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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is day don't mean you fly from double trouble hails the outcome of a summit with kim jong il. else you should not have to define the future yesterday's conflict is not out to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again adversaries can indeed become friends speaking after signing a joint agreement with a north korean leader to denuclearize the korean peninsula. got us also helped to ease tensions with the north by promising to stop holding military exercises with
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the south also on the program. president emanuel mycroft denounces gets laid over the structure of my friendship as migrants for the past or so for spite he accuses the italian government of cynicism and different making on its international obligations. i just both could pass from the start of this year football world cup hosts fully twenty twenty six total months of being considered a joint pick for the united states kind of on mexico comes up against morocco to bring you a preview of wednesday's screen. welcome to the program. donald trump and kim jong un have ended their summit in singapore with a joint declaration pledging to denuclearize the korean peninsula the meeting was unprecedented until just
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a few months ago thought highly unlikely as the two leaders had been hurling insults at each other even threatening war today they appear to have put the past behind them. it's the moment many doubted would happen u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un signed a joint declaration which commits p.r. nyang to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula the highly anticipated summit in singapore hailed a success by the leaders. it's been taking. thanks . today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind us we're about to sign a historic document the world will see a major change in the idea that. we have developed a very special bond so. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of
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a very big and very dangerous problem for the world trump is confident that this time will be different he spoke of his special bond with kim and as with all friendships compromise must come from both sides directly after the summit trump announced washington would cease its joint military drills with south korea. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money on lashon until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should it's a move that's seen as a major concession by some but president trump headed back to washington proud of his achievements his team plans to begin working on the details of the declaration next week. alexandra nabhan has been following of those talks from singapore alexander are you able to put more flesh on the fake bugs of
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what appears to have been a great. well that the comments that was signed today from was a bold change but had legs detail that's something we have to stress here. and so each of the four main points you talk about can be phoned it in previous agreements with north korea some of them even in a stronger way let's take the most important the key issue here did you clear ization in the paper or kim jong un commits to work towards complete and you clear was a shelf north korea however we don't know what specific steps the north korean regime is going to take and so what is the timetable there we don't know how the u.s. is going to verify that that is indeed happening president just said during the
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press conference that it's going to happen very soon and that he believes that kim jong il is really willing to give up his nuclear weapons stress that that's what he's feeling his instinct is telling him he is still. taking all of that into account the have to say that this document is very vague that it seems to be all talk about snow action. in amongst all the war words of president trump did announce at least one apparently concrete concession. will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money on lassen until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should i was on for a moment those military maneuvers a voice both of the north what did the usa get in return.
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well it's doesn't seem getting anything in return and president talked about this point during the press conference and he sat at that this military drills were very expensive anyway and provocative so that kate give them up and he also said that after signing this agreement on a promise to destroy. test sites in north korea but we don't know. there will be any independent experts on the grounds to collect evidence that this missile test site is really being destroyed and we have to keep in mind that shortly before this summit in singapore the north korean plants to destroy a nuclear test site in the country and they even invited to join
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a list to witness these events but later u.s. secretary of state on kayo criticize they were no independent experts no inspectors to confirm that this site was really destroyed. i was under phenomenon in singapore thank you. well the e.u. has praised the summit between donald trump and kim jong un saying it indicated complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula could be achieved in a statement the e.u. is diplomatic chief fredricka moga rini said that this summit was a crucial a necessary step to build up the positive developments achieved in into a career in relations and on the potential of so far. that's also been reaction from other world leaders including japan for example where the country has long been exposed to the threats of north korea's short a mid range missiles here's prime minister shinzo other. you know.
