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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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asylum shopping within the european union will stop they do need better border controls they do need more ships they do need more customs officers and so on and so forth all this now really has to be brought about quickly otherwise we will be sailing into the next really big crisis i have is the reporting from staff bork thank you very much. and you're watching news we serve a lot more to tell you about it including then we'll take a look at the economic implications of the trump kim summit. and off the other top the out. of school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want. to flee come. in the now this picture was taken in.
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the same show was shot you prove what's going on in the central african republic. it's in an exercise alongside many other photos of people who were abused to rape. women and down to change those to one wanted children in the out of the nomination of. the winning documentary starts june fourteenth on d w. two to the. korean caution history yes' north korea's kim jong un and u.s. president don't propagate an end to hostilities on the korean peninsula would mean the beginning of prosperity but financial markets aren't all that short. and i.m.f. officials say the global economic outlook is docketing by the day we'll talk to the
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we see the secretary general who has a much brighter take on the numbers. as well and that's the business the initial euphoria has faded traders wary about the details of kim and trump's denuclearize zation deal if it proves sustainable it will boost impoverished north korea which. as a lot of catching up to do before the war the north had the upper hand over the south with the mayan share of industry that is before the true split they are similar in size but twice as many people live in the south as in the north although we don't have the exact numbers for the north and the economies vastly different in twenty sixteen south korea's gross domestic product was around fifteen hundred billion us dollars the north's just twenty seven billion the south is one of the world's biggest exporters with a huge surplus and it imports said it does a trillion dollars worth of trade every year the north's trade is minuscule almost
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all of it with china. this is the view into north korea from the chinese border city of dandong here interest in the events that led to the extraordinary meeting of the north korean leader and the us president has been huge for many locals it was a bad business as much as politics. where. if the meeting between trump and kim is successful it will be great for us people and because we do a lot of cross border trade. is mainly by cross border trade that's what my husband does he had investments in north korea so we really hope that the country opens up soon. for a country as isolated as north korea maintaining ties with china has proven to be an economic lifeline look at the numbers and you'll see why in twenty fifteen north korea imported goods worth almost three and
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a half billion dollars eighty five percent of them came from china india and russian imports together accounted for a further five and a half percent with countries including mexico and the philippines making up the rest. turning to north korean exports now that they were worth two point eight billion dollars eighty three percent of them went to you guessed it china for their three and a half percent went to india north korea's top exports include minerals textiles and fish. but amid the flurry of excitement about bridging differences it's easy to overlook the source of north korea's decades of political and economic isolation reports of human rights abuses including slave labor prison camps and torture are among the reasons the country's been shot of international diplomacy. complete. how the. well ben
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walked the walk on the red carpets of capello hotel but are they talking the talk and investors don't seem very convinced lead to a very subliminal subdued movement in the markets today. this is framed to look like a win but the market is seeking further clarity as to what this denuclearization actually means jill how do european markets work into what are they even reading into it at all i mean the market reaction here has been pretty flat as well and in contrast to the cautious optimism in the lead up to the summit but that optimism of course was a founded on nothing going terribly wrong no nothing has gone terribly wrong and now we have the outlines of the agreement that are light on the kind of detail that would provide fresh impetus from investors and that's indeed reflected on the
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indices which are more than restrained today then because i think investors and do realize that this is just the start of a process and that there will be more for them to react to that on the line that would be more significant perhaps like obvious failure or success i think what's interesting is there is a lot going on behind the scenes andreea speculators are already buying up land along the borders coal supplies a stocking up is an economic surge around the corner. well we are seeing a quite a bit of speculative buying and speculative property prices coming up on the border towns such as the one featured in the city of dun dun and this is in hopes of the restrictions and the sanctions being lifted. north korea in hopes that business will come booming again this is also and disappear in all of north korea's money clus and what they can do to move business around the region as well briefly which
