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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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plane. lands. to shoot. this is either we news life or girl and donald trump kills the outcome of his summit with kim jong il in the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict is not how to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again and fissures can indeed become french transplant kidney have been left singapore after signing a joint agreement which they pledged to denuclearize the korean peninsula also coming up. tensions flaring french presence in many ways by calling the now italy
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over a rescue ship left adrift in the mediterranean the more than six hundred stranded migrants now heading to spain after it stepped up an offer to help. was once in a everything after more than twenty five years or frankly with greece the prime minister of the former yugoslav republic of macedonia announces a snappier new name for his country stay with us to hear what it is. out of this world after alex gives a news conference from the international space station germany's alexander garish tell deno beginnings how his body remembered all the right moves from his previous visit to the i s s. and as the world prepares for the start of this year's football world cup the hosts for the twenty twenty six tournament are being chosen a joint bid from the. united states canada and mexico goes out the peg and under
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guard law rocker we have a preview of wednesday's focus. on little iraq it's great to have you along everyone they came they shook hands they made history and now the hard part begins donald trump and kim jong un wrapped up their unprecedented summit in singapore with a joint declaration pledging to denuclearize the korean peninsula but the document doesn't specify a timeline or a deadline for pyongyang to get rid of nuclear weapons north korea's human rights record also didn't feature in the final statement with the impact of the summit still being debated both leaders seemed keen to put the past behind them. it's the moment many doubted would happen u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un signed
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a joint declaration which commits p.r. nyang to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula the highly anticipated summit in singapore hailed a success by the leaders. expected. today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind us were about to sign a historic document the world will see a major change in the view that. we have developed a very special bond show. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world that problem nuclear weapons in the agreement north korea has pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal but critics say the declaration fails to provide concrete steps as to how that will be
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achieved and verified. and has reneged on such promises in the past. trump is confident that this time will be different he spoke of his special bond with kim and as with all friendships compromise must come from both sides directly after the summit trump announced washington would cease its joint military drills with south korea. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money on lassen until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should. it's a move that's seen as a major concession by some but president trump headed back to washington proud of his achievements his team plans to begin working on the details of the declaration next week. and our own alexander of our nominee is where it all happened singapore and she joins us from the city state or good to see you alexandra are not
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a lot of flesh on the bones of that final statement. yes that's true the agreement that was signed today promises a boldest change it's minutes to complete that and then if there is a nation but what does mean and what specific steps is he going to take and what is the timetable and is north korea going to declare all its weapons and how is the you as going to vary by what's happening on the ground so there are a lot of questions president trump said today it's not a problem at all we there will be over meetings we are going to work on the details however he also said that he believes relying on the he's feeling on his instinct bad team really wants to get it done and dad sounds a little bit and taking all of that into account i have to say that it seems that
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it is all talk. no action but one co-create action that president trump did make is that concrete concession about those military exercises they have always been vexing for the north i mean it's just hard to overstate how big a concession this is what the states get in return for that. well actually it doesn't look as if they would be getting anything can return president strong was talking about it to do in his press conference he said to dad to you know this joint military drills were provoke ation that they were too expensive anyway so indicating that it's ok to do it anymore and he also said that after signing this agreement one promise to destroy a missile test site in his country however we are no it's no right now we're
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going to be independent experts on the grounds to. verify that it's really happening we know that only a few weeks before the summit here in singapore the north koreans promise to destroy and you cooler chest aside and they even invited to join a list to witness this event but after that happened the report of the happened u.s. secretary of state chris is that they were no experts on the ground so you know in closing the significant step of of course these two leaders meeting or talking face to face what actually has changed. i think that's exactly has changed that we have both of them meeting talking that this is or could be the beginning of a longer process and that is of course
