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tv   Made in Germany - The future of work  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. when i first came to germany the dictionary was my best friend i used to write down every new what i learnt it was tedious but i knew i wouldn't get by my job without learning the language i had to change changing course that's what we're talking about on today's show it started from a by learning the word for squirrel i can it sounds ugly doesn't it and such
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a cute creature i also had to learn the culture though that took even longer but that was when i integrated and finally understood the germans as well as their language from a very different perspective if saudi arabia wants to understand the rest of the world and profit from our interconnected global community it's going to have to make some big changes not just cosmetic ones like opening cinemas and allowing women to drive allowing women into the workforce is a huge step that will prove a massive economic stimulus they all depended saudis have been trying to wean themselves off crude production for a while now with oil prices still relatively low introducing reforms bit by bit moving away from their very cushy welfare state but they're in for a bumpy ride reports. how do you put on a headscarf it's my first time in saudi arabia in riyadh wearing a headscarf is mandatory it's a tie off it's the thirty five degrees outside as if you've got just that right
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yeah yeah this is really you know it's really hard. this is going to work a recruitment company for saudi when. there is no gender in socks as it says right here at a little work but the strict segregation of gender is one of the biggest challenges to overcome even here at a global it females cannot mix with the opposite sex you see here men in one room and women are separated in another room. the founder of go work tells me separate places are set up for women to respect their privacy but he says greater interaction would actually improve the output the only thing lacking is the social barrier to communication gap between men and women once that's over then we'll start seeing more integration of women into the labor market the agency is defer stopped for international visitors wanting to be women here probably name some
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foreign politicians this is frank. came to our office two years we have john mccain senator the agency connects saudi women with a retail consulting or manufacturing company and it wants to re brand the image of saudi women. living abroad and says that she's suppressed and if she cared about her country she would come back and do something about it because today is a time for change. ma hollis mana wants to be part of that change she's one of the few willing to show her face on camera something that struck considered indecent she's twenty four and in turn studying marketing i think it's difficult for everyone whether they're female or male so i mean it's just because very new to this and we're trying to find jobs it's again it is it's the same i think i don't think there is much difference but there is one third of working age saudi women
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are employed that's nearly six times higher than the unemployment rate among men the country can't afford that saudi arabia's sudden focus on women is part of haitian twenty thirty a government plan to create jobs in the private sector and diversify the economy it can no longer rely on oil revenues alone prices and demand are more top sudden rebiya needs to tap into new sectors like the service industry tourism and took knowledge i'm now a city on the coast less conservative than riyadh it's more open to change here i can take off my headscarf progress in saudi arabia tends to happen here first take this taxi company for example it wants to hire female drivers though the family women driving hasn't even been lifted yet i feel that the change has been happening too fast. no one has actually believing it you know what used to be like a turbo on no no in the past is now just. legal and just life
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so far every driver here is male as of july women will finally be allowed to drive themselves. at the beginning are you still a get a lot of. concerns from aadmi captains they're like are we going to shut down you know. you know seventy percent of our customer base i'd woman i don't think this woman driving. really impact the healing industry in saudi it's floor shit everywhere but segregation is miserable even in this elevator for women only it's a question of decency unmarried women are not supposed to mix with men on the way to my next stop of course i'm not allowed to drive in saudi arabia a woman's independence depends largely on her male guardians willingness to relinquish control my driver doesn't mind that women will soon be allowed to drive
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. why. it's a good thing it's their decision and they want to drive. maybe they need money would like to work as a driver. while travelling through the kingdom i sense a lot of euphoria among women pursuing independence and greater self determination . this is seventeen year old north she wants to become a pilot one day for now she's working in a food truck her father encourages her to make her own money and being independent . so. how do you think about the future for women in saudi arabia. to increase the future will be good it will be more equal between men and women going to and women will be able to develop more than men shiela. says they've started to do some really good things for women within me in
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a cell that's it. will listen to some music you like. or is strange to you like it or not yes listening to music in public that's also new in saudi arabia it's only when the camera is off that these women dare to tell me that their level of freedom still depends on their male chaperons. another nation undergoing economic reforms is morocco a country. waged between two continents africa and europe it's not pleasing both but as a key crossing point morocco is crucial in controlling the stream of migrants from other parts of africa trying to reach europe to start a better life some escaping political unrest war economic downturns for moroccans finding a job at home can also be a struggle even with skills which is why occupational training complain about.