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countries would benefit most from a prosperous north korea. well immediately looking at all the asian nations such as japan and china south korea already enjoys quite a bit off of business from north korea and that's expected to grow as well emerging markets also in the region each of us if it region do extend expect to see a bit of a gain from this deal as well and you know i guess this gives global tourists new destination you know you could almost hear donald trump mentally building a trump tower on the north korean coast he did say that it would be good for condos and hotels but you know obviously there's a lot to overcome there tourists are still tightly monitored and controlled and until tourists are able to move independently and safely there shouldn't be a tourist search and maybe there's a business deal there for trump as well thank you very much to both of you andrea in singapore general in frankfurt force the clouds over the global economy getting
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doc have by the day i am a chief christian the god's description of global trade under trump here in germany economists don't appear to be worried and o.e.c.d. report presented in berlin suggests growth in europe's top economy we're going strong next year that said the group did this germany's launch trade surpluses and source of concern has called for more investment in infrastructure and technology. and as he so we've got the o.e.c.d. secretary general right here with us in the studio. thank you very much for coming in thank you will explain to me how everything is going so wrong as far as trade goes as far as global trade goes and how germany is managing to remain so economically stable when it's so dependent on global trade it's a huge export but your basic premise is that everything's going so wrong and does not trade is now growing at four to five percent that is higher than we've ever had
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in many years actually we had trade growing at zero minus something and then we have two percent very anemic now ideally should be growing at about seven to eight percent. but it's catching you know it could be doing even better at the moment what has been doing but it was not because of the last great tension you know it's because we had many many years because of the crisis because we're still suffering the consequences of the crisis but it does not seem to be too affected by these tensions and by but the tensions are creating uncertainty and uncertainty is bad and it's a moment when the recovery needs to underpin you know to be to be underwritten by all the players exactly if you want that growth to be sustainable you need investment and investors at the moment don't see a stable future trade is growing because there's greater confidence but that should
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lead to greater investment and investment you're absolutely right in you know investment requires just like like seeds need to watch or you know it requires confidence confidence confidence so as the o.e.c.d. head what are you doing to give investors that confidence i mean you can give your outlooks you can give your warnings you know we always have give policy recombination says not just about projections and numbers. but they have to be you know numbers that kind of whisper in your ear and the ideas everybody tries to attract foreign investment everybody wants more foreign investment to come to the country whether you're developing country a developed country or half way if the question is how do you do that which of the elements that are being seen by investors so. the question is how do you focus on those elements and how do you make sure is it the skills is it the workforce is it
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the rule of law is it going to be a case of refocusing on different countries and different economies leaving the u.s. out of the equation for example well you can never leave the u.s. out of the equation about anything they're the largest economy in the world and they're going to continue to be the largest economy the world for a long time the only question is this is a moment when we should reinforce multilateralism. why because globalization did not benefit everybody in the same way and therefore doubts are being cost about globalization itself. and multilateralism how do you deal with trade if not multilateral ration if not multilaterally how do you convince trump to deal multilaterally i think we have to continue to put the evidence forth we have to continue old said to put the evidence about what happens when you have unilateral solutions or even bilateral solutions and why it is that you get. a
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below par solution the o.e.c.d. boss there and briefly white collar crime in germany is causing billions of euros in economic damage investment fraud and internet cons investigators looking a thirty percent rise last year criminals are finding new ways of cheating online viruses to steal people's credit card details old companies computers and only releasing the data after a ransom is paid. i think business with it. on
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hamas. for sick and lacking. more and more americans feel they're being marginalized law doesn't these people want to change that. the poor people's campaign. when this movement for economic justice is gaining momentum throughout the country . three times in the next d.w. . more.
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crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses to come out. on their record of emerges travel around the globe just social media. what is troubling them the. fiction that one is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes. thanks to this video recording of how the soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and parts you know you have the. time to go.
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to. the evidence. is it the chance a because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . today on global three thousand we take a look at social inequality around the globe in brazil being poor drastically limits your chances of moving up the social ladder in the polls women from the lowest cost of destin to a life of discrimination and poverty without starting to change. but first we go to.


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