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a good thing we are not on the brink of potential. war justin imagined we would have expected it to last two years so i think that's really a positive sign and is good development that we had this summit here in singapore but of course now we have to see what will be the ultimate outcome alexander fundamental reporting for in singapore thank you so much for your continued coverage. and world leaders have welcomed the summit's outcome japan for example has long been exposed to the threat of north korea's short and mid range missiles here's our prime minister shinzo abbay reacted. in all its original thread on you and i welcome both of us north korea summit as a step forward towards a comprehensive resolution of the issues surrounding north korea because it confirmed leader kim jong un's will to commit to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. japanese prime minister shinzo speaking there well in south korea
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president moon j in his promise to write a quote new history with his country's northern neighbor he was full of praise for kim jong un's decision to go ahead with the summit in a statement released by his office president mood a clarity that leaving the dark days of war and conflict behind we will write a new chapter of peace and cooperation we will be there together with north korea along the way and the e.u. also weighed in praise the outcome of the trump kim summit saying it indicated that the quote complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula could be achieved let's hear what the e.u. diplomatic chief or for the sake of getting means exactly. diplomacy and dialogue are the only way forward in this case towards lasting peace on the korean peninsula and beyond and let me say that in more general terms this is a clear sign of the fact that the diplomatic track is often challenging it's often
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the most difficult one to be followed but it is always the rewarding one. are right in this high stakes meeting wasn't only about warheads it also was a lot to do with business in the world of business as it has been following proceedings is singapore very very keenly aware and helena you've been tracking reaction from that angle absolutely right leyla now the initial euphoria when it's faded already trade is now wary about the details of cayman trumps see it clear eyes ation deal if it proves dana bowl now if it does it will based impoverish north korea which has a lot of catching up to say because before the war the north had the upper hand over the south with the lion's share of industry that is before the two plates now they are similar in size parts twice as many people live in the south that we don't have the exact numbers for the north but the economies well the vastly different in
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twenty sixteen south korea's g.d.p. was around fifteen hundred billion u.s. dollars now the north's was in fact just twenty seven billion the south is one of the world's biggest exporters with a huge plus and imports and it does a trillion dollars worth of trade every year the north's trade well it's minuscule almost all of it going to with china in fact this is the view into north korea from the chinese border city of dandong here interest in the events that led to the extraordinary meeting of the north korean leader and the us president has been huge for many locals it was a by business as much as politics. where sure you know if the missing between trump and kim is successful it will be great for us people and dong because we do a lot of cross border trade. is mainly by cross border trade that's what my husband
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does he had investments in north korea so we really hope that the country opens up soon. for a country as isolated as north korea maintaining ties with china has proven to be an economic lifeline look at the numbers and you'll see why in twenty fifteen north korea imported goods worth almost three and a half billion dollars eighty five percent of them came from china indian and russian imports together accounted for a further five and a half percent with countries including mexico and the philippines making up the rest. turning to north korean exports now they were worth two point eight billion dollars eighty three percent of them went to you guessed it china for their three and a half percent went to india north korea's top exports include minerals textiles and fish. but amid the flurry of excitement about bridging differences it's easy to overlook the source of north korea's decades of political and economic isolation
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reports of human rights abuses including slave labor prison camps and torture are among the reasons the country's been shot of international diplomacy. well trade up he votes to a failing text trying to revive itself germany's cbot was the world's biggest trade show of its kind. of six hundred thousand that's for just two hundred thousand at last count now officials say take from chile march to some regions and then it's become a christmas festival. surf's up it see that the standing wave is definitely the main attraction and anyone who wants to can hop on a board and have a go this is how chip maker intel is trying to draw attention to its foray into artificial intelligence the whole thing is broadcast voyage three hundred sixty degree camera and the surface can be viewed with virtual reality technology. but
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you can go where laden down in a tide the visitors can have a real time window into the surfing experience with a three hundred sixty degree field of vision out official intelligence is what's behind it software that can recognize which image data can be compressed and which is necessary for quality in an efficient video stream. it's all part of a new groundswell it's a bit to try to attract a younger public. here a robot serves juices mixed from six different ingredients and tailored to each customer's wish. the startup behind the idea wants to demonstrate how one can organize a distribution chain using block chain technology. if. the advantage is actually that there's no middleman that means that there's no uncertainty in the supply chain anymore the process has been largely digitalized through block change technology. should not even affect my to put says all.