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in general it's really hard to find a job in the whole the so you'd like to be very skilled. like because well for telling the truth for young people and helpful it's not a lifetime job or something it will give them more experience about really work. because a moroccan term for bicycle and also the name of this project which has been going on for two years now bikes are giving young people here opportunities it really. is twenty two she studies english just like some of us here they've been working part time if you call it for around twelve months to do so you have to know bikes everyone here speaks english you saw bikes combining the skills i want to improve my accent and my languages and also like to like. to learn something about u.k. . the project is based in the heart of historic america. cunto from the
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netherlands set up the social project she views bikes as a great way to get where you're going in every sense. sixty five percent of the population is on the d.h. of thirty one years old and there's a big number of youth that is unemployed and there's also like an education so what we're really trying to do is get them involved they're physically very strong they're active the bust was very sensible for this group of people and we want to create jobs and education opportunities related to the to the to the bike and that is really corresponds with the agent. and the spirit of young people. taking part in the project for another reason as well. you know how to deal with people with it or especially because this is late to a six city you know how to deal with them to talk to them so you. helping not only in. america she is
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a popular tourist destination but many visitors to the city tend to explore it by horse and carriage on the list of must see sights the famous square in the medina. the condo wants to get those tourists out and about with an attraction that mara cash has rarely offered before bike tours. some of us feel and the other guys here show their groups all the best known landmarks but also a side of the city they otherwise never see and that's drawing more and more fans. take their charges into the hustle and bustle of america to places where carriages and taxis never com. they relate stories of daily life that don't appear in guidebooks and bring them to some unusual locations. like this typical bakery which bakes the bread for the entire neighborhood it's a great place to just sit and gossip for a while. until now become
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a has received aid from the foundation but in the future the project organizers hope it will become self-supporting. that bike tours are growing increasingly popular. in two thousand and seventeen when we just start doing tours it was very like we just like like we have. for the whole week but nowadays we start like i think that's very well. thanks for everyone who like. to be in disposition. and the bike enthusiasm to pass on the idea other cities have already asked to set up programs there as well the success shows it's worth pursuing new ideas. from bicycle tours of america and female taxi drivers in saudi arabia to cruising
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the oceans of our planet but without leaving such a smelly carbon footprint behind if you've been before those cruise liners belt out a heap of smoke it's something the head of. the claridge confronted the boss of the tour operator to with they met up in the german capital. the brandenburg gate in berlin an ideal backdrop for selfies and group shots a third of the visitors here are international tourists. and they you wonder who the million visitors descend on berlin every year so many fly here from the u.s. and from asia and they make their way here to perry's a plan to see the brandenburg gate this is also home to. europe's largest tourism agency.
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isn't to resume on such a mass scale harmful to the environment. back to its of course a tourism company so when did you last take a vacation. holiday was last year when i took a cruise. it was wonderful i'm a big fan of business. you're also chief environmental officer were you constantly thinking about that on your cruise checking if everything met the green standards you'd expect them to eat. sustainability plays a major role in the holiday experience and of course in planning. looking at our cruise ships today we have the most modern fleet in the industry. according to
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a ranking by the german conservation n.g.o.s who. are the most environmentally friendly in the industry they filter more toxic substances during combustion competitors how fact lloyd and aida even so to you and he receives one point five out of full points on their environmental ranking. do you think that customers are concerned whether a company is green or at least attempting to be environmentally friendly. price play a greater role. i think sustainability is important to people from most western countries that's a philosophy we take with us to our destination. and indeed according to a global study more than a third of respondents said they had stayed in an eco friendly hotel and more than two thirds would opt for green accommodation if it was clearly identified as such. but honestly wouldn't it be better if people didn't go on holiday if they stayed
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home and hung out on the balcony wouldn't that be best for the environment. no i don't think that at all. tourism is one of the most important sources of income for many countries around the world. it's vital of course that we work closely with destination countries. as a great example of. farmers they are now being helped to grow produce sustainably which has given rise to the development of cooperatives. so just the result is that they produce enough wine and all of oil to supply the hotels. and this is a great example of mirroring environmental sustainability and social responsibility to support the local economy. that's greenwashing that in the industry of this scale with mass terrorism huge hotels high water consumption garbage can't be environmentally friendly what would you say. these are
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just buys words greenwashing as a buzz word i think mass tourism is to in today's world there are no masses anymore it's all about individuals but on a large scale these days it's not about massive holiday resorts and mass tourism. they may be less mass tourism now but that hasn't affected the overall numbers since one thousand nine hundred five global tourism has doubled the tourism industry. is responsible for close to one tenth of global c o two emissions. do people really need to travel all over the place. in a world with so much chaos and political discord and i think it's a good thing that people are traveling and taking an interest in other cultures other countries to get a firsthand impression. for shuffle. talking
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about traveling italy is a place i could go to every summer the climate food the people the languages music to my it is actually a lot of germans do go there every year my extended family here does the german chancellor is a big fan and is a flourishing startup scene around seven thousand eight hundred of them have sprung up over the past few years mostly in milan although intrapreneur has complained about bureaucracy and getting their hands on capital thanks to the wobbly italian banks they're also worried about developments in rome where a new government is set on increasing welfare spending despite high state it time for some shopping therapy. so now i'm entering the store. material esposito develops virtual reality software for retailers his company is based in milan italy a country he says isn't up to speed in all respects you know immediately when you're talking about food facial and design know all is ok when you're talking
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about technology. is different esposito says the internet is too slow and the red tape too cumbersome and there are other problems as well in the world bank's ease of doing business and backs italy ranks forty sixth behind romania it can also be a challenge to raise capital in italy maybe we don't have these and tertiary colleges are now and so if you want to do technology maybe you need the great investments and here the taxation is high and it's difficult to for them to raise funding since so maybe counters that are more profitable and more the more easy then the that is the financial crisis took a heavy toll on italy's economy which is still struggling last year it posted one
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and a half percent growth far below the e.u. average the gap between rich and poor has grown. italy know has a new euro skeptic government many are frustrated and feel the e.u. has forgotten them but there is one bright spot start ups especially in milan it's italy's financial and industrial capital and home to some four thousand five hundred startups milan is also the birthplace of one of europe's leading online wealth management firms money farm it was set up in two thousand and eleven. co-founder paolo got a funny raise twenty five million euros of venture capital though not all of it in italy. our ambition always been to become a european player so. when we started we started immediately but then of course the move to long was in some way needed for a series of elements or a lack of capital for instance. looking for capital to scale the combine it was.
