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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2018 1:30am-2:00am CEST

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it's in an exercise book alongside many other photos of people who were abused raped of women and girls who gave birth to one wanted children out of that i'm going to the scene of. winning documentary starts june fourteenth calling d.w. . hello and welcome to drive with a b w motor magazine coming up both wagons i d r scales new heights. and elegant compact hyundai i thirty fastback. and a six takes on the executive class. the new audi a six will be hitting showroom floors in july close needs vids got to
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test drive the latest generation executive car near porto and northern portugal this time with the signing technology judiciously adapted from big eight out he hopes to boost the a six from the upper mid range and in the lower top range. the i think i was discovers that the a six eight generation has been completely reworked fifth and a close inspection reveals a major contribution by chief designer markedly. swept back headlights and a large grille in front helped make the new audi a real looker mounted to the top twenty one inch wheels the body has been widened by twelve millimeters and the wheel base. be added spin shows up in the interior the tail light show i can do the. seven without the fall would be light strip while
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keeping the l.e.d.s. . from scott painted hellos and saving issue a audi will be offering four engines without points from a two hundred four to three hundred forty horsepower and two hundred four horsepower version is a small diesel while the three hundred forty is a three liter v six t.f.s. on the engine it produces five hundred meters of torque to give the a six and top speed capped at two hundred fifty kilometers per hour fuel consumption averages seven point one leaders per one hundred kilometers on the big twenty inch wheels and just six point seven leaders on the eighteen inch wheels cars finds the new forty eight wall starter generator system quite interesting it starts the engine with a belt and can even contribute a little electric power when setting out a system can also recuperate energy all together it's marketed under the term mild hybrid. we tested the only gasoline powered engine that's currently available at
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three leader v six with all wheel drive soon to disappear from all the sixes is a stick shift that we can still have some fun with the dual clutch transmission that's in this model the car leaps from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and barely five seconds in germany prices for the audi a six start at around fifty eight thousand your rest. of the rental class emphasizes that this is an all new eighty six the cockpit for instance is now virtual so you can change the style he's got two big glass surfaces like the ones he already knew from the a seven he can make selections by swiping or by touch screen change the temperature for example a lots of other thanks created that works just fine but for what bothers clouser they've seen it and are prints like the build up on the smooth surface that you came to shows. that seventy miles from what i am a father who had taken. the new audi a six is
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interior leaves the same high quality impression that you got from the eight and a seven for example i quality materials on the doors. the bang and olufsen advanced sound system and the two sizable easy to operate screens in the center console. the advanced seat comfort system is new the seats can be adjusted in several ways and heated or cooled. it down and in terms of handling klaus has nothing to gripe about but he points out that a six has quatro outings all wheel drive system the adaptive air suspension makes for a more comfortable ride while the driver feels the road through the very responsive staring the all will steering makes it easier to slip into tight parking spots and adds a little agility especially at high speed it's a six i feels
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a lot smaller and lighter than it is and pushed i know what i thought it. up to thirty eight driver assistance systems in hand safety and idea for a thirty ninth might be a two day course in operating the first thirty eight. there was a little of this process the new audi a six since a new benchmark towards class it remains to be seen whether this all new technology and design package will be widely accepted still klaus who likes the car and has fun deriving it that. carter's durani less dick says that ford has come up with a new compact crossover based on the fiesta it's called the fiesta active and it's designed to stand out from the rest of the fiesta ranch now see exactly how it's supposed to do. that. ronnie starts out the test drive
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consciously rough terrain like this is not what a new crossover with a name like active was designed for. somebody with it sat in a loom and i'm happy ks this essentially a standard fiesta with slight modifications but the active can easily handle leisurely rambling on dirt roads and horse tracks. rania points out that if you take the fiesta active on unpaved roads and you want to climb a steep slope then make sure you get a running start this is spent since been raised by eighteen millimeters so even without all wheel drive there's less chance of getting stuck tackling sharp in twice. on slippery surfaces and additional driving mode kicks in to help out the driver. the actives exterior has the typical crossover features alongside the raised ground clearance
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the black lower body cladding silver colored trim and skid plate reveal its credentials seventeen inch wheels are standard on the active. springs for the license plate bracket on the rear is painted black. the steering wheel has its share of buttons and knobs but at least feared nicely arranged our test cars color line trim adds loads yellow highlights to the dashboard and the fabric seats.