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but there's also an analog component here food trucks and dick chairs have added a relaxed vibe to see bit but how's the fares reincarnation being received among the visiting public. i really like it i enjoy it there's a lot of places we can go there's a lot of new technologies and everything is really special to me something i i actually hoped for a bit more i find it a bit boring it feels like the old sea bit but just with the ferris wheel and feel and look here and any impressions affecting us today but in any case we plan to come again. we've just discovered the fun part and we still have a bit to see. but the real fun begins in the evening when bands like compressor heads rock the stage. and it's time for an update on your joke a few now with layla thank you very much we're asking the question what's in a name oh whole lot if you ask greece and macedonia these two countries have now
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resolve the dispute that's been blocking the former yugoslav republic from joining nato and applying for membership well the problem was its name earlier this evening rested only and prime ministers or and announced that his country what from now on being known as the republic of north macedonia athens had long objected to the name macedonia because it's also the name of a greek province greece is not expected to drop its opposition to north america dhoni on becoming a needle member beginning and joining the. european union. union this is widely seen as a breakthrough let's turn to journalist and kara salva who is in the greek capital athens this evening lovely to see you and the this trip these two countries have spent a quarter of a century wrangling over this what's so special about the name macedonia. well what happened basically was that we had
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a change of guard in macedonia or what is now being called north macedonia zoran zaire a western minded reform minded politician came to power sidelining very hardline nationalist course is that dominated his country for many many years and what zire for wanted to do was to win his country's membership to the european union and nato to boost its financial fortunes and to boost ability in the region and to get that he knew that he had to strike a deal with the greeks so he came to the greeks with a compromising stance which was basically that the country no longer had any of these strong nationalistic claims and he found a very also compromising partner from the greek side the greek prime minister alexis tsipras and that's how we came to this deal now of course the devil is in
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the details and were scouring through this thirty page agreement to find some of these little hick ups and problems that may arise in the implementation of this so at the thirty page should declaration on the name of both countries have decided to move on from this issue what does it mean for their future bilateral relations. well it means effectively stability for the region and greece wants it because it is also exiting a financial crisis it wants to expand its exports and getting this country within the european union would also help boost macedonia's. financial prospects tying it also and getting it into nato would also secure stability in the region all right and the carousel of our reporting from the greek
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capital athens thank you so very much meanwhile tensions in the e.u. are flaring french president and many on my car has denounced iliza refusal to take in more than six hundred migrants stranded on board a rescue ship in the mediterranean sea present mccourt accuse the italian government of quote cynicism and said it had an obligation under international law italy has sent ships to help transport the migrants to spain which has offered them refuge the french island of corsica has also offered to take them in. after more than two days a stop to see the six hundred twenty nine migrants on board the rescue ship arias are finally heading to a safe haven european n.g.o.s u.s. military rescued them off the libyan coast on saturday night among them and accompanied minors and pregnant women. the ship was headed toward sincerely but
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italian authorities refused entry as did malta stuck on the high seas the migrants created a diplomatic storm until spain offered to take in the ship. the standoff is a result of a tougher stance on immigration under italy's new government something the european union will likely have to deal with increasingly in the months ahead. just asked for a gesture of solidarity from europe we asked europe to share the burden of the migration emergency. and not to leave us alone as has happened over the past few years this gesture goes in this direction therefore i can't do anything else than thank the spanish authorities and with accepted our invitation. to. the n.g.o.s that that run the aquarium is worn a journey to spain will extend the migrants odyssey and put vulnerable people at
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risk it will take the migrants of three to four days to reach the designated port of. where they finally hope to touch land. that the ngo from the un how this is all playing out to correspondent is in stroudsburg good to see you barbara elites new government says oh i'm a collision course with the us seems how much it is for domestic consumption and how much is this row forcing brussels hands to do something. both is true because of we see the new interior ministry officially material salvini playing the strongman and telling people in italy that of course he's going to make true all his election campaign promises and those aware that he would keep migrants out of italy in the future on the other hand it is also a signal to brussels very strong signal if i may say and
