something that would point to the fact that it is you know and i think that that was like stage and planned ahead of this meeting maybe alexander you've been following trump since his inauguration you're obviously our bureau chief in washington and have been in contact with the white house how important is reaching some kind of deal any kind of deal important to trump what does it mean to him. well it's very important for the you asked president because it was a risky strategy a gamble to agree to have this meeting in the first place and that trump path was facing a lot of criticism in the year i have for that many of many experts i
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talked to and of course strums political opponents told me that it was premature that such a summit have to be prepared not only months but maybe years that nothing good can come out of this summit so it was sort of a lot of pressure to you know to make this summit successful and we also have to say that the a president is. under a lot of pressure at home or is not calling from its term election midterm elections that. will be very important and will show whether the republicans can remain in control of for the house and senate there is this ongoing crash investigation looking into an alleged collusion between the trump campaign and to russia and looking into potential obstruction of justice
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for this president it is very important to have sort of foreign policy. successes u.w. washington bureau chief alexandra for naaman reporting for us from singapore covering this historic summit thank you very much. studio we have a young transatlantic fellow in the asia program at the german marshall fund of the united states in that short break that we had you were scanning your phone rather quickly to see what were the contents of this document what did you find out so from the rumors that i could find quickly it talks about new relations with the u.s. not diplomatic relations it talks about joint efforts in building a peace regime that could be seen as a start of a process maybe to talk about the reaffirmation of the declaration of the into korean declaration and some some talk about repatriation of prisoners of war etc so
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all in all one could say it's raddatz of the week agreement if this is all i would just wait and see what the final results are but this could also be an indication of why trump would want to talk about it earlier if it's relatively weak then you shouldn't lose too many where it's about it but we should not under estimate the meaning of the deck of a joint declaration itself so just saying it's weak it we've all seen this before with been there before this is nothing new i don't think this is this is going to lead us anywhere. and sometimes that you know you know the einstein definition of craziness doing the same thing and expecting different results the other way around it also makes sense that you're completely different people in the process and expecting the exact same result would also be a little bit crazy so maybe this is the leading us somewhere maybe this is the weak declaration that leaves enough wiggle room for all sides to engage in a serious process now along the way. and we've also been talking about the issue of legitimacy has met with kim jong un he sat beside him spoken to him he's now signed
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this joint document what has this meeting done for kim jong un it has legitimized his role domestically it will also. push his international relations it will legitimize everyone who will meet with him in the future as well and this is very very important factor because this is what i've said earlier the collateral damage to the human rights situation in north korea legitimizing this to tell a terrier and leader also means legitimizing his rule over twenty five million north koreans that are deeply suffering from severe human rights violations that are in prison basically in their state and where kim jong un himself has made the borders tighter has allowed less people to ever come out of the country so i think this should not be forgotten in the conversation about all of the deals that can be reached now they've agreed to do nuclearize ation some kind of denuclearization we're not entirely sure what that means but we know that killing young had rather big concerns about engaging with the united states and fears about libyan solution and what happens to moammar gadhafi after he gave up his nuclear weapons surely
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this is still in the back of kim jong un's mind yemen if you talk of if you look at the text i mean complete to know her as asian or complete dismantlement of all nuclear it is not and it lacks the two important letters immediate and reversible and verifiable and irreversible and verifiable is the most important part about this denuclearization process so verifiable means having inspections having other people coming in the un secretary general to terror said yesterday that the un is basically on standby could come in and could. help the process along so you could have that and irreversible means it cannot be writ it cannot be turned back so these are the two words that apparently are not of the activation which was to be expected and i don't think that that can do it in this context would have agreed to it but maybe it opens a door for further negotiations in terms of trust because to be able to. to say that will have a complete verifiable irreversible denuclearize asia as you mention north korea would have to allow an international american potentially inspectors into the
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country would they be willing to do that we don't know but does trust the americans in saying this as you mention the libya solution didn't end up going so well for moammar gadhafi from kim jong un's point of view i don't think there's a lot of trust a step through this meeting and we will see how much tit for tat can do one can get for anything that he could agree on inspections are apparently not on the page at the moment are not talked about at the moment and i think without that. we've seen in the last couple of weeks the destruction of one of the testing sites where they have invited international journalists to be there. that's not inspections that's showcasing that's theater and second and that it needs to be more substantial than that young or a transatlantic fellow in the asia program at the german fund marshall fund of the united states thank you very much now sticking with that top story it started with insults and an agreement to meet followed by a cancellation and then
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a restart let's have a look back at the unexpected series of events that led to this historic meeting. two unpredictable leaders two nations with a hostile past the world watch as north korea's kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump shook hands in singapore a first for them and for any u.s. president and north korean leader it almost didn't happen trump called it off before saying it was back on now the adversaries who have threatened nuclear exchange are exchanging pleasantries like. we will occupy. practices and prejudices worked against us but we overcame all of them and we are here today to see. the face to face between the two men moved on to a team meeting and a working lunch the u.s.
