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truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . news life from about donald trump perils the outcome of the summit with james jones the passion does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again adversaries can indeed become friends. he was speaking after signing
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a joint declaration with the north korean leader in two thousand nuclear arms the korean peninsula. i'm still get a welcome to the program a first bold step to a bright new future u.s. president donald trump praised north korea's leader kim jong un after he reaffirmed a commitment to denuclearizing the korean peninsula president trump made a declaration of the press conference following their historic meeting he then went on to say the north is already destroying a missile testing site and explain that this wasn't in the that aeration as i said been agreed after they went on to announce that the u.s. would and military exercises on the korean peninsula but that sanctions would remain as jhumpa then went on to express his gratitude towards the north korean leader for his engagement at that meeting. what's important i want to thank
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chairman kim for taking the first ball step toward a bright new future for his people are unprecedented meeting first between an american president and a leader of north korea proves their real change is indeed possible my meeting with chairman kim was honest direct and productive for get to know each other well in a very confined period of time. so here are some of the main points in the joint statement united states than the democratic people's republic of korea the d.p. r. k. commit to establish new u.s. d p r k relations in accordance with the desires of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity it goes on the united states and the d.p. r. k. will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the korean peninsula another point reaffirming
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the april twenty seventh twenty eight hundred pound month a declaration the d.p. r. k. commits to work towards complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula to move d.w. correspondent and hundred from naaman who joins us from singapore welcome alexander are you able to put any more flesh on the bones of what appears to have been a great. both sides agreed on the these four points you were just talking about and the problem is that these points seem to be very vague and there are nothing new each of them can be found in agreements with no screwing up in an even stronger way and particulary what is said about. this. and the president is better read according to experts and because we know.
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it's to work. and it closes ation what's going to do when it's he going to do it i think what concrete steps are going to be taken by the nosebleed and regime and all of us as it's going to prove to verify that the north korean regime is really committed to the nuclearization so there are a lot of questions that have to be on search and we have to say when you look at this documents today we have to say it's just all talk and no action that was at least one concrete concession that was announced let's take a listen. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money on lassen until we see that the future negotiation is
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not going along like it should so what did the united states get in return. well the ass doesn't seem to get anything in return for dad even more we are now hearing that the south korean military is quite confused by this announcement that was apparently the. negotiated or known to both sides to the to the cells korean side and we have to say that president mentioned during the press conference that north korea is willing to or is actually closing bell a nuclear testing site however we really don't know is it happening right now as it's going to happen in the future and besides we have to add that the north korean regime close or destroy its nuclear testing site shortly before the
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summits took place however also in this kid there is no verification no evidence that this site has really been destroyed. in the meantime of course thirty two thousand u.s. troops on sanctions against north korea remain in place. that's true president trump said during this press conference that sanctions remain in place however he also added that he would like to lift these sanctions when he see that there is really progress being made and he also added that actually he would like to throw american troops from south korea because it is very expensive and he is the president is someone who really is against us and balls and whether we are talking about iraq afghanistan on our places at the same time he said during
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this press conference that there is now no time to talk about the possible withdrawal of for you ass troops in south korea. wonderful moment in singapore thank you. in south korea meanwhile president moon j a n that's he will write a new history with his country's northern neighbor and is full of praise for north korean leader kim jong un's decision to go ahead with the summit in singapore and the statements released by his office he said leaving dr of war and conflict behind we will write a new chapter of peace and cooperation will be there together with north korea along the way let's get more reaction from a south korea correspondent and jason strother is in the so welcome jason there of a south koreans also think they are leaving the dock days behind the people i spoke to today following the signing of the declaration at the end of the summit saying
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they do feel that this is perhaps the start of a better times some people i spoke with who were watching the summit unfold at a television on on a television inside of souls main train station said that they feel that this could lead to a sustainable peace on the peninsula maybe even denuclearization no one was expecting a breakthrough but this is a starting point. military maneuvers on the potential would say if that was a big one how is that being received. one person i spoke to who. has a lot of followers for is news commentary on twitter says that this was a completely unilateral decision it really caught him off guard and feels that south korea's conservatives who many of whom are former veterans of the korean military and everyone fall against north korea during the korean war will be very