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a well deserved kick against the shins of the european union because they have the other member countries been kicking this particularly can down the road for years the italian government has asked again and again for help in sort of taking in migrants and dispersing them to other countries finding solution better border controls more money is cetera and nothing has happened so far and it seems asking nicely doesn't get you very far in the e.u. and now rome is acting and the e.u. will start to listen all right but what does that mean because as you've been pointing out a lot of passing the buck and finger pointing going on among member states why is there not a single you white migration policy and do you think that this will now prompt them to come up with a migration effect of migration policy that's. that's the one million euro question of course this is civil war two countries have been working on for some years and they have been saying simply just no consensus on anything people cannot member
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countries cannot agree as if you're talking about taking in migrants for instance some countries in eastern europe say no we will simply not take anybody we don't agree if you talk about better border controls some countries say we don't want a fortress europe and so on and so for us there was just no consensus on anything the european union does need a common asylum system to sort of level the the what migrants get in the country the conditions for them. so the asylum shopping within the european union will stop they do need better border controls they do need more ships they do need more customs officers and so on and so forth all this now really has to be brought about quickly otherwise we will be sailing into the next really big crisis i have a reporting from bork thank you very much all right let's update you now on some of
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the other stories making news around the world. judges at the international criminal court have ordered the release of the former congolese vice president. the ruling comes after an appeals court overturned convictions for war crimes committed in two thousand and two and two thousand and three he has been imprisoned since his arrest a decade ago. at least twelve people including two were hundred muslims have been killed in southeast bangladesh after heavy rains triggered landslides international aid agencies are warning there is a risk that water borne diseases will break out makeshift camps house nearly a million ranges who have fled a military crackdown in the premium are. israeli police began evacuating jewish settlers from fifteen homes built illegally in the west bank two protesters were arrested after scuffles broke out during the operation israel supreme court ordered the victuals because the homes were built on private
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palestinian land. and now to a press conference with the difference german astronaut alexander guest took time off from his duties on the international space station to talk to reporters here on earth today a guest talked about life on the space station and the experiments he would be conducting during his day until december he only arrived last wednesday on what is his second mission to space guest will become commander of the i s s in october and. the car body was at the press conference and asked gary stern whether he had any muscle memory from his last time in space. oh alex itself a caravan here from t.w. don't you bella first of all congratulations on the safe arrival of the i assess and thanks for taking the time to speak to us today we often speak about muscle memory the idea that our bodies respond automatically to some things we've done before and as one of your experiments milestones focuses on the muscular system
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we're wondering whether you have any muscle memory all of your twenty fourteen mission has been easier to adapt to microgravity and perhaps is that one of the experiments you've already started on. yeah i think she really good point you're bringing up i was wondering about exactly the same thing before my second flight i was like where where would i start right would i would i start like the beginner again flying up here or would i have muscle memory and how to float in space and the answer was very clearly i still had it memorized like my feet actually memorized the position of foot holes that i didn't didn't know that the were there but i realized when i came into the station my feet knew exactly where they are right so there is amazing muscle memory it's like riding a bicycle i guess you don't know how you do it but your brain somehow does it and that's the same with being in space i realized that my body naturally for some
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reason that that's quite quite easily to different circumstances at the same thing and then start to cry had it in space and specially because of that it will be interesting to do the my tones experiment we will start that next week to see how muscles work we already did an experiment the grip experiment today and yesterday that deals with how human robotic interfaces work in space or on earth just like when an astronauts drives a rover on the moon by remote control or a surgeon on earth like drives or an operation robot somewhere in a remote area. that requires a very similar process is that we still need to understand then that experiment is aimed for that so an experiment up here on the space station that increases well that has a lot of benefits for the life on earth and increases our safety and our well being down there on earth. and back here on earth coming up women in the arts and feminism in the age of me too just one of the things that's cussed at today's
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indeed i will use global media for him in bonn will have reports coming in right out after these messages stick around. african migrants fleeing to europe. spanish families living on the poverty line. japanese employees leaving in many existence in a flux moving society. the one we're going to she will get the impression we're heading for a good concert a. delicate balance not anything no place to a complete six minutes on d w. a who do you think is going to be no chip at.