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i don't know if i welcome both of us north korea summit as a step forward towards a comprehensive resolution of the issues surrounding north korea because it confirmed leader kim jong un's will to commit to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and south korea president has promised to write a new history with his country's northern neighbor he was full of praise for kim jong un's decision to go ahead with the summit and a statement released by his office president said leaving the dark days of war and conflict behind we will write a new chapter of peace and cooperation will be there together with north korea along the way. this was the big prize of all of this is the complete denuclearization off the korean peninsula stressed stuff in is executive director of the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the group was awarded the nobel peace prize last year welcome to date i believe you're unhappy with today's
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declaration if you could tell us why. well we are really welcoming the fact that these two leaders have chosen a diplomatic way to solve their their conflicts just a few months ago they were threatening to start nuclear war starts of really beautiful stiffy but when it comes to the actual agreement or this document that they signed on there lots of you know found for photographs it doesn't contain that much actually there are no details and doesn't actually muster hasn't already been agreed on before there's still quite a wide gap between what the u.s. considers is the nuclear station of the korean peninsula and what north korea thinks is so i think we will still have to see what happens in the next steps america has said that it will cease military maneuvers in the south do you see that as positive. well if that means that south korea will more will no longer participate in nuclear weapons exercises the sump i
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think that's a really positive thing however we need to look at this as three in the international treaties that exists already this company just an agreement between two men that can change their mind at any time it has to be anchored international law we have international legal treaties that provides for denuclearization such as t.v. on the prohibition on the reference to what would you like to see happen next. what we would really like to see that north and south korea jointly together to do nuke us the whole korean peninsula joins the treaty on the purpose of nuclear weapons and then of course we would like to see both the u.s. and north korea sign and ratify this. perhaps a test ban treaty i think that's a really crucial step and they also have to avoid legitimizing nuclear weapons one of the dangers to see with today's summit was really that kind of the jim isis can really move us a nuclear arms you know leader and that's a pretty dangerous sign to show that nuclear weapons equals power for states and i
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thank you for getting the foreign ball in forgive me for interrupting but we have a need for support the whole point of debate diplomacy is dealing with what is happening on the ground now so north korea has nuclear weapons the plan is to denuclearize i accept what you say about the difference in interpretation but that's just a fact of life the north has nuclear weapons this is a step along the road to ridding them of those. there of course but we don't must not equate this with christy's and that is an it's a good thing these so weapons of mass destruction inhumane illegal would violate the loss of war they're talking about mass murdering civilians but these days i think that's really something to keep in mind and not see them as they're part of psalms special powerful club. it is a special power club again what about service where we are in reality. if you look
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at the permanent members of the security council they have that because they have these weapons so this is a step towards making at least one more country how not. well then the p five are not there because of their nuclear weapons that's not the part of the security council agreement but i think that we really have to stop thinking this is something attractive because what we really doing then is in creating incentives for other countries to also develop nuclear weapons these weapons are inhumane they would cause catastrophic to military consequences like chemical weapons biological weapons better bet you serve food from i can't thank you so much for joining tito. and the world of business as you can imagine has been following us proceedings in singapore kingly benefit is here with more to give you the ups and downs of this phil the initial euphoria is already fading traders wary
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about the details of kim and trans denuclearization deal but if it proves the stain of all it will boost the economy of north korea which has a lot of catching up to do before the war the north had the upper hand of the south with the lion share of industry that is before the two split the two koreas similar in size but there are twice as many people living in the south although we don't have the exact numbers the two economies a vastly different twenty six in south korea's g.d.p. was around fifteen hundred billion u.s. dollars the notes just twenty five million south korea is one of the world's biggest exporters with a huge surplus and at imports it does a trillion dollars worth of trade with other countries every year north korea's trade is minuscule almost all of it with china. this is the view into north korea from the chinese border city of dandong here interest in the events
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that led to the extraordinary meeting of the north korean leader and the us president has been huge for many locals it was a bad business as much as politics. if the meeting between trump and kim is successful it will be great for us people in dong because we do a lot of cross border trade. is mainly by cross border trade that's what my husband does he had investments in north korea so we really hope that the country opens up soon. for a country as isolated as north korea maintaining ties with china has proven to be an economic lifeline look at the numbers and you'll see why in twenty fifteen north korea imported goods worth almost three and a half billion dollars eighty five percent of them came from china india and russian imports together accounted for a further five and a half percent with countries including mexico and the philippines making up the
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rest. turning to north korean exports now that they were worth two point eight billion dollars isolation reports of human rights abuses including slave labor prison camps and torture are among the reasons the country's been shocked of international diplomacy. and let's. start with you completes the nuclearization is that how the brain. dead walked the walk on the red carpets of capella hotel but are they talking the talk and investors don't seem very convinced to even be subliminal subdued movement in the markets today. this is framed to look like a win but the market players are seeking further clarity as to what this denuclearization actually means genelle how do european markets.