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ronnie leaves the gravel roads for the terrain likely preferred by most potential fiesta active buyers s.u.v. fans are not the familiar paved road. on the street ronnie doesn't really notice that the suspensions been raised by eighteen millimeters even if he does sit a bit higher than in a regular fiesta but ford's engineers have adapted this especially on the active to the height so it'll drive just like any other fiesta that i guess given each of us to. this test car has a modern ford classic under the hood i want a leader a go boys three cylinder engine that puts out one hundred three kilowatts it's the most powerful gasoline engine available for the active and runs on a mix of one third premium plus gasoline it will also run on a normal premium fuel go with some wasa performance a one leader eco boost engines have won the engine of the year award six years
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running now they power about twenty percent of all new fords on european roads. at that ronnie rates the ford fiesta active is perfect for anyone who likes to go on a little johnson off the pavement but he warns that more extensive all terrain expeditions are not in the cards with the not without all wheel drive. fords fiesta active combines the fun of driving if yes they're within s.u.v.s higher seats the standard roof rails give an added practicality to even though the fiesta doesn't have all wheel drive the suspension is optimized for rugged terrain as well as providing more comfort on the streets.
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lexus has unveiled the latest version of vs sedan at a hangar at brussels airport it's designed to replace the lexus g.-s. board sedans in the upper mid size category this is the seventh generation in the atmosphere it's been popular in japan for years but this is the first time it will be available in europe a hybrid version of the s three hundred age as an overall system performance of two hundred sixteen kilowatts. the fourth generation b.m.w. x five has arrived it's a sport activity vehicle or as c b b x five combines top road performance with a powerful six cylinder engine and a luxury interior three engines are available a three liter quad turbo straight six a single turbo charged three liter diesel and a single turbo three liter gasoline engine prices from the x five starts at sixty nine thousand euros in europe.
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who i get aims to set a new course record in this year's pike's peak international hill climb event with a new race car. i.v. are i speak. i speak near the city of colorado springs is worse to reach the top at an elevation of four thousand three hundred meters. it's an appropriate place to debut this exciting new v.w. model it took the engineers just about a year to get it ready for the road. it's a linux a castle for show there is a battery this is a big battery and to relate to. the suspension and the list i mean as many as possible just to make it as slight us as. the ideas are ways about eleven hundred kilograms. it is five hundred kilowatts in the car can zip from zero to one
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hundred in under three seconds a physical to go v.w. motors board directors friends meet says we developed a car pretty much as we wanted paying close attention to safety when the engineers found out about this project they all wanted to work on it and we gave them a free hand motions racing series impose some kind of restrictions but here if someone came up with a good idea we'd use it even more get them spend give us old man bent us as he will to get his coming us off. one of the advantages of the car's electric motor is its consistent performance of internal combustion engines lose about a third of their performance capacity and high altitudes and v.w. wanted an experienced driver so they chose to time on champion form on dumas. by speaking something completely at the peak that you're not used to decide to do it was a cornell is a very very very dangerous so it's a race you often respect
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a lot. about how it gets when smith says there is no grab a gator so the driver has to learn the course himself we developed a simulation course for him to from obama has won the pikes peak race three times i think he's the right choice for us in the middle mother was able dolphus did. the trick was in always paved like it is today when you know he klein drove this race in a v.w. golf in the one nine hundred eighty s. there were still a lot of rough spots. because the clive says they were there in one thousand nine hundred five eighty six and eighty seven he still has great memories of those races there's nothing like it and he's been driving for a long time i guess peak is definitely one of the highlights if you start at two thousand eight hundred meters and or thousand three hundred it was a huge challenge not only for him but also for the engineers as they did well in one thousand nine hundred seventy he says until the. adding those curves near the
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end always for the old isn't zero is it. the seam or not six bits so i call it for mitt i need play one so small technical defect will be only ball joint having grease fitting schmear or at least in place for one still slow off the end of the set to show it came loose but that's not surprising since you're not bouncing around in high school. so one of the rear wheels came up ted and he got stuck it's called the light of day that he can see the checkered flag since game but saying that he couldn't cross the finish line and that was really sad but so what is he. going to do much isn't taking any chances he's put a lot of hours on the test track and on june twenty fourth it will be gentlemen start your engines.