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all the matches the scores. of two thousand and eight the world cup starts june fourteenth on d w news. europe. what unites. them and what defines. the most. tragic course. what binds the continent to look at answers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people. focused on europe on t.w. . a news analyst believes she's not suitable and some say. the goal is a call to shakes out. it is time to boost science by.
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people who put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on the demi. great to have you back with us you're watching the good news life for landing on labor aka great welcome to our main story this hour. u.s. president donald trump has hailed the outcome of his so but with north korean leader kim jong il both leaders have now left the sink a board after pledging to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons president trump it's a promise to halt military exercises with south korea. and the terms an orthodox approach to diplomacy has become a defining feature of his presidency and it was also on the sleigh in singapore where he met kim jong un and karl management firm social media has more get to see
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you he product his t.v. background with him to say yes he did a part of this pitch from president trump to north korea was a four minute hollywood style movie trailer and this is a video that trump actually showed to kim jong un on an i pad during this summit and really this is kind of like an over the top sales pitch video it outlines the importance of kim's decision and the potential benefits of denuclearization we actually have a clip of the video take a look here it is. new story or a new beginning one of these two men. to. one. bus during the actual moment. when a man is presented with one treat that may never be repeated what will lead you to show vision leadership. about or not about
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what will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of and. be the hero of these people. will leave the. people and enjoy prosperity like he has never seen a great life or more recently. which. he shows. us of again four minute long video of this i mean nothing subtle there either a full on movie trailer and of course it casts trump and kim as the heroes of the story since wonder. how. clearly you love it. president trump himself said that the north korean delegation quote love dates the video has though made its way online now and it's getting a less than positive reaction leyla and this is coming from the founder of think progress he's a progress the progressive advocacy organization the founder says you know it's deeply weird and embarrassing that the united states government produced this video
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we're literally creating propaganda for a murderous dictator i mean it's fair to say this is at least a bizarre tactic of course the president has a background in show business he spent years as a reality t.v. show star and if you think about it to be fair kim's father kim jong il he was a big movie buff so this could be a tactic that isn't quite as crazy as it sounds maybe just playing to the the film of family history there in north korea. first of cracked up i think. but all right now to gather myself you know all right north and south korea went their separate ways after the arm sis and it kareena still it is back in one nine hundred fifty three while japanese photographer you sukey your he has taken a series of portraits of people on both sides of the demarcation line some aspects of life in that you koreas remain quite similar but she does photos also show a stark contrast between the prosperous south and the impoverished north.
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too many who don't know what they're going to do you know every country has its own rules that people live by this just the way it is i don't want to judge what's right or what's wrong. do you know us now. or who is happy or unhappy. north korea on the left juxtaposed with south korea on the right so similar yet some different. single ethnicity of people who speak the same language and share similar names but have been divided for seventy years and lead completely different lives in two different societies
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but i know what's happened when it's about this and. he she does focus series is called border korea it explores the two separate realities on either side of the border formed by the thirty eighth parallel. the pictures taken on a dozen trips to the south and seven to the north are simple and intimate. you wanted also you're looking out looking you are of course people are influenced by big political events you know you don't they don't get into more of this but these pictures show that people live life at their own pace that's what kind of editor the photos portray ordinary people at various stages of life prison and i say to the babies school children married couples all senior citizens i try to capture moments in a cycle you are in a lifetime of tours having to do this kind of. the project started in two thousand and nine as talks on north korea's nuclear program were collapsing.
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last year south korea elected a liberal president who has brought new momentum to relations between north and south korea. many see this as a turning point. so they're. going to be confused by all the momentous changes underway you know and sort of to model them with me and was able to do this project because the two countries are so different but the amount the good to go if they grow closer to my idea wouldn't work as well. to be honest i'm glad i managed to do it when i did there my. mind yet they are cut out to you know us who has ignored the whole of this thing. all the unification between north and south korea is still hard to imagine she does audience already has a hard time telling comes from we are.
