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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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i think again. the evidence. says it's chance because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . they were the worst of enemies and now seemingly the best of friends as the u.s. and north korean leaders shake hands exchanged compliments and promised to usher in a new era of peace the world asks with skepticism can these two controversial leaders really succeed where so many others have failed i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. the i.
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dream of the future where all koreans can live together in harmony where families are reunited and hopes are reborn. we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and we signed a historic document the world will see a major change i think without the rhetoric it wouldn't happen they're comfortable i welcome the u.s. north korea some others a step towards a comprehensive resolution of the issues surrounding north korea. should a summit. between all the two produce that's sick and die look the only way forward in this case towards a lasting peace on the korean peninsula and beyond this is going to very big day in terms of the world there hasn't been any concrete commitments or even specific commitments or action or a timetable or any secrets from the north koreans for the until maybe a lot of people are saying it's. during
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a story you know even my enemies are going get a story and you know the fact is that we've done something that's very unique. they promised a historic deal for the agency and u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong un were all smiles and compliments for the cameras in singapore as they signed a joint statement committing to a more peaceful future between historic foes but who left with the upper hand and will they really follow through on promises trump gave a major concession from the outset promising to halt joint military exercises with south korea a decision that caught his ally by surprise he also praised him as a smart leader and took his promise of deed nuclearization at face value with very few details on how it could happen so a lot of trust but little in the way of verification and so the experts say holds that praise and wait for those devilish details to be delivered.
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it's the moment many doubted would happen u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un signed a joint declaration which commits to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula the highly anticipated summit in singapore hailed a success by the leaders thank you very much it's been here. today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind us were about to sign a historic document the world will see a major change in the idea that. we have developed a very special bond show. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world that problem nuclear weapons in the agreement north korea has pledged to dismantle its nuclear arsenal but
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critics say the declaration fails to provide concrete steps as to how that will be achieved and verified. and has reneged on such promises in the past. trump is confident that this time will be different he spoke of his special bond with kim and as with all friendships compromise must come from both sides directly after the summit trump announced washington would cease its joint military drills with south korea. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money on a lesson until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should it's a move that's seen as a major concession by some but president trump headed back to washington proud of his achievements his team plans to begin working on the details of the declaration next week. and we're joined now from our washington studio by
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a denmark be director of the asia program at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars and we thank you so much for joining us here on the program i'd like to begin but by first asking you because we have this joint statement that's light on the details the experts say do you see it as a first step toward peace or did trump get taken for a ride by the north koreans here. all that really remains to be seen there is as you said the agreement was lacking in detail in fact it included very little. in terms of new pledges from north korea in terms of denuclearization what it did was commit the two sides to a diplomatic process and it will be the fruits of that process to determine whether or not this was successful whether or not this was truly a historic meeting or whether it was just a handshake and a photo op or really does not. alter the resolve the issue about north korea's
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status in the world and north korea's longstanding embrace of nuclear weapons now if you know the critics of this agreement that was over this joint declaration that was signed in singapore they say that president trump he made this major concession at the very outset promising to cease these military exercises with south korea of course there have been so many leaders before him who have really failed when it comes to diplomacy with north korea i'd just like to ask you to his point why not try this do you agree. well i i'm a firm believer in diplomacy. especially considering the heated fire and fury rhetoric that we saw in previous months diplomacy is certainly a better approach there's questions to be asked about whether or not a summit was needed in order to achieve a statement that really didn't really move the needle very much but diplomacy in
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itself is a good thing in terms of the exercises these exercises should not be considered as sacrosanct the united states has cancelled them in the past in one thousand nine hundred two we had an exercise called team spirit which was cancelled in order to make room for the next year north korea conducting its first pledge to denuclearize twenty five and one year before the events of yesterday twenty five years and one day before the events of yesterday but also a year after that north korea see a ceded to the agreed framework to limit its to get rid of its plutonium program so we've seen these exercises be used before the cancellation of these exercises to make room for diplomacy to succeed what's striking here is two things one president trump agreed to these without a concessions north korea did not give anything in order to for the united states to cancel these but at the same time he used north korean north korean and chinese
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phraseology he called these exercises provocative which is a major change to typically the united states refers to these exercises as stabilizing normal legal which they are right but by calling them provocative thought only does he seemingly undercut the u.s. position but also makes it more difficult to bring back the is engaged and these are exercises if indeed sees that is stabilizing it's hard to just have are bringing them back at a later time so that terminology might be a bit of a challenge when it when it comes to reaching its final aim and we know that the final abe of the united states is real. we do denuclearize vacation the u.s. wanted to be verifiable and to be every verse a ball and if for it to essentially be total disarmament which is which is a different category perhaps you can explain to us. if it doesn't get that. can it live with a nuclear north korea. on the past the united states has said that we would not