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are they even reading into it at all i mean the market reaction here has been pretty flat as well and in contrast to the cautious optimism in the lead up to the summit but that optimism of course was a founded on nothing going terribly wrong and nothing has gone terribly wrong and now we have the outlines of the agreement that are light on the kind of detail that would provide fresh impetus from investors and that's indeed reflected on the indices which are more than restrained today then because i think investors do realize that this is just the start of a process and that there'll be more for them to react to the line that would be more significant perhaps like obvious failure or success i think what's interesting is there is a lot going on behind the scenes and drama speculators are already buying up land along the borders of coal supplies a stocking up is an economic surge around the corner. well we are seeing
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a quite a bit of speculative buying and speculative property prices coming up on the border towns such as the one featured in the city of dun dun this is in hopes of the restrictions and the sanctions being lifted. north korea in hopes that the business will come booming again this is also and disappear in all of north korea's money clus and what they can do to move business around the region is well briefly which countries would benefit most from a prosperous north korea. well immediately looking at all these nations such as japan and china south korea already enjoys quite a bit of business from north korea and that's expected to grow as well emerging markets also in that region asia pacific region do extent expect to see a bit of gain from this deal as well and you know i guess this gives global tourists new destination. you know you could almost hear donald trump mentally
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building a trump tower on the north korean coast he did say that it would look good for condos and hotels but you know obviously there's a lot to overcome their tourists are still tightly monitored and controlled and until tourists are able to move independently and safely there shouldn't be a tourist search and maybe there's a business deal there for trump as well thank you very much to both of you andrea in singapore general in frankfurt force we can say it's a first step to thor in relations between the u.s. and north korea the last time that happened it led to the creation of a special economic zone in the north open to south korean businesses seoul is going to restart it you know we used his reports this factory outside south korea's capital seoul shouldn't even exist. up to two years ago the spacing rings for shock absorbers that the workers produce here were made in north korea in
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a special collaborative economic zone of k. song just behind the border as che tech was the first company to set up shop there back in two thousand and four industrial park is unusual as to take c.e.o. you chunk going tells me it's run jointly by the two koreas the biggest advantage of the collaboration has been having access to north korean workers. they were passionate to look. intelligent. those qualities that made them stand out above other labels other regions those were the reasons why companies in case we're so happy to work with them. and they were cheap north koreans only earned one tenth of what their counterparts in south korea made on par with other cheap labor countries in the region but case song is only sixty kilometers from seoul and everyone there speaks korean for local businesses a major plus but then in two thousand and sixteen it was all over the border was
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closed after north korea conducted nuclear and ballistic missile tests since then the only way of accessing the country from the south has been through binoculars. that bridge back there is part of the railway line that leads to the k. song industrial complex at the moment of course back election is closed but that could easily change and it could in fact become part of a much wider plan of economic cooperation between north and south korea that the government in seoul has put on the table. that plan and business is three major economic orders and industrial logistics and transport belt along the west coast connecting the korean peninsula with the north east of china and energy and natural resources belt into russians far east and an eco and tourism area and the demilitarized zone along the border between the two koreas. toibin k expert on the economies of north and south korea thinks economic integration on the korean
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peninsula is a win win. south korea today is like an island but if we work together with north korea we can connect directly to the trans-siberian railway and to the chinese belton road and that will allow us to reach the netherlands and amsterdam as well as germany and frankfurt. for s.j. take to a thaw in relations with the north would be good news if the k. song industrial zone were to reopen they could easily double their production they say and that would help boost north korea's economy to. g.m. said it's already an interesting place to go as a tourist i found it extremely interesting myself to be that yes they could improve the canteen or show that stuff of mr cho and that chairman that karen thank you bad north and south koreans went their separate ways after the armistice that ended the korean hostilities in one hundred fifty three japanese photographer you sukkot he
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shot his best been taking a series of portraits of people on both sides of the demarcation line some aspects of life in the two koreas are still quite similar but he shot his photo showed a stark contrast between the prosperous south on the impoverished know. they're going to dinner every country has its own rules that people live by that's just the way to is i don't want to judge what's right or what's wrong. do you know us now. or who is happy or unhappy. north korea on the left juxtaposed with south korea on the right so similar yet so
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different. it is a single ethnicity of people who speak the same language and share similar names that have been divided for seventy years completely different lives in two different societies but i know what have i got one throughout this and. he she does photo series is called border korea it explores the two separate realities on either side of the border formed by the thirty eighth parallel. the pictures taken on a dozen trips to the south and seven to the north are simple and intimate. during the dickens with this it's good timing for this exhibition given the current developments but i don't think i'd regard the pictures only in that context they wanted also you're ok now looking you out and of course people are influenced by big political events and they don't they don't get it i'm honest but these pictures