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back with more business now in the clouds of the global economy are getting darker by the day on absolutely that's exactly how in fact christine legarde put it the head of the international monetary fund describing the state of global trade in the era of trump. now here in germany economists don't appear to worried a report presented by the o.e.c.d. and balun suggests growth in europe's top economy will remain strong next year now said the group did release germany's large trade surplus as a source of concern in the schools on the country to invest more in infrastructure and technology and a little earlier my colleague ben visited and spoke to the secretary general of the o.e.c.d. and critique began by asking him just how germany is managing to stay so economically stable in such turbulent times for global trade. your basic premise is that everything's going so wrong and does not trade is now growing at four to
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five percent that is higher than we've ever had in many years actually we had trade growing at zero minus something and then we have two percent very anemic now ideally should be growing at about seven to eight percent. but it's catching up it could be doing even better at the moment what has been doing but it was not because of the last great tension you know it's because we had many many years because of the crisis because we're still suffering the consequences of the crisis but it does not seem to be too affected by these tensions and by but the tensions are creating uncertainty and uncertainty is bad and it's a moment when the recovery needs to underpin you know to be to be underwritten by all the players exactly if you want that growth to be sustainable you need investment and investors at the moment don't see a stable future trade is growing because there's greater confidence but that should
8:39 pm
lead to greater investment and investment you're absolutely right in you know investment requires just like like seeds need to water you know it requires confidence confidence confidence so as the o.e.c.d. head what are you doing to give investors that confidence i mean you can give your outlooks you can give your warnings you know we also give policy recommendations is not just about projections and numbers but they have to be you know numbers that kind of whisper in your ear and the idea is everybody tries to attract foreign investment everybody wants more foreign investment to come to the country whether you're developing country a developed country or half way if the question is how do you do that which of the elements that are being seen by investors so. the question is how do you focus on those. and how do you make sure is it the skills is it the workforce is it the rule
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of law is it going to be a case of refocusing on different countries and different economies leaving the u.s. out of the equation for example well you can never leave the us out of the equation above anything they're the largest economy in the world and they're going to continue to be the largest economy in the world for a long time the only question is this is a moment when we should reinforce multilateralism. why because globalization did not benefit everybody in the same way and therefore dollar to being cost about globalization itself and multilateralism how do you deal with trade if not multilaterally how do you deal with investment flows across borders by definition if it's not multilaterally how do you deal with things like climate change if not multilaterally how do you let me ask you a should have not module of how to how do you convince trump to deal multilaterally i think we have to continue to put the evidence forth we have to continue old to
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put the evidence about what happens when you have unilateral solutions or even biological solutions and why it is a jew get. a bill parr solution. that was the o.e.c.d. sixty generally speaking my colleague ben visited and little and a briefly white collar crime in a japanese searching goosing billions of euros an economic damage man investment for internet economies and training hoaxes investigators know a thirty percent rise last year totaling seventy four thousand cases that criminals have new ways of cheating online viruses to steal people's credit card details or knocking a company's computers and only releasing the data off to a ransom is paid. and this back of the now sunaina thank you so much helena i want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. having as the u.k.
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parliament faces a string of key gregg's that votes the government is under increasing pressure from pro e.u. rebels in its own ranks in a blow to prime minister teresa mayes conservatives junior minister justice minister philip lee resigned he says he is now free to quote speak up over how briggs it is being delivered the u.s. has unveiled a controversial new office in taiwan that it's we're following too as an american institute it's widely seen as a de facto embassy on the self ruling island china claims taiwan as its territory and criticize the opening of the institute as harmful to us china ties. in volgograd russia eleven people were killed when the boat that they were on crashed into a tugboat police say the excursion vessel was not registered rid of forty's and that is captain appear to be drug. is a host city for the soccer world cup starting on thursday.
