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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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you know on your mobile and free. course. maybe see. the state of leaders live from donald trump and kim jong il and i agree to work towards complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula in historic declaration signs at the summit us president said north korean chairman pledged to work towards peace in the current.
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i feel very welcome to the program first bold step to a bright new future u.s. president donald trump has praised north korea's leader kim jong un after he committed to denuclearizing the korean peninsula historic summit during a press conference president trump said that the north was already destroying a missile site but he explained this detail does not appear in their joint declaration as it was agreed on afterwards they also announced that the us will cease military exercises on the korean peninsula and the sanctions will remain in place for now. so after the signing us president donald trump praised north korea's leader for signing. all right personal to me personally when are american personnel and any leader of north korea. real changes in the past. my meeting with your interviewer was ours. and.
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we got to know each other well very confined. so here are some of the main points of the joint statement of the united states and the democratic people's republic of korea the d.p. r. k. commit to establishing new u.s. d.p. r. k. relations in accordance with the desires of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity the document goes on the united states and the d.p. r. k. will join that efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the korean peninsula also reaffirming the april twenty seventh twenty twenty eighteen. declaration the d.p. r. k. commits to work towards complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula for now we got hope to join d.w. our correspondent to alexandra for nominee in. in singapore very
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shortly first let us turn to one of the issues that appeals not to have had such a significant presence at this meeting the issue of human rights in north korea been very much overshadowed by the summit but remains a highly controversial on all found from human rights group amnesty international specializes on north korea and joins us from the south korean capital so welcome to day w m a stands national has lobbied president to try to press for human rights issues to be included in discussions with the north what do you make of what you heard. well if any human rights have been covered in the conversation it has not been reflected in any of the documents and definitely not in the declaration which was rather sparse in terms of substance well president trump mentioned in his press conference after the. release in the declaration that
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he did discuss human rights with kim jong il and unfortunately he failed to mention what exactly he has covered so we wish that he had covered the main issues that we have raised with him made him namely the detention facilities prison camps and also the fact that north koreans have been like cut off from the outside world in terms of the freedom of movement and freedom of information so i hope that he would elaborate more on what he has talked to john about in some documents of possible. is it your thought that these are just this is just not a high enough priority for either or both of these governments well that was disappointing but in some sense it was predictable and understandable i think like from the very start the main objective of.
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summit was at the nuclear isolation so like something like human rights watch if you like some like humans rights could have the potential to make that antagonized if not and the right way but that said i think certain issues could be dealt with more easily and some harder issues can be left later so i hope at least he could deal with for example the right to health and food off the citizens because even though that's the crisis years have passed it's still very difficult for humanitarian organizations to operate in north korea they're not given access to freely distribute their materials and also are not allowed to have free i'm monitoring so i think that would be something to start with early and also some other issues such as freedom of communications i think not korea is developing very
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quickly in terms of telecommunications but most of its people are not able to access the internet or to make phone calls to the outside world and that shouldn't be the case so i think those are things that can get that chunk of enjoyment. in singapore thank you. and the prospect of a peace deal for the korean peninsula is raising hopes that families divided by the korean war could be reunited next report we meet a south korean man who thought his older brother had died during the war until the letter smuggled to him from the north proved otherwise a few old photographs and a couple of letters that's the only proved one sign has that he has relatives somewhere in north korea and it would put them in danger to show their faces on television. his older brother to unsign tells me fought for south korea in the korean war almost seven decades ago chunks of bark was taken
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prisoner by the north. the family was told he had been killed but then sixty years after seeing his brother for the last time chang sign received a letter from north korea from his brother delivered through a contact in china that was ten years ago it made sense signed happy and sad at the same time. when i saw the photo i couldn't tell the world. but you can see how impressive he looks rather than actually i remember him as such a cheerful person. you know. his brother passed away shortly after chang signed up the letter with but he left behind a family of his own to sign hopes that with thawing relations between north and south and the upcoming summit he might finally get the chance to meet his relatives . with a moment as i get older my desire to meet them is growing stronger i want to get to
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know that side of my family now with the summer no one seems more likely we'll have a chance to meet which i'm still not sure if i should trust the politicians but i just can't help but hope it will finally have. could be there's a. chance time isn't the only one in south korea getting his hopes up. many here believe that the summit will produce a positive outcome maybe even paving the way for a peace treaty to finally end the korean war sixty five years after the last shot was fired and more and more south koreans are even changing their mind about north korea's dictator kim jong il and self. always seem to. get what he said and what he was. probably smarter than i thought so i got the impression he's actually leading the country sort of. to do was. turn
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me. into a korean summit changed many people's opinions about him. but that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't dictate it oppressive communist regimes the young and. even picking what. is the biggest issue during the meeting as a korean i have the impression that he has the will to give up the weapon to say i hope the u.s. or summit to prove. good agreement just. models . they expect something real positive based on the interference from a few weeks ago i would like to do something great such as a declaration to end the korean war. so my boss was because.