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bay city good things come in threes so hyundai has just added a third body style towards i thirty range a fast back to join the hatchback and the station wagon the five door coupe de with the shapely silhouette is built on the same platform as the other i had thirty but it's meant to add a dash of emotion to hyundai's lined up in the compact segment. for instance with optional eighteen inch light alloy wheels and a body three centimeters lower to the ground. not to mention the sloping roof line which flows right into the tailgate integrated spoiler.
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and the tail gate opens wide so and spider the high trunk still the car can still a comedy lots of luggage at least four hundred fifty leaders were that's over fifty more than the i thirty hatchback holes not including the additional storage compartments under the trunk floor. at the at our car test that you must pay to he says to turbo charge gasoline engines are on offer for the i thirty fashion back a one hundred three kilowatt and it may be a kilowatt she's going to see if a smaller version is powerful enough to provide an emotional driving experience. a little three cylinder engine draws its power from just one leader of displacement still that's enough to propel the car to a top speed of one hundred eighty eight kilometers per hour and push it from zero
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to one hundred and eleven point five seconds that's respectable but nothing to make your heart skip a beat one day rates average fuel consumption at five point two leaders per one hundred kilometers per hour driver with a heavy foot match that. misses the small engines no problem want to comes to pick up because it's a gasoline powered turbo that already achieves its maximum torque of one hundred seventy one meters at fifteen hundred r.p.m. so it feels quick and lively at lower speeds but at higher ones on the autobahn it seems to run out of steam. the most powerful engine only comes with a six speed manual transmission but the i thirty fast backs bigger one hundred three kilowatt engine also comes with an optional seven speed to a clutch transmission. in this is the suspension is quite stiff and sporty by. the
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rides not unpleasant he went on long as the seats are easily adjustable and feature lumbar support. these comfy heated front seats come standard in the past but even at the lowest trim level we're testing the middle trim level which also includes a five inch color touch screen and a rear view camera. practice having five doors is practical when getting in here but when seated in the back of how much headroom has he has got under the sloping roof it's not uncomfortable and there's enough room for a nice to even with a driver seat in a comfortable position as i have so two adults can sit behind one another with no problem. but i went over in his fields the coop
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a shave as a derogate when it comes to visibility looking in the rearview mirrors she can only see a small section of the road and back east and i'm the highway she doesn't have much depth perception this takes getting used to and you have to use the side mirrors instead when parking the rear view camera help out. yeah so once again he says verdict on the i thirty fastback she thinks i looks great really you know again for people who get emotional about it's good looks and can make do with a small engine this version will be just fine up there you know but she advises car buyers who was susie of emotion with howard and performance to wait because hyundai has really sporty engines like in the i thirty m. spot and with a bit of luck the fastback my. get them at some point to. vintage
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car expert because stuff our is taking our no four c.v. out for a spin it was the first french car to sell more than a million units during world war two louis renault and some of his engine ears covertly created its concept and design. but not enough about the president says and we were no had already built his first car back in one thousand nine hundred eight to gether with his brothers he founded the company societe i know from yes before the second world war they were considered specialists at making trucks and lecturing cars and during the german occupation of them out of course them to build a utility vehicles after the war could but no it was nationalized and focused on bringing mobility to the masses soon it had just the right vehicle to do that it would never know it for c.v. . really were no didn't live to see the four c.v.