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and as i just pointed out the football world cup in russia starts on thursday but before this year's edition officials must first agree who will host the two thousand and twenty six tournament morocco is up against a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico but twenty twenty six will be a world cup with a difference the number of teams for one will increase to a whopping forty eight a decision from the fee for congress in moscow is expected at some point on wednesday. teams from forty eight countries squaring off in eighty games who can host the new jumbo world cup in two thousand and twenty six the usa says it's more than ready along with neighbors mexico and canada the u.s. would host three quarters of the matches in the tournament though with its wealth of state of the art stadiums and dense infrastructure building costs would be low prospects for profits high some fifteen billion dollars by one estimate fee for
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officials love the team. but among some mexican fans the bid is a loser. since that's what i want to get the point that i mean we both know work up together and then they try to separate us credibility. there is another candidate morocco it has a completely different plan in mind the north african country is about the size of the u.s. state of california presenting much shorter distances between venues than upin north american bit existing stadiums would be renovated new grounds built using sustainable modular construction fourteen billion dollars is the proposed price tag a bill that the government is ready to help foot. football flows like slug through our veins among the young and the old is all for with. morocco's bid
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seems like a long shot for good reason social inequality is massive the state is deep in debt and infrastructure is poor despite plenty of construction signs fever's evaluation of the bid was much lower than its rival but morocco may have an ace in the hole donald trump the us president has alienated big partners mexico and canada and his travel ban could stand in the way of some countries teams participating in the turnit he even threatened countries that failed to vote for the north american bid with. consequences the nations of the african confederation have taken the hint in their own way. nearly all fifty four of them say they plan to vote for morocco. the underdog bid may also find some support in asia where china leads a block of countries are said to be ready to cast their vote for morocco some european countries may join them still getting to the magic one hundred four votes
8:46 pm
will be tough. no matter what the two bids will be fighting for every vote until the last possible minute let me putin has called an ex fifa president sepp blatter who is expected to lobby for morocco and against the u.s. . current president johnny in front tino meanwhile believes the north american bid is the one to take feed into the future. oh right across the area to forgive me for it joins me now to talk more about these bits who've been having a little bit of a yak and forth going to focus on the north america bit talk to us about the influence that trump has had on there been a bit of a deterrent yeah but i think trump is a distraction you know i think absolutely the north american world cup should take place you know because you know in terms of truck you know back in two thousand and twenty two when the world cup went to qatar set blatter allegedly made a phone call to obama a very beloved president said you're not getting it so if love can't get you
8:47 pm
a world cup hate should not be able to deny you overall cup that's what. so the two beds out there morocco in the u.s. the u.s. has benefits because they are considered a low risk because of infrastructure they already have all of the stadiums in mexico canada and of course the united states so that will be a problem so construction costs typically those are really inflated in underestimated initially not a concern for the united states and morocco on the other hand considered high risk they'll need to raise a reported sixteen billion dollars. just to successfully pull off the world cup you know so i think forty eight teams will be the biggest world cup to date and i think the biggest place landmass should host such a world cup you know and i'm personally looking for america to become great again or to become great in football and in terms of trott he will not be in the white house in twenty twenty six k. we're going to agree to disagree because i'm not fighting my money on morocco but that's
8:48 pm
a whole other story ok for us but process you know has been criticised for not being very transparent have they addressed that issue of course they have now the past world cups all of. the alleged dirty dealings that have gone on with said black serbian president whether it was the elections whether it was the two thousand and six summer fairytale in germany you know and then after that the twenty eighteen and twenty twenty two world cups yet they have been questionable you know awards given or the countries have been winning you know in questionable ways but in fin tino this is a new regime he has the fifa council which means the way decisions are being made is different you know if it's you know seems to be more hands on he's not a guy who plays favorites so this upcoming world cup will find out i mean my money is going on the united states north america you think morocco but it will be if he knows first his maiden world cup and the biggest so we'll have to wait really judge him on that to see if it's been effective all of these reforms we will see to see if you want to place a bet we'll talk about that ok credit thank you so very much always
8:49 pm
a pleasure dimentia also known as the german national football team has arrived in moscow two days ahead this year's world cup coach and team germany the current cup holders are looking to become the first national team to successfully defend their world cup title since brazil did it in nineteen sixty two while germany's route to a potential repeat starts against mexico on june seventeenth in group at. all the man in charge of spain's attempt to return to world. glory is when. but to whatever happens at the tournaments he'll have a new job when it's over the spanish coach will take over at the helm of real madrid on a three year contract to replace z z z then who stepped down just days after leaving ryall to a third straight champions league title beating he has been the spain coach since twenty sixteen.