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wants north korea's denuclearization north korea wants u.s. security guarantees commitments that have been promised and reneged on before. before closing the summit the leaders signed what trump called a comprehensive document a document that historians may look back on one day as a watershed in north korea u.s. relations. in studio we have yankel or tell a transatlantic follow in your program at the german marshall fund of the united states yanga massive expectations leading up to the summit has what we've seen today in the last few hours match the hype. yes and no i think is probably the right answer to this one because there was a different degree of excitement about among the expert community expectations were actually very limited in this summit in the public also because it was on and off
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and on and off and it wasn't clear whether it was would get take place i think the expectation level didn't let match the hype let's put it like that but the the outcome as far as we can see from right now is ok it's not disastrous it's a beginning of a process it's probably as much as could be expected at this point as you mentioned the document of the two leaders signed mentions denuclearize asian it doesn't mention verifiable and irreversible nuclearization as you mentioned neighboring countries south korea china are watching this very closely what kind of geo political ramifications could something like this have or is this just not strong enough for that at the moment i mean we still don't have the full document yet at the moment i would say it doesn't have enough substance to have significant geopolitical implications at this point in time but we will see what happens with the process i mean it's true and it talks about. an ongoing process with this and if an opening up of north korea because it referee first of the declaration which clearly refers to connecting north and south korea and opening up of north korea
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does open a new strategic opportunities especially economic case now heard tell thank you so much for your insights she is a transatlantic fellow in the asia program of the german marshall fund of the united states thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world moments before the trump him summit president trump tweeted that a top aide larry kudlow had suffered a heart attack how low is trump's chief economic adviser and reportedly suffered a very mild attack he is being treated at a military hospital outside of washington d.c. . malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad is meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abi and today urged countries like japan not to be cynical about north korea's talk of getting rid of its nuclear threat the ninety two year old muhammad said young and effort to improve ties with the united states would help ease
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tension in southeast asia. pope francis has accepted the resignation of three chalange bishops following a child sex abuse scandal they resigned last month after being accused of covering up abuse by a paedophile priest during the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's pope francis has apologized to the victims and admitted grave mistakes were made to. return to our top story the world of business and finance of course following the story summit in singapore that's right after the us dollar the a three week highs on tuesday and asian shares gained as investors show relief over the summit result as we've been hearing u.s. president on trump and north korean leader kim yong on have signed a comprehensive deal and that the denuclearization of the korean peninsula is a first step to real so in relations between the u.s. and north korea the last time that happened it led to the creation of a special economic zone in the north open to south korean businesses and seoul is
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keen to restart. this factory outside south korea's capital seoul shouldn't even exist. up to two years ago the spacing rings for shock absorbers that the workers produce here were made in north korea in the special collaborative economic zone of k. song just behind the border. tech was the first company to set up shop there back in two thousand and four industrial park is unusual as tech c o u tells me it's run jointly by the two koreas the biggest advantage of the collaboration has been having access to north korean workers. they were passionate. intelligent. he's made them stand out above others in other regions those were the reasons why companies in case was so happy to work