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accept a nuclear north korea especially north korea that can strike the united states with nuclear weapons and that's why the trumpet ministration actually consistent with previous administrations has called for the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of north korea but there has been a change in the past we've called it the sea charting the not complete verified in and irreversible c.v. id in the past we've called for c.v. idea of north korea but the trumpet ministration has expanded to the korean peninsula which again is north korean phraseology which in the past has included the united states withdrawing its nuclear umbrella its extended turn guarantee from south korea the north koreans basically saying we'll do nuclearize when you remove your protections from south korea when you denuclearize so so far that hasn't changed north korea seems to continue to be committed to having a nuclear program within that context i expect that the dialogue is very similar to
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what we've seen in the past north korea saying we're really happy to do nuclear eyes after you do which really is of course a nonstarter but it remains to be seen we have a diplomatic process in place they'll be meeting beginning next week and again i think diplomacy is certainly a better approach than the invective and tension that we've seen in the months before so based on your assessment a bit sounds like we are caught in a game of chicken here we thank you so much denmark for joining us to share your expertise as we mentioned you are the director of the asia program at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars we appreciate it. what is in a name a whole lot if you ask greece and macedonia these two countries have now resolved a dispute that has been blocking the former yugoslav republic from joining nato and applying for a u. membership the problem was macedonia's name that the macedonian prime minister announced that from now on his country would be known as the republic of north macedonia his counterpart in athens meanwhile alexis tsipras presented the deal to
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greece's president athens has long objected to the name macedonia because it also has that name for a greek province greece is now expected to drop its opposition to north macedonia becoming a nato member and beginning the process of joining the e.u. for. more let's bring in journalist anthony. who is standing by in the greek capital athens for us welcome to you we know that these two countries they have spent a quarter of essentially a century essentially wrangling over this what is so special about the name macedonia. well greeks it is an integral part of their history and they have long believed and claimed that their neighbors states clane or usage of the name harbors territorial as in the
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list a. leader who inflamed passions on the other side and claimed that they were descendants of greece's greatest ancient warrior alexander the great and even came now in the last year a new reform western minded prime minister's daughter and zajac who changed that rhetoric entirely and came to greece and came to the greek trying to get to hatch a deal for the sake of getting his country his poor tiny country into the european union and to nato so he knew he had to to strike a deal if he wanted to see his country progress financially and i also to tell if it's great it may go so it sounds very pragmatic and you know it of course leads to the question why is it taken so long excuse me i didn't catch that why why decide to change the name now if there's there's such
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a back story here. well simply because now was the time and net and there was a strong wind a window of opportunity in an upcoming summit that's coming within the within the e.u. and within nato that could that could boost the countries that could boost macedonians chances of joining these alliances and this e.u. . club and obviously there was a mad dash to meet these deadlines because there wouldn't be any other opportunity and because greece resisted for so many years to it to get to this country's bids to join. these alliances in the end this club so it was basically zoran zire who came to the greeks with. a compromising agenda saying that he has no aspirations. to. a claims for their claims on greek
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history and that was enough for both sides and for both compromising goes to sit down and seal the deal but again there are a lot of details that need to be ironed out this deal will take five years to be implemented and there's a and there's a strong very strong threat of nationalists of a nationalist backlash because nationalists on both sides are trying to torpedo the deal thank you so much journalist anthony joining us from the greek capital athens we appreciate it. well where one division closes in europe another one has seemingly opened french president emanuel has denounced italy's refusal to take in more than six hundred migrants stranded aboard a rescue ship in the mediterranean president mccrone accuse the italian government of quote cynicism and said that it had an obligation under international law italy
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is sending ships to help transport the migrants to spain which has offered them refuge the french island of corsica has awful also offered to take the men. off to more than two days to talk to see the six hundred twenty nine migrants on board of the rescue ship. are finally heading to a safe haven european n.g.o.s u.s. military rescued them off the libyan coast on saturday night among them unaccompanied minors and pregnant women. the ship was headed toward sicily but italian authorities refused entry as did multiple. stuck on the high seas the migrants created a diplomatic storm until spain offered to take in the ship. the standoff is the result of a tougher stance on immigration under italy's new government something the european
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union will likely have to deal with increasingly in the months ahead. we asked for a gesture of solidarity from europe we asked europe to share the burden of the migration emergency. and not to leave us alone as has happened over the past few years this gesture goes in this direction therefore i can't do anything else than thank the spanish authorities with accepted our invitation. to. the n.g.o.s that that run the aquarium has worn a journey to spain will extend the migrants on the sea and put vulnerable people at risk it will take the migrants three to four days to reach the designated court. where they finally hope to touch land. on a part of it all is standing by with the latest from barbara as you can see there here italy's new government really on a collision course with the european union how much of this is just
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a show of domestic consumption here how much of it is raul trying to force brussels to do something. i think sarah we really do see a mix of the pros here of course the government the that just came into office two weeks ago promised particularly much to you so the need the head of the league promised that they would really put didn't put an end to the constant flow of migrants coming into italy unchecked and they want to really sort of make through this promise on the other hand of course they do try to create a clash with brussels because what they think and rightly so in a way is that if you ask nicely in the european union as italy has done for years you get nothing but if you really go for a head on collision if you really left to vote migrants sort of wait in the mediterranean for some soul to sort of pick them up for some neighboring countries