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make its debut in one nine hundred forty four he was accused of collaborating with the nazis and arrested he died in prison while awaiting trial but louis renault's final creations sold like hotcakes customers waited up to thirty six months for delivery of their four c.v. though for many it was from exactly love at first sight. of the cristo says the four c.v. was ridiculed when it debuted at the paris motor show in one nine hundred forty six the public debt did it amount to brew or a lump of butter due to its shape and sand yellow color the color was chosen for cost reasons as reno still had lots of surplus paint once used for the army vehicles of the german africa corps and germany the foreseen and a nicer nickname the extreme case which because i think that's a mistake in. due to the success of the four c.b.
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renault's factory in but only long core was transformed into one of the most modern car plants in europe within two years production rose from twelve vehicles per day to four hundred fifty and france the innovative four c.v. was loved by everyone large or small. don't know it's not their stuff says that even in one thousand six hundred fifteen years after it was first introduced a german car magazine praised the four c.v. as an exemplary fully fledged small car it's easy to handle and operate as well laid out well made and comfortable enough i don't mind at normal speed it's it runs smoothly and angles well only when pushed to its limits does the car demonstrate the twitchy handling typical of rear engine models but he knows that in the right hands the four c.v. even works as a race car it had class victories in the twenty four hour of lamont the mean linea
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and the monte carlo rally. still the renault four c.v. had to be one of the most unlikely race cars of all time. the response says so-called suicide doors were common in the auto industry until the one nine hundred fifty s. to end on this ford or renault the hinges for both the front and rear doors are attached to the being pillar not only does it look good it also reduces weight and costs and so do the simple vent windows and the support of the seats is true therefore to the cars progressive elements including its hydraulic brakes and it's a monocoque body farm know she resembles the v.w. beetle hardly surprising given that streamlining the styles were in the book and germany and france of the time opposite. the renault four c.v. is a little masterpiece of engineering almost it's. three point seven meters long over
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one point four meters wide it weighs less than six hundred kilos and it's a four door model which seats for comfortably. the workmanship is of high quality and all of its details are well thought out the four c.v. may be simple and design but there's nothing cheap about it as i'm going to school is having loves this wonderful levered a switch opens up the front hood on top of it though here there's nothing to see it a spare tire in a bit of luggage and that's because that's for the motor is in them at the rear that if it's just light with a v.w. beetle you are letting go of the force as a water cooler of the war cylinder engine not an air cooled boxer to christophe says the engine is reliable easy to maintain it was and most importantly can run it full throttle take. depending on its production year
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along stroke seven hundred fifty c.c.'s engine generate seventeen twenty one or thirty three horsepower with this twenty one horsepower model drivers who work their way through the partially synchronized transmissions three gears can go from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in fifty six seconds go bats pretty much as france does the car will go still together with the twins two c.v. there were no four c.v. brought mobility to the masses in france that they were going to get and also established the tradition of building rear engine cars at renault which continued into the one nine hundred seventy s. so chrystopher use the renault four c.v. is definitely a milestone in automotive history. the next time i drive a b.m.w. is new soft top plug in hybrid the eight roadster. and we testing adds new i take f r s u v.
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culture. call a hair. superman. super. star like on the job let a. lifestyle during. the moment. more.
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take you for something i already with all the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all truth to all borrowed money. more than football online hijacking the name. and where i go wrong with the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them it's why and why. in countries like russia china church people are told that it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get me on the smoking mirrors it's not just about being fair and
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balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. my name is printed off and i'm working. in the room and everything and knows that the child needs food without food can nothing before mary's news can really get a lot of rogue names didn't drop out of that school because they really did nothing when coming from home that could have easily been us. any one of us.
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u.s. president donald trump's blockbuster announcement at the end of his summit with north korean dictator kim jong un that he would halt military exercises with south korea reportedly surprised not only seoul but his own military commanders in washington the move is considered a major concession. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see that the.


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