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tv   Kick off - Special  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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of the fellows days on the boat doing what's expecting from the rise in his mission to join. and live press conference from outer space to be with colleagues on the campuses in the world of jokes at the foot of the head of a monkey w. news today at fifteen hundred hours for you to see. finally here the world cup starts this week. this summer will be hot. kick off tackles three important questions just in time before the world cup begins
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. what can we expect from the african teams in keep doing one thing those are two. russian hooligans cause problems. going to russia on the grid paris will teach you all what is in the tally in fan supposed to do during this world cup show that can see the bit on being. kicked off right before the world comes kicks off. africa an incredibly diverse and multifaceted continent fifty six nations two thousand languages all united through the love of football. the continent will have five representatives of the world cup in russia senegal morocco egypt nigeria and cuba is the. state of african football at the moment is
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there even such a thing as african football. we spoke to our experts in berlin at a meeting of german coaches working abroad guys to trim off economies of. he's been around since the seventy's pisco troy and keane afonso senegal the ivory coast zaire gonna go and cameroon so it's not a stretch to call him an expert. along with the not more. coach of the nigerian national the full of i am playing feels at home in africa and thanks in part to his handiwork nigeria will be the. style of football is improving. if you are both feeling he is the only man in the world who's played every comes in and looked. for my keeper. he also coached the namibian saying. so maybe there is an african style of football but. you might think you know.
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we had it in disorganized academia in bed when i could build a. real farm has got to your bush africa just below the kids you will. be hit hard to god. are you sure what about this guy. mossad agent superstar he allegedly received one million votes in egypt's presidential election despite not being a candidate. for the nile and he's practically worshipped in liverpool when he was this season's premier league top scorer. and then came the shock mosel i was injured in the champions league final but there's still hope for agents it doesn't look like he'll miss out on the world cup
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the african footballer of the year basically got his country there singlehandedly. out here clearly here addressing the obvious that these are students from plastics to have such a playoff across like argentina has messi we don't have what we have a good spirit and a good fifteen if he doesn't play if you have a bad day for the team or. egypt will be hopeless difference will be made by the best team was blinking like a team who is breaking is a very good spirit i think this is most important more important than to have one moment something. like nigeria no superstars but they still dominated in world cup qualification. brought along stability nine out of ten of his players played their trade abroad and he helped bring unity to this group. we have more of a spirit because everybody is happy to come and to play for nigeria nigeria
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a young. this team with the world cup with lots of protecting power from the english premier league but they have always killed draw for the first time a manager who managed to have a balance peace prize a. nice mood to the feel but also the federation a force to win in their preparation match against two time world champion argentina after being two no down it was a statement for the rest of the world. restage is the feet down scales on the ground and we've tried to pen through all the people in nigeria don't forget that we are the youngest team and it's difficult to be the best one in the world cup. one hundred eighty million nigerians have long been dreaming of this moment it's the first time since the glorious nineties that hope is in the air. those of retreat to our country in india of all good and could they be a surprise and make it to the semi's no african nation has made it that far. be
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a national problem of the hungry of the ninety's by coming. to our species. but carol in the main things started to be suddenly good news roger miller was in poland all these guys we expected in the early two thousand though maybe i don't see strange people see the african vultures being ghana also came quite close they were ousted from the twenty ten world cup despite playing great football after luis suarez's infamous have bowled they lost on penalties two year ago i in the quarter finals. everybody thought now the african teams they are there they are basically reach to the top of the international football but that's not the truth it's not the reality. the reality is still a tough and often dusty one. it's worlds away. from
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a year of sleep you think at least. there's no structure in there because he's still not the best they don't have good pitches they don't have modern stadiums they don't have a nice in the clubs they must have much better as the first to do his coaching education it's not too difficult because a little bit to do is to say you have players the most helpless young africans in the age of sixteen seventeen eighteen they're going overseas they go from europe and they knew some are losing the touch with their own country. young players want to head to europe it offers the prospect of being a top player in the future which is really likely at clubs here in nigeria. is. the greatest talents leave as quickly as they can it's a vicious cycle could that be why there's never been an african world champion. for
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potence jollier there goes that i hope that it will break the law book. the country it will be read reviews of their skin. maybe with an african success in russia. but which of the african teams could spring a surprise. in senegal as a physical body strong team one of the hardest teams to play against because they face very very hard particularly good india physically strong but for me a lot of seem to be just involved in the world cup. be it to new zealand which i also don't think is a team which can make it all the way to have a really difficult group. didn't sort of thing for a rude shock. for me nigeria very dangerous.