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show that people live life at their own pace that's what kind of editor the photos portray ordinary people at various stages of life threatening psychic school children married couples all senior citizens i try to capture moments in a cycle you are in a lifetime routed through the doors having to do this. the photographer worked under both systems and social backdrops. although he had much more difficulty in the north. he had less time on his hands there and was always monitored especially during interaction with his subjects. home months i spotted this girl in a park she was roller blading i asked if i could photograph her and she said yes to the india that was in top tucson this. picture was paired with this teenager from
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south korea. he she to first find his motifs in the north. the similarities are often striking although those portrayed sometimes disagree. human it. starts off in no i was surprised that the girl on the right wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the north korean counterpart. she just said so that's what she looks like ok most of them i'd expected her to say something like oh we're the same age but we're totally different when she just didn't go there to talk to go. to school. the project started in two thousand and nine as talks on north korea's nuclear program were collapsing. last year south
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korea elected a liberal president who has brought new momentum to relations between north and south korea. many see this as a turning point. so they're. going to be confused by all the momentous changes underway and so little model and was able to do this project because the two countries are so different to go if they grow closer my idea wouldn't work as well . book to be honest i'm glad i managed to do it when i did my. mind yet the. quality. of the unification between north and south korea is still hard to imagine she does audience already has a hard time telling comes from where. this is life from still to come from the present emanuel mccraw denounces
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a very over its handling of the stranded by cruise ship as the aquarius now prepares to sail for spain we ask what the dispute means for the european union's policy towards. women in the arts and feminism and the age of me that's the theme of one of the debates taking place today i v w's global media forum involved. and who will host the twenty twenty six world cup morocco goes up against three north american countries will go. i had two tomatoes decision. to get you could always get the doubling just download dot com from google play it for me apple still give you access to all the isis news from around the world as well as push notifications but i think breaking news also gives it to send us a photos on flickr. told us how to move up the phone . the took place.
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checkin. fasten your seat belts place we go for a look at the box. look at. checkin. travel guide on how to double. the sucka the big booty you think is going to be no joke the flame. matches the scores. of the two thousand and eight. cup starts june
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fourteenth on the w. news. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come to the ship this picture was taken in bunky in the us it's in an exercise book why don't cite many other phases of people in the war and you can rape women and girls who case goes to one wanted children. become one winning documentary starts june fourteenth on d w. i know it's. none from the international space station how have the first days of being what's expecting from the you rise in this mission . and present conference from outer space. is another way of looking at the back of the head of the news to get fifteen hundred
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hours free to see. news live from not for. top stories after south u.s. president donald trump have come off to summit with north korea's leader kim jong il who pledged to read the korean peninsula nuclear weapons on us quick to halt military exercises with south korea. french president emanuel house denounced it's foolish refusal to take in more than six hundred migrants stranded on board a rescue ship in the mediterranean present mccraw accuses the italian government of cynicism and said it had an obligation under international law it's sending ships to help transport the migrants to space which has offered them refuge the french island of corsica has also offered to take in the ship. after more than two days stuck at sea the six hundred twenty nine migrants on board of the rescue
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ship. are finally heading to a safe haven european n.g.o.s u.s. military rescued them off the libyan coast on saturday night among them unaccompanied minors and pregnant women. the ship was headed toward sicily but italian authorities refused entry as did. stuck on the high seas the migrants created a diplomatic storm until spain offered to take in the ship. the standoff is the result of a tougher stance on immigration under italy's new government something the european union will likely have to deal with increasingly in the months ahead. we asked for a gesture of solidarity from europe we asked europe to share the burden of the migration emergency. and not to leave us alone as has happened over the past few
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years this gesture goes in this direction therefore i can't do anything else than thank the spanish authorities except at our invitation. to. the n.g.o.s that that run the acquiring has worn a journey to spain will extend the migrants on the sea and put vulnerable people at risk it will take the migrants three to four days to reach the designated port. where they finally hope to touch land. so how is the european union likely to respond because. joins us from strasburg welcome for you today has been asking for more help when it comes to handling irregular migration so how has the you reacted now to rome's unilateral action. it depends where you look so stressed for parliamentarians were furious of course about the inhumane as they say action off to the italian government on the other hand also of course about