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to show to show mercy then you may get somewhere so that's what italy is sort of counting on and that explains the strategy and how is the e.u. likely to react here to rome's unilateral action. we saw quite different reactions of course you already mentioned crying was said is sitting still of what rome is doing there and of course is the basis of this is the extreme right wing politics officer and the leader but on the other hand it's hypocritical of france for instance and some other european countries to point the finger italy now because for use they have to absolutely nothing to help italy even though this was discussed over and over again year after year and so it would be up to france for instance to know so open their doors and say we're going to take in a sizeable number of migrants to sort of leave the burden on italy but we'll wait for that in vain on the other hand also we saw for instance parliamentarians here
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and stress book being furious today and saying we need to force the governments of the member states somehow solve this to come to a consensus because so far we've heard nothing but empty talk big promises and no change barbour just briefly before we have to go a lot of passing the buck and finger pointing going on among member states as you've highlighted bear why is there not a single e.u. wide migration policy it seems like it's high time. because people can't agree because every country country fights for themselves because so many you countries don't want to take in people because they really don't want to open their borders and they don't want to participate in a consensus stronger border protection of course many people say yes to that but if it's sharing off migrants if it's sharing of refugees in particular they have a right to reside in the e.u. many closed doors and say no thank you and that is behind the clash we're seeing in
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the european union now part of a slow and strasburg thank you. the iranian political scientist sadegh zibakalam has been presented with his freedom of speech award he accepted the award at the global media form and von has been prosecuted by iranian authorities after he openly criticized the government in tehran and director general pitta limburg augured sifaka lama as a courageous promoter of democracy since twenty fifteen to achieve el al has been presenting the freedom of speech award to individuals or initiatives that promote freedom of expression and human rights in the media and he is recognizing a man has who has chosen to speak out and challenge those in power risking his freedom to do so here's more. at the end of december twenty seventeen iran's though its biggest anti-government demonstrations in almost
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a decade the protests quickly spread to dozens of cities and towns across the country. just days after going to arrest a rep did so dexie back alam gave an interview to d.w. far as the he characterized the demonstrators as young people disappointed with the entire political system. and set more than two thirds of people are dissatisfied with the islamic republic those views didn't go down well with the a rainy and or thora sees they accuse the back of spreading false information and propaganda against the islamic republic. he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and barred from social media for two years. is appealing the decision. was honey someone has expressed an opinion what she's not compact at goal which is starting line which is not in all of the answers because
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it got all an opinion should i give one each should i go eighteen months into prison. it's not the first time the academic has received a jail sentence for speaking his mind. he's become a well known figure in iran for challenging the government narrative on many sensitive issues from the country's nuclear program to foreign policy and he has a large audience online on telegram which was banned by the iranian authorities he has almost one hundred pages and followers. on instagram almost seven hundred pages and. has vowed to keep on expressing his opinions despite the official threats against him. i hope for for iran is genuine i really i sincerely or i am not a daydream it is just thinking because i believe that it more prosy will
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eventually prevail in iran. and now to a different kind of press conference the german astronaut alexander gast took time off from his duties on the international space station to talk to reporters here on earth today to talk about talked about life on the space station and the experiments that he would be conducting during his stay until december he only arrived last wednesday on what is his second mission to space gast will become commander of the i asked that in october. and. bonnie was that the press conference and asked him whether he had any muscle memory from his last time in space have a listen hello alex it's over count on the air from t.w. don't you better first of all congratulations on the safe arrival of the isis thanks for taking the time to speak to us today we often speak about muscle memory the idea that our bodies respond automatically to certain things we've done before
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and as one of your experiments milestones focuses on the muscular system we're wondering whether you have any muscle memory all of your twenty fourteen mission has been easier to adapt to microgravity and perhaps is that one of the experiments you've already started on. yeah that's actually a really good point you're bringing up i was wondering about exactly the same thing before my second flight i was like a where would i start right with a what i start like the beginner again flying up here or would i have muscle memory and how to float in space and the answer is very clearly i still had it memorized like my feet actually memorized the position of foot holes that i didn't didn't know that the they were there but i realized when i came into the station my feet knew exactly where they are right so there is this amazing muscle memory it's like riding a bicycle i guess you don't know how you do it but your brain somehow does it and that's the same with being in space i realize that you know my body naturally for
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some reason that that's quite quite easily to different circumstances at the same thing in antarctica i had it in space and especially because of that it'll be interesting to do the my tone's experiment we will start that next week to see how muscles work we already did an experiment to grip experiment today and yesterday that deals with how human robotic interfaces work in space or on earth just like when an astronauts drives a rover on the moon by remote control or a surgeon or nurse like drives or an operation robot somewhere in a remote area. that requires very similar processes that we still need to understand and that experiment is aimed for that so an experiment up here on the space station that increases well that has a lot of benefits for the life on earth and increases our safety and our well being down there on earth. and back here on earth the day is nearly done but don't forget
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the conversation continues online you can find us on social media either at t w news my handle on twitter is at sarah kelly t.v. don't forget to use hashtags the day the explosion.
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business news lie from birth lay donald trump hailed the outcome of his summit with change. the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict is not out to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again adversaries can indeed become friends.


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