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to give a yacht off the shores i live in well after the roughing up with these engine week he said slowly most of you were ships of the minute so serious with this it was docked in the minicab political what does it mean the whole of the bloody it's a freedom don't come out of the group it's not because we're hard rugby that is because the other teams up but that. makes sense let's quickly had some morocco. local i think is for me a brilliant illicit great coach a very good team is a french coach everyone off knew have one of the best the needs in africa he took the africa relations with so we are told that with the ivory coast you can reason
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that for ten percent out of every player. hope that african team. will win one day the world cup. and what if they can't do it this time around it doesn't matter let's have fun let's have joy let's try to make very good games who want to win no cost but if we don't win because they are that they respect it's can happen also or just roll let's have fun let's write three role because of the youngest team in the world and we'll learn them and in each case for us will be a wonderful one come. home. not everyone thinks it will be a wonderful one cup that many are afraid that hooligans will move in the tournament .
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just. say twenty six during the european championship violence broke out between russian hooligans and english fans leaving trails of destruction. following the strife in must say the b.b.c. reported on russia's hooligan army and fans against traveling to russia for the world cup. and when b.b.c. is doing something like that come on the sun or daily mirror you know they're writing that don't come to russia hungry bears will eat you up and that was a serious story.
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was the alarmist coverage over the top i can almost guarantee that this will be one of the safest wall crops in the entire history. let's back up a bit thirty years ago the soviet union had just collapsed and many people had to fight for their existence. breeding grounds for a. russian real fang culture star was nine hundred ninety s. when there was a huge vacuum of the. ones they could do whatever they wanted at the state. government just turned a blind eye for. young men founded so-called in which groups would face one another organized street fights. but. nowadays it's more about competition then
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it's all my. his own sport russian hooligans don't drink alcohol they try i. think. this is a promotional video from the ultra faction red blue warriors. some of its members are active in the hooligan scene and sport nazi symbols. in almost all clubs for. all troops are far right still five seven years ago thousands of people at the stadium in luzhniki were chanting white power to each other for one stands for not like they were celebrating here there's thursday this is the. country that lost twenty eight million people in the war in the war against the nazis celebrated the thirst bursting into open swastika
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. but russia is not the only country with a hooligan problem in greece for example away fans are no longer permitted it matches key to cases of extreme violence just weeks ago the champions league semifinal clash is a rupture between diehard liverpool and roma fans it's also not uncommon to find neo nazis and violence in german stadiums. you know in germany there was also a huge problem. and only long term educational issues this is what we are completely. only tough punish moves police arrests threats and things like. those dname say educate young fans. them away from racist
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and homophobic fans. the stadiums will be free of such groups in the future and free from racist taunts coming from the stands like in much of the russia vs france much incent petersburg. when taking into account the severity of violence at russian league and cup matches it begs the question how will these hooligans behave at the world cup i. think that's going to the kitchen for nothing that is just as you said if they could there's a great seriousness. you know it's been a pleasure to see them you know they say that there's a. soul these days we see on this crackdown on fans like at six o'clock they knock your door and say no we came just for you know for a for
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a talk to tell you what should be done and what should not be done but they don't leave you a choice you either you disappear from the whole city for the tournament or you will have some very huge troubles believe you she is a good and useful. to me to the truth and you saw it because i wouldn't want to keep it i'm pretty sure you know it's. just but it was you know i'm eager to do our best to secure that comfort and safety of our guests. so will it really be a festival of peace and tolerance without violence. even though. jim someone present. i feel for that you know what i see is one saves me but at the moment it is so that. even the present football.
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these walled couple to be unique chose for hundreds of thousands of people to come to russia to see it and understand it themselves while this country deserves to be treated like what are the critical points what are the great things of all this knowledge. is an easy out so elisabetta italian reporter has to choose a new team to root for this world cup why not germany. i am italian living in berlin. and i have a program. this summer will be hot this is the summer of the water cup everybody
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here in germany is waiting for that well ok not exactly everybody. leaches. italy will not participate this time around i believe in their mean for a why should they really be mournin about the italian team not played all sure that consider it and fink able. and. it's not that is a question but then also somebody who can help me to find out the answer. i head for a club which was founded by tahlia migrants in nineteen eighty in berlin place in the southern division and for the past two years they have been coached by a true jamel legend thomas s.-a a k e. asked that of the german
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teen that twenty tall in my county in mumbai nineteen also played in italy syria he is the perfect person to help me make up my mind to the club italia facies concorde and i get the chance to talk to the collapse vice president. tried to tell us about the young equine gen minute but. if you recall a political and they care about the way they were and les if i believe jeremiah has a local standard we stipulate that humans are the. same but they are more or your family. friends are made up and so like a county. in need you know civilian maggette is you but killers from. the goalkeeper look at who was born in
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germany doesn't agree that america. will leave it at that oh. well of her man. and that's all they want out of schools out there. i. mean. club italia fights hopelessly against the traditional german team to step down right in on the morning. she die for get a team off my home country this summer maybe that's not the stance. i. eat. i was. i.