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with them. and they were cheap north koreans only earned one tenth of what their counterparts in south korea made on par with other cheap labor countries in the region but case song is only sixty kilometers from seoul and everyone there speaks korean for local businesses a major plus but then in two thousand and sixteen it was all over the border was closed after north korea conducted nuclear and ballistic missile tests since then the only way of accessing the country from the south has been through binoculars. that bridge back there is part of the railway line that leads to the k. song industrial complex at the moment of course back election is closed but that could easily change and it could in fact become part of a much wider plan of economic cooperation between north and south korea that the government in seoul has put on the table. that plan and business is three major economic orders and industrial logistics and transport belt along the west coast connecting the korean peninsula with the north east of china and energy and natural
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resources belt into russia as far east and an eco and tourism area and the demilitarized zone along the border between the two koreas. toibin k expert on the economies of north and south korea thinks economic integration on the korean peninsula is a win win. south korea today is like an island but if we work together with north korea we can connect directly to the trans-siberian railway and to the chinese belt and road and that will allow us to reach the netherlands and amsterdam as well as germany and frankfurt. for s.j. take to a thaw in relations with the north would be good news if the case song industrial zone were to reopen they could easily double their production they say and that would help boost north korea's economy to.
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the c. bit digital trade fair and hanover germany was once the biggest of its kind in the world it attracted more than eight hundred thousand visitors but in recent years numbers of fallen off so less than half that it is trying to reinvent itself not the boss of cooler hipper more festival and trade at. the digital trade fair seed it is trying to reinvent itself and this is the most visible sign of that the event in hanover wants to be hipper with more of a fun fair vibe than a trade fair and more interesting to startups twenty thirteen was the last time that the in a taxi enterprise of volatile up to made an appearance here but now the firm is back and they hope that cib it will make the name better known for insist it's a big country cib it is a highly relevant fare it's no longer just a computer trade fair like it used to be it's all about digital transformation the whole realm of digital technologies that we've combined in our flying machine. in
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this electric car produced by a startup in often costs just sixteen thousand euros by the end of this year the first customers will be taking delivery the firm's electric micro bus should ease congestion in european city centers from mit twenty nineteen to fourteen cedars will be running on schedule as well as on demand. he's a movie with. this mobility solution that we need now as a cloud based service aleutian is a major theme of see video because it's not just about him ability to. save it is also about out official intelligence and humanoid robots that will assist people in their work. getting up when they're down that's something these robots are worked out how to do maybe save it will also manage to get back on its feet. i mean just getting our correspondent common is at the scene would
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enhance one joins us now to see even wants to change become a festival what the pictures we've seen as of robots and electric cars going around pretty much what it used to be how is it trying to change. well it's really trying to change to become this big tech festival and less of a you know a bit old fashioned be to be trade show the biggest sign of that probably that big ferris wheel right behind me in this outdoor area that is completely new a lot of outdoor activity is going to happen here they're going to be music acts life at night like at a music festival so organized to see how trying to mix business and pleasure they say it's possible and i guess we'll see tonight on the first day of the trade show if this is really possible well the next question really really trying to rebrand
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themselves become a bit hipper and cooler i mean in fact if i look at the picture behind you it it looks like sort of trendy street food festival that you think cbot will be successful in rebranding itself. from what i've seen so far. i don't think the change is too radical we had a press tour yesterday and i must say i was here the previous year as well and it was pretty much the same very similar type of companies you know we went to the stand of georgia bond we saw the volkswagen stand big german enterprises. i must say i'm not i'm not too convinced yet of the festival vibe but that said it's only the first real day of the trade show today so visitors will start coming in today and i guess we'll see throughout the day whether the festival vibe really catches on yes we'll see that we come back to you to report on that through a day or smart of a common thank you very much. the c.e.o.