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sometimes sign and his wife come to the national cemetery in seoul to find his brother's name on the wall of missing soldiers. even though chancellor bach is no longer missing they don't want his name deleted saul was his home they say and they hope that maybe one day his children in north korea can come here to. stay back to our top story that historic meeting between the leaders of the united states i'm north korea how did we get here when it started with insults and then an agreement to meet followed by a cancellation under a restart let's take a longer look at the this unexpected series of events that has led us to today. two unpredictable leaders two nations with a hostile past the world watch as north korea's kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump shook hands in singapore a first for them and for any u.s.
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president and north korean leader it almost didn't happen trump called it off before saying it was back on now the adversaries who have threatened nuclear exchange are exchanging pleasantries. we will. get. the. practices and prejudices worked against us but we overcame all of them and we are here today in. the face to face between the two men moved on to a team meeting and a working lunch the u.s. wants north korea's denuclearization north korea wants u.s. security guarantees commitments that have been promised and reneged on before. the for closing this summit the leaders signed what trump called a comprehensive document a document that historians may look back on one day as
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a watershed in north korea u.s. relations. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world more than six hundred migrants stuck on a rescue ship ought to be escorted to space to take them back to italy. but the challenge that the ship has criticised the move warning that spain's a three to four day saying the way the change is unnecessary prove pro long time it seemed for already vulnerable people. u.s. attorney general jeff sessoms has a rule that victims of domestic or gang violence should no longer automatically qualify for asylum in the united states has overturned a twenty sixteen ruling that granted asylum to a woman from say el salvador who had been raped and abused by her husband change could affect tens of thousands of applications. pope francis has accepted the resignation of three chilean bishops following
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a child sex abuse scandal they were very resigned last month after being accused of covering up abuse by a paedophile priest during the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's the pope has apologized to the victims of the message that mistakes were made. long suffering england fans are not holding out much hope of the football world cup which starts on thursday some are so fed up that they're turning away from football and trying out new sports for those is under water hockey yes you have that right it's been going on in britain since nineteen fifties and the u.k. championships have just finished the sport has an alternative name to push second. dived to the bottom of the pool trying to score goals. and then come back up to catch your breath oc to push this is what you get when you combine swimming with hockey. extremely physical legs burn in will burn in it's three minutes of depth as
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well so you've got to dive down supports and timed it perfectly and then get back open support each he makes to get a breath and then get back down again to help out. two teams with six players competing under water each one equipped with a short stick pins and small cards the aim is to shoot the puck into the opponent's goal sounds easy or not if your teammates can't hear you. when you get in the water there's no communication so everything that this plan does to be flown before you get in it really does make an intricate difficult sport to get into and play at the highest level because everything is done a split second. octo push started out as a way to stay in shape but has grown into a recognised sport thanks to its breathtaking f.p.o. . just a reminder of our top story this hour here on day w. u.s. president donald trump has been praising the outcome of his unprecedented summit with south korea's leader kim. jong un arms of the right here steps including
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across the u.s. and south korea and down the street minuteness. how that is of course after he on to chairman kim committed to the full denuclearization of the korean peninsula so leaders signed the document in shining the commitments of the end of this summit in singapore chairman and present from for making the summit happen in the two sides to put the past behind. situ of today a good. story so that people of the world over information they provide to the p.m.'s they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.

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