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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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united. this is you don't reduce life for berlin double troll pales the outcome of his summit with kim jong un the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict is not about to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again adverse yours can indeed become friends of trump and kidnapped both left singapore after signing a joint agreement they pledged to denuclearize the korean peninsula and the u.s. also helped to ease tensions there with the north by promising to stop holding military exercises with the south. also coming up the french president
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a man who had been called announces and lead over the rescue ship left to drift in the mediterranean the more than six hundred stranded migrants now living to spain after it stepped up and offered to help cold accuses the italian government of breaking international. whale of a rock it's great to have you along everyone. they came they shook hands they made history and now the hard part begins donald trump and kim jong un wrapped up their unprecedented summit in singapore with a joint declaration pledging to denuclearize the korean peninsula but the document doesn't specify a timeline or a deadline for pyongyang to get rid of nuclear weapons north korea's human rights record also doesn't feature in the final statement with the impact of the summit
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still to be determined both leaders seemed keen to let bygones be bygones. it's the moment many doubted would happen u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un signed a joint declaration which commits to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula the highly anticipated summit in singapore hailed a success by the leaders thank you for putting. today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind us we're about to sign a historic document the world will see a major change. given. that we have developed a very special bond show. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world that problem nuclear weapons
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in the agreement north korea has pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal but critics say the declaration fails to provide concrete steps as to how that will be achieved and verified p.r. nyang has reneged on such promises in the past. trump is confident that this time will be different he spoke of his special bond with kim and as with all friendships compromise must come from both sides directly after the summit trump announced washington would cease its joint military drills with south korea. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money one lesson until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should. it's a move that's seen as a major concession by some but president trump headed back to washington proud of
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his achievements his team plans to begin working on the details of the declaration next week. while world leaders have welcomed the summit so outcome japan for example has long been exposed to the threat of north korea short and mid range missiles here's our prime minister shinzo reacted. it's arsenal right i knew it i welcome but the u.s. north korea summit as a step forward towards a comprehensive resolution of the issues surrounding north korea because it confirmed leader kim jong un's will to commit to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. all right that was shinzo abbay in south korea president moon j m that has promised to write a new history with his country's northern neighbor he was full of praise of kim jong un's decision to go ahead with the summit in a statement released by his office present moon declared that leaving the dark days of war and conflict behind we will write
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a new chapter of peace and cooperation we will be there together with north korea along the way. and the e.u. has also weighed in or praising the outcome of the trump kim summit saying it indicated that the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula could be achieved let's hear what the diplomatic chief for the week i'm getting said exactly promising and dialogue the only way forward in this case towards a lasting peace on the korean peninsula and beyond and let me say that the more general terms this is a clear sign of the fact that the diplomatic track is often challenging is all fun to most difficult one to be followed but it is always the rewarding one. right for the camel getting a speaking there and i would now like to welcome stephan gal par power he is a politician and deputy chairman of the german korean parliamentary group a thank you so much interesting times especially for you of course who is following this
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topic kingly it just i mean world leaders we've seen everybody reacting praising the diplomatic efforts but i can't help but feel that everybody's putting on a brave face for what seems like america undercutting american allies all week long . i think it's could be a historical day but it depends on so much things they have to follow now in general agreement many points to his photo there's no votes to coasts off to just to teach you can need to be ization what about. in the what you know timetable as a. pretty face down steps they have to form no right so there's no substance so you're still lacking the details that what would you like to see being included in a future statement or declaration or agreement that they sign. the next steps
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that the north korea side and the south korean side and of course the us side if we do find a way for a long term peaceful time. and steps for this. say what if the full now what are the next baby step. and that general agreement this is a big saying don't say i see your first actually by what has happened is a lot of people are saying you know it's just was so symbolic have you know symbolism lacking a details but you encourage actually that's what happened what we've seen unfold after sixty sixty five years of in divided country is it and point that the north korean president say so ok i. do a step and it's. a sign for the us to say