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of details such as all of the recall of over two hundred thousand must say it is vehicles in germany following some stunned was from the transport minister daniel has not promised maximum speed and transparency over its dirty diesels they were fitted with software that's turns off the mission's controls under certain conditions to get around strict environmental standards over seven hundred thousand cars could be affected cross europe and although donna has agreed to all cooperate with german authorities it is denying any wrongdoing. audi's c.e.o. rupert stark been implicated in the diesel gate scandal munich prosecutors say the investigating him as well as another board member of the folks back in subsidiary the prosecutor's office as had been accused of fraud in connection with the ongoing emissions cheating scandal since the thirtieth of may now police have also searched his apartment as possible of that investigation. off of the buy
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a takeover of monsanto now another big german name is taken over an american german building materials make a no is buying american drive will produce a u.s. g.d.p. deals worth around seven billion dollars and gives access to the massive construction market in the united states u.s.g. was founded in one thousand nine hundred two it will keep its headquarters in chief toggle and continue to be managed in the u.s. companies expect to see all the deal the next year. and that's all your business speculative thank you gary hart we'll go now to the fate of more than six hundred migrants stranded on a rescue ship in the mediterranean that situation remains unclear the charity operating the ship says the migrants many of whom are unaccompanied minors will be transferred on to italian both and transported to spain which offered to take them
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in but the ship is three days sail away from spain and supplies are running low meanwhile the french island of corsica has also offered to take in the ship this comes after both italy and malta refused to let the vessel dock at the reports on sunday to go to paris and nick roman iacke the search and rescue coordinator of the rescue ship aquarius which is operated by the charity as the us mediterranea nic you remain in contact with their career not there right now but what are they telling you about the conditions on the boat. good morning. to the conditional opposes everyone is calm. but the supplies continue to be a problem we was resupplied. yesterday by by multiple and there is an ongoing response this morning by the italians the plan for today hopefully would be to try
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of a sudden number of people from the aquarius to two italian vessels one for the coming coast guard one from the italian navy to eventually from for them to spain ok so as you just mentioned the reports are verifying that the migrants we transferred from there where is to italian ships then taken to spain where exactly are they headed. so the plan of the time being is still valencia. but again that would have to be confirmed and it is it is quite a long journey over a thousand four hundred kilometers. seven hundred sixty political miles. to space so it does add another three days to fulfill these people who have already be the only aquarius from step of a even a sunday morning. with a duty to be different about that soon as possible ok we have mentioned that italy was first to refuse the ship with over six hundred people on board what are the
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consequences for rescue operations when a country does something like this. i mean it's it's very worrying for us there's already a lack of assets in the area to conduct such a rescue as it is. so stopping a vessel for a sudden period time does put extra lives risk. and it's also the situation for the people who've already been rescued the rescues were quite critical there were people in the water there were people who had to be reanimated. through because they've taken a horse themselves so the situation out there is critical there is still a need for the search and rescue vessels and the aquarius to be present. their option is the people's lives at risk and more people dying as we've seen over the last couple years you can you tell us a little bit more about what the crew is telling you in terms of the conditions that these people are in are there we know that there are several pregnant women children on board. correct there are there is
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a run or children involved with the aquarius. multiple pregnant women and i don't see the need to be dissin but the situation of course is such a rescue vessel it is a place of safety for people but it's not ideal it is not comfortable by any means people sleep on the back they are outdoors there's much shelters we could possibly provide them but they do need to be taken somewhere safe which i'm sure where they can. be treated for. multiple wounds. because through the violence that they suffered in in libya and during the journey. to us at this point. the search and rescue coordinator of the rescue ship aquarius thank you very much. let's review the breaking news we've been following for you u.s. president trump a north korean leader kim jong un have committed to the complete denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula at
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a historic summit between the two leaders and singapore the two men side a comprehensive joint document to that effect at their meeting just a short while ago the exact details of that joint tax have not yet been confirmed but president trump claims that a denuclearized ation process in north korea is due to begin shortly he also said he developed quote a very special bond with north korean leader kim jong un for his part kim claimed the world will see a major change after today's summit and that he and trump agreed to leave the past because time would you like we expect to learn more about the contents of their joint document shortly with president donald trump to address the press soon. trump held the signing of the declaration saying it would transform relation.


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