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european member states how can we force the council the council of member states to finally make up their minds and make it decision on how they want to deal concretely with the mike in crisis that's one of the questions that were asked here and of course now the ball really is in the court of the other member states they do have to decide they do have to come up with solutions because frankly this is a well deserved kick against the shins of european countries from the italian side because indeed they did ask every summit in brussels they have been asking for help and they never got it now the countries in the european union will be forced to make up their minds and to make decisions here and three for election you saw this members of this new government say the bad going to do something about this migrant crisis is this now the new normal for italy. it
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did there is a fear of course that the interior minister who has really excelled in very strong words to put it mildly against migrants that he is going to continue was discourse so the other mediterranean countries will have to get ready to sort of somehow help however we are going to have a european summit within three weeks. where all the leaders will be together at the table and that is the point where they will have have to hash out at least the first steps for it tenable solution for a solution that leads to the future for some sort of redistribution for better border more money for the reception countries for better border controls and all those things they have been talking about interminably and not really done anything about so far so briefly barbara is this now a growing trend amongst countries refusing to help migrants. we see
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some of course particularly hungary poland some of the eastern europeans and now we see it in italy other countries just have been reticent because they haven't been asked so much we see a trend in scandinavia that they say their ship is full in their countries however there is an absolute need to find a european solution as difficult as this may be more money to be put on the table for the countries to do people take people in better controls and of course old ideas like hot spots for migrants outside of europe are back on the table what this action of italy does this unilateral action certainly is to force the issue on the forefront onto the forefront of the european problems and they will have to really deal with that now. in strasbourg thank you. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the united states has a very controversial new office in taiwan that it's referred referring to as an
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american institute it's widely seen as a defacto embassy on the self-will an island china claims taiwan as its territory criticize the opening of the institute as harmful to us china ties. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has ruled that victims of a domestic or gang violence should no longer automatically qualify for asylum in the united states and this overturns a twenty sixteen ruling that granted asylum to a woman from el salvador who'd been right and abused by her husband the child could affect tens of thousands of refugees. pope francis has accepted the resignation of three chilean bishops following a child sex abuse scandal they resigned last month after being accused of covering up abuse by a paedophile priest during the ninety's eighty's ninety's the pope has apologized to the victims and admitted the grave mistakes were made. but physically it is
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back look various clouds over the grow the economy are going to dock up by the day that's according to the international monetary fund's head christine the god describing the state of global trade in the era of trump here in germany however columnists don't appear to be worried report presented by the o.e.c.d. in berlin suggests growth in europe's top economy will remain strong next year that said the group did list germany's large trade surplus as a source of concern and has called on the country to invest more in infrastructure and technology. and as he saw we've got the o.e.c.d. secretary general right here with us in the studio. thank you very much for coming in thank you and explain to me how everything is going so wrong as far as trade goes as far as global trade goes and how germany is managing to remain so economically stable when it's so dependent on global trade it's a huge exporter but your basic premise is that there are things going so wrong and
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does not trade is now growing at four to five percent that is higher than we've ever had in many years actually we had trade growing at zero minus something and then we have two percent very anemic now ideally should be growing at about seven to eight percent. but it's catching you know it could be doing even better at the moment what has been doing for us because it's not because of the last trade didn't you know it's because we had many many years because of the crisis because we're still suffering the consequences of the crisis but it does not seem to be too affected by these tensions and by but the tensions are creating uncertainty and uncertainty is bad and it's a moment when the recovery needs to underpin you know to be to be underwritten by all the players exactly if you want that growth to be sustainable you need investment and investors at the moment don't see it. stable future trade is growing
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because there's greater confidence but that should lead to greater investment and investment you're absolutely right in you know investment requires just like seeds need to watch or you know it requires confidence confidence confidence so as the o.e.c.d. head what are you doing to give investors that confidence i mean you can give your outlooks you can give your warnings you know we also give policy recommendations is not just about projections and numbers but they have to be you know numbers that kind of whisper in your ear and the idea is everybody tries to attract foreign investment everybody wants more foreign investment to come to the country whether you're developing country a developed country or halfway if the question is how do you do that which of the elements that are being seen by investors so. the question is how do you focus on those elements and how do you make sure is it the skills is it the workforce is it