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unhappy with this this edition and what's of the north main ally china one a very likely how are they likely to react in today's fake agreement. right i think china has to be somewhat concerned that it might lose some of its influence in the region if the u.s. and north korea move too closely together china has always had the most dominance in the northern half of the korean peninsula economically politically security wise you name it but now if north korea is going to play the u.s. against china as it did let's say with the soviet union in china during the cold war and this would be very upsetting to beijing for right certainly. you mentioned a little bit of this apparent move towards peace is not a complete welcome because there is still this trust gap between
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north and south south koreans have been down this road many times before agreements very much like this have been made in the past only it's a fall apart but i do feel this the feeling here is more of a cautious optimism south koreans have a very good feeling right now about kim jong un after he sent north korean athletes to participate in the punch on winter olympics earlier this year after two very successful summits with president moon jan many people here feel that kim unlike his father and his grandfather. is a man is as a leader that his country can put more trust into jason strother and sophia here. thank you. president trump has hailed today summit as a turning point in relations with north korea but many are criticizing the joint declaration some accusing the u.s.
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president of conceding too much sweden's former prime minister carl bildt currently serves on the european council of foreign relations is treated as fair to trump evidently agreed to limited u.s. defense efforts in south korea in return for so far nothing more than words we have seen before. to the bitterest athene who has the nobel prize winning a nuclear disarmament group i can she also condemned aspects of the summits outcome tweeting there is no agreement on nuclear disarmament and this all looks more like a big welcome party to the nuclear armed club now many groups are also hoping for your president and chairman would discuss the issue of human rights in north korea the country has a poor human rights record on the north korean leader has himself been accused of ordering members of his own family to be killed the president president trump said the two had briefly discussed human rights. expect him john to
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do about the human rights record regarding the north korean people right it was discussed it was discussed relatively briefly compared to the nuclearization obviously that's where we started and where we ended but they will be doing things and i think he wants to do things. on fang is a north korea specialist with human rights group amnesty international and so i asked him what he had heard of the two leaders discussions on the this issue. well if any human rights have been covered in the conversation it has not been reflected in any of the documents and definitely not in the declaration which was rather sparse in terms of substance well president trump mentioned in his press conference after the. release in the declaration that he did discuss human
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rights with kim jong il and unfortunately he failed to mention what exactly he has covered so we wish that he had covered the main issues that we have raised with him a namely the detention facilities prison camps and also the fact that north koreans have been like cut off from the outside world in terms of the freedom of movement and freedom of information so i hope that he would elaborate more on what he has talked to john about in some documents of possible. is it your thought that these have just this is just not a high enough priority for either or both of these governments. well that was disappointing but in some sense it was predictable and understandable i think like from the very start the main objective of.
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summit's was at the nuclear i station so like something like human rights watch like some like humans rights could have the potential to make him genuine at antagonized if not handled the right way but that said i think certain issues could be dealt with more easily and some harder issues can be left later so i hope at least he could deal with for example the right to health and food of the citizens because even though the fruits the crisis years have passed it's still very difficult for humanitarian organizations to operate in north korea they're not given access to freely distribute their materials and also are not allowed to have free and monitoring so i think that would be something to start with early and also some other issues such as freedom of communications i think north korea is developing very quickly in terms of telecommunications but most of its people are
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not able to access the internet or to make phone calls to the outside world and that shouldn't be the case so i think those are things that can get at that trunk and are raised in german oldest in singapore thank you assert your of today's there is more on the website of course i said d w dot com back up the top of the hour on the right elsewhere so we have the business of the reaction of the business world to today's announcement and your business are going to have a. you accidentally shed some light. on a troll. spending time in the field. how can you get out. with him because it was a serious. shift this week on d w. fighting for the case to be
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taken seriously in the words of what here's what's coming up. this.


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