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step. and so. it could be to beginning off something they put the chiefs. just much in and the reason via said yes this is historical that. i come from essentially german event no one can believe in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight or nine thousand eight hundred nine in the oldest to so much can happen and so less time and beyond purpose beyond on the point to something comes possible one could you mention so that's really interesting so you're drawing parallels with your experience of how certain germany reached out or was able to start to unify you re unification process you see parallels with with north and south korea and there it's totally different and the also into some points
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that seem seem you know. are right steffen go parts politician and deputy chairman of the german korean parliamentary group thank you so very much greatly appreciate it. well north and south koreans so went their separate ways after the armistice and korean hostilities in one thousand nine hundred fifty three japanese photographer you sukey he has taken a series of portraits of people on both sides of the demarcation line some aspects of life in the two koreas remain quite similar but he does photos show a stark contrast between the prosperous south and the impoverished north. will not by their core think are to deny every country has its own rules that
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people live by that's just the way to is i don't want to judge what's right or what's wrong now. do you know the us now. or who is happy or unhappy. north korea on the left juxtaposed with south korea on the right so similar yet so different. with their own single ethnicity of people who speak the same language and share similar names but who've been divided for seventy years and lead completely different lives in two different societies but i know what have i to hunting up this and. he she does photo a series is called border korea it explores the two separate realities on either side of the border formed by the thirty eighth parallel the pictures taken on a dozen trips to the south and seven to the north are simple and intimate. timing
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that it is with this it's good timing for this exhibition given the current developments but i don't think i'd regard the pictures only in that context they wanted us are you ok now looking you are of course people are influenced by big political events and you don't they don't get it i'm honest but these pictures show that people live life at their own pace that's what kind of editor the photos portray ordinary people at various stages of life threatening psychic school children married couples or senior citizens i try to capture moments in a cycle or in a lifetime of those having to do this. the photographer worked under both systems and social backdrops. although he had much more difficulty in the north. he had left time on his hands there and was always monitored especially during interaction with his subjects.
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home months i spotted this girl in a park. she was rollerblading i asked if i could photograph her and she said yes you. do then to do so on the skin or. her picture was paired with this teenager from south korea. to first find his motifs in the north. the similarities are often striking although those portrayed sometimes disagree. human it. starts off in no i was surprised that the girl on the right wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the north korean counterpart she just said so that's what she looks like ok most of them and i'd expected her to say something like oh i'm with the same age but with totally different vision just didn't go there or. to talk.
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on the scale. the project started in two thousand and nine as talks on north korea's nuclear program were collapsing. last year south korea elected a liberal president who has brought new momentum to relations between north and south korea. many see this as a turning point. so the. on a bit confused by all the momentous changes underway you know he runs a little model and was able to do this project because the two countries are so different but their mother good to go if they grow closer my idea wouldn't work as well the book to be honest i'm glad i managed to do it when i did my. mind yet they are cut out to you know the whole if they're. all the unification
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between north and south korea it's still hard to imagine he she does audience already has a hard time telling comes from where. all right and there's some breaking news just coming in that we want to share with you we're rec'd prime minister alexis tsipras says that his government has resolved the dispute with neighboring macedonia over the country's name suppress is expected to provide details in a state address later this evening greece has objected to the name macedonia because it is also the name of a greek province and it has been a major major issue between these two countries we'll bring you more in our next bulletin but for now i want to bring you up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. has unveiled a controversial new office in taiwan it's referred to as an american institute well
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it's widely seen as a de facto embassy on the self ruling island china claims taiwan as its territory and criticize the opening of the institute as harmful to us china ties israeli police have begun evacuating jewish settlers from fifteen homes built illegally in the west bank two protesters were arrested after scuffles broke out during the operation israel's supreme court ordered the of actions because the homes were built on private college in your land. french president emanuel mccord has denounced italy's refusal to take in more than six hundred migrants stranded aboard a rescue ship in the mediterranean president's record accused the italian government of cynicism and said it had an obligation under international law ileus and.

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