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in your shoes if you're going to look for. god and screwed up i. comments by then i mean i was once i mean and i think i must have been more than or so i mean as you know i miss you know ya punished me fear you haven't got me to that you know tomorrow yeah yeah yeah yeah after you have a new timing of reasons one is there for him it's like a reason to go for an eye to eye on that one thing italia yeah and out of this just . out of this the man that i must have to give my vote my sense of vendors and so on food clothes i began a few sportsman's of years this is not particular stuff or even my not my car yet again i. i. i decided now in the fifties part without the need for. when there. was here what
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he does and much of can also for the character will go to kind of tear out of you know ones that might even be. difficult octaves. freedon of want to go ought not to do what we've been working for them money i'm tough woman rushed right have been as far as how many want me i need also from you a little running with in future for me if in the toilet and we can train after the fact and for. the kill. for. want to go augmented as well what we've been working for them of us money i'm tough woman rushed right have been as far as how more of me i know also from you a little running within feet off and if in the toilet and we can train after the fact and for the.
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problems out there now slender with an italian is of equal to that or much as i'm glad you're now. kind of on the front porch that they had. i. so it can't reconcile i really should support jeremiah at his work up but he couldn't really tell me why and so the question remains what is it about the german national team that i'm supposed to love. before hand i want to take a look from the inside and to do that i have to travel back to my own country. south here all you need telling the german team is training here and not for the first time their first visit was in one thousand nine hundred there must three center in two thousand and fourteen both times germany won the world cup maybe
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displace instead good luck charm. its national identity it really so important for football fans. many players in the german squad conference backgrounds. like center back. he has gotten the truth. jadwin into museum passports. defender anton you dig a smile that comes from sierra leone. and the family of magic midfielder. historic each one week before the training camp. with the precedent provoked heated sui actions in germany. and for good. we've got the business to end this so i. mention. it because she wants him. in there and.
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so i did for his. opening and yes some people have to have camps with national identity it's a little bit like my situation i want to talk about that with the to. this is so much stuff you could get out of deduction manship sign. a. village or. as i understand from the. literates new stuff. you know. just the name of the village is sort of it also. is for infinity. and feel in that would you feel that they could be maybe fans of the german team this summer
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and what does it mean to you to play for germany. my mother. from said i want to but i few german and i'm very proud to play for a country like germany so. me this discussion off any other i'm also very proud to live and work in germany but i still don't know if i could be a fan of just. it's tricky dilemma maybe i just have to see how i feel during the work. could you tell her work. what would you do. move.
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to. move. into orbit while his fans watch from the two very different new ok president i will not because while it's far from
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alexandria just as heading back to me i assess after two years of intense preparation. what's the german astronauts mission and what challenges does he face . thirty six w. . has to alex. alex i'm aghast knife from the international space station how have the first days on the boat. was expecting from the you guys use mission. president friends from outer space results on the campuses are going to wave a joke in the back of the head of a monkey w. nice to see that fifteen hundred hours sleep you see.
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we make up about three quarters of africa that found out that we ought to civil service and. they want to shape the continents future to. be part of it and join african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their chairmanships. a seventy seven percent. platform for africa charge. birth place home tunes of species on a home worth saving and. most of those are big changes and most start with small steps but the ideas tell stories of could induce people into innovative projects around the world players that contributed to steve kramer a pseudonym shows and reforestation. interactive content teaching the
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next generation of the little touch of. players and all channels available for people to change at shows and most of term and to build something here for the next generation the idea is for the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. players. play . this is newsnight from but then donald trump alles the outcome of the summit meeting with kim jong il. does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict is not out to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven
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over and over again adversaries scant indeed become friends with the trumpet speaking after signing a joint declaration with a north korean leader to denuclearize the korean peninsula.


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