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the rule of law is it going to be a case of refocusing on different countries and different economies leaving the u.s. out of the equation for example well you can never leave the u.s. out of the equation about anything they're the largest economy in the world and they're going to continue to be the largest economy the world for a long time the only question is this is a moment when we should reinforce multilateralism. why because globalization did not benefit everybody in the same way and therefore doubts are being cast about globalization itself. and multilateralism how do you deal with trade if not multilaterally how do you deal with investment flows across borders by definition if it's not multilaterally how do you deal with things like climate change if not multilaterally how do you let me ask you a should have not multilaterally how do you convince trump to deal multilaterally i
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think we have to continue to put the evidence forth we have to continue also to put the evidence about what happens when you have unilateral solutions or even bilateral solutions and why it is that you get. a below par solution. human rights groups urging bangladesh to stop a deadly crackdown on drugs that seem at least one hundred thirty people killed over recent weeks activists compared it to the war on drugs in the philippines which has killed thousands of suspects critics accuse bangladeshi police of carrying on extra judicial killings and arbitrary detentions of people to be involved in the drugs trade the government a surfeit dismissed the allegations insisting it has popular support for its moves to curb drugs use. aside ashleigh called the whole how is the executive editor
4:42 pm
the daily stop under the she's leading english language newspaper he joins us from venice a global media forum in bonn a welcome d.w. why is the government cracking down now. well. you want to know. basically the addiction that you have been as has gone to the level of national crisis in bangladesh. if you look at the facts about as but the findings of the no good things the department in bangladesh about seven million seven to eight million people are addicted to yaba the magic pill of world war two and the said saddest part of it is that about thirty six percent of our population is you and most of the addicts. you it is the
4:43 pm
biggest hope of bangladesh so thing is that it has gone to that level that ably the section of the society at least a big number of you know book relations getting addicted devoted every family almost every family has you know. in india. you know so so sad let me let let me let me interrupt you there sir clearly bangladesh has a massive problem with vest yaba but you don't get your ass a problem overnight so why is it that the ballot ashour government has failed to act before and what has prompted it to act now. well i really cannot say for this shows that addiction problems criminal activities involving from.
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out of the other addiction is not is was being deported in the media of late quite frequently and most of the you know very upper class society people being you know reported to be addicted to the yaba and they're getting involved with crime so possibly that's why. the media report from to the government to take some serious action and it has a clear link with ruling that if you use a crisis ok got going talking to thank you for joining us cya to ask a whole lot. bangladesh's the daily stuff thank you thank you. not a perfect world people's gender class of skin color would not stand in the way they
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have rights innovation. so how can the media help to realize the dream of eliminating discrimination and disparity well here in germany decision makers and influences from around the world to come together. on your level even for us to focus on the topic of global inequalities and technology in the media come from my people access to knowledge and power the events in the gym studio it's got a journalistic gastro hundred countries that they can leverage from the culture desk is here to tell us will welcome david so this clearly is a huge problem global inequality is where does one start right here and start i mean it's it's overwhelming it's all around us here there are all the forms of discrimination sexism. racism homophobia transphobia the list goes on then you have this huge gap between the rich and the poor disparities in access to resources to education and all of these factors are of course linked the good news
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is that these are increasingly entering the global consciousness and that's also where we come in as journalists and media outlets that's where our responsibility also lies and the great potential of these global media forum is it's the only international media conference that brings together the movers and the shakers from journalism politics business academia and civil society to put their heads together on these issues now to break it down a little bit more of course we couldn't have a global media forum and twenty eighteen without mentioning me to movement against sexual assault and harassment here's a trailer for today's big panel discussion called. maestra meet to how female is probably true today and this panel discussion is not just about harvey weinstein in hollywood it's a global look at the butterfly effects of the me too movement which. speakers from three continents will be talking from their very different perspectives on the
4:47 pm
fight for women's rights and how the latest developments have helped or even hindered them in staking their claims within society the media and the arts no i don't want to do too much more mansplaining here so let's look at this global phenomenon and also hear from some of our fantastic panelists. women take to the streets in chile a popular revolt against sexism in society and violence towards women. because this man the trigger the weinstein is taken away in handcuffs he wants power food movie boss has finally been charged with rape the wall of silence that once protected him and men like him has been broken the me too movement is really a wake up call i think it's something that fortunately because of social media there's a way to get the word out and to share stories in an immediate sense there is also
4:48 pm