8:50 pm
now in a perfect world people's gender class and skin color one stand in the way of their rights innovation or ambition so how can the media help realize the dream of eliminating discrimination and disparity while here in germany the city makers and influencers from around the world have come together and to give us any what global media form to focus on the topic of global inequalities and how technology and the media can provide equal access to knowledge and how all the events in the german city obama brings together journalists and guests for one hundred countries david leavitt's friend you know he's got a desk if you're with them or get to see you david the topic of global inequalities . huge so how do you even begin to break it down where do you even begin if inequality is all around us you have institutionalized racism sexism classism age
8:51 pm
isn't homophobia transphobia all these forms of discrimination then you've got the divide between rich and poor you've got limited access to education other resources these are all things that i think and i think a lot of journalists think that we in the media need to be tackling need to be uncovering and doing our part to improve and the good news is that these are all issues that are entering into the global consciousness more and more and that the media actually does have a role to play there and that's actually why do you know because global media forum is such a great chance because this is the only international media conference that brings together movers and shakers from journalism from politics from business from academia and and civil society to put their heads together on these issues and see how we can do this better now of course so when you mention the inequality you can't not mention me to a movement has that come up not in twenty. today's big panel discussion at the
8:52 pm
global media for him to can even. closer look or i should say a bigger look. to sexual harassment sexual assault and the fight to stop them there's a trailer for the the event it's called muse maestra me to how female is culture today and you know this is not just about harvey weinstein and hollywood this is a global look at the butterfly effect to me to a movement with speakers from three different continents talking from their very different perspectives on the fight for women's rights and how the latest developments of helps them or even hinder them in staking their claims within society the media and the arts no i don't want to do any more mansplaining so actually let's take a look at this quote while phenomenon and hear from some of our fantastic panel members. women take to the streets in chile a popular revolt against sexism in society and violence towards women. because
8:53 pm
this man the trigger harvey weinstein is taken away in handcuffs the wants power food movie boss has finally been charged with rape the wall of silence that once protected him and men like him has been broken the movement is really a wake up call i think it's something that fortunately because of social media there's a way to get the word out and to share stories in an immediate sense it is also no doubt that india has a huge and really strong and really important women's movement where many very deep questions are being raise animal one that is challenging this state a sexual abuse scandal has even rocked the swedish academy in still call the nobel prize for the not to be awarded this year as a result when you ask about the power of women in culture it's
8:54 pm
a very very difficult. problem to solve because when you look at all the statistics women are really disenfranchised from being sort storytellers so overall when you look at media production it is a very very male dominated industry and the stories that are being told are most often about men i really think that what we're seeing in india right now it may look terribly worrying from be outside but it is the up he will that comes from a very deep process of change so for people like me it's actually quite interesting to see that and i hope that it's going to mean that we will retain the best parts of our culture but we will throw away the rubbish that is also there the time seems right but first socialist. but can the me too and times campaigns bring about lasting change of real significance. david are we talking about the
8:55 pm
same thing when we talk about the need to you know i think the amazing thing is there is a global discussion there's sort of a global language to even talk about sexual assault now and that is the achievement of me too but we have to look at the individual stories of these countries. who we just heard one of the panel members talks about the feminist movement in india and how that is different for me to hear in fact. this is not inspired by the me too movement of the west people often think that it happened over then and everybody else is following and copying no this is grown from our own reality but of course we had aware of the me too movement and we have been applauding it because it's important but we have our own movement which has really now me to sexual harassment something that people can talk about where there's a very stringent the law against it and we're also now some very highly placed
8:56 pm
akademi acts. other people in top jobs beginning to be held accountable. interesting views there you can find more on our website on the affidavit in myself thank you so much for spending part of your day with us. with.
8:57 pm
african migrants fleeing to europe. stop. his family's living on the poverty line. japanese employees needing a lonely existence in a fast moving society. the one we're going to go get the impression we're reading for a good cause a. delicate balance life in a globalized world now fifteen minutes d.w. .
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plain. business news why our lead donald trump hails the outcome of this summit with kim jong un the past does not have to define the future and yesterday's conflict is not out to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again adverse servers can indeed become friends. trump and can have both left singapore after signing a joint agreement they pledged to denuclearize the korean peninsula.


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