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was basically the only way of making it it was was so u.k. but gov honey says doing business in italy is now better than it used to be the previous government changed the country's labor laws to make it easier to set up innovative companies and he says milan is at the forefront. is becoming more kind of an examples that the rest of you the least trying to just like copy and move in that direction so. i perceive me. as a more as a leader rather than called back by the overall situation. italy's economic future will also depend on which reforms the new government introduces its pledge to lower taxes raise welfare benefits and reduce the retirement age but there's little concrete help for young entrepreneur and yet that's urgently needed around a third of young people in italy are unemployed. businessman mattio esposito
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believes in technology with a made in italy label. the system developed by esposito and his team of fifteen has made it to market even though conditions for start ups may not be optimal. the united states i can't. in twenty four hours i can have a yes or nor in two days and here maybe i take weeks or months so. i don't feel stuck at the here i'm proud to be here. milan startups could send a signal to the rest of the country that it's still possible to achieve success in italy all you need is the right ideas to create new opportunities. and talking about new opportunities the video game industry is finally asking where all the women are the gap is shrinking game developers realizing close to half their customers are females plus it's
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a multi billion dollar business time to cash in on the craze is kristina. must know that more than one hundred billion dollars a year that's how much the videogame industry is worth world why. and what the world of video games is a world made by men. it was some thought of a musclebound of characters or somebody is this which i've never seen but i guess it is in the roles of all male that one but the industry isn't stupid after all women and girls play to. put up with it as a rule of women feature either its victims and supporting roles or as villains of last month's must always have done to look dress. the way it is desirable that does that this is. distorted and in the games industry only one in
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five developers is a woman although that number is increasing every year and so should women seek to change the stereotypes or create a parallel gaming world for women that are so. i'm talking to turkish games producers see my dream the founder of women in games turkey. how could we get more women into this industry new role models just say hey just i did it and you can make it you can take your discipline and make great games into the world and you can use your local culture and you can make a global impact why did you have to work in the games industry i was started gaming
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like when i was five it depressed up the person i was really really good gamer and after about the game boy to your knowledge do. other of things and of course my mom told me that i have to quit and because i'm not that that's a good role model to my abroad so i after many years i graduated from business administration installed in our city and i traveled almost charted countries when i came back to turkey my brother was a fumes arik to. and you start to produce. cinema you start to produce movies but to me you weren't happy at all because our passion was in the gaming industry and ok let's do the more beilby and let's do the let's take the cinema into the mob wild game you told us only twenty two percent of women are working in development what is it was seventy five per cent of women were inside the art rating though of the story war stories don't really dog me mad about me we are just really rating
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those days with the wii are not dating like before december five percent but the rating for to be killed in this industry because as you see that when you look at the games there used to be like hardcore games like the war like fighting but random woman was entering in this game there want to focus on the educational problems they want to use they are games into high school universities they want to use their local cost true for the global impact i believe they are impact is like a tremendous it will be at two am and this will be in the future economy six years many gamers are sexist mind and racist a big industry clearly has a problem women part of the solution i certainly think they can help what do you think so again it's just game that's what i'm going flat rate on the problem. prince of persia i wasn't five any more see you next time.
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glenn. u.s. president donald trump's blockbuster announcement at the end of his summit with north korean dictator kim jong un that he would halt military exercises with south korea reportedly surprised not only seoul but his own military commanders in washington the move is considered a major concession. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see that the.


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