no doubt that india has a huge and really strong and really important women's movement where many very deep questions are being raised animal one that is challenging this state a sexual abuse scandal has even the swedish academy in stuff called the nobel prize for the job will not be awarded this year as a result when you ask about the power of women and culture it's a very very difficult. problem to solve because when you look at all the statistics women are really disenfranchised from being so storytellers so overall when you look at media production it is a very very male dominated industry and the stories that are being told are most often about men i really think that what we're seeing in india right now it may look terribly worrying from the outside but it is the upper heaver that comes from
4:49 pm
a very deep process of change so for people like me it's actually quite interesting to see that and i hope that it's going to mean that we will retain the best parts of our culture but we will throw away the rubbish that is also there the chimes seems right but first social. change but can the me too at times campaigns bring about change of real significance. but the time is up in the short interesting phenomena because being global that crossing that lots of different societies and when one does if each society is talking about exactly the same problem when they talk about leads to well they probably aren't to be honest but you did mention that it is across all societies and that is one of the fascinating things about me too it shows the power of social media these days to spread of movements to bring together people from all across
4:50 pm
the globe on an issue at least whether or not they're talking about the exact same thing and that is what meets here is done it's not only shut a light further on sexism and sexual assault but it's also showed how how much the media can really bring people together now you do have to get into the individual movements in these countries and we talk to one of our panel speakers activists or brushy butalia about this because it's not just me too it's not just hollywood and it's not all new is it she is or is the co-founder of india's first feminist publishing house and she had this to say about the movement in india which actually came in the wake of some very high profile rape cases in her country. this is not inspired by the me too movement of the west people often think that it happened over then everybody else is following and copying no this is grown from our own reality but of course we're aware of the me too movement and we have been
4:51 pm
applauding it because it's important but we have our own movement which has really no me to sexual harassment something that people can talk about where there's a very stringent to the law against it and where also now some very highly placed academics. other people in top jobs are beginning to be held accountable. for the ship with all the other she's part of the panel discussion news maestra me too that's going to be part of a very very special installments of arts twenty one here on t.w. that will be this weekend and next weekend i highly recommend tuning in and especially to other men because as we all know it's time that we really start listening more what women have to say. david leavitt's thank you. know. some spose the football world cup in russia starts on thursday but before
4:52 pm
they see as addition officials must first agree who will host the twenty twenty six tournament. is up against a joint venture from the united states canada and mexico twenty twenty six will be a world cup with a difference number of teams will increase to forty eight a decision from the fifo congress in moscow is expected at some point on wednesday . teams from forty eight countries squaring off in eighty games who can host the new jumbo world cup in two thousand and twenty six the usa says it's more than ready along with neighbors mexico and canada the u.s. would host three quarters of the matches in the tournament though with its wealth of state of the art stadiums and dense infrastructure building costs would be low prospects for profits high some fifteen billion dollars by one estimate fee for officials to love the idea. but among some mexican fans the bid is
4:53 pm
a loser. that's what nobody has claimed that not me we both know work up together and then they try to separate credibility. but there is another candidate maraca that has a completely different plan in mind the north african country is about the size of the us state of california presenting much shorter distances between venues than upin north american bit existing stadiums would be renovated new grounds built using sustainable modular construction fourteen billion dollars is the proposed price tag a bill that the government is ready to help foot. the ball flows like slug through our veins among the young and the old is all for. morocco's bid seems like a long shot for good reason social inequality is massive the state is deep in debt and infrastructure is poor despite plenty of construction signs phoebus evaluation
4:54 pm
of the bid was much lower than its rival but morocco may have an ace in the hole donald trump the us president has alienated big partners mexico and canada and his travel ban could stand in the way of some countries teams participating in the tournament he even threatened countries that failed to vote for the north american bid with. consequences the nations of the african confederation have taken the hint in their own way nearly all fifty four of them say they plan to vote for morocco. the underdog bid may also find some support in asia where china leads a bloc of countries said to be ready to cast their vote for morocco some european countries may join them still getting to the magic one hundred four votes will be tough. no matter what the two bids will be fighting for every vote until the last possible minute let me putin has called an ex fifa president sepp blatter who is
4:55 pm
expected to lobby for morocco and against the u.s. . current president johnny infantino meanwhile believes the north american did is the one to take fifa into the future. some progress as i write this reminder of our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump has held the outcome of his summit with north korea's leader kim jong il a pledge to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons the u.s. agreed to host military exercises with south korea. plus a sign of a agreement kim jong un said they decided to leave the past behind and hussein a major change mr trump said chairman kim developed a very special bond. with. the sexual of states most of the top of the hour with the name of iraq going to check out the website to think the cost of the day.
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this is it every new. as life in the double trouble pales the outcome of this summit with kim jong un. the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again adversaries can indeed become friends.


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